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Naval Services FamilyLine “A Mentoring LifeLine Since 1965”


Board of Directors’ Intent November 19, 2012 We know we are a unique organization: an all-volunteer, 501 c (3), nonprofit with an undeniable history of assisting sea service families for almost 5 decades. We have experienced easy years and challenging years. But, the organization continues as long as volunteers believe in and see the future of the products and programs we can offer our sea service families. That is what this publication is all about, our future. We will show in these pages how the Board of Directors came together, in early 2012 and, with great forethought and months of research, determined the future direction of this organization. We want to thank our advisors, and especially, all of our volunteers—without whom we could not operate. Peruse the following pages and see what we have set as goals and objectives for this incredible group about to head into it’s 50th year! Consider assisting us in our efforts and as always, thank you for your support!

A Mentoring LifeLine Since 1965!

Gina Warren Buzby Chairman, Board of Directors Naval Services FamilyLine

Naval Services FamilyLine Our Mission And Values Mission: The mission of FamilyLine is to empower our sea service (Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) families to meet the challenges of a military lifestyle with information and resource assistance plus, experienced mentoring. Vision: To be a well-known, experienced and respected source for naval service spouses to obtain the latest, helpful information that will empower their families. Values: Empowering sea service families Capitalizing on the experience of our navy spouses Preserving the heritage of the sea services while embracing today’s military lifestyle Family readiness and it’s role in Fleet Readiness Strategic Priorities: To emphasize that our organization is a viable, active, navy family resource Develop, enhance and enable our current products Focus on today’s sea service family needs Manage organizational change and growth

Our Organization Naval Services FamilyLine – FamilyLine is an organization of sea service family volunteers. We believe in sharing our experience, strength and hope as military spouses. FamilyLine strives to enhance the readiness of families, which in turn supports mission readiness. To meet the inherent challenges of a military lifestyle, FamilyLine supports educational efforts, prints and distributes publications and provides information to sea service family members. 202-433-4622 1-877--673-7773 1043 Harwood St. SE Suite 100, Bldg. 154 Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374

Strategic Priorities: Emphasize that our organization is a viable, active navy family resource Our Objectives: To promote and publicize our four successful components: COMPASS (Intro. To Navy classes), CSLC (Command Spouse Leadership Course), CMCSLC (Command Master Chief Spouse Leadership Course), The Guidelines Series of publications and CORE (Continuum of Resources and Education) Library... and our relationship as the founding (and managing) organization of these elements. Our Strategy:

Consistently update and utilize new and existing programs to inform the Navy and navy families about our components.

Develop, enhance and enable our current products Our Objectives: To focus on the development and progression of our four main components and their effectiveness. Our Strategy:

Individually assess and enable each component. Isolate needs, supply assistance and enhance with modern day applications / abilities.

Focus on today’s sea service family needs Our Objectives:

Determine current, general needs and concerns of sea service families and direct development of components to meet those requirements.

Our Strategy:

Utilize all volunteers, social media outreach, and Navy / news media to gauge on-going concerns, issues and topics of interest to families. Develop areas within components that address these needs.

Manage organizational change and growth Our Objectives:

Consistently maintain a complete, active and dedicated board of volunteers that lead the organization toward agreed upon goals.

Our Strategy:

Maintain relationships and support with Navy senior leadership, Fleet and Family Support Centers, and other enabling organizations. Continuously recruit, involve and thank volunteers that will invest time and effort toward the goals.

Tying It All Together

This Strategic Plan serves as a road map for the organization. The “road map” was formed by the Board of Directors. It is to provide a clear way ahead for accomplishing our mission and realizing our vision. Our goals align with those of our neighbor organizations including CNIC (Commander Naval Installations Command) and the CNO’s (Chief of Naval Operations) Sailing Directions. CNIC



Deliver effective and efficient readiness from the shore.

Warfighting First


Operate Forward

Be the sole provider of shore capability, to sustain the Fleet, enable the Fighter, and support the Family.

Be Ready

Strategic Plan  

2013 - 2015 Strategic Plan for Naval Services FamilyLine