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moduline速 by NSF

incognito - innovative communication in exclusive design

incognito - black glass boards with built-in monitor enhance the exclusivity of the room NSF has developed this efficient tool for the meeting room, the office or the reception. We have combined technical knowledge with our knowledge of communication, design and production of teaching equipment. The result is a completely new series of black glass boards with built-in, hidden monitor. Board and monitor are super slim and float on a silver-anodized aluminium rail. When the monitor is not in use, you just use the glass board as a writing and magnetic board. We recommend the use of white markers - but you can also use various neon colours. Take advantage of the facilities and liven up your presentation by writing across the board or hanging up notes with magnets. All you need is a plug and the connection to your pc - then your message is visible on the board.

Like all the other elements of the moduline速 by NSF series these elements are suspended in the elegant rail - giving you the possibility to move them around in the room.

The incognito series consists of: • • • •

Large glass board 198 x 118,1 cm in black, with built-in monitor (see page 2) Small glass board 118 x 118,1 cm in black, with built-in monitor Flipover in black glass 80 x 118,1 cm Accessory cabinet in black with aluminium door

On this page you can see the small glass board with monitor hanging on the rail with a flipover and an accessory cabinet. The picture below shows the small glass board without monitor.

The incognito series forms the basis for endless possibilities The following are just a few ideas for your inspiration: • Write comments to your PowerPoint presentation on the board • Show a film and write discussion points on the board along the way • Use the monitor for videoconferences - complement with a flipover or writing board on another wall, for everybody to see the written points • Make a brainstorm: show an introduction on the monitor and write ideas around it on the board

In the meeting room The glass boards with monitor can be used for dynamic presentations, active problem solving, brainstorm etc. Only your imagination sets the limits.


In the boardroom

At the reception

At home

An elegant and discrete board for videoconferences, DVD presentations or as a regular writing board during meetings.

The glass board with monitor is an elegant and practical tool for the reception.

Install the board with monitor in your kitchen or family room and use it for watching TV or finding recipes on the Internet. At the same time the magnetic board holds messages and notes from your everyday life.

Practical information can be shown on the monitor. A personal welcome greeting or special information can be handwritten on the board for special attention.

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moduline by NSF incognito  
moduline by NSF incognito  

Black glass board with built-in monitor of the incognito series Black glass board with built-in 46" monitor for rail suspension offers cou...