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The Quarterly Newsletter of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada

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Western Canada: Karen Machin 306.257.3347 MB/ON/PQ: Iva MacCausland 519.539.3225 Atlantic Canada: Linda Hill 902.295.2894

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

TOLLER TALK is published four times a year by the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada, with issues in January, April, July and October. Membership Dues are: $25/year for individuals $40/year for families $10 Junior Handler with household $20 Junior Handler stand alone $30/year for residents of USA $35/year for international members Membership includes a subscription to Toller Talk. VISA & Master Card accepted along with Cheques or money orders made out to NSDTR Club of Canada and forwarded to: Andrea Mills Membership Director 24850 118A Ave., Maple Ridge, BC V4R 1Z3 Forms are online at:

President’s Message: The executive has been holding separate meetings in order to bring the constitution and bylaws more up to date and to hopefully make club matters easier to address. We hope to have the review and draft completed this spring with it going to the membership for vote later this year. Please remember 2014 is the last year of this executive`s term and so we will be going to elections this fall for the 2015/16 term. As we all know this is a volunteer organization, so consider taking your turn at it and having direct input into club matters. Every member in good standing (see bylaws for qualifications) has the right to get on board and be a part of the club business. A good cross section of ideas is always valuable to ensure a balanced direction in the future. We have had a bit of an imbalance of Western members taking on many of the positions over the past few terms. It would be great to see more Easterners step forward and volunteer to provide a good cross-country balance of opinions and get some new blood into the process. The club cannot move in the direction you wish it to without your direct if there are things you would like to see done now is the time to step forward and consider a position. The National Specialty 2015 chairs are Jane Wright and Stephanie Halse. Watch for upcoming announces regarding dates and plan for a trip to beautiful British Columbia for this fabulous Toller event. Warm wishes Krista

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PA G E :

Greetings once again! I hope all of you are enjoying the first signs of spring in the air. The kids and I are so glad to be getting out to the country for some long walks, with a little training thrown in on the side. Along with the regular reports and stories from members I hope you enjoy the special feature on Dan Berg’s adventure with his avalanche Toller Piper. This story inspired me by the amazing dedication this team has and the diverse things owners are doing with their dogs “In Other Fields”. In addition, I will be releasing a separate insert in the next few weeks which will be a brief summary and dedicated to the 2013 National Toller Specialty in New Brunswick. I say summary as it is impossible to cover all the wonderful Toller events, dogs and participants that took place. The Maritime committee and volunteers went above and beyond to host a most memorable event. I apologize for the lateness of this document but unfortunately there is only so many hours in the day. As always, I hope to eventually hear from each of you with your stories/brags about your Tollers. Warmest regards Bonnie Millie & Skye

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014



I'm pleased to report that the 2013 Specialty, despite low attendance, earned a profit of $5,045.61. They have sent on $1,482.the next Specialty. I would like to thank Pam and Derek Dunn and all their committee for all the hard work that was put into the Specially. The Club had $56,459.15 in the bank at February 28, 2014. Stephanie Halse



Spring is in the air and lifts the spirits. Another reason my spirits are lifted is that the rush for renewal is over. As a result of the rush, we have 5 more members now then we did in 2013! Thanks to 2 breeders who enlisted their puppy buyers, plus a few other new members, we have 38 new people. Some of these ‘new’ members are actually old members who forgot to renew. There were a few non-renewals, and most of them, I hope, will do so at a later date when they realize that they are not getting Toller Talk. We now have 208 households that receive Toller Talk. Some have several members so the membership number is 244 including 4 juniors. Thanks to all of you for your promptness, as it makes my job a lot easier. Have a great spring! Andrea

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

Rescue Story of success: Here is Mandarine’s story from Sue Craig: July 2012, an email arrived from Iva MacCausland alerting me of a “maybe”toller at the Rescue Animalerie du Sud, St Hubert, south shore of Montreal. My name was on Iva’s list hoping for a rescue. In 2010, Elmo, an 8 year old purebred male Toller, given to us by a family who did not want him, suddenly collapsed and had to be euthanized 6 months later. I was heart broken. Iva asked me to go and see a dog listed on as a spaniel mix but appearing to have Toller characteristics. Visiting the rescue, I found Mandarine. Given her name by the shelter, she had been found wandering, and all matted up. Described by the caregivers as joyful, sociable and loved by all, she had the sweetest face, no tattoo, hair partially grown in, weighed 61 lbs, and estimated to be 5 to 6 years old from the excellent condition of her teeth. She sure seemed to be a Toller but I thought to myself….she has a wonderfully sweet face but do I want an over weight, older Toller? After many discussions with Iva, and the family, we decided Mandarine was too sweet to be left at the rescue and we would foster her. With the support of NSDT club members, Iva, Gary Thomas and Chris Choi, Mandarine joined our family. Mandarine settled in quietly to our house. Positive, passive, polite and quiet, often skittish and anxious with loud city noises she wanted to eat constantly. She would loved to walk but after a few blocks her paws would break down. Perhaps in her previous life Mandarine was very sedentary! It is now 8 months since Mandarine joined our family. She has many Toller attributes! Calm and warm with the family but aloof with strangers, she tolerates petting and gestures from my grandchild of 18 months, quietly removing herself to another location if the action gets too busy! . Weighing 50 lbs, she loves her veggies and fruit. If I wish to meet our goal of 45 pounds, I have to be strong to resist her big brown eyes and quiet paw placed on our foot while preparing food. Always well behaved in the house, she walks well on and off leash never straying far from family members. She has learned to retrieve a ball and play with the other dogs each day at the dog park visit. At first she did not go into the lake but now loves the lake and swims as a Toller should do! We all love Mandarine! We still love her! I thankful for all the support I received from NSDTR club members. I look forward to supporting the NSDTR organization and participating in rescuing a Toller. Page 4

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014


Ca nada:

M AR I T I ME S Maritimes Director, Mary Price St. John’s, Nfld.

Mary’s Bio: I have served on the executive since 2009 as the Maritime Director. I have seen many changes and a lot of new faces. The thing that has struck me the most about our group is that even though we are vastly spaced, we seem to be like old friends when talking to one another. Just like the good neighbour next door. The Toller family group is strong always and even though we butt heads on occasion we do respect each other and at the end of the day that is all that matters. I look forward to 2014 with enthusiasm and wish everyone the best. Thanks to everybody for your support as the Maritime Director these many years.

Mary Kendall-Brooks (Whitepoint Tollers) spent the first part of the summer in frantic preparation for the Specialty with the rest of the planning committee, and the rest of the summer wrapping things up. First there was heartbreak though, when she lost her sweet, beautiful Brie (Ch Kare’s Whitepoint Breagh) on Jul 11 after a brief, devastating illness. She would have turned five on July 31. Life, however, had to go on, as did the 2013 NSDTR Club of Canada National Specialty. Liam (Ch Whitepoint’s Chedabucto Legacy, RN) was not entered, but he and Mary made the trip to Fredericton for the festivities. Although Brie couldn’t be there, she left her mark when her daughter Celtie (Ch Whitepoint’s Celtic Zephyr CD, RE, AGNS, ADC, AGDC) won Best of Opposite Sex. It was a huge, emotional win for her owner Dawn Fougere and proud breeder Mary. Liam finished his Championship in May and his Rally Novice title in October. He and Mary are in training for Rally Advance and Excellent, and will pursue those in 2014, maybe even start some traditional Obedience competition. He us a happy, eager worker... Mary has a lot to learn to keep up her side of the team. Best of training Mary and Liam. Our next report, sort of a brag, comes from Susan Drain. Trouble (Can Ch Ms Trouble at Kare, CD WC) is still enjoying her retirement with Susan in Halifax, but she has been put to work in a new venue, collaborating (inspiring maybe) a new blog of reflections about writing, in which Trouble appears front and centre. The blog is a kind of work project for Susan, whose day job includes teaching writing, and it’s rather fun figuring out how Trouble’s experience sheds light on the challenges of writing. There are some nice pictures too if you’re not interested in writing. See and follow the antics of a beautiful Toller named Trouble on . Enjoy.

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

For the Dunn’s things have been a little hectic. Tori (Ch Kare’s Tornado CD WC) and Tre (Ch Kare’s Keepsake Treasure Hunter CD WC JH TD) had their litter of 6 (2 males and 4 females) on Dec 23rd. Tori had almost finished whelping when the power went out. It stayed out over Christmas and came back on Boxing Day. Thankfully, the wood stove kept the house warm enough for the pups. January`s thaw proved to be a difficult one for Pam who on Jan 11 coming home from a sanction match ran into a little trouble. Since she couldn`t drive up the road because of ice, she parked the car and her and Bryer started walking the 3.5 km`s from home. She managed to get 3 km before she fell, breaking and dislocating her ankle as well as shattering her lower leg. By this time it was dark, raining and a little miserable. Thankfully she had her cell phone to call Derek. The long and the short of it – ambulance called, Derek arrived and Pam was taken to a neighbours via a plastic tray, sliding over the ice, to await the ambulance. Plates and screws awaited, 6 weeks of non-walking casts and then finally the all clear to start use or lose it. Physio has been lots of fun. Derek was chief cook, bottle washer and dog and puppy sitter. Finally a trip south to recuperate was in order. Hopefully the rest of the year will settle down. Oh yes, they are keeping one of the boys called Kare`s Little Bouy Blue.

The next report comes from Jim Jeffery. An exciting development for the Toller in Yarmouth. Club member and Breeder Barb Blauvelt has made a deal with the Tourist Association to meet their new Ferry with one of her Tollers. She will share this honor with the Piper (in NS Tartan Kilt) that also greets arrivals from the Ferry. Barb and her Toller will be dressed in NS Tartan and have a nice brochure to hand out to those who stop to meet her and her Toller. So they are very excited about this project and also excited to get their Ferry service to the US back after a 2 or 3 years absence. There has been ferry service between Yarmouth and New England since 1864 without very much interruption. Most have family over there. Barb has dual citizenship herself. The second project Barb has on the go is to persuade the town to erect a bronze statue of a Toller at the site of the Tourist information Centre where she, the Piper, and a Toller will welcome tourists to Yarmouth. She got this idea from statues she saw in St. John`s of the Newfoundland dog and the Labrador. She has already made a presentation to Council and they were interested. We will just have to wait and see if they will come up with the money to pay. Barb has already found a foundry in Lunenburg that can do the work. Just waiting for a cost estimate. Another current project is to find a business that can silver plate our new BISS trophy and get a cost for the Trophy`s sponsor Steve Moulds. I am also looking for someone that can fashion build a new light base for it. Something simple, perhaps similar to the Colwell trophy with an additional layer for the Trophy`s name. In any case, it must be lightweight. The Trophy would still be displayed at the Museum in its original splendour but the new base would be attached for shipping to our Specialties.

Our last report comes from Steve and Shelly of Saltydog Kennels. They have their family of Tollers moved into their new home and everyone is enjoying the experience completely. They had a wonderful time at the Toller Specialty and pass along a kind thank you to the Dunn`s for organizing and hosting a very successful event. They travelled once again to BC in the fall to visit with their oldest son and his Toller Smokey. Once again, the waterfowl hunting was spectacular and Miss Smokey didn`t disappoint. She is a steady hunter and companion as anyone would ask for. In later November they hunted the shores of Nova Scotia with a couple of their Tollers. Old man dog Deke is still like a third gunner when it comes to the hunt. He watches and signals when there is movement in the air, retrieves on multiples without the Page 6

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

need of any interaction. Our youngest boy Dukie is coming along nicely and is also a very quiet worker. They had a litter of puppies this summer, the first in a couple of years. Ocean and Scout produced 7 wonderful puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls. They are hoping for another possible 2 litters in 2014. And a word of caution from Steve. Their 10 month old puppy Sadie had an unusual accident. She is recovering from a compound fracture of the ulna and radius. The accident occurred inside their supposedly safe kennel environment. It was during the first significant snowfall and Sadie was excited to move in and out of her 6 x 12 ft. run to the outside airing paddock to play in the snow. The one foot bottom section of the doors has horizontal piping with about 2 in of separation between the bars. Unfortunately, Sadie either failed to clear the jump or slipped when attempting to run back into the run. Her front left leg slipped between the horizontal bars when she was in full flight. Fortunately, we have a great Orthopedic Surgeon in NS and he was able to reset the ulna with a permanent plate and pins. Sadie should expect a full recovery. They have experienced dog`s jamming their legs over the past ten years with these raised snow doors. Never have they had significant injuries. Since the accident, they`ve spoken to several breeders and they also report near miss incidents regarding these doors. They are in the process of contacting the manufacturer of the doors to report their concerns. In the meantime, they have already modified the doors by covering the bars with metal flashing. Hopefully, this information has been given in time to protect your pets from possible future injury.

In closing I would like to add a photos of puppies and dog from our members. I hope you enjoy them as I do. Look for them in this edition of TT. I wish everybody a wonderful Easter and spring. I look forward to your continued stories for 2014 as we get TT back on good footing. All the best. Mary

Scotiapride’s Scarlett & Littleriver’s Radkos’ 7 Boys

Redland’s Jessie owned by Patricia Swartz of Lower Sackville, NS

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

QUE B E C Quebec Director Nelly Benabou

Dominique of Tuffntendr tollers let us know that her old girl Romy (CH. Beinnbhreagh ‘s Rumble Red Rumor) had an amazing weekend at the FCC expo held in St-Louis in Québec last summer. At the age of 10 she went best veteran in group 4 time, Best Veteran in Show 2 times and topped off her weekend with a best overall Veteran. That is some accomplishments for an old lady! Dominique also lets us know that they ended their 2013 show season with two new champions and a mother and son duo: CH. Roaneden Kaleidscop Tuffntendr and CH. Tuffntendr Scotch CGN with X’s daughter well on her way to her championship with 9 points!

Some more amazing news from a young dog who is leaving his mark early on in his active sporting career. Foxgrove’s Living Decoy is busy working with Stephanie Gagne-Luce in a variety of canine sports. His favourite must be Dock Diving. Stephanie, her husband Jonathan Luce and Decoy set off to Dubuque, Iowa last year for the World Dock Diving Championships and what a trip that was, leaving the family with memories and brags for a lifetime. Decoy and Stephanie placed 2nd at this prestigious event with an amazing jump of 24 feet 1 inch, a personal best for this young dog who was not even two at the time. It’s hard to believe that two years have passed already since we brought our little red boy home! In that time I kept thinking to myself that I need to introduce him to the TollerTalk community. So there is no time like the present. Introducing Foxgrove’s Living Decoy AKA Decoy! He encompasses everything that we would have wished for in a dog, friendly, intelligent, eager, active; I could go on and on. Initially, the goal was to have him as first and for most a family pet but also as my agility partner. Training began very early with foundation work and making sure that I only did exercises that did not put strain on his growing bones but as we all know, we need to burn these little balls of energy and that’s where swimming came into play. Being the water dogs they are, he caught on quickly and swimming became a new reward. Not too long after I was made aware of Dock Dogs, I had always known of this sport but unfortunately we did not have any access to it in Quebec but after some research I found a trial in Eastern Ontario and at the age of 7 months (the minimum age in which they can compete) I signed him up for his first competition. We drove three hours not knowing if he would even jump off the dock, but my boy did not disappoint and leaped off that dock with all the confidence in the world on his very first go! A new obsession thus ensued for the both of us. We spent all of the summer of 2013 trying to find as many competitions possible and he kept getting better and better and jumping further and further. All the while we continued to train in agility as this truly is where both of our passions stem, Decoy earned his Starters Games Dog of Canada (SGDC) title in his two competitions. He also competes in Frisbee and in his first season achieved his RPT, DD, BDD and DDX. We have been working on Page 8

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

ONTA RIO Ontario Director, Vacant Position

Tina Anderson sends this:

CH Landsend Firebrand CD,WC (Brandy) earned two legs toward her CDX at the Labrador Owners and Hamilton Obedience Clubs Obedience trials Feb. 8&9. Ten year old Brandy placed first and second in Open A and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She is sired by CH Small Fetcher Don Giovanni CD out of CH Landsend Joie De Vivre CD,WC,JH. Next trial is in March. Landsend Sugar N' Spice (Spice) needs one point to finish her Canadian championship. Health clearances are done and plans are under way to breed her when she comes into season. In preparation I have created a kennel website. Please take a look at Spice is sired by CH Katyra's Winter Silas CD,WCI and out of Landsend Forever Amber CD. Brandy and Spice are bred, trained and loved by Tina Anderson.

From Donna Lee & Mark Siskawich: Here are River and Viva's picture with their CRN titles earned at the end of this year.... In 2013 we had some wonderful agility, field and rally-o moments. It was a "Bronzy" year for agility as River earned his EXJ Bronze (Jumpers) and EXS Bronze (Snooker) and VBA (Versatility), and Viva earned her EXS Bronze and VBA as well. Viva had a great time at the NSDTR National Speciality earning her WCI with Mark and RN with Donna. As if it wasn't busy enough, Donna took up Rally-O to try something new, and River earned his CKC RN title and both dogs finished off 2013 with their RN (CARO) titles!

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014


Tanya Adolf of Saskatoon reports that a year of training and retraining brought Cruiser (Torlan's Island Adventure) back into Prairies Director, Toby McSween, the competition ring in three venues. After finishing up his CARO Calgary, Alberta rally Excellent title in Saskatoon last year, we tried our hand at CKC rally at our Specialty in Calgary and finished his CKC rally Advanced title. Needing some spit polish on our performance, we spent the winter working hard on several skills in obedience and agility and the results this summer have been nothing short of spectacular! Much thanks to our ever patient obedience instructor Elaine Cousen of Axelan K-9 Centre who helped me conquer a sit stay issue along with other small blips. We completed our CKC Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title with all three scores being over 190. Cruiser is so excited to work in utility now and we are truly enjoying class together each week. In AAC agility, our new found bond was easily seen as we completed several titles under the instruction of Diane Mapes of D and S Dogs of Course, including our AAC-MAD (Masters Agility Dog) title. 4 qualifying rounds in masters gamblers will bring us to our goal of an AAC-ATCH (Agility Trial Champion). We have been oh so close, with more than enough points each time, just small glitches in the gambles. We have some distance work to do but he is progressing nicely and I am excited to try a couple of indoor trials with him this winter. I am so grateful to Cheryl Tomayer for this boy who always finds a way to dig deep when it counts and be a great team partner. Hopefully next report will bring some accomplishments by our latest little guy, Bearheaven JavaHill's Gold Export. At a year of age we are having a blast in classes and are working hard on the necessary skills to debut in rally and obedience this spring, and I am crossing my fingers for the WC. I also hope that he is ready for the show ring this spring and I can con a few people into taking him in for me. I am so happy that Drake chose me, literally, when I went to visit at JavaHill, and Linda was willing to take a chance and part with such a special boy. Ready or not, two dogs trialling at the same time is going to be quite the experience. Linda Miller's tribute to “Aggie”, Baywood Iona of Glen Etive, CGN, CDI, RE July 7, 2000 – October 29, 2013

Many thanks to breeder Brenda Brown for trusting us with Aggie as our first toller and first dog. She was my husband’s close companion and kept him sane during the winters. Page 11

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

She did not scream but had a loud bark and was not afraid to use it to get attention and warn us of impending visitors or our neighbours. She was a very adept thief, food was her speciality and nothing was safe, however, her second favourite was playing get the stuffed birds out of the box and then ripping them to shreds if not closely supervised. She shared a bond with “her” tabby cat Ellie and were often see cuddled close together at bed or rest time. She was the queen bee when we added to our toller collection. We miss her delightful smile, and her wonderful greetings with the big waggy tail. I miss her sitting under my computer desk while I work, but now our young toller Marcus has decided that is now his spot. Ellie also passed away almost two months to the day after Aggie left us. Ribbon (Kelticfox Show Me The Ring CD RN) passed her second Open Class B entry with a nice 195 score after a few months break from the ring. Hopefully, we will complete her title this spring. Ribbon, who will turn two years soon, is loved and handled by Shelly Campbell and Mark Antonini. Mark, who is a director with the local Saskatoon Retriever Club, and Shelly are busy helping to plan and organize the upcoming National Master Hunt Tests that will be held in Saskatoon this coming August. In a fun photo, Ribbon is soaking in this past Valentine’s Day with her admirer’s Sully, Finn and Rogan. Old and Wise Rogan, is ready to present a nice gift of jewelry for the lucky girl’, the younger one’s only have cards!

Debbie Unger in Manitoba has some news. She and Teaka (CH Westerlea’s T for Two CDX RN AGN AGNJ CGN AADC AGDC) attended CKC Rally Obedience trials in February in Brandon and were able to complete Teaka’s Rally Advanced level. They are looking forward to spring when they can get outside to do some agility and tracking.

Mark Your Calendar!!! We would also like to announce an upcoming Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada booster. It is to be held at the Westwind Sporting Dog Club group one specialty, on Friday, July 11, 2014, at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club show in Calgary. Page 12

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

B r i ti s h C o l u m b i a BC Director, Jannine Kowalchuk, Vancouver,BC

From Caryl Darling: Pikkinokka's Captain Morgan RN (Morgan) can now add CGN to her title. She got her Canine Good Neighbour on Friday in Nanaimo.

From Maureen Ashbaugh: Match got his first leg in the A.I.O.C. obedience trial on 2nd March with a very nice score of 189. From Laura Norie: Chime and I attended the Top Dog Agility trial in Prince George on March 8 & 9 and came away with two Masters Standard Q's, a Steeplechase and two Masters Jumpers....pretty good considering we've done no training all winter and she's only seen equipment in November and trials! Meanwhile, Nina is fast growing a bunch of Trey babies, due at the end of March. Not much else happening at Dalry, while we wait for spring and the snow to melt. From Roberta Ward: Penny (GrCh SeaTerrace Princess Leia RN, TD, CGN, CD. AM/TD, RN) has been really enjoying agility and got her ADC in February. In conformation Penny has been shown in the ring by her Junior Handler Kevin to win BOS in numerous shows. Kevin moved up to Seniors in Junior Handling and had a second placement in his very first Senior Event at the Mt Cheam Dog Show in Chilliwack, so proud of Penny and Kevin they are an amazing team! From Julie and Ken Raine (Starway Kennels): Chelsea Raine is a Junior Handler and she was invited to participate in the Zone Finals held at the Mt. Cheam Dog Show on February 22, 2104. Chelsea was able to compete with BIS MRBIS BISSN MBISS Can GCh Am GCH Readyfor Going to the Max, CGN WC(x2) RN AGNJS. That night at the competition Chelsea won 1st in her class and then along with all the other 1st place winners, the final competition was held. Chelsea won Best Overall Junior Handler in Zone 12 and will be representing BC at the National Competition being held in Quebec, August 2014. We are very proud of her. Page 13

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

From Kim Barrett: Brew received his Canine Good Neighbor, I am so proud of him!

From Jane Wright: “Watermark Kennels Update: It is a busy time for us here at Watermark Kennels. Ecco (Ch. Watermark’s Enchanted Ecco) has been bred to Rogan (Ch. Redfox Sirius Rogan) and her large litter is due on Mar 18, 2014. Also Ceilidh (GCH. Watermark Ceilidh Dancer) who is co-owned with Dianna and Ron Williams will be bred shortly with puppies expected at the end of May. We are currently in the planning stages on this breeding. Ryder (Ch. Watermark’s Red Ryder) has been working towards his GCH in the show ring and currently has 10 points towards this goal. His most recent showing he took BOB on the Sun of the Mt Cheam show with 18 Tollers entered and made the cut in Group. This was only his second time in the group ring so he is doing very well! We have also completed all Ryder’s health checks and he is available at stud to approved ladies.” Jannine Kowalchuk states she is very proud of Celticpride's Sonic Boom (Boomer) and his owner Terri Perrin. Terri showed Boomer at the Victoria City Kennel Club shows earlier this year and they won Best Baby Puppy in Group! Celticpride's Sugar and Spice (Candy) owned and showed by myself did very well also, winning Best Baby Puppy in Group at the VCKC Sunday show.

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

From Christina Calado: Max and I earned his CD on March 16th at the Okanagan Valley Obedience Training Club (OVOTC) trials in Armstrong, BC. This title qualifies him for the Dobirstein Award. His full name with titles now is: MBIS BISSN MBISS Am GCh Can GChEx Readyfor Going to the Max CGN WC RN AGNJS CD. He is owned by myself, Christina Calado and Jamie Klein.

From Donna White: In February Breagh earned his Agility Association of Canada (AAC) Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title, AADC at the Leaps N Bounds agility trial held in Cloverdale. We are now competing at the Masters level and are looking forward to the new challenge. It's just so much fun to see what he can do and I just love running with him.

From Roberta Ward: Penny passed her TDX March 16th in the Comox Valley at the Forbidden Plateau Obedience and Tracking Club Trial, this is one year almost to the date since she passed her TD. Penny is truly an amazing tracking dog with an unbelievable work ethic and she loves every minute of it. She completed her 1 Kilometer track in 18 minutes in true Toller fashion which totally amused and stressed out the crowd watching as she ran circles at the end of her 40’ long line at every corner and cross track over and over again, then would put her nose down and get back to “work”. Penny will be 3 in May and I am so proud of what she has accomplished for her young age. Her reward was a swim in the ocean with her new rubber duck!

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

In Memory From Mike Mutter & family: Our Jenni. Our Little Red-Haired Girl. We had to say good bye to our Jenni on July 4th, 2013. She was just shy of 12 years old. Words cannot express the sense of loss and emptiness we feel. It is painful beyond what we ever could have imagined. Jenni loved flyball and had just earned her 40,000 points level June 15. At tournaments, she was the dog you could hear barking above all others, with a bark she reserved only for flyball. She enthusiastically cheered on her team and ran with intensity when it was her turn. She rarely made errors, but we laugh when we think about the time she jumped onto the timing table not once, but twice, during a race. She adored the beach. We have happy memories of the times we were able to let her loose on a big, sandy beach with a tennis ball. Thank goodness Tollers are wash and wear dogs! Our stays with friends at the lake allowed Jenni to indulge in water retrieves and fearless launches off the dock. We will miss those times and feel badly we weren’t able to take her swimming one last time. Jenni had such a sweet and gentle disposition. She followed us everywhere and she was always with us, she was part of us. We miss her ginger eyes in all their earnestness, her heart shaped little pink nose, and the way her soft head fit “just right� into your hand when you stroked her. We miss the belly rubs and seeing her running happily to greet us at the door. Now, we have to eat apples alone and learn to live with the silence. We loved her and we miss her terribly.

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

In Memory

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

In Memoriam

Littleriver’s Suilven--------Suilee December 27, 2006 - September 20, 2012 Suilee was an absolutely beautiful girl. She was above all, my dear devoted loving Toller. Beyond that she was smart, talented, a terrific athlete and she made me laugh. She so impressed me with her dedication to retrieving, mostly sticks and tennis balls--she would not cease her search until she completed her task. And she loved having a task. If I didn’t engage her in an activity, she would engage me, or just entertain herself. She was known to be vocal , whether announcing a visitor, or announcing her wish to play. She was a fabulous swimmer, and often swam for the sheer joy it provided her. Sadly, short of her 6th birthday and after being ill for a very short time, Suilee was diagnosed with Hystiocytic Sarcoma, a disease not identified in Tollers, and a disease without a cure. Jim Jeffrey and Doug Coldwell provided much support to me as I was dealing with her illness. She is missed every day, by me, and by Skye my 5 year old Toller from Littleriver. She filled her too few years with great exuberance and great spirit. My life is better for having her with me. Andrea Christianson, Harvard, Mass

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada Announces the Next National Toller Specialty!!!! British Columbia’s Lower Mainland will once more be the setting for the next NSDTR Club of Canada National Specialty July 15-19, 2015. And, once again, our specialty will be held in conjunction with the Sporting Dog Spectacular weekend at Hazelmere campgrounds, in the beautiful Fraser Valley outside Vancouver. Our Specialty committee is already hard at work on preliminaries and more will be forthcoming in the next and succeeding Toller Talks and on the web. All the best: Alison Strang, Publicity chair Page 18

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

Tollers In Other Fields Special Report:

This article comes to you from Dan Berg and his Toller Piper.

(Foxgrove’s Piper Bergen -Dam: CH Foxgroves Just Whistling Dixie SH WCX CDX AGN & Sire: CH Brandywine Ruff N’Tumble WC JH)

Dan and Piper have a special bond and demonstrate the true diversity of our breed, as you will see. Other than to Dan for agreeing to share his story, a special thanks goes out Sue Kish and Lynne Palmer for their input and assistance. Here is Dan’s story:

Toller on the mountain…

Dan and Piper team up to provide vital avalanche rescue service in Colorado When Dan Berg was chosen to get the next puppy as part of the Ski Patrol’s Avalanche Rescue Dog Program at Snowmass, Colorado, he set his sights on a Toller. He’d never actually met a Toller, but was intrigued by all he’d read about the breed. Two years later his trusty companion Piper, has proven that Tollers indeed have what it takes to be excellent search and rescue dogs. “I knew I was going to have to sell the breed to my director,” says Dan who has been working with the Avalanche Rescue Dog program for seven years. “All the program’s dogs that I’ve worked with have been Labs.” Dan knew I wanted a bird dog, but something smaller than a Lab. He did his research on various breeds and found himself drawn to Tollers. “I liked their size, double coat and trainability. I talked to everyone I could find who had worked with them in the Search and Rescue realm including Ilya Storm and Jennifer Coulter who were both very helpful.” Once he finally convinced Snowmass that a Toller would be a good fit for the program, he searched out breeders and settled on Foxgrove Tollers owned by Sue Kish in southeastern Ontario. “Since I was a first-time dog owner/trainer, and was getting a puppy from so far away, Sue was very Page 19

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

helpful in understanding what I was looking for and picking out the right puppy.” Fell in love with all the dogs Dan was able to visit Sue Kish at Foxgrove Kennels when Piper’s mother, Dixie was pregnant and her father Matty was training at the kennel. “I immediately fell in love with all the dogs and couldn’t have been happier with my decision.” A few months later, Dan flew to Canada to pick Piper up. The pair bonded immediately and it wasn’t long before Piper’s training began. “We started doing what we call runaways. I would have someone hold her while I played with her with her favorite toy. I’d then run away from her, teasing her with the toy as I ran. As soon as I was out of sight my helper would let her go and she was off like a rocket to come find me.” When Piper was about five months old, it began to snow. Training continued with runaways into snow caves and Piper took to the task with no problem. “We slowly started piling snow on the opening of the hole to strengthen her digging ability and she naturally started to use her nose,” explains Dan. At around nine months Piper passed his “puppy test” which is mostly obedience with a short easy search drill.

Let the searching begin “We then progressed to scented clotting articles, which simulate deeper burials. By the end of our second year, we passed the basic search test in which we have 20 min. to find two live victims buried under one metre of show in a 50 x 50 metre Page 20

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

area,” says Dan. “A pack is buried under 30 cm as a bonus. We had both victims dug up in under five minutes.” This year, the duo has been working on advanced certification that will allow them go on backcountry missions with the Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment as well as other local Search and Rescue organizations.

Tremendous amount of trust “Our advanced test is modeled after the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association’s validation standard,” he says. “We have 45 minutes to search a 100 x 100 metre area with between zero and five buried articles and the possibility of an avalanche beacon,” Dan explains. “It requires dog and handler to work quickly and efficiently over a large area. It also requires a tremendous amount of trust in your dog to be able to tell you ‘I’ve found everything that’s here’ or ‘nope, there’s nothing here’.” Piper is now just over two years old. Dan describes their journey together as great fun, full of challenges and hurdles, in which they both continue to learn everyday. “I couldn’t be happier with my choice of a Toller. They are hardy little dogs with great drive and so much personality.” More information: •To see a video of Piper in action go to:

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the team headed by Debbie Unger for putting out such a huge effort required to produce the Club’s Toller Specialty Guide. This publication will be an invaluable tool going forward for any group wishing to host a National Specialty or Toller Booster. There was input from several people, but it could not have been finished without the help of Cheryl Tomayer, Wendy Coffen Rudolph, Pam Dunn and Stephanie Halse. Debbie writes: Thanks to everyone who read, re-read and commented on the content of the drafts and versions of the new National Specialty Guide for the Toller Club! I could NOT have completed this project without your help! It took about as long as I expected it to take, but now I’m happy to say that the Executive has accepted the Guide as a working document for the club and they have also passed some additional motions to put some common practices into policy for future organizing committees. As a working document, this Guide will also be updated and revised as necessary with each future Specialty creating a useful and functional document. Thank you especially to Cheryl, Wendy and Pam who sent me documents, spent countless hours reading and commenting on the drafts so that it could develop in to the final project. I know that your personal experiences working on Specialties was invaluable in reviewing the Guide. I thank you again. And I also appreciate the participation of everyone else on this list. Just by having you read messages and comment on questions helped in some way. Thanks’s a wrap! Debbie

Litter Announcement… “Ruby”

Ruby and Gusto




Puppies due July/August 2014. PRA, CEA , JADD, Cleft palate CLEAR. These two will produce some lovely, versatile and biddable pups. For more information see

Please contact Shelley Phelan at 604-839-0237 or Page 22

Toller Talk Volume 1, 2, 2014


CH Kylador’s Just Being Emma CD CGN RN WC AGN AGNJ Sue Hill CH Foxgrove’s Spitfire Trixie CD WCX Diane Loiseau & Fred Bergern CH Caltansis 18th Century Darby CD WC CGN Angela Borthwick CH Kalmegess Notagucci CD WC Dave Campbell CH Rainkist’s Fourth Element CGN RN JH WCX CD Krista Wendland CH Katrya’s Winter Silas CD WCI Kathy Adjoran CH Saucydog’s Second Wind CD JH WC Deborah Lacerte & Sandra Millen CH Javahill’s Vermillion Lucky Lyra CD WC CGN Penny Uber & Kathy Kobensky-Como CH Redwyn’s High Speed Retrieval CD WC Billie McLean CH Rowantide’s remember Me CD WCX Liz Macpherson

2013 CH Kare’s Holly Berry CD RN WC JH CH Kare ‘s Bryer CD WC CH Katyra’ s Critical Thinking CD WC RE AGI AGIJ CH Lochnay’s Madriver Fairytale CD WC CGN(Enya) CH Gad”s Quintessential KD Treasure CD JH WC CH Kylador’s Flying High Duncan CD WC CH Kare’s Keepsake Treasure Hunter CD JH WC CH Ananado Copper Calamity CD JH WC CH Kare’s Tornado CD WC CH Tiana’s Spring Piano Man CD WCI JH RA

Pam and Derek Dunn Pam and Derek Dunn Christine Boots Helene Mousseau Shelagh MacDonald Elissa Steinbock Pam and Derek Dunn Tina Church Pam and Derek Dunn Shannon Viljasoo

2014 CA UROI UCH CH Aqueus Oryxes Jibber the Kipper RN AKC CD JH WCI NSDTRC WC JJ-R Linda Belleau

For full information on the awards and how to qualify and apply visit the NSDTR Club of Canada web site at Page 23

Toller Talk Volume 1, 2, 2014

Breeder Directory ARDBRAE Judy Tait 208 Haynes Road, Castleton, ON K0K 1M0 905-344-7093 BELLACURU REG’D TOLLERS Bonnie Glines 232 Maunsell Close NE Calgary AB T2E 7C2 CALTANSIS KENNELS REG’D Elaine MacDonald 20 Chinook Dr. SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2P6 403-640-4770 ~ CELTICPRIDE Jannine Kowalchuk Box 271 Merville BC., V0R 2M0 250-3375837 DRAGONLUCK KENNELS Dawn O’Leary 6830 Fernbank Rd, Stittsville, Ontario, K2S 1B6 613-831-9961 FOXGROVE KENNELS Sue Kish 22520 Glen Robertson Road, Glen Robertson, ON K0B 1H0 613-874-2369 ~ KARE KENNELS Derek & Pam Dunn 91 Dewitt Rd., Rusagonis, NB E3B 8X5 506-357-5103 ~ KASOMOR NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING RETRIEVERS Linda Moran and Family 5667 Monte Sina Place, Chilliwack, BC V2R 3N8 604-824-6757 ~ Page 24

LITTLERIVER KENNELS, Perm Reg’d Yarmouth Jim and Deanna Jeffery Box 4450, RR#3 Yarmouth NS, B5A 4A7 902-742-1493 MADRIVER TOLLERS Hélène Mousseau 1149 Hartwell Rd., Manotick, ON K4M 1E5 613-692-3740 ~ OCEANTIDE TOLLERS Shel Phelan 6759 Carncross Cr. Delta BC, V4E 1L6 604-839-0237 ORYXES Reg’d NSDTR Linda Belleau PO Box 123, 3239 Inwood Rd.,Inwood, ON N0N 1K0 519-844-2985 ~ RAINKIST TOLLERS REG’D Krista Wendland 225 Harvard Dr., Port Moody, BC V3H 1S9 604-939-2475 ~ READYFOR PERM REG’D Jamie Klein 3821 Killarney St., Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 3G5 604-945-9867 ~ REDBROOK KENNELS Holly & Daniel Kirkpatrick 131 Bryson Rd., Rusagonis, NB E3B 8E1 506-454-9358 ~ REDFOX Stephanie & John Halse 4190 Skyline Dr., North Vancouver, BC V7R 3G7

Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

Breeder Directory 604-980-0705 ~ REDZONE Diane Loiseau & Fred Bergeron 21529 Concession 9, North Landcaster, ON, K0C 1Z0 613-347-1226 SCOTIAPRIDE TOLLERS Barbara Blauvelt RR#2 South Ohio, Yarmouth County, NS B0W 3E0 902-761-2299 ~ SEABRIGHT REG’D Sheila Fee 7123 54th Ave. NW, Calgary, AB T3B 3P5 403-288-9082 SEATERRACE TOLLERS Aldean Riddy and Family 5760 Sea Terrace Road, Courtenay, BC V9J 1V9 250-334-6185 ~ TOLLERPRIDE John & Heather Gordon 5800 167 St., Surrey BC V3S 9T4 604-377-0526

TRILLIUMVIEW KENNELS REG’D Chick Reid RR #4 638 Concession Road 4E, Warkworth ON K0K 3K0 705-924-3561 ~ WAGOSH REG’D Lesley and Trevor Pryce 7197 9th Line Beeton, Ontario L0G 1A0 905-729-0190 WATERMARK KENNELS REG’D Jane Wright 12476 61st Ave., Surrey, BC V3X 2E3 604-594-5090 ~ WOODCREEK REG’D Toby McSween 1032 17th Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 1J8 403-261-9989 YELLOWROSE KENNELS Alec, Evelyn and Crystal Hoyt 434 Charles Lutes Road, Little Mountain, NB E1G 2T4 506-852-7107

Webmaster for

Are you a website designer? Do you like to build new complex websites? Well, your club has just the job for you! Our club needs a new website and we need someone who has experience building WordPress type sites to develop a fresh new site to showcase our delightful Tollers to the world. Interested? Phone 204-386-2371 or drop an email to Debbie Unger at to get the details.

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

Back to the Past 1995 - This marked the 50th anniversary of CKC breed recognition. The Specialty

was held in Dartmouth, NS on August 12, 1995 and the judge was Mr. Jack Kearley, a Nova Scotian. BISS winner was CH Kylador’s Debonair Rob Roy, Robbie, and he was owned by Donna Houlton, Lillian Greensides and Karen Wright. Bred by Lillian Greensides and Karen Wright, his sire was CH. Westerlea’s Chance for Kylador CD and his Dam was CH. Kylador’s Aldebaran Destiny CD. Lillian adds “this was my first BISS. I was sick as a dog and felt as bad as I looked…but Robbie looks great.

1997 - The Specialty

was held in Rockton, ON on June 28, 1997 and the judge was Mr. Archibald Warnock, St. Thomas, ON. Robbie was awarded BOB in consecutive NSDTR Specialties and becomes Dual BISS CH Kylador’s Debonair Rob Roy CD. Robbie also captured the honours of Best Stud Dog & Get along with his daughter CH. Kare’s Ocean Myst and son, Crimson Tide Todd.

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Toller Talk Volume 2, 2014

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