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The Martin Bowley Charitable Trust

Good luck to everyone taking part in this year’s Edinburgh Emerging Artists Competition!

IdeasTap supports creative people through opportunities, funding, arts jobs and advice. Which is why we’ll be supporting young theatre companies at the Edinburgh Fringe and beyond. Among other things we offer: Funding for your show Including our annual £10k Edinburgh Fund Advice and networking Such as free headshots and theatre directing Q&As Showcasing and development opportunities Writing competitions, audition workshops and more Drop in for a chat and a cuppa with our team at Underbelly. We’ll be running free events at the Abattoir, Bristo Square from 11am - 2pm every day between Monday 13 and Friday 17 August. Check out our full Edinburgh programme at:

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NationalStudentDramaFestival NSDF is back in Edinburgh for the sixth year running, to find the Outstanding Production entered for the Emerging Artists Competition. We are very grateful indeed for financial support from Ideas Tap, The Martin Bowley Charitable Trust and Pleasance Theatres.

THANKYOU TO ALL THE COMPANIES WHO ENTERED THE COMPETITION The winning production will receive £1,000 and a transfer to Pleasance London. The theatre, marketing and technical requirements will be provided free by Pleasance. NSDF will, in consultation with the winning company, create a bespoke series of classes, workshops and meetings with experienced professionals, to support the production’s transfer and their future development. The winner will be announced on 24 August. The Award Ceremony at Pleasance Ace Dome starts at 12.30pm. Thankyou to Chris Wootton, Sophie George-Moore, Chris Perkin, Rosie Curtis and Holly Kendrick. And thankyou to the Edinburgh Selection Team: Lucy Briers, Zoe Caldwell, Alan Lane, Alexandra Spencer-Jones and Chris Thorpe. Credit: James Phillips for all the photographs of the 2012 Festival.


99.9 degrees

Jackinabox Productions York University

That unbearable feeling of disquiet before the storm. Jackinabox weaves fantastical personal stories set against a backdrop of imprisonment in this explosively visceral and unapologetic production, which sees a cast of six beautifully tear their way through these sweat-dripping, breathtaking and tender accounts. New Writing C ECA Venue 50 1-27 Aug 17:30 (60m)

A Sky Burial

FairPlay Theatre University of Manchester Drama Society

A blind date in a hospital ward. A Sky Burial is a darkly comic story of two strangers coming to terms with the chaos around them and the world inside their hospital. But as the borders erode, the voices from the streets begin to overpower the patients' suffering.

New Writing theSpaces on north bridge 14,16,18,20,22,24 Aug 17:05 (50m)


A Dastardly Fiction

A Modern Town

An author makes a deal with a lecherous demon. A group of fictional characters come to life, with murder on their minds. Welcome to the strange world in which realities collide and nothing is what it seems.

Newton Basset. A traditional seaside resort forgotten by the British public, until three businessmen arrive with a question: how much of your town's soul are you willing to sell to make it fit into the modern world?

New Writing Greenside Venue 3-25 (not 12,19) Aug 19:35 & 23:05 (60m)

New Writing Pleasance 2 1-27 (not 14) Aug 16:00 (70m)


Anything But (A one-woman play)

Haystacks Theatre Company Goldsmiths College

work. Theatre Drama Centre London

"She's gone". Anna is missing. Set in a dingy city flat, 'Anna.' presents the climax of a love triangle heading towards a disastrous consequence. "It's amazing how much can change in 24 hours"

New Writing theSpace @ Jury's Inn 13-18 Aug 16:05 (50m)

When I Say Jump East 15

KCHG Cambridge University

Agnes is always trying to help, but never herself. A funny, wistful story about the messiness of living. Winner of the prestigious Harry Porter comedy prize, judged by Tim Key. 'Hilarious and moving' ***** (Varsity)

New Writing Pleasance 1-27 Aug 14:00 (55m)

NationalStudentDramaFestival - EmergingArtistsCompetition2012

Be Fruitful and Multiply 1945 Productions University of Bristol

Bereavement: The Musical

Built for Two

Somebody's Theatre Sheffield University

CUMTS in association with Pembroke Players/CUADC University of Cambridge

Woah, hang on a minute. Have you never heard of privacy? You can't just barge on in here, I haven't even had a chance to flush yet. Get out Andrew!

The dawn of time. The Firm is struggling to stay afloat. But are we witnessing the divine and his nemesis, or two partners with a different perspective? This pacy, witty debut play combines a whimsical take on life's big questions with darker themes of trust and control, love and collaboration, and the role of the media.

Bereavement is a song and dance. Watch people singing and dancing about it. In this bittersweet new musical, the big secret about bereavement is revealed: no-one really knows what they should be doing.

New Musical C+3, C Venues 19-27 Aug 15:45 (90m)

New Musical C Venues 1-27 (not 13) Aug 18:40 (60m)

New Writing theSpace on The Mile (V39) 3-18 Aug (not 5,12) 11:50 20-25 Aug 18:05 00:00 (50m)

Camille Claudel

Country Air - A Contemporary Ghost Story

DugOut Theatre University of Leeds

Footprint project Other


Mere Anarchy Downside

Come and discover the untold story of Camille Claudel, disciple and lover to Rodin, betrayed at the hands of the men she loved. The team behind the sell out show Frida Kahlo:Viva La Vida! return to the fringe with a sharp, humorous and moving world premiere: the life of another incredible artist who broke all the rules to redefine the art world forever. Devised Pleasance Courtyard 1-27 Aug 13:30 (60m)

A young city couple's relocation to the country takes an unexpected turn with the mysterious arrival of a young boy. Mere Anarchy's debut promises quirky social observation laced with plenty of black humour.

New Writing Paradise Green in the Vault 6-11 Aug 13:35 (60m)

Award-winning DugOut Theatre return to the Fringe with a dark comedy directed by ISDF Director's Guild winner Harry Williams. 'The group bristles with talent - all of them will make a mark in theatre' (Stage). ***** (ThreeWeeks). ***** ( **** (Guardian).

New Writing C Nova 2-27 Aug (not 13) 15:20 (55m)

Buy tickets at or on 0131 226 0000


Dirty Blood

Last Draft Theatre Company Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

So Joe - if I bashed your head in, Mum could have your heart. She could take your kidneys, liver, pancreas, even your bones. But alive today she can't have your blood. Inspired by a true story. New Scottish playwright.

Don Juan

Jackinabox Productions York University

Locked in a battle of wits with the Devil, Don Juan must recount his tales of decadence, deceit and damnation. This revival, loosely based on Molière's controversial play, combines thrilling physical theatre and biting comedy, reinterpreting the characters for modern audiences. Witness the sensual escapades of the infamous womaniser.

Double edge's apples Double Edge Eton College

Testosterone-fuelled teenagers explore what it is to be young in this explosive piece of original dance theatre, by turns comic, tragic, beautiful and daft. Through a web of interlocking stories, the onslaught of teenage life provokes a daunting, traumatic and strangely necessary journey.

New Writing theSpaceUK on North Bridge 3-18 (not Sundays) Aug 18:35 (50m)

Adaptation C ECA Venue 50 1-27 Aug 18:45 (60m)

Physical Theatre Underbelly 12-18 Aug 12:00 (60m)


Fall to the Top

Forever Young

New musical set in the ultra-cool streets of east London, home of the hipster. An in-your-face, satirical, moving story inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray. A tale of love, loss and the beauty of youth.

A normal day at the office - don't bank on it! A banker corrupted by money, power and his secretary climbs the corporate ladder in Entita's physical adaptation of Macbeth. Will his greed be his downfall?

New Musical C Venues 2-27 Aug (not 13) 20:50 (75m)

Devised Greenside Studio 1 13-17 Aug 16:00 (45m)

The Hungry Bitches Leeds University


Entita Theatre University of Kent

Red Cloak Productions University of Hull

An uplifting collection of heart-warming and nostalgic tales exploring love and happiness against the backdrop of the 60s brought to you through the mediums of theatre, live music and dance. Red Cloak Productions presents theatre that captivates and excites an audience through their energetic approach to storytelling and devising. Devised theSpace @ Symposium Hall 13-24 Aug 11:15 (70m)

NationalStudentDramaFestival - EmergingArtistsCompetition2012

Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen"

Her Right Mind

Rugged Isaac Theatre University of Sussex

Aireborne Theatre University of Leeds

Hans Christian Andersen's beautiful fairytale, The Snow Queen, follows little Gerda as she searches for her best friend Kay who has been stolen away by the Snow Queen. Along the way she meets a host of characters, not all pleasant, who are nevertheless all won over by her innocence. Adaptation Zoo Aviary 3-27 (odd dates only) Aug 14:15 (60m)

To manage her brother's distinctive temperament a woman carefully constructs a routine which balances obsession with escapism. When all this is challenged by the arrival of someone new, how grave will the consequences be?

Devised Greenside Studio Two 3-25 Aug (not 12,19) 17:20 (55m)

How a Man Crumbled

Clout Theatre Ecole Jacques Lecoq

Babushkas fall from windows smashing like porcelain, internal organs spill outwards and a cucumber can kill a man. Lecoq trained company combine expressionist silent film with grotesque buffoonery in this tragicomedy inspired by Daniil Kharms. www.clout-theatre. com Adaptation Summerhall 3-26 (not 18,19) Aug 15:30 (60m)

Want to advance your career as an actor, presenter or dancer? Join Spotlight, the UK’s number one casting database, for a series of free events and invaluable career advice from Monday 13th - Friday 17th Aug. To book, visit and search for Spotlight For information about Spotlight and its castings, events and discounts and offers for members visit



SPOTLIGHT 7 Leicester Place, London WC2H 7RJ t 020 7437 7631 e Follow us on Twitter @ SpotlightUK


Aztikeria Teatro National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

Tragi-comical musical solo show where Melanie and her alter-ego Veronika (a Barbie doll) take an ethereal journey permeated with abandonment, obsolete memories and reproaches in search of sympathy and atonement. This show invites the audience to enter the uncomfortable world of personality. New writing theSpace @ Surgeons Hall 3-11 (not 5) Aug 20:10 (50m)


CUADC University of Cambridge

Devised from documentary research into memories and Norman MacCaig's poem, Interruption to a Journey. Combines naturalism with physical theatre and music to create a haunting and beautiful tale, where memories come to life. www.interruption2012.

Devised C Nova 2-18 Aug 19:50 (50m)



Inheritance Blues

An abstract, caricatured extension of Philip Larkin's poem This Be the Verse, which follows four troubled youths through the process of growing up, as they demonstrate the influence of social construction in the 21st century.

Dugout returns with ISDF 2012 selected show Inheritance Blues, directed by George Chilcott (Director's Guild Award NSDF 2011). This devised comedy features live music and choreography from the company that produced Bouncers (*****Edfringe Review, Three Weeks) and Othello (****The Guardian).

Devised theSpace @ Jury's Inn 3-11 (not 5) Aug 18:10 (45m)

Devised Bedlam Theatre 4-25 Aug 22:30 (60m)

Killing Time

Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am

The Furness Influence Barrow-in-Furness Sixth Form College

Edinburgh University Theatre Company University of Edinburgh

Friendship. Futility. Foreskins. Two teenage boys find something to laugh about - and, in case you've forgotten, there's an impending Armageddon. It's not all bad at the end of the world. A new comedy from the EUTC.

New Writing Bedlam Theatre 3-25 Aug 11:00 (12:30 Sundays) (60m)

Dugout Theatre University of Leeds

Sunday's Child Edinburgh University

Brave, dark drama featuring four remarkable young people searching for themselves in the madness of it all. They want to run barefoot through the fields, take over the world, kill themselves with the underwiring of their bras and learn to think straight. New Writing C Venues Aquila 2-27 Aug 20:50 (60m)

NationalStudentDramaFestival - EmergingArtistsCompetition2012


My Son Tristan University of Lincoln

A half-naked Kiwi in a cowboy hat, a cocaine-covered desk and a red leather sofa. Violence abounds in Dean Graham's edgy new urban thriller. International Student Drama Festival finalists.

New Writing C nova 2-27 (not 14) Aug 22:25 (55m)

Mod Girl

Maria, 1968

Bath University Student Theatre (BUST) University of Bath

ANTLER theatre East 15 Acting School

Noah is a cliched writer and knows it. Lilly breaks up with him, he begins to write. A playful, cinematic comedy that transports the audience between Noah's life and his wayward imagination.

Mod Girl is a reflective melodrama about the brief relationship between a child prostitute and a handsome young widower. The two find ways to take pleasure in the company of another lonely soul.

Devised C Venues (C +2) 1-27 (not 14) Aug 16:05 (60m)

New Writing theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (V53) 4 ,7,9,11 Aug 20:50 (50m)

THE MARTIN BOWLEY CHARITABLE TRUST Promotes and protects the physical and mental health of sufferers of HIV in England and Wales and their families and carers by making grants either generally or individually for the payment of such items, services or facilities as the trustees may determine from time to time, such as clothing, food, fuel, medical equipment, holidays and convalescent treatment and to support research into the disease. Relieves the ďŹ nancial hardship of persons under the age of thirty, who are training for the performing arts. Relieves the ďŹ nancial hardship of playwrights under the age of thirty.

Buy tickets at or on 0131 226 0000




Don’t miss... The best Theatre Festival for aspiring actors, directors, producers, writers, stage managers, designers, technicians, production managers, carpenters…what ever you like to do and are interested in – we have professional workshops, masterclasses and a technical training programme to give you the experience and knowledge you need, to make better theatre, ambitious theatre, imaginative theatre. National Student Drama Festival Tel 020 7036 9027 NSDF is a UK registered charity no. 1054121


NSDF is a partner of Ideas Tap: The Creative Network Our office is at Woolyard 54 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3UD

NSDF presents outstanding productions made by young theatre makers aged 16 to 25.

Even if your production is not selected, you can still come to the festival and enjoy all it offers.

You can submit your production for consideration at If you have any questions once you have been to our website, you can email us on

And it doesn’t stop there‌we

Closing date for submissions is 15 February 2013.

So even if your production is not

A professional selection team of actors, directors and producers see every production submitted, give feedback after the show and keep in contact with you if need more advice or notes.

particularly talented actor, producer,



also invite outstanding individuals who we have seen and met during the selection process to become members of the Festival Ensemble. selected, you may well be invited to the Festival because you are a director, writer, stage manager, designer etc.

Tickets on sale 10 September.



Not My Cup of Tea BG Productions University of Manchester

Filling our heads to distract our minds. Flashback to the psychedelic summer of 1970. Roland leads his four friends in the creation of a commune. With no money but lots of free love, the characters in this black comic drama question society's need to dream. But when you want to change the world, who wins if you beat the system?

Minotaur Theatre Company University of East Anglia

Sophocles' Oedipus tells the story of a king who was once told a prophecy that he would murder his father and marry his mother. In a desperate attempt to prevent this from happening he fled his home. However, unbeknown to him, by doing this he became a step closer to fulfilling the prophecy. This ancient text has been rewritten and reworked.

Our Soldier

Fools Play Collective East 15 Acting School

A war correspondent's unbelievable story of violence and corruption in an absurd world. A dynamic blend of comedy and movement as tragicomic clowns tell the tragic tale of a soldier named Macbeth.

New Writing theSpace on the mile (V39) 3-25 Aug 15:05 (50m)

New Writing Paradise in Augustine's - The Studio Venue 152 6-19 Aug 15:00 (6om)

Devised Zoo: The Monkey House 3-25 (not 13,20) Aug 15:00 (45m)

Part A

Party Worth Crashing

Pinocchio: Adventures in the Metropolis

Bottle Top Theatre Company Oxford University

Take a house party. Add a series of awkward situations, then relay them in song. From alcohol fuelled tete-a-tetes to overzealous dance moves, Part A offers a comical and honest depiction of young people today.

New Writing theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall 13-25 Aug (not 19) 20:50 (50m)


Oedipus - The Hour

Theatre In Heights East 15 Acting School

Combining songs and tales from the bad years of twenty-something-hood, Theatre In Heights stages those years when you're waiting for something big to happen but it never does. The bad years make the best stories.

Devised Musical theSpace on the Mile 3-25 Aug (not Sundays) 15:05 (50m)

ReShape Theatre The University of Edinburgh

A modern adaptation of the muchloved Italian classic, set in a buzzing 21st-century metropolis. Carlo Collodi's coming-of-age tale is retold through stunning lifelike puppetry, moving urban sets and engrossing digital soundscapes. Puppetry and Physical Theatre theSpace @ Venue 45 13-18 Aug 13:45 (60m)

NationalStudentDramaFestival - EmergingArtistsCompetition2012

Plastic Beach

Theatre with Teeth University of Exeter

7,200 rubber ducks fall into the ocean, spreading like confetti. This inventive ensemble piece combines imaginative storytelling with bold imagery to follow one lonely beachcomber's obsessive search for these friendly floatees. 'Experimental Theatre at its best' ( 2010).

Devised Zoo Southside - The Studio 3-27 Aug (not 13,21) 11:30 (50m)


Everything I Own East 15 Acting School

France falls in love with Napoleon, but when a hero betrays us, can we forgive? Follow the playful RĂŠmy in this heartwarming solo show of dreams, wars and the English girl who stole his heart.

New Writing Paradise in the Vault 4-5 Aug 20:45 (50m) 6-27 (not 13,20) Aug 17:00


The New Theatre University of Nottingham

Every night Reginald Blake dreams of sex with his fantasy woman, a woman that is not his wife. One morning he awakes to find this fantasy has come to life and is eating breakfast in his kitchen. Porphyria is a black comedy from Nottingham University's award-winning New Theatre, about one man's search for answers as everything he knows disintegrates. New Writing ZOO Venues 6-20 Aug 15:15 (50m)

Ronnie and the Other World

Paper Crane Puppet Company East 15 Acting School

Ronnie has woken up in the real world, a world without sing-a-longs or candy trees. Is he cut from the right cloth to save Happydale or will he be just a puppet all his life?


West Horizons Co. University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Queue - we all have to do it. Join this one to discover how order can lead to disorder in a supposedly rational system... segments or juice? Dynamic new play. Various styles and situations. Cast includes BA Acting graduates.

New Writing Sweet Grassmarket 2-17 (not 5) Aug 16:50 (60m)

Round 'ere

The Richard Burton Company RWCMD

The original performance dropped out, I've taken her place so i'm not in the booklet, but I am on the Fringe website theatre/round-ere

Adaptation The Quaker Meeting House 13-18 Aug 14:30 (50m)

Buy tickets at or on 0131 226 0000

New Writing Venue 13 19-25 Aug 12:30 (45m)


Rubber Dinghy Rubber Dinghy Oxford University

Two men stranded in the ocean - is it possible to start over or better to end it all? Featuring live music this dark comedy is 'intensely pertinent to the time' (Iqbal Kahn). **** (

New Writing Zoo Southside 21-27 Aug 15:15 (30m)


The (Kindling) Project Long Road Sixth Form College

Two very young men stand head to head in the ultimate contest. A highly explosive and tirelessly physical exploration of modern day survival of the fittest from director Rich Rusk, known for creating ingenious Fringe theatre' (Metro)

Devised Bedlam Theatre 20-25 Aug 12:30 (50m)

Stage Film Television Radio All the advice you need…


Hinge Productions York

It's amazing what you can make out of yesterday's news. A twisting tale of mistaken identities, watch as the characters write, direct and star in their own piece, right in front of your eyes. Music, projection and improvisation all blend in this highly entertaining play, asking if the nature of a story tells more about the teller than the told. New Writing Hill Street Theatre 3-26 Aug 18:15 (70m)

The essential book of Contacts for anyone beginning a career in the entertainment industry Special NSDF offer price of


(RRP £12.99)

To redeem visit www.contactshandbook enter code edcon2012 Also available from all good bookstores




The Alchmeist East 15 acting school

Ted and his son escape from broken Britain to create a perfect nation seven miles out at sea. They are joined on their abandoned sea fort by another family and together they battle to raise their children and create a new society. Sealand is 'An imaginative, witty look at one man's obsession with utopia' (April de Angelis). New Writing ZOO VENUE 3-27 Aug 17:15 (70m)

Sex Ed: The Musical!

Out Write Productions East 15 Acting School

Seeing Double: Vision

Armed with a video link to spy on next door's rehearsal room, this modern farce follows a production team desperately trying to market their new show as circumstances conspire against them. Sister show to Seeing Double: Vision.

Julio Buenaventura, supposed theatrical visionary extraordinaire, and his dysfunctional cast rehearse for the show of the decade, unaware that their actions are being transmitted to the production team next door. Sister show to Seeing Double: Figures

New Comedy Pleasance Hut 1-27 (not 13) Aug 11:30 (60m)

New Comedy Pleasance Courtyard 1-27 (not 13) Aug 11:30 (60m)


Spaghetti Junction

Greenlight Theatre Bristol University

Greenlight Theatre Bristol University

Bracket Theatre University of Manchester

ThisEgg Hills Road Sixth Form College

SEX ED: THE MUSICAL! It's Coming! Ever wondered what a prostatic utricle was? A urethral sponge? A scrotum? Forging paths through sexual ignorance, this team of titillating teachers explain everything you never wanted to know about sex.



Seeing Double: Figures

New Writing theSpace@Surgeon's Hall 3-25 (not 5,12,19) Aug 18:30 (75m)

When the world's overpopulation becomes a serious public concern the government introduces 'Solving' organised Russian roulette. Tensions and emotions run high in the Solve waiting room as each new member of the public is given one gun, one bullet and a numbered ticket. 'This new piece of writing left me feeling shocked.

Andi's being towed through a monotonous one-way system. When a roadblock forces Andi out into the fast lane, she finds herself in a terrifying place of bedlam, where the world speeds by and uncertainty reigns

New Writing TheSpace on the Mile, Space 2 20-25 Aug 19:05 (50m)

Buy tickets at or on 0131 226 0000

Devised Bedlam Theatre 13-18 Aug 12:30 (40m)


Swan Song

Trouble and Strife Oxford University

Things haven't been going brilliantly for Hector recently, but when he wakes up to find a beautiful, half-naked woman in the dog basket, perhaps it's looking up. Then she's left him, and all he has is her poetry to work out why. Swan Song uses live performance and animation to explore the complexity of how we communicate.


Humble Crumble University of Manchester

Compassionate abattoir Swordy-Well's proprietor Joseph Orty struggles to maintain the balance between mankind and cowkind, when a superpower megamarket offers his employees a chance to triple their cattle kills the pat hits the fan.

The Darkroom

Witness Theatre University of Sussex

Don your bobble hat and come exploring in a world where memory is everything and it's about to be lost. A shed, an old man, piles of notes. This is the evidence, but what is the story?

11-17 Aug 21:05 20-25 Aug 17:35 (50m)

New Writing theSpaces on North Bridge 13,15,17,19,21,23,25 Aug 17:00 (50m)

New Writing C Nova Studio 2-27 Aug 15:15 (60m)

The Dead Memory House

The Hand-Me-Down People

The House of Shadows

Bea, Anne and Sylvia are your sisters, girlfriends, aunties, mothers and wives. They are your friends, and perhaps even your enemies. The Dead Memory House is a collision of their lives and your experiences.

Ignored and abandoned on a dusty shelf, a group of outdated figurines - no longer coveted by children - await the inevitable. Allegorical and humorous tale about growing older. New writing from a promising young dramatist. www.

New Writing Summerhall 3-26 Aug 15:00 & 18:00 (60m)

New Writing C Nova 2-27 (not 13) Aug 16:20 (50m)

New Writing

Sweet Grassmarket & TheSpaceUK

Theatre Corsair Rose Bruford


New Theatre University of Nottingham

The Glass Elevator Harvard University

The Learned Man is obsessed with telling a story that is good and true and beautiful to gain entrance to the Cult of Beauty, but his Shadow breaks free and threatens to consume his humanity.

Adaptation The Space @ Surgeon's Hall 3-11 Aug 14:10 13-25 (not 19) Aug 16:10 (45m)

NationalStudentDramaFestival - EmergingArtistsCompetition2012

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Ride of the Bluebottles

Can you really live a life without consequence? When the beautiful Dorian Gray comes to London, he's the name on everyone's lips. In a distorted, demonic city of sordid sinners, his looks can get him anywhere. But is limitless youth and beauty worth sacrificing everything for?

A dark satirical comedy following a failing band the night of a very important gig. As the men bicker over women, drums and dead cats, the night escalates into a hilarious and bloody climax.

New Writing The Fiddler's Elbow 13-19 Aug 12:45 (60m)

Adaptation Princes Mall Space L4 19-26 Aug 18:00 (60m)

New Writing theSpace on the Mile 3-25 Aug (not Sundays) 11:10 (60m)

The Road That Wasn't There

The Sidcup Family Portrait

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Institute

Act One/ PBH's free fringe Cardiff

Imagine having to relive the most traumatic event of your life over and over again in the hope of helping others. An experimental play based on research into post-traumatic stress disorder. Welcome to the Institute...

Trick of the Light Theatre (NZ) Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

This is a story about a girl who followed a map off the edge of the world... A curious tale for intrepid children and adventurous adults. www.

New writing The Free Sisters 2-26 Aug 12:00 (60m)

Pregnant Fish Theatre Company The University of Worcester

Olsson Theatre Newcastle University

BEDS Bangor University

Caligula's Alibi Theatre Company East15 School of Acting

The Sidcup Family unearth their lineage in this debut show from Caligula's Alibi Theatre Company. Physical comedy, improvisation, puppetry and live music engulf the audience in this show. Guaranteed to tickle some of your ribs almost all of the time. We'll claw into the depths of the surreal and absurd.

A couple on holiday find the diary of a woman diagnosed with a hysteric condition decades ago. The entries become increasingly erratic as the rest cure prescribed to her begins to drive her mad.

Devised Spotlites@Merchants Hall 2-19 (not 6,7) Aug 22:15 (60m)

Buy tickets at or on 0131 226 0000

Adaptation theSpace@Surgeons Hall 13-25 Aug 14:05 (45m)


This Way Up

ANTLER Theatre East 15 Acting School

University is over. After a three year daydream, Alex is in a nine to five job. They packed up, moved out - but now they're boxed in. An intergalactic romcom with live music, office humour and optional recycling.

Devised C Venues (C+2) 1-27 (not 14) Aug 14:40 (60m)

Three Half Pints


Tit for Tat Theatre University College Dublin

If you can't remember who you are, how do you know what you are capable of? Michael wakes up with no memory and blood on his hands. A young girl is missing and he has to retrace his steps to prove his innocence.

Stop doing stupid sh*t! A potential Nobel peace prize-winning formula for solving every problem, from the weapons crisis to the minefield that is online dating. The talented cast of Three Cities brings to the stage stories of three women from different generations in Dublin, London and New York.

New Writing theSpaceUk on the Mile (V39) 3-25 (not Sundays) Aug 17:00 (50m)

New Writing International 3 13-26 (not Saturdays) Aug 19:30 (60m)

Twelfth Night


Three Half Pints University of Kent

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School University of Kent

Join the Three Half Pints for 55 minutes of different sketches with a multitude of characters and settings, leading to sidesplitting comedic chaos. Watch them slip, trip and tumble in a fast-paced foray into timeless comedy and endless giggles. Prepare yourself to see three shorter than average men struggle in a world that's too big for them.

An introduction to Shakespeare. Fools in love, cross-dressing and skiffle music at the seaside? 'The precision, nuance and comic brio was remarkable' (John Retallack, Associate Director, Bristol Old Vic). A healthy dose of good oldfashioned nonsense for all ages.

Devised Laughing Horse @ Edinburgh City Football Club 2-27 (not 8) Aug 13:05 (55m)

Adaptation Paradise Green @ St Augustines 6-25 Aug 11:35 (60m)


Three Cities

NUTS Newcastle University

The Cookie Jar East15

What happens when you're forced to spend an evening with people you'd rather just forget? Witty, funny and relevant this deadpan comedy will once again pose that ominous question.. Should some friends just be left to Facebook?

New Writing Spotlites@ The Merchants Hall 2-19 Aug 18:25 (55m)

NationalStudentDramaFestival - EmergingArtistsCompetition2012


Fat Git Theatre University of Warwick

A stranger is sitting in your house, whistling. He's drinking the tea, he's doing the washing up and he's got his eyes on the egg whisk. Outside? A cul-de-sac full of gym-attending, pub-drinking, socially-able show offs. Inside? Wallpaper that won't stop talking, and him ... and then of course there's her. Adaptation Bedlam Theatre 3-25 (not 15) Aug 14:00 (60m)

Who Invited You Lot?

Goldsmiths Drama Society Goldsmiths college

A farce about two friends who both love the same married woman. As one secretly plans a romantic evening to tell her how he feels, the other arrives with a plan to murder her husband.

New Writing Cafe Camino 8-11 Aug 14:45 (60m)


Missing String Theatre Company East 15

Get ready to 'meat' Buck Mathews. Meatbox Incorporated's new truck driver extraordinaire. He's standing on the brink, staring into the abyss of the corporate chasm. If you look a little closer you may find morally challenged employers, questionable working conditions, animal rights issues and potential environmental destruction.

What's He Building In There? STaG Glasgow University

A wonderfully absurd dark comedy about a carpenter's affairÉwith a chair. A Lynchian Nightmare, accompanied by an original live, instrumental score. This is the winning play of STaG's New Works Festival in Glasgow (2012). STaG 2011: **** Scotsman, **** Herald, **** Three Weeks.

Devised Pleasance Dome 1-27 Aug 12:20 (50m)

New Writing ZOO (aviary) 3-18 Aug 12:00 (50m)


Fiddy West Productions Arts Ed/Pendleton College

Roaming the streets of a Salford council estate are mates Toby, Dimp and Smalley. When Toby's dad is released from prison, their troublesome antics suddenly spiral way out of control.

New Writing theSpace@Surgeons Hall Theatre 2 3-25 Aug 22:10 (80m)

Buy tickets at or on 0131 226 0000





showbusiness accountants

- The Stage

Over 50 years of excellence Breckman & Company Chartered Certified Accountants, Registered Auditors 49 South Molton Street, London. W1K 5LH

Tel: 020 7499 2292

95 Ditchling Road, Brighton. BN1 4ST

Tel: 01273 929 350

Edinburgh Emerging Artists Competition 2012  

Productions entered into the NSDF Edinburgh Emerging Artists Competition 2012

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