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How to Sell 50 to 100 Lipsticks

Make copies of the order from, attach lipstick samples and look what can happen... RESULTS: 100 lipsticks sold that’s $1200 in Sales, $6000 in PROFIT less 10 free lipsticks. OR


50 lipsticks sold - that’s $6000 in Sales, $300 PROFIT less 5 free lip-

Dear Mary Kay Customer, Attached you will find samples of our most popular lipsticks. I am in a contest to sell 100 lipsticks. If you will help me sell just 10, you will have your choice of a free lipstick or any Mary Kay product for half off. Simply show the sample colors to your friends, co-workers, and family. One of my clients simply left the lip samples on her desk at work and the ladies were more than happy to order. If they find a shade they like, have them fill out the information on the order form and give you a check or cash for the amount of the purchase plus 8% tax. The orders will be delivered to you. Have fun! I canʼt wait to give you your free product! name






D Prize Lipstick Mary Kay at 50% off!


Makecopiesoftheorderfrom,attach lipsticksamplesandlookwhatcan happen... RESULTS:100lipstickssoldthat’s $1200inSales,$6000inPROFITless 10free...

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