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The Kindness Crew visits Freddies!

On Thursday, July 27th we took to the streets in our Bridgeport community to bring a Random Act of Kindness to patrons of Fabulous Freddies Italian Eatery! The place was packed and the lines were long, but no one seemed to mind once the Kindness Crew stepped into action. 50 unsuspecting Freddies’ guests received lunch on NorthStar Credit Union. There were smiles from door to door! Thank you to the management and staff at Freddies for your help in making the event a success! Haven’t been there? Check them out at 

National Night Out Cristen Austgen

Sales & Services Manager Meet Cristen, our Sales & Service Manager. Cristen has a longstanding career in the banking industry that began in 1997. She has worked in a variety of roles from being a teller, personal banker, working with investments, lending, and many years managing branches. Cristen made the leap from banking to NorthStar in 2012. When asked what she likes most about being involved with a credit union, she states “It feels like family here! I love the community spirit and member focus of credit unions. It’s a movement I am proud to be a part of and I wish I had made the move sooner!”. Cristen works with NorthStar staff to keep them engaged, help sharpen their skills, and educates them about the many ways available to help members have a better financial experience. Overall she ensures the member experience is second to none from the moment they walk in the door, to the moment they exit. She also helps coordinate all of NorthStar’s marketing efforts from creating ideas, working with vendors, and managing projects to ensure our message is consistent and fun! Cristen is a former Warrenville Chamber of Commerce executive board member, and you will often see her volunteering at local community events. In her spare time, Cristen enjoys spending time with her family. She is also active in her local church and serves as a 4th & 5th grade ministry teacher. 

On Tuesday, August 6th we participated in the 30th anniversary of National Night Out – America’s Night Out Against Crime together with other community partners and volunteers at Cerny Park in Warrenville. “National Night Out is a wonderful opportunity for communities nationwide to promote police-community partnerships, crime prevention, and neighborhood camaraderie. While the one night is certainly not an answer to crime, drugs and violence, National Night Out represents the kind of spirit, energy and determination to help make neighborhoods a safer place year round. The night celebrates safety and crime prevention successes and works to expand and strengthen programs for the next 364 days.” – Matt Peskins, Executive Director – NATW (National Association of Town Watch) 

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“Excellent customer service. Loan will save me hundreds in finance charges from my credit card companies!” ~ Ruben F ~


New/Used Autos, Boats, RVs and Motorcycles

100% Financing is available on all auto loans.

 Home Equity Lines of Credit  Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans  Lifestyle Lines of Credit  Personal Unsecured Loans

Please contact any one of our Financial Service Reps for assistance with your loan: 630.393.7201 ext. 213

 VISA Credit Cards

VISA Gold, Platinum, Business and Student cards available. Travel and Reward benefits: call 800.558.3424 for rates.

 Small Business Loans Programs tailored to the needs of your business.


Heartland Blood Centers  will be at NorthStar’s main  branch to make it easier  for members to donate  blood. Please contact   Cristen Austgen for   an appointment.   Call (630) 821‐7220 or  Email: 

Contact Bernie Niewoehner at 630.393.7201 ext. 151 for more information.

“Very satisfied with the loan process. Communication was timely and the staff was pleasant.” ~ Sharon N ~

5 Tips About Mortgage Brokers 

Article by

Andrew Black

of MoneyMix

People usually spend a long time searching for their dream homes. However, it   is  common  for  most  buyers  to  spend  just  a  little  or  much  shorter  time  when  making  mortgage  investments.  The  presence  of  mortgage  brokers  could  be  a  boon or a bane.  A mortgage broker could extend his expertise to you if you are  considering  buying  a  property.  But  he  could  also  be  discreet  especially  when   concealing  his  best  kept  secrets  from  you.  Here  are  five  things  that  the   professional may not want to tell you.    

1. No one could predict an increase or decrease in rates.  Mortgage brokers may sound like rushing you to make hasty decisions. Of course,  expect  them  to  want  to  immediately  close  the  deal.  That  will  mean  generating   income through commissions and fees. If a broker tries to convince you to finalize  the  purchase  today  before  interest  rates  increase  tomorrow  or  next  week,  find  reasons to hesitate. No one, even the experts, can actually tell if rates will go up or  down  in  the  coming  days  or  not.  Meanwhile,  you  can  take  your  time  while  you  make important decisions on whether to buy or which to purchase.   

2. There are unnecessary fees.  You may be so focused and concerned about the interest rates applied to your mortgage. Thus, you may not be paying sufficient  attention to unnecessary and excessive fees that come with the closing of the deal. Standard charges include home appraisals  and doc stamps. Origination fees and other unknown payments collected usually go straight into mortgage brokers’ pockets.    

3. A second opinion can be helpful.  Mortgage  brokers,  who  work  on  commission,  would  gauge  all  means  to  make  a  profit  from  you,  whether  small  or  large.   They  won’t  make  any  income  if  they  don’t  close  any  deal.  No  matter  how  pressing  and  convincing  a  broker  could  be,  don’t   immediately make a decision to buy. You can ask others’ opinions. Perhaps, try to listen to what other brokers will say. They  may be able to offer you better terms, conditions, and price tags.    

4. It is always good to shop around.  Logically, a mortgage broker would try to convince you not to look at other mortgage brokers’ offers. Purchase decisions are  always important. That is why it would be better if you would decide intelligently. There are many other mortgage products  from various brokers. Surely, a broker would discourage you from looking around, but remember that doing so would be on  your best interest. Through comparison shopping, you can have a higher chance of finding and closing the best deals.    

5. Foreclosed properties may come with more problems.  If  a  broker  is  selling  a  foreclosed  property,  he  may  aim  to  immediately  close  the  transaction.  Aside  from  the  reasons  already   described  above,  the  broker  may  also  want  to  sell  a  foreclosure  so  that  his  commission  is  guaranteed  long  before  possible   problems arise. The foreclosed property’s documents may not have been filed properly, which would lead to its original owner  filing a claim to get the property back in the future. You certainly don’t want to be involved in such a mess.    The  professionals  at  NorthStar  Credit  Union  will  explain  the  process  from  application  to  closing.    You  will  rest  easy  knowing   that  you  obtained  the  best  mortgage  for  your  needs.  Contact  our  Mortgage  Specialist,  Bicki Dhillon by  emailing:, calling: (630) 393‐7201 ext. 207 or visit to learn more today. 

You Deserve A Summer Pay-cation! Simply complete and return the required signature form to any NorthStar Credit Union branch at least 10 days prior to your August or September loan payment due date. Offer ends September 30, 2013. If you have any questions, please feel free to call one of our Financial Service Reps at (800) 983-6828 ext. 213. Click here to be connected to the form on our website.

Protect Your Identity

with the Consumer Protection Portal within Benefits Plus® With the help of Benefits Plus®, NorthStar Credit Union can help you keep your name, identity and all you’ve worked for safe.

Scary Stats:

• Average number of ID Theft victims annually = 11,571,900 • Financial fraud as a result of ID Theft counts for over 50% of all claims • Illinois ranks 12th for ID Theft complaints per 100,000 in population. Members will have access to:  Choose to set fraud alerts on your credit files  Reduce the amount of junk mail your family receives  Obtain copies of your credit reports  Document your credit card information, driver’s license and insurance policy numbers all in one safe location.  Skilled licensed attorneys will act on your behalf to resolve the situation and restore your credit and good standing without fees or deductibles* if you ever experience Identity Theft. * Some restrictions and/or limitations may apply.

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