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Friday, January 18, 2013

7:30 pm Saturday, January 19, 2013

4:30 pm Diller Street Theater, 310 Green Bay Road, Winnetka, IL For information call 847.446.0674

“Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois”


Cast List Fairies Lille van der Zanden Caroline Abrams Paige Jendrisak Pelle Melio Willa Hart Antonia Theodosakis Rachel Gordon Reese Formolo Kayleigh Robertson

Mirror Matt Griffin Prince Gallant Alex Karmin

Lead Fairies/Choreographers Josie Santi, Raegan Burke, Mackenzie Nolan King Goodheart Manny Hodzic

Seven Dwarfs Dwarf One- Brian Cook Dwarf Two-Cameron Speta Dwarf Three-Deb Newmark Dwarf Four-Anna George Dwarf Five-Quinnyata Bellows Dwarf Six-Lucy Fogel Dwarf Seven-CJ Charnas First Huntsmen Quinn Gray

Queen Goodheart Kayleigh Robertson Snow White Sara Hondmann Enviana Hannah Klaeser

Second Huntsmen Jack Colley Servant,Guard,Courtier,Messengers James Lovett Andersen Formolo Accompanist Adam Kim

Witch Rachel Cantor

Production Team Director- Julia Macholl Technical Director-Becky Flory Costume Designer- Kristine Roof-Fachet Lighting Designer-Jarrod Bainter Stage Manager-Brady Webb Light Board Operator- Declan Falls Sound Board Operator- Shea Dettling Build/Paint Crew-Megan Trott, Catherine Hayward, Camille Scheyer, Zak Nelson, Michelle Angeles, Maurits Hondmann, Sydney Kowalski Costume Crew- Alissa Nolan and Jessica Qiao

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS-CAST BIOS Paige Jendrisak-Paige is excited to be making her acting debut in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Her favorite part was seeing the show come together during practice. She plans on contributing to the spring musical. She would like to thank all of her theater friends for the support. Enjoy! Caroline Abrams- Caroline Abrams has been in two other plays for North Shore Country Day. In seventh grade she played Diane in Mouse Trap and in eighth Grade she played a dancer in The Audition. Hope you enjoy the show. Rachel Gordon- This is Rachel’s first NSCDS production. Her past stage credits are both musicals: she played young Nala in The Lion King and Molly in the song It’s a Hard Knock Life in a musical combining songs from multiple shows. She is excited to be in this production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Antonia Theodosakis-Antonia is very excited to be a fairy in Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. She would like to thank Ms. Macholl for making an amazing play experience. Hope you enjoy the show! James Lovett- James has been in Miss Nelson is Missing and enjoys being with his friends and expressing himself on the stage. Pelle Melio- Pelle is so excited to be a part of the production of Snow White. She has eleven years of Winnetka Community House experience. She has also been in North Shore Country Day School's productions of: War of the Worlds, Andromeda's Galaxy, and she is so excited to be making an appearance in Snow White as a fairy/ nymph. Enjoy the show! Sara Hondmann- Sara Hondmann is staring as Snow White in the play Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. She made first stage presence at the young age of six in Beauty and the Beast. She has stared in Les Miserable as young Cossette. She has also been in many dance productions including Cinderella (mouse) and The Lion King (gazelle). She was part of last year’s production of Miss. Nelson is Missing as Phoebe. Sara would like to thank her family, friends, pets, Josie Santi (☺), and theater department for their support. Josie Santi- Josie is thrilled to be a fairy/ choreographer in Snow White. Josie got her theater debut as the Sultan in Disney's Aladdin (2003), and her small stage debut in Disney's The Lion King (2006) as the main character, Pumba. She'd like to thank her family, friends, Sara Hondmann, and all the other little people that have been her motivation. A very special shout-out to Beyonce Knowles. Reese Formolo- Reese is so excited to be apart of the production of Snow White. She is excited to be making an appearance in the show as a fairy/nymph. Her past performances consist of: 4 am, Sound of Music, Peter Pan, and Oliver. She would like to thank Ms. Macholl for giving her a role in the play and making the whole experience that much better. Enjoy the show! Quinn Gray- Quinn cannot wait to act with his fellow cast members in this wonderful production. Past acting experience includes (when he was younger) Jafar in Aladdin, the Lion in The Wiz, ensemble member of All Shook Up, and Carl from Miss Nelson is Missing. He would like to thank all supporters throughout this process, especially Jack Colley for being his Huntsman partner-in-crime.

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS-CAST BIOS Raegan Burke-Raegan is excited to get to be in the North Shore production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She is going to be playing one of the fairies, and she is excited to have gotten the opportunity to choreograph. Raegan was in her 6th grade production of A Midsummer's Night Dream. Apart from her new theater ventures, Raegan has been a dancer her whole life. Kayleigh Robertson-Kayleigh is excited to be in North Shore's production of Snow White. She was recently in the day school's production of Miss Nelson is Missing and The Gondoliers. She hopes everyone will enjoy the show!" Debbie Newmark-Debbie is delighted to be playing the role of Dwarf Number Three in North Shore Country Day School's Snow White. Past stage credits include Debbie being a member of the ensemble in the North Shore Musical The Gondoliers last year, as well as several lead roles in the plays she used to simoltaneously star in and direct in her basement. Most importantly, Debbie would like everybody to sit back, relax, enjoy the show...and laugh at all of her lines. Hannah Klaeser- Hannah Klaeser is really excited to be playing the evil queen. Since a young girl, she had always looked up to the queen as a role model. She is especially excited to be working with Paige Jendersak, who will be playing a beautiful snow fairy. Cameron Speta- Cameron is excited to be playing Dwarf Two in Snow White! He has never been in a theatrical production before, but he has taken improv lessons at Second City and he is taking Theatre Arts in his freshman year. His favorite production is Les Miserables, and his dream role would be playing Inspector Javert. Dwarf Two For President 2016! Quinnyata Bellows-Quinnyata is so excited to be performing for the winter performance. She had been in the cast of Almost Maine and couldn't resist another exciting adventure in another one of North Shore Country Day Schools productions. So she invites you all to kick back, relax, take off your shoes, and lay your head back to enjoy the show. Andersen Formolo- Andersen has never been in an upper school play but looks forward to show casing his talents in his debut as a guard/nurse/servant. Alex Karmin-This is the first time Alex has performed in a play. He is extremely excited to have the opportunity to play the role of the prince in his first ever performance.



The rest of North Shore Country Day School’s Season... “Into the Woods” By Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine March 14th, 15th, 16th 2013

Take 10! North Shore’s Ten Minute Play Festival April 26th, 2013- 4:30pm and 7:30pm

Music heard in today’s program:

Prokofiev piano sonata No.7 Beethoven appssionata Liszt Mephisto Waltz Adam Kim’s own creation

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  

by Ken Pickering based on the story by the Brothers Grim

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