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NSC 2013 Newsletter-Volume I: Meet the Potatoes! Brought to you by: OC: H,W.H.P!

National Strategic

Conference 2013

Potato-dential Address It was three years ago when I first saw the light; He graciously unveiled the way of the potatoes. Since then I have never looked back. For you see, a potato is as complex as the numeral ‘infinity’; a number so large it cannot be defined and yet so small that infinite numbers exist between two decimals. And in that manner, a potato is nothing but everything. It can save a life and change a life.

Here at AIESEC, we are agents of change. This conference will help us in changing the world for a better place. My fellow OC members and I endeavor to bring you a conference like none experienced before. We look forward to making AIESEC Pakistan proud. Malik Amin Ali Noon President Organising Committee-NSC’2013

-Went for Exchange to Poland

-The only new member on the OC!

-Brought Sarmad Tariq and Rock Bistro on board for AIESEC in Islamabad

-Has already brought DJuice on board as a Platinum Partner

-Camera man AIESEC LipDub.

Wahaj M. Khan OCVP-External Relations

-Started earning as an entrepreneur at the age of 15

-Was a model for TSL-a clothing line!

Meet the Potatoes!

-Represented AIESEC in Pakistan at an International AIESEC Conference in Egypt

-Has been a part of 3 OCs (and 2 additional on-site OCs)

-Raised 5TNs in one quarter

-Head delegate for NYDS’12.

-Task force: AIESEC Lip Dub

Ammar Jamil OCVP-Logistics

-Task force: AIESEC Lip Dub

-Got the Award for Best Member of the Quarter!

-Loves to sing!

Balach Tanveer OCVP-Finance and Legal

-Got onto OC NSC’2012 as a new member

-Went for Exchange to Indonesia

-Raised about 89% of the total NSC 2012 amount

-Got the Award for Best Intern amongst contenders from 13 countries

-Shot the first ever AIESEC in Pakistan Lipdub’ -Won a National Award

-Has travelled to all continents of the world, minus Antartica of course: p

Wafa Imran OCVP-Communications

Mian Fahad Ahmed OCVP-Marketing

-Brought 9 first time partners on board for AIESEC in his 2 OC terms. 4 more coming soon ;) -Excels at ‘Fay ki boli’ :p

Malik Amin Ali Noon OC-President National Strategic Conference 2013

-Gained Marketing and Sales experience while working full-time at a firm in England -Travelled 23 countries.

Don’t worry! Exciting updates coming your way… … Soon

Please feel free to contact us for suggestions and feedback  Organising Committee President

Organising Committee Vice President Communications

Thank you! 

Newsletter I  
Newsletter I  

National Strategic Conference 2013 Newsletter I