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MONSOONS Monsoons are most often associated with the Indian Ocean. But the North American monsoon is an important feature of the atmospheric circulation over the continent, with a research literature that dates back almost 100 years.

As the water poured

the summer heat, the

through the cracks in the thunderstorms that come with floor, it was like ice to my feet. the Monsoon bring their own I could hear the huge waves of rain hitting the metal roof, I

hazards. In fact, this is the most dangerous time of year

was trying to pick up valuable things so they wouldn’t wash

weather-wise in the Southwest. The sky was black

away. It sounded like the wind and swallowed what used to would rip the house apart with be blue sky, It happened in piercing drops of rain. Although the Monsoon brings

seconds with little warning.

welcome rains and relief from


the rain can make it nearly impossible to see

Hahaheheahaha weather  
Hahaheheahaha weather