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BLIZZARDS “It was a gray, gloomy Wednesday my house my mom told me calmly morning when all of a sudden it to help her bring some candles out started to snow and the winds in case of a power outage. I started to pick up! The winds were brought the candles and I brought at least coming up to the 40 mph some blankets to keep us warm. mark and the wind seemed to be As time passed we seemed to calm hollering and moaning. I stepped down and realize that everything outside to see how bad the storm will be ok. We got curious and was. The roads were very slippery looked outside, the storm was and the visibility was so bad that I fading and started to calm down. couldn’t see my next door Debris was everywhere and the neighbor’s house! As the wind and sky was still as gloomy as it was sleet picked up even more I ran when the blizzard started. Once the inside to get away from the debris storm stopped we cleaned up our that was starting to swirl yards and returned back to our 11] normal, daily lives”. It wasn’t easy, dangerously everywhere in the streets and yards. As I went into but we survived the storm!

Hahaheheahaha weather