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760 West Main Street - Suite 100, Barrington, Illinois 600 I0

February 26, 2010

Ploegman Moving & Storage Attn: Craig 209 Christina Drive East Dundee, IL 60118 Re:

Member Insurance Move Alexander Leigh Center for Autism Move

Dear Craig, I am finally getting around to WI riting this letter to you since our move on January s''. Six months ago I had never even heard of Ploegman and now I'll never forget that name. I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the work you and your team has done for us in the last few months. All the planning, changing of plan1s,rescheduling, and whatnot that Nick Santucci went through will not be forgotten any time soon. During the planning stages, we had to change course so many times that I thought Nick was going to walk out on this job. But no, he hung in there and really stepped up to the plate for us, along with you, Manny, and both Mikes. We can't thank you enough for such a great job! Everyone worked irl sync, moved quickly and efficiently, and got the job done right the first time. That says a lot about the team you have working for you, Craig. Not only did Ploegman make our move smoother than we ever imagined, they also came through for us in helping out Kelly at Alexander Leigh Center for Autism, which has turned out to be an unfortunate situation, as you know. And as if that wasn't enough, you also bailed us out of the chair situation in North Carolina. Nick and his team went 'ABOVE AND BEYOND' and we are grateful for everything you have done for us. Nick deserves the highest of praises (or should I say 'ralses'r) for what he has gone through with all of this. His patience and professionalism is to be acknowledged as well. You can bet that if I ever hear of anyone needing a mover, Ploegman is getting the call. On behalf of Member Insurance, thank you Ploegman for a JOB WELL DONE! Sincerely,





Barbara A. Skow Executive Assistant

Member Insurance Agency, Inc. 760 W Main Street - Suite 100




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Thank you letter  

Thank you letter from Member Insurance

Thank you letter  

Thank you letter from Member Insurance