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Parenting Like Our Parents We all have said when we were growing up, “I will never treat my kids like that.” That comment usually followed an action that we did not agree with from our parents. Let us tell it, when we were growing up, we were just going to be the best parents in the world, and we were not going to do anything that our parents did to us. Our parents were just the worst people in the world. How can they treat us like that?

Five years later……Ten years later……Twenty years later……..Now we are parents ourselves. Did we keep our promise not to ever do to our kids what our parents did to us? Do we still fell as if our parents were the worst in the world? Well, let me tell you my story.

I was raised by a single mother. She was married when I was conceived, but my Father met his demise while she was caring me and my mother chose not to remarry. Anyway, my mother was a very strong willed and mined woman. She went as far as to get her PHD. Because of all of the years of education she had, that gave her high expectations for me. Well, I wasn’t ready to shoot that high. I also was an only child and very shy. My only friends were the individuals in my room that would collectively form a line across my bed every morning. You would call them dolls. When I reached puberty and started smelling myself, I just knew I was the queen and my mother was my peasant. I wanted to go the neighborhood least desired because there was more action over there. My mother did not want me going certain places. “ I am 16. I can go wherever I want to. You are the meanest mom in the world. I won’t be that way with my daughter.. I will let her go wherever she wanted to as long as she made it home on time.”

Again, Five years later…..Ten years later…….Twenty years later…….My 15 year old son says, “Mom, why can’t I ride my bike to FYE? I am on a bike , dugh. Not walking. I know it is getting dark, Mom but I am on my bike. I will get there and back faster. Man, you Bogus!!! “Did I keep my word about not treating my kids like my mom treated me? When we become parents ourselves, we do not look back at the time that we were growing up so much. We look at the here and now. I care about my son’s safety so if I am not going to ride to FYE with him when it is getting dark, he is just not going to be able to go. I don’t care what he thinks about me. Just like me, when he grows up and becomes a father he will understand. Just like Five years……Ten years……Twenty years later, I �inally know why my mother gave me boundaries that I tried so hard to cross.

Parents of Color magazine would love to hear your stories. Do you Parent like your Parents? In next month’s issue we are going to have a Child Psychologist speak about where our parenting skills derive from and what it tells us about us a parents. Please email your comments and stories to We will publish your story in next months issue as well as on our website

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We care about the community because we’re part of it.

We understand. Something this good deserves all our support. As a sponsor of the 81st annual Bud Billiken Day Parade and Scholarship Gala, FedEx is honored to play a role in offering educational opportunities to deserving students in the Chicagoland community. © 2010 FedEx. All rights reserved. “We understand” is a registered service mark of FedEx.

Living on Purpose by Shari C. Hill In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, a movement dedicated to the struggle for equal treatment of women. Great strides were made throughout the past years, and now women are busier than ever. Women are pulled in many directions by the demands of jobs and families, resulting in self-care being last on their “to-do” list. This creates imbalance, which leads to stress. Left unchecked, stress can result in heart disease, high blood pressure, an unfulfilled life, weight gain/loss, insecurity, rage and much more. What is this imbalance all about? Due to our nurturing nature, we as women often take on anything and everything that comes across our path allowing our own lives to get out of balance. Time and again we find that we put others priorities ahead of our own. In addition, we lose sight of our dreams and become complacent in our actions of accepting being less than the best we could possibly be in our daily lives. Why do some women seem to be totally self-aligned while others feel as if they are not balanced at all? Well, the truth is that the answer is different for each and every one of us. As a result of taking on too much, decreasing self-care activities, and lacking selfconfidence some women may feel as if they don’t have time to do the things they want to do, go the places you want to go, or even live the life they truly want to live. Self-care leads to balance and should be viewed as being much more than just physical habits such as eating healthy and/or working out. When thinking about balance, it’s important to take a look at total body wellness which encompasses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual alignment. I believe stress or “dis”ease increases when you’re not in alignment with your core values. Your spirit - your core - defines who you are. We need to learn to listen to our spirit; live from the heart. Living from your heart ignites passion and enables you to live on purpose. Activities such as life coaching, women’s empowerment groups, exercise, volunteer initiatives and spiritual practices all can help women build upon their capacity for greatness. It’s important to remember that we all were born with a vision and purpose to fulfill in life.

By living an unbalanced one, you are saying “No” to your authentic self. It’s time for women to start becoming a #1 priority in their own lives and re-ignite their passion flame! Leading from a place of abundance, being present and living your life on purpose is a guaranteed formula for becoming a whole, healthy and complete woman. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, passions and desires of your heart because everyone is destined to be great. What are you waiting for? Make HERstory TODAY! All the best, Shari Inspirational Corner I like to begin my day each day with a positive affirmation/ quote because I believe staying in the flow of positive energy truly sets the tone for how you choose to add to the blueprint of your life. So, here’s my inspiration for the month of March to share with you… "If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to [do], do it; Want to change the world? There's nothing to it. There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination, living there you'll be free if you truly wish to be" - Willy Wonka. Remember, inspiration comes in many forms, shapes and fashions… from various people, places and things. And do you want to know the best part? It’s free! Always keep an openmind and be ready to receive the motivation that is right in front of you. ~SCH Ask Shari When we as women collectively share ideas & concerns as well as provide insight & encouragement to one another we become an unstoppable force. What questions would you like to ask Shari or inspirational stories would you like to share? Email the editor at today! ~SCH Shari C. Hill is Founder & CEO of schill inc., a boutique consulting firm designed to help individuals and corporations create, manage, and maintain their personal and/or professional brand. She is also a Certified Life Empowerment Coach with Compass, an organization devoted to life development for women. For more information visit


Life Coaching for Women

Compass is a nationwide personal development company for women and teens. We provide support in the life areas of Health & Wellness, Money & Career, Life Balance, Relationships and Spirit. Compass is the first company to offer powerful and affordable coaching programs and services through a network of independent Representatives. Compass combines 4 of the fastest growing global trends: Social Networking, Network Marketing, Personal Wellness/Self Improvement, and Professional Coaching to provide women and teens the support they are seeking. Shari C. Hill and Fenesha N. Hubbard, Certified Compass Life Empowerment Coaches and Representatives in Chicago, are on a mission to heal the nation, one woman at a time. Hill and Hubbard believe that our women are the threads that tie our communities together and they are weaving circles of healing. They are truly making a difference in the world, one woman at a time. Hill and Hubbard offer free “Take Back Your Time” workshops and “Energy Makeovers” for the community. Their company’s coaching programs and services inspire, empower, and connect women to themselves and to each other through a web-based delivery of powerful, affordable and convenient professional coaching. For more information, please contact Shari C. Hill at (773) 570-0638 and/or Fenesha N. Hubbard at (773) 969-6374. Visit them online at If you are in the Chicago Metro area, please join them on Saturdays from Noon until 2p at Studio 18 Spatique, located in Pilsen at 1834 S. Ashland Ave., for weekly women’s workshops. You can also meet Hill and Hubbard at the Take Back Your Life retreat on March 27th where their company, Compass, will be featured. Guest speakers include Iyanla Vanzant and Michelle McKinney Hammond.

Walgreens is proud to support this special event. For the Walgreens location nearest you, call 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733) or visit

Walgreens is proud to support this special event. For the Walgreens location nearest you, call 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733) or visit

World’s Greatest Parent…With NO Kids. Figures… The Journey To Fatherhood By: Jonathan Ratliff

And Who Are You Again? Before I begin I have a confession. I am not a parent. That‟s right. No kids. Not even on the way. I am a young, African-American male in a relationship with an amazing woman. We‟re both successful in our professional lives. I work primarily in the tech sector and non-profit arena, while my mate is in media. We have talked about having children of our own someday and both have agreed that there‟s no rush. I‟m still a stallion at 29 and she‟s a fox at 28. No rush. I‟m on the verge of hitting an accelerated growth spurt in my career and looking at where she‟s headed paparazzi may be an actual worry in the near future! No rush. I came from poverty, drugs, gangs and a murder plagued environment and suffered dearly due to my parents not having their minds, or money right. No rush. I refuse to perpetuate the cycle. Look at it like this: I actually have a unique perspective on the parental experience. I‟m NOT one, lol! I view the parent-child connection with un-adulterated clarity. I bear no grudges with children from the loss of the “splurge fund” (guys) or the “club body” (girls). I look at children the way all non-parents do, with love and wonder. I look at all parents with an attitude of “If that was my child…” Just kidding! For one that has no children of my own, I have an uncanny bond with kids and youth in general. Pops, one of the men that helped shape me in my travels, often says to me, “…babies can sense both good and bad spirits. You can tell a great deal about a person by how a baby responds to them.” That stuck with me. I began to recall how as far as I could remember kids always took to me easily. Pops gave me something to consider in learning about my own purpose in life. Maybe I have the gift of relationship. Not only do I bond with children, I connect easily with nearly everyone! I say that to say this: In having the gift of relationship you have the gift of observation and discernment. I find it quite easy to “put myself in your shoes”, with ease. This moral compass of sorts has allowed me to full empathize with both parents and their children. More importantly though, is that I understand the youth experience. How easily and quickly, we, as adults, close the chapter of our lives called childhood; a grave error indeed! To deny yourself the ability to relate to your “childish” roots is to deny the very things that made you who you are. More disturbing is that in denying your own childhood you deny your child the opportunity to experience a richer journey. What all this equates to is my ability to find that elusive balance of structure and room for growth that is always necessary, but more often than not, never achieved between adults and youth. To Breed or Not To Breed… As a future Parent of Color, I look at the state of our children and get lost in the horror of their reality! I literally cannot fathom their future! I mean don‟t get me wrong, it motivates me beyond description on one hand, but it scares the hell out of me on the other! The thought of my

individual bloodline living on after I elevate into the ether stirs my soul like none other. Yet, the same thought tingles my spine. The ultimate game of Russian Roulette forces you to play. Continuing my bloodline, in my opinion is what life is all about. Giving the human race another chance to get it right and get back to God, is a battle that I take with honor and great pride. The challenge of doing so tests the will and resolve of men and women like nothing else. To triumph is to fulfill a part of your destiny and allow for new ones to be forged. To fail is to potentially place a purely innocent soul in a harsh, unforgiving land; a land filled with death, disease, strife, struggle and any other number of ills that wreak havoc on human beings; thought provoking elements to say the least. Still, you ask, what‟s my purpose here? It‟s funny that you ponder that question because before I began to write this I was having the exact same thought. See! Already we have something in common! Great minds think alike I tell ya! So, this makes me, what I call an “alternative” parent; a surrogate father of sorts. And Why Are You Here? At first glance it would seem as if I have NO ground to stand on in providing commentary and serious food-for-thought on parental matters. This is not the case. As in all things in life, in order to see 360 degrees we need an extra set of eyes. Cue, people like me annnnnd, scene! Ahhh! The refreshing, sometimes stinging, truth told by a person that has nothing to gain by lying to you. More often than not, you will curse me out, scoff at my perspective, and go the first person you talk to about how there‟s some writer in Parents of Color that said this or said that. Perfect! That‟s exactly what I want you to do. If by the time you‟re done reading any number of my pieces, you don‟t “run tell dat”, I haven‟t done my job and I need to get my swag back tight. Good thing I‟m not concerned with that. I know just what to do to get a conversation going: Tell the TRUTH! We all, deep down, really want the truth and admire those that can objectively can “call a spade, a spade”, and have a moral obligation to do so. It keeps things grounded and balanced in an ever increasingly world of distorted reality. This leads to my introductory finale. Having this digital slate to share the wit and wisdom of a former child, ambitious mogul, and future superb father, is a both a gift and a curse. Again, the key is balance. The ability to help parents to see things from a well-rounded vantage point, is in itself an excellent opportunity for me to possibly alter the life of a child in a positive way. Contrarily, I potentially have the fate of the very same children‟s lives in my hands. Did I go too deep? Nah, one can never go too deep. In keeping with the trend of me being a young black male (YBM), its only right that I highlight the YBM experience and give much-needed insight into the mindset of a YBM in today‟s America. Also, it is only fitting that I call-out those who continue to perpetuate negativity and false notions of what it means to be a parent of color. So like the old folk say, “Take care of home and everything else will be fine”. So in the next issue, guess where I‟m going to begin spring cleaning. That‟s right! Right here at home! I have to put you on blast if you are listening to Nikki Minaj with little Destiny in the front seat, then wondering why there are a bunch of boys always on your porch when you come home from work. If you are rolling up blunts on your son‟s math book, and then wonder why he‟s only concerned with grams and ounces, I need to say, in my Chris Rock voice, “We gon‟ kick it off with y‟all first!” Check out the next issue of Parents of Color Magazine for Part 1 of a 4 Part Series entitled: Reflection: You ARE Your Child…Your Child IS You. In this series, I provide in-depth analysis on the need to not only protect your child from the boogeyman but also from YOU! Cherish The Gift, Cherish Your Child, Jonathan „Jay’ Ratliff

Walgreens is proud to support this special event. For the Walgreens location nearest you, call 1-800-WALGREENS (1-800-925-4733) or visit

Quenching Fiery Darts by Jonathan Sykes

Before I go into the deep end of the pool in regards to this topic, let me give you a bit of insight into how it came to be. It was a Thursday afternoon. The sun was out. People were going to and from in downtown Chicago. I was enjoying my walk when all of a sudden it hit me! Seeing so many beautiful career women made me stop and ponder for a moment, , "Would I even have a chance at dating one of them, given my current circumstances?" That was a rhetorical question by the way, and with that being said, I'm known by many as a person who "keeps it real", especially with myself. As I continued to walk down the street, all types of thoughts bombarded my mind about an ideal independent, successful woman who in turn, struggled with her infatuation for a strong, tall, handsome business man, who was of course, well off. Crazy how these thoughts just randomly entered my mind, right? The things we think about sometimes can be so foreign to ourselves, that we can't help but wonder how these type of thoughts get there in the first place. Anyway, as these thoughts invaded my mind, I noticed that I was nowhere to be found in the picture. I wasn’t in the vision I was having, but was, in fact, on the outside looking in! Thank God! Besides I hate being a third wheel! In that moment, something happened internally. As I was walking, I felt my confidence diminishing. I must say that it was very subtle and unexpected. Normally, I wouldn't associate myself with this type of thinking because I know better. Regardless of where I am in life, I know the truth, and like Jesus said in the eighth chapter of John, "The truth shall set you free!" This brings me to a most shocking truth. Did you know that the human mind registers about a billion thoughts per day, probably more? Taking it a step further,

did you know that a good percentage of these thoughts are not your very own (I know, but stay with me)? Let us take time to digest this for a moment... The thought-process, in general, is something that many of us hardly take time to think about. In fact, whether we're conscious of it or not, it is forever proactive, going about like a stream of water, with unbelievable momentum. Which brings me to another question: When was the last time you actually stopped to think about what you were thinking about? For the sake of argument, I am a Christian man with strong convictions who believe in both God and the devil. In fact, they are more real than anything we can perceive with our natural senses. Why am I telling you this? Well, the King James bible speaks of "born again" believers having the ability to quench all of the fiery darts of the enemy by way of faith. The enemy, in this case, is of course satan. And the fiery darts could be any or all of his tactics, (including suggestions or thoughts), that could ultimately hinder our progression in life. Perhaps for some of you, this may come across as sheer nonsense. But, truth be told, the devil would absolutely love it if you and I didn't believe he exists, and was indeed the cause of a lot of chaos in our lives. Now there are mishaps in life that we bring on ourselves, due to wrong decisions and the like. However, there are things that happen in life that are so beyond us that we can't even begin to figure out how it all started, especially if you don't have discernment. Getting back to the initial situation at hand. Those thoughts that came into my mind about being insignificant in comparison to all the beautiful, successful career women I saw while out and about, are all lies, types of fiery darts in the form of thoughts I didn't initially think! The reason for these dart attacks? Simple: I am a child of God! I have purpose, and I already possess the victory in every aspect of life (i.e. finances, relationships, health, etc.) through Christ Jesus. It doesn't matter how your natural circumstances look for the

time being, because if you're a born again child of God that's

being diligent, and trusting in the Lord for deliverance circumstances are subject to change for the better. Amen. That is definitely something to be joyful about. Then again, we must guard our thought-life, especially if we know who we are and whose we are. If you are aware of your purpose, BEWARE! The devil will stir up all types of circumstances in your life in order to prevent you from fulfilling your God-given destiny. As Jesus said in Luke, “Believe only!� I want to encourage you all to stay watchful, prayerful, and continue going forth in destiny. Until next time, God bless. Jonathan

CVS/pharmacy hopes to make a pharmacy career more accessible to young people. Pharmacists have an extraordinary impact on the communities they serve. The health of thousands of patients depends on the personal commitment and professional development of the pharmacist. Many of today’s youth are the pharmacists of tomorrow, and CVS/pharmacy is taking a proactive step to help educate the next generation of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. CVS/pharmacy has pledged to introduce inner-city and rural youths to careers in pharmacy through Pathways to Pharmacy. The program, in partnership with America’s Promise, works with the University of Illinois and Chicago College of Pharmacy to provide high school students an internship at CVS/pharmacy. CVS/pharmacy is pleased to provide youth job opportunities to students from Chicago public schools. We salute our Pathways to Pharmacy students for their efforts to achieve and make a difference in their communities.

Extraordinary people are what we want. Extraordinary careers are what you’ll get at CVS/pharmacy.

To learn more, visit us at CVS/pharmacy is an equal opportunity employer supporting a drug-free work environment.


MISS BLING, The Bling Diva & Queen of Bling Radio has had a vision since 2006 to do a baby contest. When it comes to children, I have a soft spot, noble heart and thus, always wanted to include them into my company Miss Bling’s World, in some way or another. I have teamed up with Parents of Color Magazine and was given my own column to write, titled “Blingy Babies, Blingy Kids.” Monthly, Miss Bling will have tips on parenting, and Blingsclusive information that parents can use for their children both now and in the future. There will also be different picture contests with blingsclusive categories to change every month! There will be a Blingsclusive photo shoot done with babies featured in her Blingy line she created for newborns & toddlers called Konfident Blingy BABY Wear! Following the magazine’s initial feature, Blingy Babies, Bling Kids will be heavily promoted and featured on,, as well as other sites affiliated with Miss Bling’s World!

The categories for this month contests are:       

Hello World (specifically for newborns) please include the date of birth, weight and name of babies Most Konfident Smile Kutest Eyes I BLINGY LUV My . . . (i.e., Mom, Dad, Sister, Cousin, should appear in the picture with the baby) Koolest baby (A picture with sunglasses on) Sleepy time (Most unique picture of the baby sleeping) Blingy Random picture (This is the cutest picture you have ever seen of a baby regardless of category! Send it! )

This applies to newborns and toddlers. Different categories will be posted each month. Submission Info & Requirments 1. You are allowed to send only one picture per category. Miss Bling and the Bling Team will select the winners and notify you with the date of the Blingsclusive photo shoot and magazine feature! 2. Parents’ contact name and number/Name of the child/age on MUST appear with all submitted pictures 3. Be sure to enter the category in the subject line 4. Email to Good Luck & Blingy LUV!

Miss Bling

15 Week Dance Sessions For $98.00 Fall Children-Adults Dance/Kindermusik Classes Start 8/23/2010 Through 12/18/2010 15 Week Sessions Registration Dates 7/27/2010 - 9/10/2010 No Registration Fee

Shaunda Ogletree, Dance Instructor Call Studio For More Details At 708-948-7706 1007 Madison Street, Oak Park, IL 60302 Miss Shaunda Ogletree

Music. Family. Unity. There’s a little Bud Billiken in all of us. BET Networks salutes

The 81st Annual Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic and

The Chicago Defender Charities, Inc. and congratulate the 2010 Bud Billiken Scholarship and Community Awards recipients

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Tips for Pampering your Natural Hair By Nyesha Samuel

Natural butters are not only good for nurturing your skin, but condition your hair like nothing else! Shea butter is makes hair smooth and luxurious, and will help your hair maintain a smooth and hydrated look. These are non-guilty pleasures, such as you might experience when you get a massage, a pedicure or a manicure. Shea Butter Body When you think about creamy hair butters, one of the first types that comes to your mind will be Shea butter. Some creams will all rehydrate your hair to some degree, but Shea butter is one of the most lavish ways to keep your hair healthy. Shea butter helps to rehydrate your hair, and it forms a protective coating that aids in preventing loss of moisture in the winter months or in dry climates. When you add Shea butter to other ingredients that nourish your hair, they will help keep it radiant and healthy. Hair butters are luxuriously hydrating, due to the nut and seed oils that form the basis of the blends. The oils in Shea butter creams are made by pressing the kernels or seeds of the nuts from which they are derived, and cooking the mixture that remains until the oils and fat are released. Clarifying Shampoo You probably have days when it seems that your hair is heavy and in a mood to misbehave. African American hair may react to exposure to pool chemicals and other outside influences, and it will be harder to comb. That's how you will know it's time to use a good clarifying shampoo. Your hair develops a build-up of many different kinds of hair care products. Gels, mousses and hair spray, as well as mineral and hard water deposits can cause a build-up on your hair over a period of time. Even some conditioners and shampoos can make your hair feel limp, greasy and dull. Using a clarifying shampoo can help get rid of those deposits, and will make your hair shinier, and give it a new star

As a rule of thumb, you can use clarifying shampoo once or twice a week, to help your hair rebound from everything you put it through. If you swim often, the chemicals in pool water will cause your hair to become dull and lifeless. Even if you only use small amounts of product in your hair, it can still need clarifying once a month or once every other month.

Rosemary Hair Oil You can create a lavish lavender and rosemary hair oil to treat your hair and bring back its lustrous look. Rosemary harbors antioxidants that will help to nourish and strengthen African American hair. Avoid buying products over the counter, because these may have synthetic ingredients rather than the natural ones that will help your hair recover from the rigors of work and play.

Here’s an Herbal Shampoo recipe that you can try at home:

The best way to purchase rosemary hair oil is in a bottle with tinted coloring, because excess light can cause a breakdown in the ingredients that could result in the oil losing its effectiveness. Lavender is sometimes blended with the rosemary oil, to make an essential oil mixture that will treat your hair gently and naturally.

Organic Herbal Clarifying Shampoo Recipe Two cups of distilled water 1 1/2 tsp. Soapwort root *30 drops of essential oil Decorative bottle Directions for Organic Herbal Shampoo Bring water to a boil Add soapwort root, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and cool for an hour. Add oil and stir thoroughly Bottle and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If you don't grow your own soapwort, you can find soapwort root (dried) online or at your neighborhood health food store. *You can use a number of different essential oils, either alone or in combination to create a signature fragrance. Lavender, rosemary, geranium, rose, and sandalwood are only a few.

Below is a great hair oil recipe you can make at home: *1/2 cup of dried rosemary leaves *1/2 cup olive oil Combine ingredients then heat up until warm. Strain. Coat the entire scalp and ends of hair with the oil mixture. Wrap hair in a plastic bag or shower cap. After that you can wrap a towel around the plastic bag or cap. Alternatively, you can sit under a hood dryer with just the plastic wrap and no towel. Either will aid the oil in penetrating your scalp and hair. Do either method for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash hair twice to remove the oil. Use the treatment twice a month or when your hair needs a deep conditioning. These 3 products are the perfect combination to keep your hair healthy and moisturized this season. Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs Nyesha Samuel, Master Loctician













It’s because of your support that the Black McDonald’s Operators Association can continue to embrace, empower and employ the communities we serve.

From L-R: Blanton Canady, Derrick Taylor, Keith Allen, Darrell Winbush, Doris Boulrece, Derrick Lott, Keith Pryor, Ron Lofton, Melvin Buckley, Phil Douglas, Yolanda Travis, Thomas Brown, Lance Jones, Esperanza McSween.

©2010 McDonald's

Starting from Scratch By Cathy Mulligan Upshire

Have you ever looked at the life you’ve lived and wished you could go back and live it all over again? Well I’m sure we’ve all had moments like that where we’ve taken a mental note of our current state of affairs and traced them back to a series of bad choices, blunders and mistakes; even playing out in our minds sometimes over and over again what we could have or should have done. Well that’s hindsight. Though hindsight is 20/20 it doesn’t do us much good, if any, because it’s after the fact. It’s easy to conclude we should have taken a left turn when the right turn we took landed us in the middle of nowhere or in a set of not so favorable circumstances. Living our lives in hindsight causes us to live a life of regret. However, a life of regret is no life at all. It’s much easier to drive a car when our focus is on what’s ahead as opposed to focusing on what’s in our review mirror. If we keep our focus on our rearview, we are bound to have or

cause an accident. How about looking ahead and instead of mulling over the mistakes of the past we use the insights we have gained as a road map or compass to live the life we would have had we known better. Have you ever heard the cliché “Starting from Scratch?” Gary Martin, creator of The Phrase Finder, noted that in the 18th century “scratch” was a crease scratched or etched into the ground. It served as a boundary line in the game of Cricket. It later came to be used as the name of any starting point for a race.1. Sometimes in life we just have to “Start from Scratch”. Why not make today your Starting Point. Remember, it’s never too late to start over. We may not be able to change the past or the way others interact with us because of our past but we can take what we have learned from the past and make the present a much brighter one. Down the road, when we look back over our lives, we will have no regrets going all the way back to “scratch”. The Apostle Paul who at one time was known as the persecutor of the brethren said, “…forgetting those things which are behind…and reaching for those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize…” Phil. 3:13,14 1

Gary Martin, The Phrase Finder.

The mission of Queen Liz Gospel Expression and Café is to help enhance the Kingdom of God through musical CDs, DVDs, bibles, literature and books that encourage, uplift and motivate Christian s to live their best lives on


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earth as children of the King .

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With Liz Lockhart of Queen Liz Gospel Expression & Café By Quinessa T. Solomon

Tell me about Queen Liz Gospel Expression & Café. We are an establishment that sells Christians products such as books, music, Bibles, robes, etc. as well as café items like tea and coffee. We also sell soft serve ice cream, nachos, and other snacks and candy. We are open Monday through Saturday from 7am-7pm. A lot of young people usually come in on their way to and from school. I also want to start serving breakfast. I know they would love that. Do you offer any services here or just sell products? We have Wi-Fi internet, copying services, notary services and we also deliver our products in bulk. We take custom orders and if we do not carry an item that you need, we will find it and order it for you. We also have a prayer room at the entrance. How excellent! A Prayer Room. That’s unique and different. Yes, anyone can come in and pray in private. You can sit, lay or kneel. We also serve communion. That’s great. How did you get started with Queen Liz Gospel Expression and Café? I have an entrepreneurial background. My late father, Dr. Arthur Lockhart, was always an entrepreneur. Growing up, we had a hardware business, grocery store, gas stations. He was always into real estate and I adopted that from him. This particular establishment was being sold. The previous owner asked me to come by and take a look. At first, it didn’t look like something that I would buy. But the spirit kept edging and my mother eventually said “I think it’s well.” From there’s I knew it was comfortable to move on and I did. What do you like most about having your own business? I like the opportunity to expand and grow. I enjoy helping people grow and I love inspiring and motivating others. What do you like least? The hours. Retail is 24/7. I keep my 13 year old son around in the store because I don’t want to be away so much. He is my business partner. What advice would you give to someone starting their own business? Acknowledge the Lord. Be ready to go at it alone-don’t expect that there will always be someone there to help and make sure you have a plan. What is next for you and the café? I am always working on expanding. I want this to be a place where people come to read the word of God in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, I want to offer training on how to use the products, i.e. how to read and understand the Bible. I also want to begin holding Spoken Word here. You can find Queen Liz at 6051 W. North Avenue in Oak Park, IL.

The Prayer Room

Offering an array of products

Gospel Books, Music and more

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"Greatness & Beauty in all shades" Interracial Family Network Mission

ASK KELLY…………………………….

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Shay Olivarria Motivational Speaker Financial Literacy Coach Make it Relevant We all want to master our money, but how do you learn how to do that? It’s not about get rich quick schemes or “getting over”. Shay will show students how to become financially independent by understanding 10 most important principles of money management and simple ways to practice them every day. Small changes make a big difference.

Make it Clear Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Shay turns dry information into a fun and dynamic presentation. Students will be excited to learn about: ∆ ∆ ∆ ∆

The Magic of Compound Interest Becoming a Millionaire on $5 a Day The 5 Most Important Parts of Your Credit Score 7 other vital tips!

Make it Fun Shay uses audience participation, visual aids, and dynamic energy to keep presentations fun, exciting, memorable and life changing!

Shay Olivarria | 15228-B Hawthorne Blvd. #352 | Lawndale, CA 90260 (323) 596-1843

Who is Shay Olivarria?

How Do I Book Shay?

Shay Olivarria is a motivational speaker, financial literacy coach, former foster care youth and author of 10 Things College Students Must Know About Money and Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook. As an ambassador for financial freedom, Shay travels all over the country to educate people on responsible financial decisions.

It’s really easy to schedule Shay to deliver a workshop on your college campus. Contact Shay directly by calling (323) 5961843 or by emailing her at All-inclusive speaking fees are listed below. One and a half hour speaking event

$1,500 Small group workshop


Performance Needs She has partnered with several community organizations including Independent Lens, San Diego State University’s African Student Union, Promise House, Los Angeles Urban League, Upward Bound, Orangewood Children’s Foundation, San Diego Urban League, and the Latino Student Business Association of the University of Southern California. For more information on Shay go to

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

It is a very unique quality and skill to have to be able to turn very dry and confusing material into very interesting and easy information that students can comprehend.” Vrisa Dominguez Program Director Volunteers of America Upward Bound–Boyle Heights

To deliver an engaging event, Shay will need: • A digital projector & screen • A wireless lapel microphone • A small table for props

Promote Your Event Shay knows that promotion is vital to any event. Once booked, Shay will provide a media kit with photos, posters, an introduction video, and email announcement templates. In addition, Shay is available for a radio interview either by phone or in the studio.

Questions? If you have questions, please contact Shay directly by calling (323) 5961843 or by emailing her at

Shay Olivarria | 15228-B Hawthorne Blvd. #352 | Lawndale, CA 90260 (323) 596-1843

Teachable Moments That Will Make Your Child a

By: shay Olivarria

Jean Thompson’s son went through a period of begging for toys when he was about seven or eight. Sound familiar? Many parents have been in that situation. Some of us give in, some of us become frustrated or embarrassed, Jean took the behavior as an opportunity for a teachable moment. Thompson says, “After talking with friends about his relentless begging, and talking to my husband about the importance of teaching him about the value of a dollar, we settled on a plan”. Thompson and her husband decided to give her son a job that he could do and that would bring the value of a dollar into perspective; using coupons for to save money when doing the weekly shopping. Whatever the boy saved using coupons was his to keep. “Once, I recall, he saved a grand sum of close to $5

and was so ecstatic he even had the supermarket checkout lady cheering for him”, says Thompson. Bringing children into the daily responsibilities of money management is a great way for kids to learn the skills that will set them on the path to being wealthy. The challenge is recognizing those teachable moments as just that, a moment in time that allows you to interact with your child in a way that will lead to learning.

Young Children (2 to 6 years) Younger children are just as able to learn about personal finance as anyone else. We’re learning from the moment we are born, and some would argue before, so every time you purchase something, swipe

your card, or mention the price of something it’s an opportunity to speak with your child about why you’re making the decisions that you’re making. ♦Teach children about

wants and needs We all understand that housing is a need and a pair of new sneakers is a want, maybe. What if your old sneakers are worn out? Though it seems like a clear distinction, it’s more muddy than we like to admit. Imagine how a young child might interpret your purchase of yet another sweater while you’re telling him that he can’t have another book? You’re not justifying your purchase, you’re explaining your methodology. Your son might not realize that your trip to Chicago means that everyone needs one more layer.

Aaron Joseph, 4, and Alicia, 2, are learning how to save, spend, and support charity using piggy banks.

Small changes make a big difference Buy more than 1 piggy bank Children need to learn to save, spend, and give to charity. Label each piggy bank clearly and help your child put money away in each bank every time they get some.

Give a small allowance for extra chores Children need to learn early that they earn money through working, not asking, crying or begging. Be clear about expectations and make sure kids follow through.

Be realistic about talking about money to your teenager. Use references that your child will recognize and put financial education strategies into terms that your child can relate to. Let them lead the conversation while you guide them.

Did You Know? Helping your child learn the skills needed to become wealthy isn’t complicated. Young people need to understand a few basic financial education strategies to become wealthy: ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Pay yourself first Create a spending plan Create Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals Always consider the return on your investments (ROI) Creating your own business is no more risky than having a job

If you can’t manage $100, then you can’t manage $1,000,000.

♦Bring children in on family finances

Young children really enjoy counting. Turn her addiction to reciting her numbers into an opportunity to help her understand your decisions to purchase items. Another great way to invite your child into a discussion about family finances is by using their request for a most-recentlycoveted-lovee by explaining the money available to purchase what you need and how much of it you’ll be spending. Say it enough and kids will start doing the math themselves, “I know Mommy, we only have $5 to spend on milk and we’re spending it all”. ♦Buy more than one

piggy bank. One of the first gifts you’ll get as a new parent is some kind of savings bank. While this is a great gift for a child, most people will only think to give you on per child. Buy a few more and turn every birthday into a teachable moment. Aaron Joseph and Alicia Williams have a piggy bank for every occasion: spending, saving, and charity.. Their mother, Omani Williams, shares, “We had them paint them their favorite colors and then when they get some money they put it on the piggy banks”. They are

learning to put money into each piggy bank when they get some. It’s important to recognize that it’s just as important to teach children how to spend money as it is to teach them how to save it and donate it to charity. Older children (7 to 12 years) ♦Teach children to work hard and earn what they buy

Every weekend pet photographer Lori Cheung worked in her Aunt and Uncle’s bait and tackle shop. “I worked long hours, “ says Cheung. She earned two silver dollars for her hard work every weekend when she was seven years old. As she grew, so did her pay. She eventually earned $20 per weekend. Cheung says, “The total amount in my account grew and I remember buying a new record player”. ♦Give an allowance based on extra chores

Tweens are known for wanting, well, everything they see. Their bevy of wants provides the perfect teachable moments to talk about cause and effect and giving them chores around the house to help them pay

for those wants is the cherry on top. Giving them an allowance based on extra work performed around the house is the perfect way to help them understand that what they do, or don’t do, has a direct effect on their wallets. Teens (13 to 19 years) ♦Be realistic

Of course you want your teenager to understand basic personal finance principles and put them to use, but you also have to be realistic. Choose your teachable moments wisely. Remember that teachable moments are all about helping your child to understand financial principles by guiding them through a process of selfreflection. No one exists in a bubble. If your child is into soccer or music, make your discussions revolve around things that interest them, not you. Bringing financial skills into the world they already inhabit will help

them understand how these things relate to their lives and give them ideas of how to incorporate them into their lives. ♦

Require teens to pay

In the “real world” you must pay for everything you want. Get teenagers ready for the world by requiring them to pay for their own entertainment and/or wants. The teachable moment comes in when your child needs money for a class ring or a new pair of jeans. Let them tell you what they should be required to pay for, and why. Last summer, Thompson’s son worked his first job, she says, “he saved his earnings to buy the treats he wanted”. Saving to buy what we want is one of the best skills we can teach our kids. Using teachable moments to change the mind state, of your kids is the best tool you have to help your child become a selfmade millionaire!

Shay Olivarria is a speaker and the author of 10 Things College Students Need to Know About Money and Money Matters: The Get It Done in 1 Minute Workbook. She speaks a schools, colleges, and community organizations around the country. Visit her at

Teachable Moments are …. An opportunity to help your child think through the information you’re giving them. Learning is always best when the child is able to come to the correct conclusions with only a small amount of guidance from you. A moment when your child is asking for something and you are able to explain in a calm manner why you’re choosing a particular spending, savings, or charitable strategy. An instance where you are thinking through a decision that your child can understand and you choose to share your thought process with your child. Another special time that you’ll have with your child.

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The Mommy Call By: Deborah Anthony

Every day we are given a new chance to start over, let today be that day! For More Information about Mommy Fast Track email:



Please welcome Quinessa T. Solomon as the Celebrity Journalist for Parents of Color magazine. Quinessa has worked as a journalist since 2002, doing mostly freelance work. Based in the Chicago area, the content of Quinessa’s work centers around entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle events. She has several published stories as a celebrity events journalist for Clubline Chicago Magazine where she wrote stories about celebrities including Jennifer Hudson, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx and Fantasia. Quinessa offers great versatility as a freelance journalist. She enjoys researching and writing about enterenter tainment. Other areas of interests for Quinessa are the status of today’s youth and everything fashion related. The development of her unique writwrit ing style is the result of a multitude of experiences connected to the arts and entertainment. Quinessa earned her BA in Sociology from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She thoroughly enjoys writing and servicing others. In 2010, Quinessa began the organization, The Kloset Kleaner Project, which is dedicated to helping people clean out their closets and clean up their lives by utilizing various tactics and services. Please join us in welcoming Quinessa to the Parents of Color magazine family.

The Essence of Entrepreneurship How to Gain by Way of Giving

By Dwayne Hirsch Among the greatest things that a person can achieve is the act of causing what is in his or her mind to be made manifest in physical form. The idea of a thing produces a flurry of mental activity, which for some can only be satisfied by the material creation of that object or concept. It is this notion that produces, creates and drives the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur takes this idea, this concept, this faint blur of reality in his mind, and then takes on the initiative and sacrifice necessary to bring it to reality. In this highly advanced world of science and structure, we have benefitted greatly by the ideas and efforts of those who brought forth their ideas and helped in some way to enhance the quality and ease of our lives. The direction of the roads that we travel in business is no different from those giants of business and industry, they all lead to success. They seem different because we take turns, detours, short-cuts and breaks, not knowing that we often lend ourselves to failure in the process. They are the same in that the vehicle that drives us on those roads is forged from the same sense of sacrifice and risk, determination and vision. The true entrepreneur must often be willing to forego the comforts and conveniences that are offered through jobs, careers and status-quo membership. We are all faced with tough decisions at the beginning of our journeys, because we have families, friends and people who may depend on us for provisions. This fact should cause us to look at what our endeavor is meant to accomplish. On one level you may be an entrepreneur in the most commonly known way, which is simply that you want to own your own business, control your own life, labor, and earnings. You are not working to change the world, but to simply be more comfortable in it. This degree of self-employment can consist of a home based business with few or no employees. It offers you an opportunity to earn while you spend time with family and have a sense of control over your life. This is an admirable position to take, yet still not easy. It’s not easy because you must learn the art of self-management and be able to resist the desire to just “do you”. It requires the sacrifice of selfdiscipline and you also have to work to ensure that the people around you understand you and support your efforts. Often times people in our lives do not take us seriously if we don’t work and function inside the common employment structure. This part of the struggle knocks many people out of the race before they pass any checkpoint toward success. We have to be loyal to our own ideas, and move beyond the limited thinking of other people. Simply put, being an entrepreneur will cause you to become a new person in many ways. The notion of change of personality and lifestyle is exciting to some and scary to others. Know your limits. On another level you may be aiming to start a company or business that requires an office, store or facility of some sort. It will require capital investment, business plans, employees and, of course, long hours. In this case, you’ll have to have extended vision and discipline. The stakes are higher here, the sacrifice is greater, and so is the reward and social impact. This is a position most often taken by the entrepreneur that has an intricate knowledge of, and perhaps even a previous career in the business of choice. He has left, (or been removed from), the comfort of his career in order to give himself the benefits that he has given to his previous employer for all those years. He also has to make similar sacrifices to those that his former bosses once made and he must work with the same passion and commitment, all without an immediate paycheck for his services.

In order to do this effectively, you have to communicate with your family and loved ones and make clear what your intentions are and work to achieve the agreement of your spouse or significant other before you dive into the pit. You will find that it is vital to your peace of mind and confidence to have the full support of your loved ones, however I must mention that your ability to succeed may be directly related to your knowledge and belief in “your own assignment” and you will have to be willing to separate yourself from negative -thinking people. Take the time to explain yourself and your vision first, but be prepared to move on your own belief, not the disbelief of others. Your commitment to this sense of “assignment” may be the difference in not only your success or failure, but the degrees and consequences of each. Ask yourself for a moment, “What is my assignment?” What is it that you are meant to do or to accomplish with your pursuit? Your assignment is an indicator of the definite purpose that you strive for. It’s the burning sense of need in your mind to do bigger and better things and it speaks directly to the specific nature of what you have to do. In “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill speaks consistently about the need for a definite purpose and how the knowledge and expression of that purpose is critical to success. The gravity and depth of this assignment will determine the extent to which you must commit your personal resources and energies to your goals. Some of us are in it to make some money, create a few jobs and live well, while others of us believe that our pursuits have larger implications for the world and society as a whole. If this is your belief of your assignment, could you possibly submit to detractors and disbelievers who have no stake in what you pursue nor have the courage to do it themselves? When you know your assignment and refuse to be deterred, this is where the lines of separation are drawn and you begin to achieve a higher level of self awareness and determination. Consider a few people who made our lives different in many ways through the things they gave to the world. Put aside views on personal life issues for a moment and just deal with the business side of it. J.D. Rockefeller, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ray Kroc, Dave Thomas, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bob Johnson, George Johnson. The list goes on and on. As an entrepreneur with proper knowledge of your assignment, you have to respect the ground on which you stand and know that you are no different from these men, maybe. I say maybe because the one tie that binds them all together is the unwavering commitment to what they were doing and a clear knowledge of their respective assignments. As it relates to intellect and ability, you are no different from them. The thing that most easily distinguishes us from each other is the energy that flows from us as a result of an outward expression of that focus that we all must have. Do you think that any of the men that I just mentioned allowed anyone to tell them that they could not succeed? Could they have been successful while seriously considering the doubts of other people? A look at their histories tells us that they were told no by many people, turned down for deals and some had their billion dollars ideas flat out rejected by people. The universe has a way of giving us back what we put out and many of our giants in business, civil rights, religion and education were aware of this fact, even if on an unconscious level. Some people never had to be taught to become a person made for a higher calling. They just walked the walk. We marvel at the millions and billions they made and the lifestyles of those rich and famous people, yet we don’t always look at what they gave up to give us the gifts of great products and services. What must you give up to bring your offering to the view of the world? The time comes for us all to make tough decisions and you will know what to do when your time comes. Know your purpose and take charge of the effort to achieve that goal and the greatest benefit that you seek will be yours. Is it riches and wealth? Is it a desire for legacy that drives you? Is it the common good, comfort at home or a combination of these things that drive you to be an entrepreneur? No matter what, you must know that in front of all that you seek lies all If you worked for someone 8-12 or more hours per day, you must be willing to give that to yourself. If you ever had to say no to someone you love because of your commitments to your job, then you have to be willing to do the same as an entrepreneur. We gain by giving the full extent of ourselves to what we intend to offer to the world. We gain by accepting and facing the risk involved. We gain by providing opportunity to others. We gain by giving all of what we have in order to achieve our purpose in life and we have fun and enjoy the challenges and rewards associated with this life we chose. :By

Dwayne Hirsch

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