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What is this project about? United for Tomorrow is an ecology and environment project, aimed at providing workshops and sessions for kindergarten kids, elementary and high school students with the goal of raising awareness about ecology and sustainable development among young people. The project divided in two parts - United for Tomorrow and United for Tomorrow junior, takes place in the educational institutions in Skopje. United for Tomorrow takes place in elemental and high schools, and United for Tomorrow – junior in kindergartens.

Job description Deliver workshops, training sessions, discussions and games for kindergarten children, elementary school and high school students around the issues of Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Climate Change, Social Responsibility, Recycling, Renewable Energy Sources, etc. Demonstrate creative ways of recycling, reusing and reducing paper packs, plastic bags, plastic bottles, tin cans, old clothes and other materials Organize environmental awareness campaigns, photo and video projects together with elementary and high-school students. Present ways of sustainable development and environment protection to elementary school, high-school students, and AIESEC members using informal and non-formal education methods. Educate students and AIESEC members on living “green” and acting sustainably at home, office and outside. Make presentations and organize informational events.

Work Information

Accommodation provided (flat for interns)

Issues Pollution ( Environment ) Climate change ( Environment ) Working Hours From 9:00 To 17:00 With a total of 30 hours per week Saturday work Alternate Payment Salary in US $0 Target Audience Children 0-6,Students 14-18 How will this GCDP experience be delivered? Project: multiple stakeholders

Organisational Preferences Internship Earliest Start Date 03.03.2014 (Preferred) Internship Latest Date 01.05.2014 (Preferred) Minimum Duration 6 Weeks (Required) Maximum Duration 8 Weeks (Required) Degree Undergraduate (Preferred)

Backgrounds Cultural Education

Introductory Cultural Education(Required)

Nature & Life Science

Environmental Protection(Preferred)

Social Sciences


Teaching & Language Education

Child (Youth) Education(Preferred)

Skills Computer

PC User Skills(Required) Internet User Skills(Required)

Professional Skills

Training/ Facilitating skills(Preferred) Presentation skills(Required)

Languages Excellent


11 TN forms raised for this project  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1616  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1617  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1618  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1619  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1620  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1621  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1622  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1623  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1624  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1625  TN-In-MK-SK-2013-1626

Contact e-mail:

Skype: Moni.angelovska

Booklet United For Tomorrow 2014  
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