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Panorama May 17, 2013

B R h I L d L e Z s I B d C P e C O e

M n O h U s B L Z R V h C O P V G Q s

L n O G P Z h I a O Z M h R R C Z U Y

e C Q F O I I G t R P I F U h t P B a

U O G V C e P a U G e B O F G C s I O

I O P U t C G R R C a U M h a M e a M

L O s V I V s F a M R Q G Z B C n I n

NASTRO dA IMBAllAGGIO / Packing tape PlASTICA A BOlle d’ARIA / Bubble pack SCATOlA / Box SPAZZATURA / Garbage SPedIRe / To send

+ + + + + + T + I + S + + R +

+ + + + + e + S + O + + + + G

Answer to last week’s puzzle

GRAZIe / Thank you MI SCUSI / excuse me PeR FAVORe / Please PeRMeSSO / Pardon me (used to get through a crowd) PeR PIACeRe / Please PIACeRe / It’s nice to meet you POSSO / May I PReGO / you’re welcome SAlVe / Hello SIGNORA / Ma’am SIGNORe / Sir SIGNORINA / Miss SPIACeNTe / I’m sorry VORReI / I would like

Buone maniere / Good manners

as exchange and commissary benefits. Participants also receive a small monthly stipend equal to 1/15th of their basic pay. Members may also choose a Navy-funded permanent change of station move to anywhere in the continental United States when entering the program. Upon returning to Active Duty, the CIPP participant's date of rank/service is adjusted day for day to account for their intermission, ensuring participants compete in promotion boards with people at the same experience level. Twenty officer applications and 20 enlisted applications are accepted for the program each year. Interested applicants must first submit an electronic package to Navy Office of Diversity and Inclusion (OPNAV N134) program manager for consideration. Packages are then reviewed for eligibility and routed to the member's detailer community managers before final approval by the Commander of Navy Personnel Command. All program participants will return to active duty at the end of the period prescribed and will incur a two-to-one service obligation for every month in the program. This obligation is in addition to any previously existing obligation. Time spent in the IRR will not count towards retirement, computation of total years of commissioned service, or high year tenure limitations. Sailors who are interested in learning more or applying to the Career Intermission Pilot Program can visit mil/bupers-npc/support/tflw/Pages/CIPP. aspx.

G M Z Q Z a B n a d R a G a U h I F R

+ + + + + + + N + G + S A + +

Career Intermission Pilot Program Revisions 

L F s d B n L C P n I G V d P Q G Y O

+ + I e R R O V e + N Z O I +

B e h M C B e Z s M V Z M L I Q M C Z

A N I R O N G I S C I O S P +

F M I n h G O t B P d G Z Q t L P O G

+ + + + + + P + P e A U R + +

n t Z C Y V s a t d e C G L h R O U G

+ + O + + + e e + + C I + A +

L P F V G C L a M a R d O U G t G a R

+ + G + + + R + S S + O P + +

R t L R a L F h t Z e Y I M Z d O s F

+ + e + + F P + I + + S + S +

Z a n t a d Y Z h R V t B R Q h d F O

+ + R + A + I M G + + S + + +

U C O G n G O Y Q U a I a B e R I s Q

+ + P V e + A + N + + e + + +

h L G a L P n O I M a C e F M t B Y s

+ + O V + + C + O + + M + + +

Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Alexander Fraser is an analyst, assistant intelligence watch officer and assistant information assurance manager for U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/ U.S. 6th Fleet. In addition to his primary duties, Fraser is also his directorate's Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) representative. He has been with the command for 25 months and recently received his enlisted information dominance warfare specialist qualification. His goal is to advance to 2nd class petty officer in 2013.

New guidance for the Career Intermission Pilot Program (CIPP), released with the update of OPNAVINST 1330.2B, includes a provision that now permits Full Time Support (FTS) personnel to apply for CIPP. Announced in NAVADMIN 125/13, the revised instruction authorizes FTS personnel the option to participate in CIPP, which was previously closed to all Navy Reserve Sailors. "These changes were in direct response to feedback we received from the fleet," said Vice Admiral Scott Van Buskirk, Chief of Naval Personnel. "CIPP allows us to meet the short-term needs of our Sailors, while ensuring they stay Navy for the long term. These important changes will now allow us take that mission further, providing more Sailors the opportunity to utilize this valuable program." The revised instruction also authorizes up to 60 days of accrued unused leave to be carried over through a CIPP participant's intermission. It also clarifies authorization for disability processing, allowing participants that are critically injured or ill to be treated under the same provisions as a member serving on active duty. CIPP presents a unique opportunity for Sailors to take a career intermission from the Navy, without penalty, and return to active duty to complete a successful Navy career. During their time in CIPP, participants retain their full medical and dental benefits for themselves and their dependents, as well

a I R a d e L L O B a a C I t s a L P

CAMION / Truck CARTA / Paper dISFARe / To unpack FATe ATTeNZIONe / Be careful! FRAGIle / Fragile IMBAllARe / To pack


By Ensign Amber Lynn Daniel, Diversity and Inclusion Public Affairs

O C C d Q L a s d I s F a R e O C s Y

+ R l + + + e + R + + R + + +

CAPT. JOSE VICENS Since his arrival in October 2011, Capt. Jose Vicens has set the standard for compassionate care and expertise in the busy and highly demanding specialty of obstetric and gynecological care. His expertise in both conventional and laparoscopic surgery, along with his academic credentials, have served him well in his role as educator and mentor to medical and surgical students and residents at such institutions as the University of Puerto Rico, Jacksonville Naval Hospital and the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. He has served as a clinical instructor, director of Women’s Health, Multi-Specialty Team Leader and a Department Chairman for various programs. He is an avid golfer and reader. Vicens and his wife Maria have wasted little time in exploring Europe and have traveled throughout Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. The secret to his success? Vicens quotes Albert Einstein: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."

Practice your vocabulary. Find the Italian words.

e A + + + + R + e + + e + + +

In the Spotlight

Trasferire / To move

S + P I A C e R e + + P + + +


Obtaining your Sojourner Permit Italian law requires all foreign personnel working or living within Italy, other than an active-duty member under military orders, to obtain a Sojourner Permit within eight days of arrival in Italy. This is different from a visa, which is merely an approval for entry into the country. All applicants over 14 years of age must apply in person, as each person's signature is required at the time of application. NATIONALS OF ANY STATE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY COMING TO ITALY DO NOT REQUIRE ANY VISA OR SOJOURNER PERMIT. As part of the Area Orientation process, the U.S. Region Legal Service Office (RLSO EURAFSWA) assists in the preparation and oversees the acquisition of the Sojourner Permit for all personnel attached to U.S. Navy commands in the Naples area. Army and Air Force personnel stationed at JFC must apply through the Carabiniere at the JFC Provost Marshall's Office, Building L. Contact Connie Henderson, RLSO EURAFSWA liaison advisor, at 081-5684639 for more information.

In the event of an emergency or to report a crime, please call the Emergency Dispatch Center at 081-568-4911 or 5911.

Panorama May 17, 2013  

Panorama is a weekly newspaper that serves the NATO, Naples and Gaeta military community in Naples, Italy.

Panorama May 17, 2013  

Panorama is a weekly newspaper that serves the NATO, Naples and Gaeta military community in Naples, Italy.