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PO BOX 19818 5112 Graneros Rd. Colorado City, CO 81019-0818 (719) 676-2700 fax (719) 676-2710

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PlasmaCAM’s new Model DHC plasma cutting machine conveniently holds a hand-held plasma torch and plugs into your personal computer. This powerful and accurate system is remarkbly versatile, easy to use and affordable. The included software, designed by PlasmaCAMŽ specifically for plasma cutting, is the most valuable part of the system. You can quickly create impressive designs, easily importing and reproducing almost any shape from scanned images, computer fonts, and common drawing programs.

Call plasmaCAM today to request our exciting, in-depth demonstration video and see what your shop is missing!

Our demo video shows many artistic and geometric items being cut, including this art scene, Giving Thanks, cut in one 10 foot long piece.

“I designed and cut this bench from an actual butterfly photo. My machine paid for itself in 3 months making products like these.”

KEN, KEN’S CUSTOM LANDSCAPING landscape design and architecture

``We make automated plasma cutting easy’’

PlasmaCAM® OWNERS INCLUDE: U.S. Navy (on board ship) and all other branches of U.S. Armed Forces, Toyota Motor Mfg., Boeing (Cape Canaveral), Caterpillar, General Motors, UCLA, Hollywood Set Makers, and thousands of other institutions, schools and businesses.

PO Box 19818 5112 Graneros Rd. Colorado City, CO 81019-0818 (719) 676-2700

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage

PAID Permit No. 5377 Denver CO

Powerful machine makes heavy production easy

Get the Demo Video & watch the machine in action!

The machine plasma cut these perfect bucket ears from 1’’ thick steel


Metal cutting


Metal cutting