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Some of the art shown on this catalogue contains frontal male and female nudity. Although these works are fine art, some people may find such imagery offensive. If you are one of these people, do not enter this CATALOGUE. Do not click on the button right unless you wish to view fine art which may contain frontal male or female nudity.

'Fiddler'-2002,oil on canvas,SOLD

'Blue women'-2004,mix media on canvas/board,76x50cm-ÂŁ550

'Matador'-2005,oil on canvas,SOLD

'Reflection'-2005,oil on canvas, SOLD

'The scupture men'-2004,mix media on canvas, SOLD

'On the bed'-2005,oil on canvas, SOLD

'Lovers'-2004,oil on canvas, SOLD

'Chris Aliss'-2006,oil on canvas, SOLD

6.8.48 “Double-Bass (Wink)”,oil on canvas,2006, 71x46 cm SOLD

06-09-75 “Batmen 2”,oil on canvas,2006,100x80cmSOLD

06-10-81 “Heonseok modelling”, pastel on colouring paper,2006,46x50cm SOLD

“Sunny Boy”,2006,oil on canvas,50x40cm, SOLD

07-01-124 “Caprice”,2007-01-16,oil on canvas,28”x22” SOLD

07-02-143 “Bat”,2007-02-06,oil on canvas,24”x24”PC

07-01-130 “You next…”,2007,oil on canvas,26”x15”,66x38cm SOLD

07-01-131 “Casanova”,2007,oil on canvas,26”x24” SOLD

07-01-134 “Romantic (Jose modelling)”,2007,oil on canvas,24”X24” SOLD

07-01-137 “Harlequin (Self-portrait)”,2007,oil on canvas ,26”x15” SOLD

7.2.149 “Carmen as a Clown”,2007,pastel on paper,10.5”x10.5” PC

AP0801-336“Sweet Dreams”,2008,oil on canvas,32”x36” SOLD

BN0801-319 “Moulin Rouge Girl”, 2008, oil on canvas, 76x61cm(30”x24”) SOLD

BN0801-329 “Matador 2”,2008,oil on canvas,30”x24” £1000

BN0802-356 “Enigmatic Boy”,2008,oil on canvas, 50x40cm POA

N0803-357 “Waiting”-2008,oil on canvas,20x24” SOLD

BN0806-418 “The Night after Carnival”,2008,oil/acrylic on canvas,76x91cm,30x36” SOLD

BN0806-424 “The Glance”,2008,oil on canvas,71x91cm,28x36” PC

BN0806-425 “Sleeping Mime”,2008,oil on linen,20x26”,51x66cm SOLD

BN0804-377 “Mister Mask”,2008,oil on canvas,22x26” SOLD

NB0910-613 “Pure Summer Moments.Butterfly.Model Valentine”,oil on linnen,40x50cm,16x20”approx. SOLD

NB0909-610 “The Young Football Player” (Model Nikolay),oil on canvas,51x51cm,20x20” SOLD

NB0909-607 “Sistine Guards”,oil on linen,70x50cm,27.5x20” SOLD

NB0905-563 “My Friend Chris”,oil on canvas,61x51cm,24x20” PC

NB0902-520 “Maxim” ,oil on canvas,61x56cm,24x22” POA

NB0902-512 “Portrait of Kevin”,oil on canvas,60x60cm PC

NB0901-503 “Misha”,oil on canvas,50x40cm,20x16” SOLD

NB0901-500 “Alex`s portrait”,oil on canvas,60x60cm,24x24” SOLD

NB1001-649 "The Red Short",oil on canvas,59x42cm,23.5x16.5" POA

NB1003-684 "In the Colour",oil on canvas,70x70cm, 28x28"approx POA

NB1003-685 "Inna modelling"-oil on canvas,100x80cm POA

NB1005-699 "Glance #2",oil on hessien,92x122cm,36x48" POA

MP1010-778 "Self portrait 5",mix media on paper NFS

NB1111-864 "Portrait of young man",oil on canvas,90x100cm POA

NB1112-867 "Sam",mix media on canvas,80x80cm POA

NB1112-868 "Actor Jake Gyllenhaal portrait",mix media on canvas,80x80cm POA

NB1112-869 "Tom",mix media on canvas,80x80cm POA

NB1112-870 "The White House Guard",mix media on canvas,51x41cm,20x18" POA

NP1111-862 "Olga's Portrait",oil on linen,67.5x68.5cm,27x27"approx. SOLD

NP1112-881 "Ilia`s family portrait",oil on canvas,122x82cm SOLD

NB1201-887 "Thomas Portrait",oil on canvas,50x40cm,20x16" POA

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