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IN NEOROMANTISISM Gena Ivanov lives in Norfolk where the big sky's resplendent transitional hours of dusk to dawn are a constant source of inspiration. Profoundly touched by these naturalistic wonders, he transfers his impressions on the canvas not in a direct and realistic illustration of the vistas that inspire him, but instead, allows the impact of the scene to filter through his mind. He states that "whatever happens on the canvas is not a direct reflection of reality but an emotive expression of captured time and inner space�.

AA1306-1234 'Spring Lilac'-oil on canvas,101x76cm,40x30"

AA1306-1245 'Poppies',oil on hesian,76x88cm

AA1307-1259 'Irises'-oil on canvas, 80x80cm

NB1304-1228 'Apple Girl'-oil on canvas,103x93cm

NB1304-1231 'The Red scarf, Parisian II'-oil on canvas,90x70cm

NB1304-1226 'Girl with a flower'-oil on canvas

NB1305-1232 'The Spring'-oil on canvas,120x40cm

NB1306-1242 'The Moulin Rouge Girl'-oil on canvas,150x109cm

NB1304-1219 'Carmen'-oil on canvas,59x59cm

BH1301-1178 'Portrait of Oleg Dashkovskiy, Study'-oil on canvas

Nb1307-1248 'Parisian Girl'-small-oil on canvas,50x40cm

TA1306-1237 'Landscape I'-oil on canvas,102x93cm

TS1309-1293 'Mystery landscape 11'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

TS1309-1295 'Mystery landscape 13'-oil on canvas,50x40cm

TS1309-1307 'Mystery landscape 25,'-oil on canvas,84x84cm

TS1309-1304 'Mystery landscape 22,'-oil on canvas,84x84cm

TS1309-1306 'Mystery landscape 24,'-oil on canvas, 80x105cm

TS1309-1312 'Mystery landscape 27,'-oil on canvas,66x120cm

TS1309-1308 'Mystery landscape 26,'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

TS1309-1313 'Mystery landscape 28,'-oil on canvas, 60x80cm

TS1309-1314 'Mystery landscape 29,'-oil on canvas,60x80cm

TS1309-1315 'Mistery landscape 30,'-oil on canvas,60x80cm

TS1309-1317 'Mystery landscape 32,'-oil on canvas, 100x50cm

TS1310-1337 'Mystery Landscape 46'-oil on canvas,120x40cm

TS1210-1338 Mystery Landscape 48-oil on canvas,100x50cm

TS1210-1339 Mystery Landscape 49-oil on canvas, 100x50cm

TSS1309-1321 'Mystery landscape,small 35,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1320 'Mystery landscape,small 34,'-oil on canvas,38x20cm

TSS1309-1331 'Mystery landscape,small 45,'-oil on canvas,38x20cm

TSS1309-1321 'Mystery landscape,small 35,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1322 'Mystery landscape,small 36,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1324 'Mystery landscape,small 38,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1325 'Mystery landscape,small 39,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1327 'Mystery landscape,small 41,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1328 'Mystery landscape,small 42,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1329 'Mystery landscape,small 43,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

TSS1309-1330 'Mystery landscape,small 44,'-oil on canvas,20x20cm

BN1302-1188 'A Monk after the fight'-oil on canvas,100x50ム[

TS1309-1302 'Mystery landscape 20, Autumn Fantasies '-oil on canvas,80x80cm

Gena Ivanov He refined compositions are formed with simple colour fields which often resemble the merging of mists and clouds in the heavens while his more pristine rectangular shapes and lines define, what he calls, his changing horizons. The glowing reds, whites and oranges of his brighter paintings contrast with the sombre colours used in his darker works. These delve into the innermost recesses of the human mind where unconscious voids and distant memories are amalgamated with collective legacies and layers of subjective emotionality. Through the lyrical tension in his paintings and the power of his colours and tonal reverberations he is able to touch and stir the deeper psychological chords of the soul. The combination of letters and brush strokes, that sometimes appear in Gena Ivanov's paintings, have an intriguing mechanism that urges the viewer to try and unravel the mysterious language, decode the message or read the poem. Whatever their meaning, the words and letters seem to burst onto the canvas with speed and decision as does graffiti on a forbidden wall. Yet on some works the flowing letters are faint and hardly visible as through they are trying to hide an ancient secret or to record a fading memory. His works abound with controlled energy while exploring the eternal quest of "chiaroscuro" both in art and in life. With great intelligence and sensitivity, he creates a spatiality that is both varied and linear, almost schematic, that leads ultimately to the creation of his own poetic universe.

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