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NW1209-1063 'In my bed. Portrait of Amy'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

NW1209-1046 'Bliss IV'-oil on canvas,50x100cm

NW1209-1064 'Glamour,Model Olesiay'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

NB1207-971"By the window"-oil pastel on paper/canvas,119x95cm

NW1210-95 'Caprice'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

AA1207-978 '3 Pears'-oil on canvas,40x50cm

NW1210-96 'Moulin-Rouge Girl'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

AA1207-979 '3 Cherries'-oil on canvas,70x50cm

NW1210-98 'Reflection'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

AA1207-981 '4 Pears'-oil on canvas,50x76cm

NW1209-1062 'Red shoes'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

AA1209-1061 'Cherries collection' -mix media on canvas,40x120cm

NB1210-97 'Red Shirt'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

AA1209-1024 'Morning Still Life'-oil pastels,40x120cm

NW1209-1037 'Sunny garden'-oil on canvas,40x100cm

AA1209-1049 'Cherries collection II'-oil on canvas,30x41cm

NW1209-1044 'Bliss II'-oil on canvas,50X100cm

AA1209-1050 'Two pears'-oil on canvas,24x30cm

NW1209-1045 'Bliss III'-oil on canvas,40x120cm

AA1209-1052 'Two tomatoes'-oil on canvas,24x30cm