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New paintings catalogue 'FAVORITES' by artist GENA IVANOV

January-November 2012 • Norwich Studio Art Gallery • Outpost Studios • All Rights Reserved

AA1209-1061 'Cherries collection' -mix media on canvas,40x120cm

AA1209-1024 'Morning Still Life'-oil pastels,40x120cm

AA1208-1001 'Still-life with a bottles III'-oil pastels on canvas,100x50cm AA1208-1000 'Still-life with a bottles II'-oil pastels on canvas,100x50cm

ED1209-1058 'Edinburgh, Royal Mile'-mix media on canvas,58x27cm

ED1210-73 'Edinburgh windows. View to Princes Road'-mix media on canvas, 53x24cm

ED1210-116 'Edinburgh. On George Street'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

FF1202-892 "Spring tulips",oil on canvas,50x60cm

AA1207-979 '3 Cherries'-oil on canvas,70x50cm

AA1207-981 '4 Pears'-oil on canvas,50x76cm

FF1207-972 "Cherries"-oil,photo on canvas,50x70cm

AA1207-978 '3 Pears'-oil on canvas,40x50cm

FF1202-893 "The London Art Fair Daffodils"-oil on canvas,107x108cm,42x42"approx.

LC1204-915 "City Life 1"-mix media on canvas,71x63cm

NB1203-910 "Escape"-oil on canvas,81x91cm,32x36"

NB1205-943 'Venetian Dreams'-collage,oil on canvas,47x47cm,18x18"

NB1207-971"By the window"-oil pastel on paper/canvas,119x95cm

NW1209-1063 'In my bed. Portrait of Amy'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

NC1201-885 "Summer rain in Norwich",oil on linen,53x53cm,21x21"

NB1207-975 'Jungle dreams'-oil pastel on paper/canvas,80x80cm

NF1204-934 "The Long Distance"-mix media on canvas,84x84cm,33x33"

NF1208-992 'Tides in III, Aldeburgh, Suffolk'-oil on canvas,60x60cm

NF1208-997 'Tides in VI'-oil on canvas,46x61cm (Between the Highland and Lowland.Long Distance walk. Sunset above the still water of Loch Achray)

NW1209-1064 'Glamour, Model Olesia'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

NB1208-988 'At the Fireplace'-oil bars,oil pastel,oil on paper/linen

NC1201-886 "Norwich Sunset",oil on linen,50x40cm,20x16"

NW1210-98 'Reflection'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

NW1209-1062 'Red shoes'-oil on canvas,80x80cm

NBP1207-980 'Thomas Study I'-pastel on paper,50x40cm

SR1208-983 'Saint Remy De Provence,Study II'-pastel on paper,50x40cm

TI1209-1033 'Tides in 28'-oil on canvas,41x30cm

TI1210-74 'Tide`s in 37-The tranquil Landscape at Gruden Bay. Near Aberdeen '-oil on canvas, 40x50cm

TI1209-1047 'Sailing boats moored at Tarbert Harbor, Kintyre'-oil on canvas,51x61cm

TI1210-94 'Scotland,Loch Lomond, Winter'-oil on canvas,70x50cm

TI1210-1067 'Tide's in 35'-oil on canvas,61x51cm(Above the clouds in Knoydart. Looking to the Guillin Hills on Skye)

TI1210-1068 'Tide's in 36 (Autumn.A tranquil evening view of Ullapool and Loch Broon.Scotland)'-oil on canvas,40x50cm

TI1210-103 'Tides in 51'-oil on canvas,16x31cm

New Catalogue 'Favorites'paintings by Gena Ivanov-2012