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Volume 11, Number 262

Naval Support Activity Bahrain

June 11, 2014

NSA Bahrain Commemorates the Battle of Midway By MC1 (SW) Steve Smith Staff Writer

Photo by MC1 (SW) Steve Smith

Service members participate in a ceremony commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the Battle of Midway aboard mine countermeasures ship USS Dextrous (MCM 13) stationed at Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain.

MWR Bahrain Earns 5-Star Rating

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain held a ceremony aboard the mine countermeasures ship USS Dextrous (MCM 13) to honor one of the most monumental battles fought in U.S. Naval history, the Battle of Midway, June 4, 2014. Sailors gathered to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of what is considered to be the most decisive battle of the War in the Pacific, taking place June, 4 to June 7, 1942. “The courage and strength of the U.S. armed forces and those who lost their lives during the Battle of Midway will always be remembered,” said Capt. David J. Meron, commanding officer of NSA Bahrain. “This ceremony is our way of showing respect to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the battle. It is also a day to celebrate the grand victory that dramatically changed the shape and course of the war, shifting the balance of power from Japan to the United States. For their sacrifices we will be forever grateful.”

The observance resonated with attendees, whose thoughts and prayers were with the more than 300 service members who lost their lives during the battle, along with USS Yorktown (CV-10), USS Hamann (DD-412) and 145 aircraft that were also lost. “Today’s ceremony gave us the time to reflect on the sacrifices of brave Sailors who gave so much so that we can have the American dream,” said Lt. Cmdr. Micah Sybor, commanding officer of Crew Fearless of Dextrous. “It gave us time away from our daily struggle to remember that the daily struggle is what enabled the success of Midway.” Sybor also talked about lessons learned from those who stood their ground in the Battle of Midway. “The sacrifices made by the Sailors at the Battle of Midway should remind us that we must stand ever vigilant and be prepared to execute our mission at any moment,” said Sybor. “We must be ready today for anything that could happen tomorrow. Crew Fearless was honored to take part in the memorial service and honors those who have served and sacrificed before us.”

By MC1 (SW) Steve Smith Staff Writer


NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) awarded Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) department with the CNIC Five-Star Award Accreditation, May 29. Five-star accreditation is the highest award an MWR program can receive from the CNIC MWR Accreditation Program and is judged on performance of Navy MWR Program Standards, Non-appropriated Funds (NAF) Financial Management, Personnel Management, and customer satisfaction. “This is the most distinguished level of accreditation a program can receive,” said Mark Richards, director of MWR Bahrain. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team at MWR Bahrain. I would like to thank the service members and families of NSA Bahrain for providing feedback during the survey process, our MWR staff who diligently to provide quality programs and services, and our volunteers who help make our programs within MWR possible.” In addition to evaluating the management of MWR programs, a large part of the judging comes directly from customer experiences and comments. MWR Bahrain provided 2,000 surveys, which were divided among the various programs based on the number of

customers each program receives. This data was compiled for the CNIC evaluation process. “Our MWR Bahrain staff, programs and facilities are among the best in Navy,” said Capt. David J. Meron, commanding officer of NSA Bahrain. “I’m honored to have such a dedicated, hard-working team taking care of our Sailors and families while they are forward deployed away from home in this highly operation environment.” NSA Bahrain is one of only two bases in the Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia (EURAFSWA) region that were awarded five-star accreditation.






RAMADAN 2014, P. 5


The Bahrain Desert Times

June 11, 2014

15 Nations Participate in DANCON March Story and photos by MC1 (SW) Steve Smith Staff Writer

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — A member of the Royal Danish Navy, assigned to Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), coordinated a 25K march, known as the Danish Contingent (DANCON) March, open to all personnel onboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, May 28. The Danish Army created the first DANCON March while deployed in Cyprus in 1972. The event was used to the test the soldiers’ physical fitness. Since then, one tradition of the DANCON March has been to invite all military personnel to participate. “It’s one thing to test the physical skills of our military personnel, but having more than 200 members from 15 different nations participating in a “military social event” outside of their comfort zone, cuts down barriers and builds relations,” said Royal Danish Navy Cmdr. Tommy Pedersen, DANCON coordinator. “It’s the relations that keep us strong and combined in our efforts.” The rules of the DANCON March require service members to participate in uniform, including boots, and carry a pack weighing approximately 22 pounds. “This type of event allows us to create a spirit of cohesion and sharing,” said

French Navy Chief Petty Officer Mickael Gasc, DANCON first place winner. “The beginning of the event wasn`t easy and many service members thought they couldn`t finish. However, in this exercise, you work together and motivate each other. This was a good for mental exercise and you can prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything.” The march began after 5:30 p.m., as the sun was beginning to set and lasted three and half hours. The average temperature was approximately 90F for most of the 10-lap course around the entire perimeter of NSA I. “Sporting events and other types of challenges and competitions, mental and physical, are essential to building good teams and a necessity when deployed away from home for long periods of time,” said Lt. Cmdr. Theresa Bly, DANCON second place winner. “Having something to train for and goals to achieve outside of your everyday job helps to keep things in perspective and is a great mental break and way to relieve stress.” This event also provided family members and civilians with the opportunity to participate in a DANCON March “Light”, which was a distance of 5K during the first two laps.

Cmdr. Theresa Bly, assigned to Commander Task Force (CTF) 51, finished in second place during the Danish Contingent (DANCON) March abaord NSA Bahrain.

439-4520 Commanding Officer Naval Support Activity Bahrain Capt. David Meron NSA Bahrain Executive Officer Cmdr. Leif Hammersmark Public Affairs Officer Jennifer L. Stride Staff Photojournalist MC1 (SW) Steven Smith MC2 Derric Cushman

The Bahrain Desert Times is an authorized publication primarily for members of the Navy and Marine Corps military services in Bahrain. Its contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps and do not imply endorsement thereof. All editorial content is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the staff of the NSA, Bahrain, Public Affairs Officer. The appearance of advertising in this newspaper, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the DoD, the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps and Commanding Officer Naval Support Activity Bahrain of the products and services advertised. Everything advertised in this newspaper shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the publisher shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation is corrected. A confirmed violation of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. The Bahrain Desert Times is published bi-weekly by Red House Marketing, P.O. Box 20461, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, a private firm in no way connected with DoD, the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. Red House Marketing, is responsible for commercial advertising, which may be purchased by calling: (973) 1781 3777 or send in a Fax to (973) 1781 3700.

June 11, 2014

The Bahrain Desert Times

Chaplain’s Corner Club Beyond

By John Ritchey Community Director, Club Beyond Bahrain

I remember a professor at college who told me that part of the development of a child to an adult was the ability to see how they fit into the bigger picture. The process was to go from thinking in a third person view to a thousand feet up. It is a transition from focusing on yourself to seeing your role in the social ecosystem. Working with teenagers I often think back to my life when I was a pimply, high energy teenager. All


Destructive Behavior I wanted was to have fun and make sure people liked me. This view quickly changed when I was able to attend a service project with a local Church to help out at a school for children who were mentally challenged. During the project it was clear that I was looking at it all wrong. I was not only inspired by those who were mentally challenged, but what was most inspiring was the teachers who served those children out empathy and love. I often think back to that week in upstate New York and I am reminded of one of the first times that I went from a selfish mindset to a phrase I will never forget, “It’s not about me”. This idea is not new to the military. Men and woman for years have been going into battle with that same phrase. But think back, when was the first time you realized, life may not be about you? One verse in the Bible that helped inspires this transition me was Philippians 2:5-11. Club Beyond is a youth program sponsored by the NSA Chapel located on several military installations around the world. If you are interested in finding out what events are going on this summer for your teenager please contact me at

I want to take a moment to discuss destructive behavior and how it affects our daily routine and our personal lives at NSA Bahrain. A key factor contributing to destructive behavior are the alcohol related incidences, also know as ARIs. Alcohol plays a large part in most destructive behaviors, such as suicide, sexual assault, and further substance abuse. These things impact our mission readiness at the highest levels and all the way down to the individuals and their work centers. So far this year NSA Bahrain commands have had a total of five DUIs and 10 ARIs as of June 10. The DUI trend is going down compared to last year, however at this rate we will have more ARIs by the end of the year. I truly believe if we reduce ARIs, we can greatly reduce all the other destructive behavior. For example, Navy statistics show that 70 percent of all sexual assaults are associated with alcohol use. We cannot afford the results of an ARI. First we deal with the loss of manhours or even a gapped billet. This leads to poor mission readiness. Sailors may lose their rank, pay and privileges and a likely separation from the Navy. The worst-case scenarios include loss of life, serious injuries and jail time. Drink responsibly and insist your Shipmates do the same! If you see someone who looks like they need of help, reach out to them. Alcohol abuse and the related outcomes are unacceptable!

“Row Well and Live”

Safety First, Safety Always Maintenance and Safety Go Hand-In-Hand Maintenance is vital to any facility if it is to operate in a safe and effective manner. Maintenance can be a costly element of facility operations in terms of dollars and impact on operations. Maintenance can also be a potential workplace safety issue if not properly addressed. There are three common types of maintenance: • Emergency repairs when something breaks • Preventative maintenance, which is carried out on a piece of equipment at a certain interval and • Predictive maintenance, which is carried out when tests indicate that maintenance is needed. Regardless of the type of maintenance, a number of important activities must take place if the maintenance is to be carried out in a safe manner: • Equipment selected to have maintenance carried out must be isolated. This includes insuring that all sources of electrical power to the equipment are disconnected and Locked Out (The power source should be tagged “OFF—UNIT UNDER REPAIR” with date and signature of person authorizing the procedure.) so someone does not turn the power on until work is completed. The equipment must also be isolated from the other equipment in the same system. • Maintenance procedures must be developed for all equipment. These procedures should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and include all instructions, drawings and list of parts needed. • Maintenance activities must be planned, even emergency repairs. The time it takes to plan a job, read the maintenance procedures and get the needed safety equipment will be made up in the safety of the job and the ease in completing the job. A little planning goes a long way in doing safe maintenance. To rush into an emergency repair is to invite disaster. • Maintenance personnel must be trained on the equipment. The proper equipment must be used to safely carry out maintenance. Proper safety equipment such as gloves, eye protection and hard hats should always be used. • Any safety devices or shields removed during maintenance MUST be reinstalled prior to completion of maintenance. Any shields and safety devices originally installed on a piece of equipment must not be left off to “make it easier to fix the next time.” • Prior to returning the equipment to service, a supervisor who is familiar with the equipment and the maintenance, should check the equipment to insure that the maintenance is complete, the equipment is properly reassembled, all safety equipment and any tools used in the maintenance have been removed. Recommendations Have a plan for every maintenance activity. This plan should include the safety procedures for isolating the equipment, the equipment needed for the maintenance including safety equipment, identification of who will do the maintenance including qualification and identification of the supervisor to sign off when the job is finished and the equipment restored to “ready for operation” status. If the maintenance is carried out repeatedly, this plan can be reused. If it is an emergency or one time repair, the plan should be made up before maintenance is started.

Warriors, We are constantly improving our process to make your life and Family life better in Bahrain. Please use the Commanding Officer’s suggestion boxes and give us your feedback. We have improved the NSA Bahrain INDOC schedule and included more of what you need to know living in Bahrain. I highly encourage all new arrivals to attend and take full advantage of all the resources we present in the weeklong course. I encourage you to bring your family and let them get the information first hand. The Island tour is back and many are enjoying it. We have left the DAPA portion in as we have many young Sailors reporting who need this information. I will do it for you and save your command the time and effort. We also do the NP&P so you won’t have to so you will get a full up Sailor. As always, we want your feedback to make it useful to you and your Sailors. We have a new victims advocate at the Fleet and Family Support Center, as well as a new SARC. If you have questions please drop by and meet them. The Fleet and Family Support Center is getting full again with civilian positions, which will benefit you and your Sailors. Navy College is back up and running!!!!! Go to College!!!!!! There will be a Town Hall meeting on June 22 at 9:30 a.m. in the Multipurpose room (MPR) of the “Freedom Souq” (P-911). Families are encouraged to come and hear the installation news from the Commanding Officer. If you have questions or comments please come and meet the Captain.

For more information on visas and CPR cards contact Immigration at 1785-4258.


The Bahrain Desert Times

Photo by MC2 Derric Cushman

Capt. David Meron, commanding officer of NSA Bahrain, participates in live-fire weapons training at NSA II’s new indoor firing range facility. By MC2 Derric Cushman Staff Writer

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — Naval Security Force (NSF) Bahrain has opened a new indoor firing range aboard Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, on NSA II, to help service members maintain their standards in weapons training and qualifications, June 8. The indoor range will serve many functions, such as providing small arms and M4 rifle qualifications training for NSA Bahrain, tenant commands, and visiting ships to this region. The indoor range will also give a greater degree of flexibility for training those who need weapons qualifications or for personnel who just want to put in extra practice time on the target range. “The new range more than doubles the number of personnel that we can qualify per day,” said Lt. Cmdr. Roger Horne, weapons officer of NSF Bahrain. “Also it provides the ability to qualify indoors, which is an incredible advantage in this environment.”

The new facility is state of the art and it has provided Sailors with an excellent environment to hone their skills while having a positive effect on the overall mission. “The new indoor range will allow us to give higher quality and more efficient training due to it being a state of the art facility,” said Gunner’s Mate 1st Class Joseph Hengy, Weapons Division, Armory leading petty officer (LPO). “It allows us to increase the amount of personnel that we are able to qualify, which increases the overall mission readiness of NSA Bahrain and the 97 tenant commands security operations.” “It’s always nice to have a facility that is fully air conditioned,” said Gunner’s Mate 1st Class Victoria Oldani, LPO of the indoor range. “I take great pride in the new facility and believe it is a great asset to service members.” This leads to a facility that will continue to aid commands in giving service members critical weapons training into the future.


NSA Bahrain Opens New Indoor Range

June 11, 2014

MC1 Doug Harvey is the current Leading Petty Officer of the forward deployed CTG 56.1 Combat Camera Detachment. Leading the combat camera charge with his sevenman team in underwater, aerial, land and at-sea operations, he supervised the documentation of seven multi-national exercises throughout the Middle East and multiple local events. While capturing exercise Indigo Serpent 2014 in May, MC1 Harvey was personally recognized for his photographic skills by the Maritime Operations Center Director and Commander, Naval Forces Central Command. His long term goal is to become a Chief Petty Officer. His deployment goal is for himself and his crew to be 100% qualified as Expeditionary Warfare Specialists. ET3 DaVonte J. Taylor was born and raised in Chicago, where he was the oldest of four children. He earned a scholarship from the University of Minnesota to play football and track. Petty Officer Taylor has been in the Navy for two years and is happily married to his wife, also an ET3. He is currently on deployment with Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) ONE in support of Commander, Task Force (CTF) 56. His preparation of communications equipment for exercise Eager Lion has ensured uninterrupted communications between CTG 56.1 and his subordinate task units. ET3 intends on making the Navy a career and has aspirations to become a naval officer. ET3 Alex Felix was born and raised in Coolidge, Ariz. Following a family tradition of naval service, ET3 shipped off to boot camp in June 2011. After nearly 18 months of additional training, he reported to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) One, in San Diego, Calif., May 2013. He deployed in April 2014 as part of the CTG 56.1 Battalion Staff. Soon after arriving in Bahrain, he was tasked with preparing the NETC2 communications system for a first ever deployment to a large scale international exercise, Eager Lion. In a very short time, ET3 has proven himself an invaluable member of the N6 shop and the 56.1 staff.

SMART START SPORTS DEVELOPMENT July 2nd-August 13th This seven week sports development program is for children ages 3-5 years old. Smart Start is a hands on program that requires parent participation and is offered every Wednesday July 2August 13 from 1600-1700.

Location: Youth Sports Gymnasium Cost: $45 Benefits of Smart Start Sports Development • • • • • •

Builds confidence and self-esteem in children Fun and positive early experience in sports Helps prepare kids for future sports participation Helps prepare kids and parents for specific sports Quality time together for parent and child Helps parents learn how to support and teach their child

Register at the CDC beginning June 1st For more information contact or call 439-4903 or 1785-4903 (off base)

DIFFERENT SPORTS WILL BE OFFERED EACH WEEK! U.S.Navy Child & Youth Programs welcomes children of all abilities.

June 11, 2014

The Bahrain Desert Times


Ramadan 2014 This Ramadan guidance is found in the U.S. NAVCENT Message: Liberty as a Mission During Ramadan, DTG: 081112Z JUN 14, for U.S. NAVCENT service members, civilian personnel, contractors and family members living in Bahrain or operating in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. Our guidance does not seek to address every aspect of proper Ramadan observation by non-Muslims, but does give our forces and families an approach that complements our Muslim hosts’ observance of Ramadan in the most respectful way. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and lasts 29 to 30 days. It is a time for personal sacrifice and spiritual purification for Muslims. It is also one of the five pillars of Islam, and a time for communing with family and friends. This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on or about June 28 and last through July 27. During Ramadan, observant Muslims do not eat, drink (including water), or smoke from sunrise to sunset. Muslims will continue to perform normal daily tasks, but you should expect to see shortened work hours by government and local businesses. Government work hours will vary, but will more than likely be from 0800-1400. Commercial work hours will also vary, but will more than likely be from 1000-1300 and 1900-0000. Anticipate heavier traffic patterns before and after government working hours, with traffic at its heaviest just prior to sunset as people travel to different locations to break their fast. Please be especially alert when driving at night as many children will play in the streets. Expect local establishments (coffee shops and restaurants) to be crowded after sunset. Meals are usually eaten twice during the hours of darkness. As non-Muslim guests in the region, we are not expected to fast during Ramadan, but we are expected to respect the observance by refraining from eating (including chewing gum), drinking (even water), smoking and chewing tobacco in public during daylight hours. In Bahrain during Ramadan, it is illegal to eat, drink, or smoke in public places during daylight hours – this includes while riding in a bus or car, walking, or exercising in public. During Ramadan, drunkenness is particularly offensive and local authorities will be far less tolerant of alcohol-related offenses. A violation of Ramadan observances by a non-Muslim may result in a fine or confinement. For Ramadan, restaurants and establishments that normally serve alcohol will suspend this practice, even after sunset. Most restaurants are closed during the day, although some coffee shops and hotel restaurants that cater to non-Muslim guests may remain open for dining. Restaurants and hotels are considered private properties and service members and families are allowed to dine in the establishments during daylight hours. Service members and families may eat and drink at all times on U.S. Government controlled installations (NSA Bahrain, NSA Waterfront, Isa Air

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Base), or in their private residences or hotel rooms. It is understood that children 12 and under may eat and drink at all times in public places as they are not of age to fast, according to Islam. During Ramadan, we adopt a conservative off base clothing policy that conforms to local customs. Wear loose fitting, concealing, neat, and conservative civilian attire in all public places off U.S. Government controlled installations and while transiting to and from base. Woman (over the age of 12) shall wear pants or skirts that cover their knees (even when seated), and sleeved blouses that cover their elbows. Men (over the age of 12) shall wear long trousers and sleeved shirts that cover their elbows. Commanding Officers may grant specific limited waivers for operational requirements (E.G., work on the flight line at the aviation unit or at Mina Salman Pier). Physical Training (PT) and swimming during Ramadan requires special attention. While there is no exception to the conservative clothing requirements for exercising in public areas, members may exercise in appropriate PT clothing at exercise facilities in hotels and private residences. Hotels and resorts that cater to non-Muslim guests will maintain daytime pool hours and guests may swim. Most private compound pools allow swimming during the day for men and women. Where permitted, swimming at a hotel pool, Water Park, or resort is authorized. Swimming at a private compound or residence is authorized. Ramadan is a fantastic time to learn about local culture and customs in this region. U.S. Personnel and their families are encouraged to attend Ramadan events, including evening meals in Ramadan tents as long as we act in a dignified and respectful manner. w

NAVY CYP SUMMER CAMP Child and Youth Programs

June 22 to August 21

School Age Care Summer Camp The School Age Care (SAC) summer camp program serves children that have completed kindergarten through 6th grade during the 2013-2014 school year. Each week the program offers care from 06301730, Sunday-Thursday. (with the exception of 4th of July which will operate Sun-Wed) The SAC summer camp is offered in partnership with Camp Adventure Youth Services program.

Visit to register for Themed weeks at SAC Summer Camp! Week 1 (June 22-26)

Amazing All-Star Sports

Week 2 (June 29-July 2) Star Spangled Spirit Spectacular Week 3 (July 6-10) Week 4 (July 13-17)

Colossal Fossils and Dino-mite Discoveries Viking Sails & Dragon Tails

Week 5 (July 20-24)

Super Space Station Celebration

Week 6 (July 27-31)

Flower Leis and Sunny Days

Week 7 (Aug 3-7)

Amazon Jungle Rumble

Week 8 (Aug 10-14)

Madcap Museum at Midnight

Week 9 (Aug 17-21)

Kalahari Safari Surprise

For more information about the camp registration process, eligibility, School Age Care fee categories, camp details, and for a copy of the registration contact us at 439-4901(1785-4901) or email

Teen Center Programs The Teen Center will be offering our normal open recreation & club programs in the Arts, Education and Career Development, Character and Leadership, Health and Life Skills, and Sports Fitness and Recreation. The center will be open 0900-1730 Sunday-Thursday. *Be sure to register at the Teen Center for free Teen Center membership! In partnership with:

U.S. NAVY CHILD AND YOUTH PROGRAMS WELCOMES CHILDREN OF ALL ABILITIES For more information about the camp registration process, eligibility, School Age Care fee categories, camp details, and for a copy of the registration form, contact us at: 439-4901(1785-4901) or email


The Bahrain Desert Times

June 11, 2014

HR Classified Ads ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-053R Position: Child And Youth Program Leader Department: CDC, MWR Bahrain Closing Date: 15 June 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA-14-075 Position: Environmental Protection Assistant Department: NAVFAC EURAFSWA, Environmental Bahrain Closing Date: 22 June 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-059 Position: Custodial Worker Department: Unaccompanied Housing, NSA Bahrain Closing Date: 15 June 2014

The mission of the Human Resources Office (HRO) is to administer Human Resources Management programs for U.S. civil servants and foreign national employees of the Naval Support Activity Bahrain. HRO provides consultative advice and guidance to various commands and activities in the following program areas: position management and classification; recruitment and staffing; labor management advisory services; Equal Employment Opportunity Program; employee development; employee relations matters; and benefit entitlements.

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-061 Position: Food Service Worker Department: F&B, MWR Bahrain Closing Date: 18 June 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-065 Position: SUPERVISORY LABORER Department: Unaccompanied Housing, NSA BAHRAIN Closing Date: 16 June 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-074 Position: Housing Referral Assistant (O/A) Department: U.S. Naval Support Activity, Housing Dept, Manama, Bahrain Closing Date: 18 June 2014

Questions? To speak to a Human Resources Specialist, please call: 1785-4763 or DSN (318) 439-4763.

Al Dar Island Day Trip Friday, June 20 • Time: 09 30 – 1400 • Max 10 people; ITT Price: $17.00



Wednesday, 2 July

Freedom Rocks 3k Run | 1800

@NAVCENT Roundabout 1730 Registration, 1800 Race Begins Grab your running shoes, and race around the base! T-shirts provided. (While supplies last.)

One-Pitch Softball Tournament | 1800-2200

@Memorial Softball Field (Must register by Sunday, June 29. Coaches Meeting Monday, June 30 at 1200 in the Freedom Souq Sports Office

Thursday, 3 July

One-Pitch Softball Tournament | 0900-1300 @Memorial Softball Field

INFLATABLE KINGDOM Freedom Souq Gymnasium|1300-1600

Bring your family to the Freedom Souq Gymnasium for an amazing day of indoor fun! We’ll have tons of giant inflatables for kids of all ages to enjoy. **Tickets for the Inflatable Kingdom will be $1 for 5 tickets. Each inflatable is one ticket for 5 minutes of fun. Tickets are non-refundable.**

Freedom Rocks Celebration

Mario’s Courtyard |1600-1800 Spend your evening with MWR as we celebate our freedom! We’ll have All-American food selections for purchase and games to keep you entertained. Sign up for the: Annual MWR Hot Dog Eating Contest People’s Choice Chilli Cook-Off & Best Apple Pie Contest Watermelon Contest * Free Throw Shoot Out * Football Toss * Softball Toss

The Kelly Bell Band

Mario’s Courtyard | 1830-2000 Voted the “Best Blues Band” in the Mid-Atlantic for 12 years. Check out Baltimore’s Kelly Bell Band as they combine the rhythms of blues, jazz, funk, and R&B.


Fun At Ozone Entertainment Club Saturday, June 21 • Time: 1000 • Min 10 people; ITT Price: $33.00

ITT Swim With The Dolphins Friday, June 13 • Time: 1000 – 1300 • Min 8 people; ITT Price: $49.00

Guided Cultural Tour Of Bahrain Saturday, June 21 • Time: 09 00 – 1600 • Min 14 people; ITT Price: $35.00

Al Areen Wildlife Park Saturday, June 14 • Time: 09 00 • Min 10 people; ITT Price: $11.00

Cooking Demonstration Of Arabic Food & Dinner Sunday, June 22 • Time: 1700 • Min 5/ Max 10 people; ITT Price: $23.00

Tree Of Life Monday, June 16 • Time: 1000 – 1300 • Min 8/ Max 11 people; ITT Price: $5.00

Horseback Riding Friday, June 27 • Time: 0830 – 1100 • Min 8 people; ITT Price: $26.00

For more information, call x-3531 All dates and times are subject to change

Comments & Suggestions All are welcome to send comments or suggestions to MWR Bahrain. Please e-mail them to: If you would like to receive MWR Bahrain’s e-mail announcements, just send your official e-mail to the above address.

Outdoor Movie Night |1830-2030

@ Memorial Softball Field Watch an action-packed Will Smith movie under the stars in “Independence Day.” Please bring a blanket or lawn chair.


Thursday, June 12 Last Buck Party • Time: 1130

Wednesday, June 18 Video Game Tournament • Time: 1800

Sunday, June 15 Sunday Sundae! • Free ice cream while supplies last.

Thursday, June 19 Lost Paradise Trip • Time: Van leaves @ 0900

Monday, June 16 Speedpool Monday! • Time: 1130; Free lunch for players! While supplies last.

Saturday, June 21 Souq Trip! • Time: Van leaves @ 0830; $5.00 Transportation only

Tuesday, June 17 Laser Tag @ The Lagoon • Time: Van departs @ 1730; Sign up in advance

Sunday, June 22 Sunday Sundae! • Free ice cream while supplies last. For more information, call the Liberty Center at 439-3192

@ NSA Bahrain

Jun 12, 2014  

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