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Volume 11, Number 254

Naval Support Activity Bahrain

February 19, 2014

NSA Bahrain hosts 21st Century Sailor All-Hands Call By MC2 Mike Wright U.S. Naval Forces Central Command Public Affairs

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — Director, 21st Century Sailor Office held all-hands calls with Sailors and Marines aboard Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Feb. 6. Rear Adm. Sean Buck spoke about topics ranging from suicide prevention to fitness during four separate sessions held for E-6 and below, E-7 and above, one for the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD), and one for Naval Support Activity
 (NSA) Bahrain Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Victim Advocates (VAs). Buck said two of his main objectives are to provide Sailors with an update on how the Navy is doing in reducing destructive behaviors that his office oversees and to solicit feedback from Sailors. “It’s one thing for me to perceive how the Navy is doing; it’s another thing to listen to you all and see what you are thinking out in the fleet,” he said. “The most important thing I can do is to come here and listen to you.” Buck led off his discussions by talking about resiliency. “Resiliency is our total health,” he said. “It’s all aspects of our well-being; our mental health, our physical health, our spiritual health and our social health.” Buck said there are a lot of things that impact resiliency and eventually break down Sailors to the point where they are not operating at their full potential. He said 10 to 11 straight years of combat, fighting two wars ALL-HANDS CALL Page 4

Photo by MC2 Mike Wright

Rear Adm. Sean Buck, Director, 21st Century Sailor Office, holds an all-hands call with E-6 and below Sailors aboard Naval Support Activity Bahrain. Buck spoke about the 21st Century Sailor programs and policies and answered questions from attendees as part of a regional engagement trip to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. Senior leaders at the Bureau of Naval Personnel have made it a priority to use face-to-face interaction to create a dialogue of discussion between leaders in Washington, D.C. and Sailors and families stationed worldwide.

Bringing Diversity to NSA Bahrain

Photo by MC2 Derric Cushman


The NSA Bahrain Diversity Committee meets to discuss upcoming events in celebration of Black history month.

By MC2 Derric Cushman Staff Writer

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — The Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Diversity Committee is here to bring a renewed sense of cultural diversity to the NSA Bahrain community. The Diversity Committee has recently turned over to a new group of board members, who are prepared to continue to bring awareness about the importance of diversity within the Navy and the world. “We want to educate our community and keep the history of what the Navy and the military have done and how diverse we have grown over the years,” said Logistics Specialist 1st Class Katrina Kyner, former president of the Diversity Committee. “A lot of people have contributed not only to the military, but to the U.S. and the world. The Diversity Committee wants to educate everyone on the fact we are all equal regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or other differences.”

The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) is an organization, which provides guidance the Diversity Committee uses to ensure they are doing things according to standard. Through DEOMI, the diversity committee’s leadership sets forth its calendar of events. “The great thing about DEOMI is that they set guidelines and give instruction packages to help guide us on the correct ways to celebrate different observances,” said Master-at-Arms 1st Class Jose Tirado, president of the Diversity Committee. “There are themes for many observances, such as the civil rights movement, which is also the theme for African American History month this year. We also try to show how the observances and naval history coincide as well.” The observances give the committee the opportunity to show how its members feel about the importance of diversity. “You learn so much about the history of the Navy and the cultures that have played BRINGING DIVERSITY Page 4







The Bahrain Desert Times

February 19, 2014

Bahrain Teens Spread Awareness About Dating Violence By MC1 (SW) Steve Smith Staff Writer

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY, Bahrain — Teens from the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain Teen Center learned about teen dating violence and helped spread awareness among their peers during National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, February. The NSA Bahrain Teen Center worked to meet all requirements from Commander, Naval Installations Command (CNIC) Child and Youth Programs (CYP) for full participation for the month’s campaign. “Our goal was to meet every requirement to provide a well-rounded program for the teens,” said Grace Purley, program leader for the NSA Bahrain Teen Center. “We were required to hold sessions with the teens focusing on healthy relationships and identifying physical, verbal and emotional violence. The teens also participated by designing posters and by wearing orange, on Feb. 11, to show support for the awareness campaign.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines teen dating violence as the physical, sexual, or psychological/emotional violence within a dating relationship, as well as stalking. It can occur in person or electronically and may occur between a current or former dating partner. The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Bahrain and NSA Bahrain Teen Center staff held the first hour-long session covering dating violence and building healthy relationships. Teens were able to ask questions and share personal experiences.

Photos by the Teen Center

Kristyn Birkeland, program asst. for the Teen Center, and Lara McCain, program lead for Child and Youth Programs, discuss healthy dating relationships during a session about teen dating violence awareness.

“It was a very good session,” said Asia Singleton, member of the NSA Bahrain Teen Center. “There is a lot of good information there, not only for the older kids, but the younger kids who may be going through their first relationship.” The second session is scheduled for Feb. 23 and will provide teens the opportunity to continue the discussion and allow anyone who may have missed the first meeting to attend. The staff will survey the kids to gauge their understanding and ensure the information was fully presented. “There is a lot of information for these teens to understand,” said Kristyn Birkeland, program asst. for the NSA Bahrain Teen Center. “We covered scenarios where either the boy or girl may be an aggressive partner, online relationship safety, and all the resources available for teens to seek help. This information isn’t just great to have here in Bahrain, but it’s knowledge they can use when they return to the U.S.” “Education is the key to these sessions and the campaign,” said Purley. “We also want to build trust with the teens in our center and in the community. They need to understand we are here to help them in anyway, but also have the obligation to report any issues the teens may be experiencing.” The Teen Center’s campaign is scheduled to wrap up with an event, on Feb. 26, where the teens will be given a “Healthy Relationship Bill of Rights”.

439-4520 Commanding Officer Naval Support Activity Bahrain Capt. David Meron NSA Bahrain Executive Officer Cmdr. Leif Hammersmark Public Affairs Officer Jennifer L. Stride Staff Photojournalist MC1 (SW) Steven Smith MC2 Derric Cushman

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February 19, 2014

The Bahrain Desert Times

Chaplain’s Corner

Diversity: More than What You Might Think!

By Shaun S. Brown NSA Bahrain Command Chaplain

“Because Allah loves wondrous varieties,” says Morgan Freeman’s character in the 1991 blockbuster, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” I can remember the scene, the dialogue, as though I just heard it moments ago. And equally as clear is my recollection of my reaction: “Yes, indeed! God DOES love wondrous varieties!” Now I cannot say, for certain, what the God of anyone else’s understanding might or might not love, but the God of my understanding certainly does love diversity. And we, in the U.S. military, love diversity, too. Why, just one look at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute’s website proves it: almost every month of 2014 will celebrate some aspect of ethnic- or genderrelated identity. To be sure, the government goes to great lengths, mandating and protection diversity. For example, there’s SECNAVINST 1730.8B, “Accommodation of Religious

ChessClub Club Chess

Dance Dance Bollywood Bollywood Science Science Jewelry Jewelry Taekwondo Taekwondo

Practices,” which states, in part: “The DON recognizes that religion can be as integral to a person’s identity as one’s race or sex. The DON promotes a culture of diversity, tolerance, and excellence by making every effort to accommodate religious practices absent a compelling operational reason to the contrary. During a service member’s career in the DON, he or she will be exposed to a wide variety of religious expressions from both chaplains and other service members. It is DON policy to foster mutual respect for diverse religious expressions, which includes accommodating as many of them as possible AT THE COMMAND LEVEL.” Yes, that’s right; at the command level! Also, to be sure, as one of the “the Navy’s only trained professional religious accommodators” [SECNAVINST 1730.8B] aboard NSA Bahrain, I forward, monthly, to the NSA Bahrain department heads such things as information about upcoming noteworthy religious celebrations — for all the faiths, not just my own. And given the plurality of religious practices in these environs, I’m sure that comes in handy for leaders and shipmates, when trying to understand what is important to those whom we lead and those with whom we serve. So, in an effort to help you cherish diversity in all its wondrous varieties, I urge you to take a look at such interfaith calendars found at or http://www. shtml?month=&year=2014. And, as you explore more of the wondrous varieties human life on the face of this good earth has to offer, a happy and healthy New Year to you, your loved ones, and those whom you lead and with whom you serve.

Running Club Running Club Recorder Karate Recorder Karate Bollywood Bollywood Club ArtArt Club Cooking Club Cooking Club Robotics Robotics Chess Club Chess Club Debate Debate AnimeClub Club Anime Academic Bowl Academic Bowl Practice Practice

EinsteinHour Hour Dance Dance Einstein SewingClub Club Sewing Robotics Robotics YearBook Book Year Academic Academic BowlPractice Practice Bowl

The TerraNova Achievement Test The TerraNova Achievement Test The TerraNova Achievement test is rapidly approaching. March 16,17,18,19 and Grades will testing each The TerraNova Achievement test is rapidly approaching. March 16,17,18,19 and 2020 Grades 3-53-5 will bebe testing each morning. DODDS students grades tested each spring provide DoDEA educators with information morning. AllAll DODDS students in in grades 3-93-9 areare tested each spring to to provide DoDEA educators with information to to assist making best instruction decisions your students. The data is also used help students track personals assist in in making thethe best instruction decisions forfor your students. The data is also used toto help students track personals growth from year year. Students always excited their scores each spring and enjoy setting SMART goals growth from year toto year. Students areare always excited toto seesee their scores each spring and enjoy setting SMART goals targeting a specific area they would like grow targeting a specific area they would like to to grow

For more information on visas and CPR cards contact Immigration at 1785-4258.


Military Saves Week By By James D. “Sam” Rayburn Work and Family Life Specialist, Fleet and Family Support Center

Military Saves Week 2014 runs from February 24 through March 1 2014. I would like to personally invite every service member and family member to go to and participate in the Saver Pledge. If you take the pledge, you will receive a code from that will come with instructions to enter the code and receive a “FREE” Credit Score. “Build Wealth and Reduce Debt”. Words to live by, and it is easy here in Bahrain, but you must START. When is the best time to start saving or saving more? TODAY...


CNO Reinforcing Ethics

The Bahrain Desert Times

February 19, 2014

From Chief of Naval Operations Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jonathan Greenert released a video blog message Sunday reinforcing the Navy’s commitment to ethics, particularly integrity. Speaking about ethical failure and cheating on tests at the Navy’s Nuclear Power Training Unit in South Carolina, Greenert said, “These events must serve to remind us that, although the vast majority of our Sailors live our navy ethos and core values, we must always remain vigilant to the potential to make mistakes. This is particularly critical when it comes to integrity.” “A failure of integrity undermines a unit’s trust,” said Greenert in his Ethics blog to Shipmates. “As Sailors, our very survival is founded on trust - it is the core of our success at sea - and has been for centuries.” Based on recent incidents across all the services there is an invigorated effort across the Department of Defense to reinforce ethics and service core values. Before the weekend, on Friday, in light of recent allegations of misconduct in the military services the Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that a senior officer will be appointed to promote and enforce a culture of ethical behavior and good moral character. Additionally, DoD released last week further details into Hagel’s ethics initiatives and orders to Navy and Air Force to conduct reviews of the nuclear enterprise. During one of Greenert’s three videos is this blog he explains what these reviews will look at within the nuclear enterprise. And in a second video he provided initial thoughts on what Navy leaders need to reinforce as they face a recent number of missteps. “I don’t think we have an ethics problem across the Navy. But I think we need to reinforce our core values and ALL-HANDS CALL from Page 1

and family separation have had the biggest impact on resiliency for the Navy. “All of that begins to break us and our families down,” he said. “Then we are not as safe as we can be, and we are not as mission effective as we need to be to always fight the fight that wins the fight. That’s what our Navy and our nation needs us to do.” He also addressed destructive behaviors and their impact on mission readiness. He spoke about suicide, sexual assault and alcohol and substance abuse in the Navy. He said alcohol related incidents (ARI) are the underlying cause of most destructive behavior. “I’m convinced that if we reduce ARIs, we will have a significant impact on reducing all the other destructive behavior,” said Buck. “As I look at all the statistics, 70 percent of all sexual assaults are associated with alcohol use. Alcohol related incidents are probably one of the easiest things we can tackle.” Buck focused his question and answer sessions on hearing feedback directly from BRINGING DIVERSITY from Page 1

Photo by Glenn Fawcett

Chief of Naval Operations Navy Adm. Jonathan Greenert and Navy Adm. John Richardson, director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, brief Pentagon reporters on the Navy’s investigation into allegations of compromised test materials.

our core commitment to that,” he said. “We need to talk about integrity.” Core values should be an everyday discussion, in every operating environment. The discussion should be active and reciprocal, Greenert stated. Lastly in the video blog Greenert addressed what is expected from today’s Sailor, be it senior or junior. Senior leaders are especially tasked with upholding the example of strong core values to the junior sailors, said Greenert. “What I expect from our leadership is honor, courage and commitment,” said Greenert.

the Sailors he serves. Topics ranged from input on ways to better communicate with Sailors through social media venues, to ways to improve training that Sailors find to be redundant. NSA Bahrain CSADD President, Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Harold Howard, said he enjoyed the open discussion with the admiral. “The fact that Rear Adm. Buck came out here and asked us what we think, is a really good thing,” said Howard. “It says a lot for someone of his rank to come out and speak to us. You never really know what Sailors are thinking until you ask them directly. Having open discussions with groups turns out even better because everyone will be willing to join the conversation.” The 21st Century Sailor office is responsible for total Sailor fitness, resilience and readiness. The office is also the Navy lead on suicide prevention, sexual assault prevention and response, hazing prevention, fitness and nutrition, personal and family readiness, and the “Keep What
You’ve Earned” campaign.

a role in not just naval history, but U.S. history,” said Tirado. This reflects how diversity is one of the things that make the Navy great!” Yeoman Seaman Anderson Scott, public affairs officer for the Diversity Committee, said the observances give people a chance to enjoy learning about different cultures. “We invite everyone to come out and experience the different cultures with the dancing, varieties of food, and programs we will have at our events,” said Scott. “It can only benefit people when they come out and see how other cultures socialize and have fun.”

Commitment to the institution should be the basis of ethical decision making, said Greenert. “When we raised our right hand we said, ‘I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same’ that means the institution,” said Greenert. “We need to and we will remain vigilant. We will continue to drive home to our people the importance of integrity: the fact that it is the foundation of all that we do in the U.S. Navy.” Greenert’s video blog can be viewed at cno.navylive.

February 19, 2014

The Bahrain Desert Times


CFC-O Announces 2014 Annual Coin Design Contest


The 2014 Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O) Annual Coin Design Contest is underway. The contest is open to all Department of Defense employees and their family members to create a 2014 CFC-O coin design that embodies the spirit of the campaign. The chosen design will be distributed to select contributors during the 2014 CFC-O this fall. Contest entries will be accepted through 15 March 2014. Beginning in 2011, the CFC-O has presented contributors who meet eligibility criteria with a commemorative coin as a token of appreciation. For the 2013 campaign, the CFC-O proudly recognized Technical Sergeant Eric T. Fritz, stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, as the winner of the Coin Design Contest. Coin design submissions for the 2014 campaign season will be accepted from eligible participants (ID card required for verification) electronically in .jpg or .pdf formats. Artwork will be judged on originality, depiction of the CFC-O theme, “Give Because You Care,” and suitability for printing on the coin. Interested designers can obtain detailed instructions and submission guidelines by visiting the CFC-O website.

2013 2014


Coin Design Contest



All DoD employees and their family members (ID card required for verification).


Participants will create a 2014 CFC-O coin design that embodies the spirit of the campaign. The chosen design will be distributed to select contributors during the 2014 CFC-O this fall.


Submissions are due by 15 March 2014.


• Designs should honor the generous spirit of DoD contributors and depict the theme: Give Because You Care.

RVE TO HONOR YOUR COUNTRY. GIVE BECAUSE YOU CARE. About the CFC and CFC-O Dedicated uniformed and civilian personnel demonstrate their generosity each and every day with service to our country and by joining together to help people and communities in need through the Department of Defense Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFCO). The CFC-O, managed by Global Impact, is one of the most successful charitable workplace giving campaigns in the world. The five combatant commands pledged more than $11 million in 2013 to reach out with life-saving and life-enriching services benefiting millions of people. For more information, visit Follow the campaign on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook. About Global Impact Global Impact raises funds to meet critical humanitarian needs around the world. The organization funds more than 100 U.S.-based international charities through innovative partnerships and employee giving programs, and provides solutions to meet the unique giving needs of organizations and donors. In addition, Global Impact distributes charitable donations for some of America’s top corporations and administers one of the world’s largest workplace giving campaigns, the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas. Since 1956, Global Impact has generated more than $1.6 billion to assure help for the world’s most vulnerable people. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook.

• The year “2014” and the name “Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas” must appear in the design. • The design must fit on a round coin with 1¾ inch diameter. • Use the following colors: red, white and blue as solid colors only, no gradients as they cannot be replicated accurately with enamel fill. Any negative space without a color will be background color of the coin. • Coin Submit designs as a .jpg CFC-O Sample from the CFC Foundation

or .pdf file to

(Produced the States) By submitting a design, theinartist verifies that their design is original work and gives permission for its use by the CFC-O on the coins. Additionally, the submitter consents to the reproduction of the design and its use by the CFC-O in various applications, which include, but are not limited to: campaign materials, publicity releases and electronic reproduction on the CFC-O website and social media sites. There will be no monetary remuneration for use of the winning design.

CFC-O Sample Coin from the CFC Foundation (Produced in the States)


2011 Coin Specifications 100% USA made Solid brass, antique finish (containing up to 55% recycled material) 1.75in x .144 round coin 4 Color hand enamel Individually poly bagged



Price $3.15

S U B M I T Y O U R D E S I G N T O D AY !

Coin Specifications 100% USA made Solid brass, antique finish (containing up to 55% recycled material) 1.75in x .144 round coin 4 Color hand enamel Individually poly bagged

Price $3.15



The Bahrain Desert Times

February 19, 2014

HR Classified Ads ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-008 Position: Transportation Assistant (Information Controller) Department: CTF-53, NAVCENT Bahrain Closing Date: 25 February 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-017 Position: Public Affairs Specialist Department: NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Closing Date: 09 March 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-009 Position: Transportation Assistant (Load Planner) Department: CTF-53, NAVCENT Bahrain Closing Date: 25 February 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-018 Position: Senior Stocker (Frozen & Chill) Department: Consumables (F&B), Navy Exchange Bahrain Closing Date: 02 March 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-010 Position: Transportation Clerk (Cargo Handler) Department: CTF-53, NAVCENT Bahrain Closing Date: 25 February 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-019 Position: Warehouse Operations Clerk Department: Distribution Center, Navy Exchange Bahrain Closing Date: 02 March 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-014 Position: Civil Engineer Department: NAVFAC EURAFSWA, PWD Bahrain Closing Date: 09 March 2014

The mission of the Human Resources Office (HRO) is to administer Human Resources Management programs for U.S. civil servants and foreign national employees of the Naval Support Activity Bahrain. HRO provides consultative advice and guidance to various commands and activities in the following program areas: position management and classification; recruitment and staffing; labor management advisory services; Equal Employment Opportunity Program; employee development; employee relations matters; and benefit entitlements.

ANNOUNCEMENT:NSA- 14-015 Position: Engineering Technician Department: NAVFAC EURAFSWA, PWD Bahrain Closing Date: 02 March 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT: NSA- 14-016 Position: Facilities Specialist Department: NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Closing Date: 09 March 2014

Ladies Spa Day @ Dessange Spa Saturday, March 1 • Time: 0900 (Times subject to availability)

Questions? To speak to a Human Resources Specialist, please call: 1785-4763 or DSN (318) 439-4763.

Arabian Experience: Horse Race at Sakir & Dinner at Veranda Rest. Friday, March 7 • Time: 1400 – 19 00 • Min 8/Max 12 people; ITT Price: $28.00

ITT Arabian Experience: Horse Race at Sakir & Dinner at Veranda Rest. Friday, February 21 • Time: 1400 – 19 00 • Min 8/Max 12 people; ITT Price: $28.00 Al Jasrah Handicraft & Bahrain Fort Tour Saturday, February 22 • Time: 09 00 - 1300 • Min 10 people; Price: $11.00 Horse Back Riding Friday, February 28 • Time: 0830 – 1100 • Min 8 people; ITT Price: $26.00

Guided Cultural Tour of Bahrain Saturday, March 8 • Time: 09 00 – 1600 • Min 14 people; ITT Price: $35.00 Site Seeing Tour Sunday, March 9 • Time: 1000 – 1400 • Min 5/ Max 11 people; Price: $5.00 Cooking Demonstration of Arabic Food & Dinner Tuesday, March 11 • Time: 1700 • Min 5/ Max 10 people; ITT Price: $23.00

For more information, call x-3531 All dates and times are subject to change

Comments & Suggestions All are welcome to send comments or suggestions to MWR Bahrain. Please e-mail them to: If you would like to receive MWR Bahrain’s e-mail announcements, just send your official e-mail to the above address.

Friday, February 21 Animal Shelter Trip • Time: Van leaves @ 0800; Cost $5.00

Tuesday, February 25 Fondue Tuesdays! • Time: 1130

Saturday, February 22 Laser Tag @ The Ozone • Time: Van leaves at 1000.; 2.5BD game & only $2.00 for transportation.

Wednesday, February 26 Last Buck Party • Time: 1130

Sunday, February 23 Sunday Sundaes • Free ice cream while supplies last. Monday, February 24 Speedpool Monday! • Time: 1130; Free lunch for players! While supplies last.

Sunday, March 2 Sunday Sundaes • Free ice cream while supplies last. Monday, March 3 Speedpool Monday! • Time: 1130; Free lunch for players! While supplies last.

For more information, call the Liberty Center at 439-3192

@ NSA Bahrain

Bahrain Desert Times (h)36cm x (w) 26 cm - Spa [Final].pdf











3:13 PM


The Bahrain Desert Times

February 19, 2014

Dining — Eating Out American



1781 3750

Blaze Burgers

Chin Li

1771 7717

7705 5772

Burger Lounge

Curry Country

1753 7555

1774 4773

Burger Wisconsin

1759 4458


1727 1701

Elevation Burger

1758 7828

1603 0662

La Fontaine

1723 0123

Hyderabad House

1672 0031

Le Jardin

1774 2000

It’s Mirchi

1772 7230


1775 1262


1729 7000


1727 4767


1759 0591

Little Chef/Wholesale 1759 5950 Mei N Yu Muju

1601 0160 1603 9800


1782 5100


1717 8712

Salad Boutique

3666 4427

Trader Vic’s

1758 6555

Upstairs Downstairs

1771 3093

Vins Bistro

1771 7101

Wafi Gourmet

1717 9999


1771 6400

David’s Stir Fry

1754 0188

Moti Mahal

1782 5333

House Boat

1601 0321

Mumbai Spices

1738 2255


1752 5455


1729 0600

1717 8646


1758 9318

1774 9222


1756 4434


1771 5222


1717 8085

Saravanaa Bhavan

1724 5577


1753 1122


The Yellow Chilli

1758 0480


1752 4579


17 369-269


1781 1511

Fat Burger

1713 1414


Franks A Lot

1781 1970



1774 2266

Noodle Factory

1601 0534

Hard Rock Café

1729 1569

Johnny Rockets


1758 7171

1756 6565


1756 4228


1772 1600

Peppers Fusion

1771 7808

Rice Bowl

1717 9600

Ric’s Kountry Kitchen 1772 5550

Curry Tree


1717 9041

Tony Luke’s

1749 4940

The Noodle House

1766 6353

Tony Romas

1787 0070


1763 6415



Brasa De Brazil

1758 2225

Block 338

1771 0338

Brazil Rodizio

1782 6686


1771 7745


1771 6512

Café Marisol

1770 1201

Cyprus Taverna

Persian Garden

1758 0600

1771 6316

East West Cuisine

1721 0012

Persian Room

1601 0166

Healthy Calorie

17 369-399

Takht Jamsheed

1772 6431


1771 0654

Tehran Grill

1755 5989

Chinese Beijing Chinese

1771 7969

Déjà Vu

1365 7770

China Express

1771 7439

JJ’s Irish Restaurant

1774 2323

China Garden

1774 6423

Le Domain [34]

1600 0222


1756 4424


1771 6999


1772 2199


1600 0222

Hong Kong

1772 8700


1729 8008

Magic Wok

1750 6070

Shanghai Hut

1729 2988



1753 3533


Café Delices

1774 6434

Aachi’s Chettinad Kitchen 1723 3110

Le Bateau

1736 9165


1729 6660

Paul Bakery & Rest.

1717 2321

Bright Candle

1722 9076

1600 0444


1726 1896

The Living Room

1600 0222

Clay Oven

1771 7008


1717 1000

Café Restaurants

The Deli


1774 6427


Breakfast by the Sea Start the day as locals do with the decadent breakfast dishes that have been added to the menu at this popular Lebanese restaurant. There is no meal more comforting than breakfast, especially when you enjoy it with a spectacular view. Rayés Restaurant & Lounge at Coral Bay invites you to kick-start the day with healthy breakfast options, which they have recently added to the menu. The Lebanese bistro serves a lavish spread of traditional dishes, like kishik bil lahme and mankoushe lahme,

Copper Chimney

1772 8699

in a tranquil seaside setting. The initial tasting of the new menu was well received and attracted a lot of people, who love the freshness of Middle Eastern dishes. Get a taste of Beirut with their irresistible version of fatteh. This Middle Eastern venue serves a tantalising bread platter that is a full meal in itself. Offering a royal start to your day, Rayés’ breakfast is available every day of the week, except Friday, from 8am until 11am. Bring along friends and family to this picturesque venue and watch the sun rise from the Arabian Gulf.

If you can’t bring yourself to leave your bed in this cosy weather, then take advantage of Rayés’ free home delivery services. After all, there are few things better than breakfast in bed! You can also have it delivered to your office — for free! The perfect ambiance Rayés offers great Lebanese fare and boasts the ultimate location for any meal. Situated on the waterfront overlooking the marina with Muharraq skyline off in the distance, this bistro lets you dine al fresco, while listening to the crashing of waves. You can also sit inside and take in Coral Bay’s new lavish decor with large open windows. Whether you want to relax by the sea and catch up with friends or entertain business clients over lunch or dinner, Rayés is an ideal venue for any occasion. Its scenic waterfront location, modern interior decor, live Arabic music and exquisite Lebanese cuisine will impress the most discerning guests. For information, call 81222.

February 19, 2014

The Bahrain Desert Times Lebanese


Abd El Wahab

1713 1111

Atayeb Restaurant

1759 0119

Al Hamra Palace

1722 4000

Bangkok Int’l.

1774 0666


1771 6955

Carla’s Lebanese Bistro 3633 5959


1736 0000

Charcoal Grill

1721 3410


1756 6556

Georgia Chinese

1781 3814

Grand Royal

1772 1787

Silk Restaurant

1774 9750

Spice Nice

1771 3603

Sun & Sand

1731 1366

Mashawi Lebanese Grill 1733 9014 Rayés

1731 2700

Yamin Jana

1603 3800


1774 6417

Zayt Zaytoon

1731 2222


1736 5055

Mexican Casa Mexicana

1771 5521

Margarita Mexicana 1774 6461

Italian Café Italia

1774 4774


1758 0000


1772 5885

Romano’s Macaroni Grill 1750 6070


Señor Paco’s

1772 5873

Middle Eastern

Pizza Domino’s Pizza

1782 6222

Little Ceasars

1717 9400

Papa John’s

1750 6070

Pizza Express

1610 1524

Pizza Hut

1771 1113

Pizza Inn

1781 1666

Sandwich Bars Quiznos Subs

1750 6070


1758 7878


1771 3710

Cucina Italiana

1700 1317


1763 6363


1758 3555

Figs & Olives

1600 0222


1729 0945


1758 1919


1758 2422


1750 6070

Fuji Sushi Bar

1753 3383

La Pergola

1774 6419

Fuji Teppanyaki

1753 3383

La Taverna

1722 9979


1750 6070


1736 0000


1772 1061


1600 0333

1722 7777


1722 7777



1753 5000

1600 0222

Mia Mia

1756 4414


Le Sauvage

1752 2733

1758 0000

Mino’s Pizzeria

1774 4777



1700 7770

The Butcher Shop & Grill 1717 2323


1752 5484


1771 3113

The Meat Co.


1756 6555


1774 6429

Pasta Art

1700 1555

Sumo Sushi & Bento

1771 8090

Pastarito Ristoranti

1717 9300

Sushi 101

1782 2274

I Am Thai


1775 1263

Yo! Sushi

1758 3373

Baan Saeng Thai

1774 6421


1772 1155 1750 6070

1717 8090

Ric’s Kountry Kitchen 1772 5550

1763 6363


1771 7040

1731 1186


La Mer

Al Bokhari

7732 2222

La Perle

1729 8008

Wang Thai

1771 0771

Leewan Al Khor

1601 0666

The Pizza Company

1781 1830

Seafood Market

1753 3383


1753 1122

Al Abraaj

A Delicious Affair They say that a rose by any other name is still a rose. So, too, ‘Atayeb’; when translated from Arabic it means ‘delicious’ and thus a perfect name for a restaurant. Atayeb Restaurant, along the Budaiya Highway, is a spacious multi-cuisine eatery that seats more than 150 people. Enter the two-storey venue and you will be surprised by an interior much larger than its façade belies; the high ceiling, pleasant white and ochre color scheme and openness are all impressive. Dine downstairs and you’ll get unparalleled views of the glass-enclosed working kitchen, where you can view the process of the meals being put together and cooked to perfection. Upstairs there is ample space in which to enjoy a meal and this includes a conference room, large booth-style seating

1729 6660

Royal Thai 1770 1201

1782 2274


Orchid Thai

Fish Market

Carino’s Italian Grill

1749 1391

1774 4171

Thai Express

Café Spasso


Banana Leaf

and private family dining areas. The restaurant’s executive chef and his skilled team delivers flawless multicultural dining options of Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Everything is prepared fresh on site, including the daily breads and fresh juices. Part of the enjoyment of Atayeb is to dine within this modern restaurant, which yields an aura of fine dining at affordable prices and in a relaxed atmosphere that comes with great friendly service. For convenience the restaurant also offers guests a take out and home delivery service. Atayeb is open for lunch and dinner daily from 12pm to 11.30pm weekdays and, with the addition of breakfast, on weekends from 8am. For information, call 17 877-209.


Shawarma Shawarma Express


1772 9922

Steak Houses

1774 2080

1717 2322

Quick Service Restaurant Burger King

1750 6070

Burger Land

1771 3778

DQ Grill & Chill

1750 6070

EZ Take Out

1724 1111


1771 1112


1772 7887

Kentucky Fried Chicken 1771 1111 King of Potato

1749 1914


1781 1812

7704 0454

New York Fries

1717 8436

1771 5775

Pollo Campero

1716 1716



The Bahrain Desert Times

Theme Nights sunday

February 19, 2014




What: Discover Asia Buffet Where: Silk’s, Mövenpick Hotel Authentic cuisine with unlimited wine and beer at BD19++. E Call 17 460-000

What: Asian Night Where: Klouds, The K Hotel Eat all you can at this authentic Asian buffet for BD 9.5++. E Call 17 360-000

What: Sizzler Night Where: Al Waha, Gulf Hotel Enjoy sizzling treats offered in an unlimited buffet. E Call 17 713-000.

What: Lebanese Arabian Buffet Where: Kenza, The K Hotel A slice of Lebanon served in traditional settings at BD8. E Call 17 360-000

What: Seafood Night Where: Al Wasmeyyah, Golden Tulip Sample the fresh catch of the day and unlimited selected beverages. E Call 17 535-000

What: Vegetarian Thali Where: Golden Peacock, Mirador Hotel A selection of vegetarian dishes as a complete meal for BD2.9. E Call 17 312-000.

What: Pasta Night Where: Klouds, The K Hotel Variety of pasta in sauces of your choice with soft drinks at BD4++. E Call 17 360-000

What: Butcher Shop Night Where: Al Waha, Gulf Hotel Prime cuts of meat prepared on live cooking stations for BD13++. E Call 17 713-000.

What: Meat & Fish Where: Legendz Steakhouse, InterContinental Regency A five-course gourmet dinner with selected wines for BD 22++. E Call 17 227-777.

What: Seafood Buffet Where: Al Noor Tent, Elite Resort & Spa An elaborate seafood buffet with the paellas as star attraction. E Call 17 373-333.

What: Surf and Turf Where: La Mosaique, Crowne Plaza Enjoy your favourite seafood and meaty delights for BD12++. E Call 17 531-122.

What: Steak Night Where: La Mosaique, Crowne Plaza Offering some of the best cuts straight off the grill. E Call 17 531-122.

thursday What: Thursday Night Brunch Where: Silk’s, Mövenpick Hotel A quirky affair that serves brunch favourites for dinner. E Call 17 460-000. What: Hot Grill Night Where: H2O, Elite Grande Hotel Enjoy fresh food from live barbecue stations. E Call 17 565-888.

What: Masala Mahal Where: Saraya, Sofitel This trip down the spice route serves some fine Indian dishes. E Call 17 636-363.


What: Indian Tandoori Night Where: Al Waha, Gulf Hotel Tantalising fare dished out from the Indian-style clay oven. E Call 17 713-000.

What: Lebanese Arabian Buffet Where: Kenza, The K Hotel A slice of Lebanon served in traditional settings at BD8. E Call 17 360-000

What: Pizza Night Where: Klouds, The K Hotel An all-you-can-eat deal on pizzas with soft drinks for BD4. E Call 17 360-000

What: Monday Pasta Night Where: Fiamma, Sofitel Enjoy your favourite pastas and create your own special sauce. E Call 17 636-363.

What: Arabian Night Where: Selections, InterContinental Regency Authentic dishes and sheesha with live cooking stations. E Call 17 227-777.

What: Tex-Mex Night Where: La Mosaique, Crowne Plaza Authentic Mexican flavours for only BD12++. E Call 17 531-122.

What: BBQ & Salad Buffet Where: Klouds, The K Hotel The buffet offers a wide selection of BBQ dishes & Salad for BD4. E Call 17 360-000

What: Beef Eater’s Grill Where: Al Wasmeyyah, Golden Tulip A char-grill experience with a choice of selected prime cuts. E Call 17 535-000

What: Italian Aperitivo Buffet Where: Mondo, Diplomat Radisson Blu A classic Italian buffet with live entertainment for BD10++. E Call 17 531-666.

What: Mussels Promotion Where: Camelot Here’s a dinner of unlimited ‘moules et frites’ for BD14 per person. E Call 17 717-745

What: Seafood Night Where: La Mosaique, Crowne Plaza The day’s catch at BD21.950 with selected drinks. E Call 17 531-122.

What: Del Mare Buffet Night Where: Klouds, The K Hotel An extensive seafood buffet at BD12++ with soft drinks. E Call 17 360-000.

saturday What: Catch of the Day Where: H2O, Elite Grande Hotel All you can eat seafood fiesta for BD10 including shisha. E Call 36 020-750. What: Flavours of Arabia Where: Saraya, Sofitel Offering a number of authentic Arabian dishes for BD18 per person. E Call 17 636-363 What: Vegetarian Thali Where: Golden Peacock, Mirador Hotel A selection of vegetarian dishes as a complete meal for BD2.9. E Call 17 312-000. What: The Commons Where: Klouds, The K Hotel Gourmet kebabs and shawarma for BD4++ with soft drinks. E Call 17 360-000.

Savor the Flavor A festival of dishes inspired by a Michelinrated chef awaits guests at this modern Italian eatery. Vapiano Bahrain continues this month to host Chef Cornelia Poletto’s Michelinstar creations as part of its ‘Specials inspired by Cornelia Poletto’ promotion. The restaurant has joined forces with this German culinary sensation and chef to treat us with authentic Italian dishes. Cornelia, a famed German restaurateur, television personality and author, is a renowned chef who successfully apprenticed for German gourmet chef Heinz Winkler and eventually ran her own Michelin-rated restaurant in Hamburg, called Poletto. Today retired from her own restaurants she can often be seen on German television. Vapiano’s creators are serious about Italian authenticity and her dishes are not

only Italian inspired but named accordingly. Enjoy a salad of insalata di Campo — a delicious salad of field corn — or insalata scarolae salmone, a salmon-based salad. Pasta dishes to look for are salmone e limoneor (lemon and salmon pasta), gorgonzola e pistacchi, or gorgonzola and pistachios, and ravioli con patate e salviaor, which is ravioli with potato. With many forms of pasta from which to choose and all made fresh on location, the food is not only authentic Italian but as fresh as eating in Italy itself. All dishes are prepared in front of guests with fresh ingredients and authentic Italian recipes. Located at the first level of Bahrain’s City Centre, Vapiano offers an urban upscale ambience and modern interactive guest service. For information, call 17 491-391.

February 19, 2014

The Bahrain Desert Times



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