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The official Newsletter of the Ninnescah Sailing Association


❱❱❱ Vol. 42 No. 12 • December 2013


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Afterdeck Reservations

If you are interested in reserving the Afterdeck for NSA activities or renting the facility for a private function, please contact Past Commodore David Parrish, e-mail or call 316-688-1163.


Slip Rental Ends 12/15

Boats cannot be docked in the slips between December 15 and March 15 unless approved by the harbormaster/board.

NSA Calendar

On Sale now, 2014 NSA Calendar. Call Scott Fry at 316-706-7071 to get your calendar before they are gone!


Message from the Commodore Happy New NSA Year!! The calendar year is almost over, winter’s chill has arrived, Thanksgiving has come and gone and we, as Ninnescah Sailing Association members, are just starting our new year. We have just concluded our annual meeting that was filled with reports, stories of success, awards to members, discussion of future plans, and action steps made by the membership that included the seating of a new board of governors. I want to thank our out-going board members for their service to the club. These gentlemen include Jim Janson, Gary Cheatum and Jack Kramer. And a big THANK YOU to now Past Commodore David Parrish for successfully leading the club through a tough year. These members will continue to be a positive driving force in our club. I want to congratulate the various award winners and especially Jim Carlisle who was recognized as the 2013 Worker of the Year. Many members, current and former, have volunteered hundreds and thousands of hours to make the club what we are today. Over the years, members volunteered to build and installed the slips, and they volunteered to build the Afterdeck. This year Jim has volunteered a lot of his time and expertise in projects that involved electrical work. Thank you Jim for you continuous service to the club. I hope you have had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. We have much to be thankful for and especially for the August storms that have filled our lake to overflowing at one point. But I did not hear a single complaint during the flooding of our parking lot. After being without for so long, we were happily wading through the water to go sailing again. For the owners of ‘bigger’ boats, they were ‘on the hard’ for fourteen long months. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. Drive through the various light displays that several not-for-profit agencies have erected for your viewing pleasure while it raises awareness of their services to our community (I work for one). Do something of those who are less fortunate and make an extra donation to your favorite charity or church. You will be blessed because of it. Thank you

Paul Faber

2013-2014 NSA Commodore

If you have a great sailing story, adventure or photos please send them to Sheryl at We would love to hear about your winter sailing adventures.

• Announcements of scheduled events (such as dinners and races) and ads, must be received by the first Thursday of each month.

Yard Information

• Email will be accepted until 6:00 p.m. the first Sunday of each month.

All boat trailers in the yard must have the owner’s names on them for the benefit of inventory and in the event of a yard emergency.


From the Editor: Please note the deadline schedule.

• Any late material will be published the next month. • Email your material to Sheryl Born at • Commercial advertising rates are listed on the Classified page.

An Informal Thanksgiving Celebration at the Afterdeck

The Afterdeck was the site of another successful Thanksgiving with nearly 25 people attending the informal dinner this year. More than enough food was available for everyone, scalloped corn, lefsa, Heather’s fruit & greens salad, kale salad,


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

oyster dressing and the usual (did I mention turkey?) plus a fabulous dessert table were enjoyed by everyone. Next year, keep us in mind to celebrate Thankgiving at the lake with your NSA family!

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Ninnescah Sailing Association 2014 Calendar





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Ninnescah Sailing Association 2013 Photo Contest Entries

For Sale at the NSA Winter Party or call Scott Fry at (316) 706-7071. The 2014 calendar is a collection of photos taken by NSA members that were submitted for the 2013 NSA photo contest.

Order from the NSA Online Store go to and click on the link “STORE”


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

Social Events Coming Soon! Welcome in the new year with your NSA friends at the Afterdeck! December 31 • starting after 7:00 p.m. Bring snacks and let’s celebrate a new year to sail at lake Cheney! Call the park office at 316-540-3664 to reserve a cabin in Cheney State Park if you don’t want to drive home!

Save SSa a the av Date D Da a January Janu ryy 18th

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Winter Party at the Afterdeck

Check your emails for more details! Dinner + Dancing + Fun 4

Happy Holidays

Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

NSA 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes–Nov. 10, 2013 Commodore: David Parrish, called the 2013 annual meeting of the Ninnescah Sailing Association to order at 2:00 P.M. Board & Members Present: Commodore David Parrish, Commodore Elect Paul Faber, Past Commodore Jack Kramer, Vice Commodore Gary Cheatum, Treasurer James Janson, Operations Officer Norm Dodson, Harbormaster Doug Veith, and Secretary Bob Born. Yardmaster, Ricky Stump was absent. Administrative Secretary Allen Johnson, Property Manager Pat Adams, Webmaster Sheryl Born, Junior Sailing Chair Jamie Kissinger, Public Relations Chairman Andy Woodward and approximately twenty six members were present. Minutes: Bob Born, Secretary, The membership approved the minutes of the 2012 annual meeting (Bob Born/Jim Carlisle). 2013 Financial Report: James Janson, Treasurer James presented the 2013 Financial report and it was unanimously approved by the membership (Gary Cheatum/Gregg Greenwood). Past Commodore Report: Jack Kramer, Past Commodore Jack updated members of plans and recommendations of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC). He reiterated that the BOG is not recommending an increase in fees this year but the LRPC is recommending a 5% increase in dues. Patty Coulter asked about a line item plan of cabin expenses in 2015 and several other questions and discussion followed. Kramer also mentioned moving D dock to North of Adams jetty sometime in 2015. Andy Woodward made a motion that we increase the dues by 5% and Pat Coulter seconded the motion. In the discussion that followed a suggestion was made to change the language of a 5% increase to simply increase the dues by $19 which would make the dues $399. After further discussion it was recommended to round the increase to an even $400. An amended motion was made and seconded that beginning in 2014 the NSA dues be increased to $400. The motion passed by a unanimous vote by the membership. Gregg Greenwood provided an update from The Friends of Cheney and an update regarding the Jetty expansion. The existing short jetty extending from the shelter house will be removed. Gregg provided a drawing for the Jetty expansion project which will remain on display at the Afterdeck. KDWPT is planning on removing the existing pit toilets, placing another public bathroom facility up by the shelter house, and are planning on renovating and expanding the public boat ramp next to the shelter house to double its current capacity for the motorboat public. Property Manager’s Report: Patrick Adams Property manager Patrick Adams brought attention to the fact that Property manager Patrick Adams brought attention to the fact that NSA now has water at the dock and members are back enjoying the facilities and sailing. The lake level as of this morning is 1421.48. Patrick states he is thankful to have been a part of NSA and “Now it’s time to win our membership back.” Steve Hieger is a member of the Kansas Water Office – Reservoir Advisory Committee and the Wichita Metro Chamber – Water Leadership Task Force. He is representing NSA in these efforts. Steve provided a brief overview on the committee’s activities as they relate to Cheney Reservoir. Both organizations should make recommendation to the governing bodies in early 2014.


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

Member/Guest Forum:

Frank Hopper made a motion to provide our Property manager Patrick Adams a 5% bonus due to his extra effort during the last two years of drought conditions. Rich Shull seconded the motion. Following a discussion and ballot vote the membership voted approval of the motion.

2013 NSA Awards

Awards and trophies were presented for the outstanding character, leadership, and sportsmanship to several outstanding NSA sailors. Skipper of the year: Doug Douthit and Tom Olson Sportsman of the year: Frank Couch Worker of the Year: Jim Carlisle Picture of the year: Jaime Kissinger Long and distinguished service as Vice Commodore: Gary Cheatum

Junior Sailing Awards:

Sailor of the Year: Evan Evans – He not only traveled to two out of town CSSA Jr. Regattas and brought home two 2nd place trophies in the Sunfish fleet and usually sails his own boat a Catamaran of which he sailed the Catamaran in the our CSSA Championship Jr. regatta. Skipper of the Year: Baxter Scarberry – He traveled to two out of town CSSA Jr. Regattas and brought home two 2nd place trophies in the Red Optimist Fleet and sailing in the last regatta and everyone enjoys his company. Most Improved Sailor: Josh Brown – Josh is new to sailing this year but he sailed well on his first day of camp and then the last day of camp he sailed in 30 mph winds without capsizing. Sports person of the Year: True Thornicroft – True has been with Jr. sailing for a long time and this year she was always in the right place to lend a helping hand when needed. Her positive attitude was especially helpful putting boats away at the end of camp in addition to sailing in the CSSA Championship Jr. Regatta this year. Worker of the Year: Mark Evans – He fixed the Prindle and got it in shape for the kids to sail this year. The Prindle then became The boat to sail. He also organized a Pirates Party in conjunction with our sail for a great ending for camp. It’s a lot of work but the outcome is great with bringing children in to learn the fun of sailing. They are our future! Thank you NSA for all of your support to make Jr. Sailing a success.

NYC 2014 Board Of Governors Election Slate

A motion was made and passed by the membership to elect the following candidates to serve as the 2014 Board of Governors. (Andy Woodward/Frank Couch) Commodore: Paul Faber Past Commodore: David Parrish Commodore Elect: Gregg Greenwood Vice Commodore: Jaime Kissinger Treasurer: Ronnie Leonard Secretary: Bob Born Operations officer: Norm Dodson Harbormaster: Doug Veith Yardmaster: Rick Stump

NSA 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes–Nov. 10, 2013 Board of Governors Written Reports: Past Commodore Summary Report – Jack Kramer 2013 started off pretty dismal for NSA. The winter was long, including an unprecedented snowstorm in mid-April, but mostly because the lake level started out almost eight feet below pool and rising only a few feet during the spring rains (or lack thereof). Undaunted, the NSA Board of Governors decided to turn lemons into lemonade and make long overdue repairs to the wall at the base of the crane. The old bag wall was removed exposing an eroded area beneath the crane, eight additional piers were added to crane base, and a crane foundation was poured. The resulting efforts of the Harbormaster, Property Manager, and contractors were outstanding. At the same time, equipment was brought in to deepen the area beneath the crane as silt had settled, preventing boats with deep keels from easily assessing the crane. After the work was complete, all that was needed was for the lake level to rise – and rise it did in August (of all months!). Within a week, the crane was pressed into service to launch many boats. The Afterdeck was used throughout the year. Many functions were held at the clubhouse and it was used by a number of the pro-lake groups, including the Cheney Lake Association, Cheney Lake Watershed Association, Kansas Geological Survey, Friends of Cheney Lake, and of course members of NSA. Even with the lake level low, the Afterdeck continued to be a wonderful facility to visit and meet. Discussions continue with the State regarding a new jetty starting at the Shelter house shore and running into the lake to the North. Members of the Long Range Planning Committee, the Board of Governors, and other closely connected members of the Club are monitoring this closely. Commodore Elect Summary 2013 – Paul Faber August was very kind to the club. The rain gods smiled down on Lake Cheney and over-blessed us with water to the point of flooding our parking lots. All members that wanted to were able to launch their boats and enjoy a couple months of sailing. The water level this fall gives us a great start to a fantastic sailing season next year. The drought has cost the club some members who elected to take their boats to other lakes. I have called over 40 in-active and former members asking if they plan to return as members in 2014. Those calls have resulted in six families returning to the club this year and I am confident more families will re-join us soon. The low-water level was a blessing in disguise. The club was able to make a major repair to the crane pad that was critical to keeping the crane operational in future years. If that work were being done with the water at usual lake levels, the costs would have been extremely high compared to the actual costs incurred. The club is very fortunate that we had the money in savings to complete this project. And that money was available because of the excellent management of the club’s resources in previous decades. There are many, many past and current members who have given thousands of hours and dollars to build what we not only enjoy, but all too often take for granted, in our club. That includes the fabulous Afterdeck, as well as the slips, that are available to any member who wants to use them. As I walked


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

around other sailing club facilities, you would be hard pressed to find anything as nice as the facilities we have at the Ninnescah Yacht Club. Harbormaster Report - Doug Veith The club’s future looks very bright. The water is back, members are coming back, and we are looking forward to a great new year. Encourage your sailing friends who have gone elsewhere to return home to Lake Cheney and your club. I won’t bore everyone with a long report; Instead I will give a list of projects completed by the club. I would also like to give a big thank you to Patrick Adams, Tim Kelso and Jim Carlisle for their hard work on the docks. • Crane wall and structure • Cleaning up trash and removing old dock wreckage (including the famous hump) • UN-winterizing docks • Purchase of outboard for barge • Finger structures for “C” dock • Replacing missing foam • Getting power cords and electrical outlets to code • Installing in use covers on all slip receptacles • Removing power washer and straps and preparing for flood • Replacing dock boxes and repair pump out fence damage from flood • Getting the crane certified • Replacing the crane light • Winterizing docks And many more items too numerous to mention Operations 2013 – Norm Dodson There are many people that are owed a huge debt of thanks for helping in Operations this year. In addition to the low water conditions, we also saw value long time volunteers leaving the club and the subsequent voids to be filled. I have been extremely impressed and amazed at the way this club steps up and fills those needs when they arise.

Comments from the Commodore: - David Parrish Website and Mainsheet – Sheryl Born I have to give a big thanks to Sheryl Born for stepping up and taking over the Mainsheet. I look forward to every new issue. She, along with help from Bob, has taken this publication to a new level. I urge anyone that does not read the mainsheet on a regular basis to check it out. It’s very informative and the best way to keep up with happenings at the club. In addition to the Mainsheet, Sheryl also maintains our website which is one of the most professional looking websites in the region. All of the announcements that go out for the events and special communications are designed by Sheryl as well. Sheryl has been invaluable to me in her efforts, and I can’t thank her and Bob enough. We also published a calendar this year which Sheryl put together, and Scott Fry coordinated the distribution and collection of the funds. We’ve continued that for 2014 as well and those will be available for purchase. The calendar project pays for itself with a little revenue left over and it also serves as a marketing aid for promoting the club. Thanks to the Borns and Scott Fry for their efforts.

NSA 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes–Nov. 10, 2013 Rapid Communication Hub (RCH) – Alan Loehr I would also like to thank Alan Loehr for his work on the Rapid Communication Hub. This has become a very effective way to communicate events and issues to the membership very quickly and Alan is very good at getting these announcements out there in a timely manner. Although Alan moved his boat to El Dorado during the low water conditions, he continues to assist us through the year in this effort. Yearbook – Stan Chase, Editor Stan Chase continues to put out a very high quality yearbook for the club year after year and sees that it gets distributed. It’s an invaluable tool to me for reaching out to people and I owe Stan a debt of gratitude for taking on this project year after year. Merchandise – Norm Dodson, Chairman Flying Colors continues to take care of our needs for things such as caps, shirts, cups, etc. They have a store in Wichita at Maple and West Street and they’re also available on the web. Be sure to check out the link on our own website or stop by their store. Social – Leslie Sundberg/Norm Dodson, Co Chair 2013 started as a continuation of 2012 with the dry conditions making getting in the lake impossible for the larger boats. In mid-June there was only a handful of Catalina 22’s and one Sunbird in water as I recall. I knew this was going to be a real challenge for the Social Committee to keep the interest in coming out to a dry lake to attend events up. I have to give a big thank you to Leslie Sundberg for getting me started off on the right foot with the social committee by coordinating a great Winter Party in January. Those that attended said it was the best they had seen in years. Even though Leslie and her family were in the process of relocating to Edmund, OK, she continued those efforts with the Memorial Day Picnic along with the assistance of her husband Eric. We had over 85 people show up for hamburgers and hotdogs for that event which seemed to get the summer off to a great start even if we didn’t have any water in the lake. I would also like to give a big thanks to all the other people that coordinated the events throughout the year to help keep

this club coming together to enjoy each other’s company. The Blessing of the Fleet and Summer Sailstice was conducted even though the majority of the boats were in the yard and turned out to be a very nice event. Who knows, maybe this was the turning point! Thank you to Ray Keller and Larry Greenwood for their efforts and their connections. Brad and Patti Sweet assumed the responsibility for the 4th of July Party this year and served up some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Andy Woodward coordinated the Progressive Dinner for the second year and donated and cooked the Pork Loin for the club. The Sweets and Andy are perennial heroes for coordinating events and assisting with whatever needs to be done to make sure events get executed for the membership to enjoy. And then the rain came, and came, and came making the Labor Day celebration probably the most exciting event in recent history simply by virtue of having a full lake. Thanks to Pat and Heather Coulter and Dave Parrish for putting this on. We wound up the social season as always with Allen Johnson’s annual 50th Birthday Party. This year it was moved up to the front of the Afterdeck due to high winds, and it really added to the enjoyment. I don’t think the Goons have ever sounded better. Putting them under the Afterdeck may have given them some added acoustics. At any rate, Thumper and Allen Johnson and Mary Kearbey have got this event down to a science and have made it one of the favorite events of the year. I would also like to thank Patrick Adams for being there to assist in preparing for every event. He’s always there to assist with getting the air on early or set picnic tables if needed or anything you ask him to do. His service to this club continues to be invaluable in so many areas. Lastly, I would like to thank you, the membership for all your efforts in attending these events as well as helping with the clean up afterwards. I am truly amazed that the amount of pride and ownership that this club has for the property. After every event the tables and chairs are put up, the trash is taken out, and the kitchen is cleaned in record time because some many pitch in and help. Meeting was adjourned and followed by a soup potluck.

NSA Annual Invoices

were mailed out Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013. If you have not received your invoice, contact Allen Johnson at First half payment is due January 1. Contact Allen too if you want to change your membership, slip or yard space status. If you previously requested that the $50.00 crane use fee be removed from your account because of the lake level, but you intend to use the crane in 2014, please make a note on the return form and submit the


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

additional $50.00 fee. Check your invoice to see if you have the crane fee already applied or not. The crane fee charge only applies to members who intend to use the crane to launch their boat. If you do not use the crane, you do not need to pay the crane use fee.

NSA Board of Governors Minutes–Dec. 5, 2013 Commodore Elect: Gregg Greenwood called the meeting to order at 6:59 P.M. due to Commodore Fabers absence somewhere in the Caribbean. BOG members present were Greenwood, Parrish, Leonard, Dodson, Veith, Kissinger and Born. Stump was absent. Members & Guests: Property Manager Pat Adams, Webmaster Sheryl Born, Jim Carlisle, and Justin Fremin were present. Administrative Secretary Allen Johnson was absent. Minutes: Bob Born, Secretary The Board accepted and approved the November minutes as published. (Born/Parrish) Financial Report: Ronnie Leonard – Treasurer Ronnie provided the board a great introduction as to what she hopes to bring to the board as Treasurer for 2014. Past Treasurer, James Janson, presented the Statement of Financial Position for the month ending November 31, 2013, which was approved by the Board (Parrish/Kissinger). Mr. Janson has agreed to serve as NSA Assistant Treasurer for 2014. Property Manager’s Report: Patrick Adams Wetslips: All boats are out or moved to A and B. Please remove all garden hoses from the docks for the winter. Thanks. We completed the electrical outlet upgrades on C and D dock. Crane: Konecranes came out and went over the Crane inspection report. No big problems, we need some signage and an electrical conduit repair. Repaired the Sanitary Pump out facility at the crane. Thanks to Jack Kramer and Doug Veith for their assistance with this glamorous task. Club Boats: Had the Lund trailer bearings inspected and repacked. Hauled the boat out and took in for winter service. Committee boat is in for service and will require a new lower end. Also took the barge motor in for service. Afterdeck: Replaced broken lenses and gaskets on the exterior light fixtures and re-lamped with compact fluorescent bulbs, which will burn cooler and should alleviate the problem. The Boy Scouts had their annual campout and dinner, and they should be thawed out by now. We had our Annual meeting in the AD, two members had family gatherings over thanksgiving, and the CSSA meeting met here. Administrative Secretary Report: Allen Johnson – absent

Member/Guest Forum:

Jim Carslisle – Jim questioned as to if we have plans to restore WiFi to the Slip Area? We hope to have WiFi going again at the slips this year. Justin Fremin will put together plans and cost estimates to cover the slips and the campsites.

Board Member Reports: Secretary: Bob Born No report Treasurer: Ronnie Leonard A motion made and approved to automatically withhold Patrick’s annual NSA fees from his payroll on a monthly basis to assist with bookkeeping (Leonard/Born).


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

James requests everyone have names on trailers for the benefit of inventory and in the event of a yard emergency. Trophies and plaques: Our recent bill for plaques was $121.00. As the cost of club awards keeps increasing with our current supplier the board recommends that a new supplier should be identified that can supply awards at less cost. Yardmaster: Ricky Stump Absent – No Report FYI on Yard Spaces Yard Space fees n

Member – 10' (annual) $160.00


Member – 12' (annual) $215.00

Member – 15' (annual) $240.00 The yards are designed for storing trailers and boats on trailers. Yard space will be used for storage of sailboats and/or their trailers. Members and/or non-members who have paid the appropriate fees maystore their boats and/or trailers in the yards. Any member storing, on a regular basis, a boat and/or trailer owned by another member shall notifythe Yardmaster in writing of this special arrangement. B. Permanent side tie downs have been installed for small boats. Each lessee is responsible for seeing that his or her boat is properly secured and that the yard space is properly maintained. E. NSA requires proof of liability insurance for any boat located on NSA property. F. All lessees shall have a signed lease agreement on file with the Administrative. . n

Harbormaster: Doug Veith Most all boats are pulled. No knowledge of anyone staying over the winter. Your slip rental ends on December 15. Boats cannot be docked in the slips between December 15 and March 15 unless approved by the harbormaster/board. Make your email or written request known to the Harbormaster. After December 15, all boats are to be removed from C, D, and E docks and berthed on either A dock or the odd numbered slips on B dock for the winter unless otherwise approved by the Harbormaster. Failure to relocate the boats will require the Harbormaster to do so and there will be a fee charged for the activity. If there are any questions, feel free to contact the Harbormaster at or Property Manager at Winter Slip fees n

Without bubbler – Slip lessee $74.00


With bubbler – Slip Lessee $147.00


With or without bubbler – Non-Slip Lessee $235.00

Operations Officer: Norman Dodson The January 18 winter party preparations have begun. So far twentyfive NSA calendars have sold so if you want one of these historic calendars let Norm or Scott Fry know. They will be available at all social functions.

Continued: NSA Board of Governors Minutes–December 5, 2013 -Members interested in reserving the Shelter House, Afterdeck, or holding a special group activity should contact David Parrish at Vice Commodore: Jaime Kissinger Bernie Kuse has decided to retire from Judging so the new President of CSSA is Duncan McBride from OCBC. Dates for 2014 CSSA Regattas Dogwood Regatta, April 26-27 hosted by TSA-La-Gi Yacht Club, held on Fort Gibson Lake, OK Lighthouse Charity Regatta - hosted by OCBC on Lake Hefner, OK, June 15 Centerboards - June 22 Keelboats only Youth Windjammer Regatta, July 12 - hosted by Windycrest Sailing Club, held on Lake Keystone, OK Whitecap Regatta -July 19, 20 - hosted by Ninnescah Sailing Association, held on Cheney Lake, KS Youth CSSA Open, TDB - hosted by Tsa-La-Gi Yacht Club, held on Fort Gibson Lake, OK Youth Dock Rats Regatta, TDB - hosted by OCBC, held on Lake Hefner, OK Youth Championship Regatta, August 9 -hosted by Ninnescah Sailing Association, held on Cheney Lake, KS CORN Regatta, August 31, September 1 - hosted by Ninnescah Sailing Association, held on Cheney Lake, KS, sailing one-design of 4 or more only Governor’s Cup, September 19, 20 - hosted by Lake Stockton Yacht Club, held on Lake Stockton, MO Indian Summer Regatta, October 4, 5 - hosted by OCBC, held on Lake Hefner, OK Frostbite Regatta, October 18, 19 - hosted by Tsa-La-Gi Yacht Club, held on Fort Gibson Lake, OK Hiram Douglas Memorial Regatta, November 2 - hosted by Thunderbird Sailing Club, held on Lake Thunderbird, OK, sailing keelboats only. (Hiram Douglas was a lake patrol ranger.) The buyer of the NEST Starwind boat that was sold through silent auction backed out of the purchase. Jaime reported her interest in buying the boat and the board approved.

Commodore Elect: Paul Faber No Report. Absent Past Commodore: David Parrish -Parrish gave an update on the rental of the afterdeck. Commodore Elect: Greg Greenwood • There will be an official gathering at the Afterdeck on New Year’s Eve. Come join the fun. • Super Bowl gathering on February 2nd. • The Links at Pretty Prairie golf course is reserved for the annual golf tournament scheduled for Saturday, August 23, 2014. Gregg asked the Board Members if they have filled their respective Committee Chairperson positions. If help is needed to fill positions, please contact Gregg.

New Business: The board began discussing the 2014 budget at 8:20 p.m. and ended the first phase of discussions at 10:10 p.m. A proposed budget for FY14 was presented to the board. After discussion and review, certain board members were asked to provide additional information on specific expense items to enable the board to finalize and approve the budget at the next board meeting.

Old Business: Second Slip: Veith will come with a plan and wording for a proposal for the board. This proposal would allow members to obtain a 2nd their first slip.

Announcements/Events: -BOG Breakfast – Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 7:00 A.M., at The Copper Oven Café, 2409 W. 13th St. -BOG Meeting – Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at the DoubleTree by Hilton Wichita Airport Boardroom. -2014 NSA Calendars For Sale – Buy one for home and one for the office. Meeting Adjourned 10:10 P.M. (Born/Parrish) * TDB - Date yet to be determined

In Memory of NSA Member Doug Douthit NSA member, Doug Douthit passed last week while on vacation in Mexico with his wife and friends. Doug and his wife Denise have been members of NSA since 1980. Doug was co-owner with Tom Olsen of the famous S2 7.9 Screamin’ Eagle. As a long time NSA member, a friend and fellow sailor of NSA, he will be deeply missed. Doug was chosen skipper of the year in 2010 and received the same award in 2013 along with one of his best friends and fellow sailor Tom Olsen.


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

For those who haven’t heard Doug was snorkeling with friends in rather rough water in Mexico and became fatigued. He was assisted ashore but unfortunately he died shortly after. His death is a profound loss to all of us and we wish his family, loved ones and his best friends of Screamin’ Eagle our condolences. Doug, 59, was a prominent Wichita obstetrician and gynecologist who cared for generations of Wichita women. He had been in private practice since 1980 and specialized in general and high-risk obstetrics and gynecology. He also provided clinical instruction to physician residents through the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita.

NSA Classifieds Sell it in the Classifieds! BOATS FOR SALE NEW LISTING - Newport 30, 1976.

Located at Perry Yacht Club, Ks 30 foot Sailboat, Beam 10.5 feet, Draft 4.75 feet, Displacement 8000 lbs. Triple Axle Road trailer (needs tires and new bearings for highway service) 2 year old heavy winter cover New battery (1 of 2), New bilge pump, Yanmar Diesel inboard with new impeller, Wheel steering (back up tiller included), Good cockpit and cabin cushions, Large cabin due to wide beam, 5 headsails, Spinnaker, Sleeps 6, Bimini, Boat is ready to enjoy! $15,300 or best offer. Cash only, no trades Contact: Beth Whitson at whit4257@ Price Reduced - 1980 CATALINA 30 30 ft. TALL RIG SAILBOAT, $16,000 firm. Includes a 3-axle road trailer and a

slip transfer with NSA board approval. HAS UNIVERSAL DIESEL 25hp, bottom painted a month ago with vc17, bottom is nice and slick. Very good boat for family cruising with a nice big Bimini top or leave it at the dock and go racing. Thousands of dollars on sails, spinnaker with pole, folding prop, two big harken winches that cost me $2,000 just for them alone, upgraded with Harken center main traveler. Inside the boat is clean, but has original upholstery. Outside, it shines that makes this boat a real beauty. If you seriously desire a 30 ft. sailboat then this one is truly worth a look. Call Marino Garci at 239-699-6641 or can be seen at NSA B-18 dock, look for a SHINNY 30ft. CATALINA , everyone knows my boat on B dock. NEW LISTING - Sunfish. 1992 hull in fair condition (one small repair needed on bow); sail and rudder assembly purchased in 2004 and are like new. Trailer is rough,

but usable. $500 OBO. John Graves 316250-7576 or NEW LISTING - Catalina 30 – 1981 “The Back Porch”: fin keel, Edson wheel

steering with compass on pedestal, selftailing winches, upgraded spreaders, roller furling, headsail in great condition, main is average. Also have several older sails. Universal diesel (11 hp), bimini canvas and frame are new, other canvas covers are good to fair condition. Stern seats, cockpit cushions, Magma propane grill, depth, knot, VHF, stereo with Bose 151 speakers, all cabin cushions recovered in a dark blue and in perfect condition, Krusin Kool suitcase AC. Lots of extra stuff! Steel cradle sits on heavy duty flatbed trailer with nearly new rubber. $16,500 OBO John Graves 316-250-7576 or johngraves@ Price Reduced. Cal 9.2 (30 ft.). New mainsail, genoa (new in 2000), spinnaker, stereo, VHF, bimini, cockpit cushions, and BBQ grill. Very good Universal diesel engine. Excellent trailer. Price reduced to $13,600. Call 316-540-3674 to see this boat. Catalina 25, 1981. Swing keel, trailer, slip with board approval. VHF radio, radio/CD player, microwave, air conditioner, head with holding tank. Good main, rollerfurling, North genoa, spinnaker with ATK sock, new Lewmar self-tailing winches, bimini top, new cockpit and cabin cushions, 9.9 outboard, and more. $9,500. Call Tony Scuka at 316-942-1990. Cape Dory 19’ Typhoon weekender. Liebchen. New bottom paint and teak refinishing Spring 2011. Main, jib and 150 genoa (Nuclear Dacron–almost new.) Windex, Danforth anchor, porta pottie, British seagull engine. Galvanized “Dilly” trailer with new

AD Sizes and Prices Business card size......$50 1/2 page................$200 1/4 page................$100 Full page.................$400 20% discount for ads with no changes running for six consecutive months. lights. Asking $6000 OBO. Call Tom at 316-260-6820 or cell 316-259-7656. Also, have 3-hp. to sell with or separate. Columbia 26, 1978. Price $4,500. Length: 26 ft.; Keel type: fixed; Draft: 3 ft. 2 in.; Weight: 6,600 lbs.; Average condition mainsail, jib, and genoa; sound hull; good interior; tiller steer; dodger, bimini, stack pack; stand-up cabin, 6ft. 2 in. Call Bill Clark at 316-681-0820. Irwin 25 -1974. 25’ with an 8’ beam. Mainsail, heavy duty hinged mast step, cabin will sleep six. Foresail is on a roller furling with lines to cockpit. She has a table, sink, closet storage, head and tandem trailer. Sailboat and trailer together are $3500. For more information contact Gil Nye at 316-788-3454 or email at J 24 with Trailer. Located at Cheney. Large sail inventory of crisp and average sails $3500.00. Contact Stan at 316-737-2753. Phoenix Snipe 16'. 1982, boat # 25196, completely renovated, and race competitive. It has minimum weight, flexible mast. Can be capsized, re-righted and continue sailing. Includes two suits of sails, large face compass, pole launcher, and all sail controls. The trailer alone is worth the $1,500. price. Contact Ken Rix at 316-684-6086, or email at Ranger 26, 1970. Price $1,000. Length: 26 ft., draft 4 ft, 4 in., fixed keel, tiller, mainsail, jib, and genoa, sound hull, needs cosmetics, average condition, no trailer, no engine. Call Bill Clark at 316-681-0820. SNIPE. Fiberglass Balsa core, alum. mast and boom, sails maroon hull clear natural mahogany deck. $1,500.00. Call Dick at 316-685-8611.

Miscellaneous Old Laser Parts. Good parts for sale.

Hobie 14 boat or parts for sale. Trailers. Call Dan at 316-687-2471 or email at

Never worn new set of 3X West Marine Third Reef foulies, classic

yellow coat and bibs probably 3 maybe 4 years old. They are nice for West Marine

branded gear. Price $50 donation to NSA Youth Sailing. Contact Frank Hopper

Classified Advertising Policy:

Members are invited to advertise at no charge. Email your ad copy to the editor at Your item will appear in two consecutive issues unless you advise otherwise. Please let the editor know if the item is sold or if you want your ad discontinued. Items advertised must be boat related. Non-members wishing to advertise a boat related item may do so using paid advertising with the following per issue fees: $25 per ad, 50 word maximum. Payment in full and copy must be received prior to placing ad. Send your ad copy and a check to Ninnescah Sailing Assn. PO Box 1587, Wichita, KS 67201. Members of any organized sailing association who offer us reciprocal free classified advertising in their publication will not be charged.


Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

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Ninnescah Sailing Association • December 2013

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