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February 2011 Edition

Highlights LG Rocks your city Brandon, Manitoba January 22nd, 2011

DECA U LG Mobile Device Promotion Toronto, Ontario January 22nd, 2011

Highlights Upcoming Events RSA’s of the Week In-Store Highlights FMM Grassroots Events Life’s Good In...

Upcoming Events Feb 26th - LG Hockey Night - Shawinigan, QC Feb 26th - FIS Snowboard Competition Calgary, AB March 12 - 12 Hour Ski Challenge for Cancer, Leucan - Stoneham resort, QC March 16 - CANEX – Ottawa, ON March 18-27 - Montreal Home Show Montreal, QC

RSA’s of the Week Aaron

Aaron (far left) Best Buy 960- Red Deer FMM's help with Home Depot Sales Support throughout the month of January

New endcap and POP for vacuums were installed at selected FS stores nationally.

FMM's completed Future Shop Media player installs across Canada

Aaron was eager to learn more about LG and represent the company in the best way possible. These RSA's truly believe in LG technology and express this to consumers on a daily basis. - Justine Hall


Future Shop Orleans The LG sound bar from the calibration wall at Future Shop Orleans was defective, Jose helped Rebecca remove the malfunctioning unit from the display, which is not a small task and reconnect the new one. Jose was a huge help. -Rebecca Fine


Future Shop #81 Moncton, NB


Home Depot 7074 – Langford, BC Haroldo is a sales associate in the HA department at The Home Depot in Langford, BC. Reanna found him demo'ing the LG 2501 Laundry Pair to a consumer in the market for new machines. He kept both the customers and FMM very interested with his sales pitch as he walked through various demos and comparisons of feature to other competitors’ products. - Reanna Deveau

Stephen always brings customers to the LG calibration wall. It is a win-win situation for both Future Shop and LG. RSA's earn commission on home calibrations and are able to demo this on LG TVs. Stephen did the full demo including many great benefits of choosing LG over other brands. The customer decided to pass on the home calibration and go with an LG TV to take advantage of the built in picture software. - Nick Carter

In-Store Highlights

Future Shop, Northern Alberta

Future Shop, GTA West ON

Kristine removed the shipping packaging to make this

Kristen unpacked a fridge at this FS location. It had not been touched since it was delivered so Kristen made sure it looked great. -Kristen Thomson Before

range floor ready.

- Kristine Nicholls




Home Depot Argentia, Mississauga ON

Kristen replaced missing fridge plugs on this LG unit. - Kristen Thomson

Calgary Northland Justine used a little elbow grease to clean the sticker residue at this fridge in Future Shop

- Justine Hall

Future Shop, Montreal QC

Alex worked with an RSA at FS #80 to set up the LG vacuum display so it was consumer ready. - Alex Serafini

Future Shop, Halifax, NS Nick installed this vacuum POP in his FS in Halifax. Nick had a chance to go over the many benefits of these vacuums compared to a typical Dyson model. Nick uncovered some useful tips and loves how the LG models are now at a more economical price, and lower than Dyson models.

Sears, Victoria, BC During a regular hygiene visit Reanna noticed signage draped over the top of one of the stores LG Washing Machines. Reanna removed the banner and placed it on the side of the machine where it became more visually pleasing and easier to read. -Reanna Deveau

Future Shop Beacon Hills, Calgary AB LG POP was distributed to RSA's during a black out period in December. It is now up and being used by both RSA's and consumers.

- Nick Carter

Future Shop, Moncton, NB The first media player was installed

Future Shop, GTA East ON These new media players were successfully installed in Future Shop 3D vignettes across Canada. Ensuring greater consistency of functionality and reducing effort needed by RSA's to have the display working properly. -Gilles Pereira

at FS 81 in Moncton, NB. This media system automatically switches on (TV and content player) when stores are powered up. It doesn’t require a remote and automatically switches the TV to HDMI1 and 3D mode. This eliminates the need to use a Blu-ray player and IRs. RSA's really appreciate this upgrade and this should eliminate many glitches. - Nick Carter

FMM Grassroots Events LG Rocks Your City, Brandon, Manitoba January 22nd, 2011

LG executed a first of its kind event in Brandon, Manitoba on January 22, 2011. The festival-style event featured hit bands such as Hedley and Plain White T’s, a snowboard zone with professional riders and lots of family fun. World renowned silver medalist snowboarder Mike Robertson was LG’s special guest for the weekend along with Jesmond Dubeau, cover athlete for snowboard Canada. The LG promo team circulated the event creating hype, engaging the crowd, and handing out swag which included: LG Snowboard USB sticks, LG air holes, LG thunder sticks, LG chap stick and LG mitten clips. LG grand prize snowboards were also given out to lucky winners throughout the event and after party. Kristine Nicholls, Justine Hall (Alberta FMM's), Mobeen Chaudhany (Mobile Communication Specialist) and Marcus Gallant (Training Specialist) hosted the VIP area, monitored the kids zone, and excited the crowd. Over 6000 people attended LG Rocks Your City. Everywhere you looked a life’s good moment was to be found. A great, ,memorable day was had by all!

DECA U – LG Mobile Device Promotion Toronto, Ontario January 22nd, 2011

On January 22, 2011 a National DECA U (Developing Excellence Celebrating Achievement) event took place from at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto . This event is an opportunity for University students from 15 schools across Ontario to network with industry professionals and participate in a variety of competitions. GTA FMM’s Gilles and Kristen executed a demonstration of the new LG Optimus phones while handing out LG swag and running an LG Blu-ray giveaway contest. The day included interacting with attendees, demonstrating mobile devices, and answering questions and communicating brand messaging. The FMM's set up roll banner and pennants along with LG Optimus boards. As the attendees filtered through the room throughout the day on their way to various competitions, FMM’s spoke to attendees answering questions about the new phones, handing out brochures, giving out swag, and promoting the Grand Prize giveaway LG Blu-ray player. Everyone could enter a ballot to win but those students who returned with photos of a life’s good moment from the day got to do a double entry! Taking into account the audience, and the large amount of one-onone consumer interaction, the FMM's participation at the DECA event was deemed a success!

FMM Grassroots Events cont’d... Telus Whistler Classic – Whistler, BC January 28th, 2011

The activation for this event took place on Whistler mountain in BC. A Telus branded tent was located at the starting point for the Thornhill Real Estate Group Match Your Time event. Two LG TV’s were set showing a live feed of the event. This was the only vendor/sponsor tent on site and was used as a “pit stop” area for participants to grab a hot chocolate, hand warmers and catch the live feed on the LG TV’s. As added incentive, Reanna and Blair, FMM's from Vancouver, used the mini LG washing machine as a ballot box. Carrying the machine around the mountain garnered a significant amount of attention followed by many questions and disbelief that it was actually a fully functional display model. This was a great tool to break the ice with participants in the tent and while they waited to race. After conversation, most participants entered their name for a chance to win one of two LG Blu-ray players that were being raffled. An LG banner was used as the official photo location for skiers to have their picture taken. There were approximately 200 attendees at the event, and every participant in the Saturday event saw the race being broadcast on the two LG TVs. While participants waited to race, the FMM's entertained them by talking about LG Electronics, handing out swag, and displaying the mini LG washing machine. LG was able to make a connection with every participant during this event.

Life’s Good In... GTA West

It was a Tuesday afternoon when I was walking into my storage unit to get some packages. I was stopped by two gentlemen when they had realized I had come from the LG branded vehicle. One man looked at me with a huge smile, reached into his pocket and pulled out his ‘Shine Plus’ which was followed by the words... “I LOVE MY LG PHONE! As a conversation starter I asked him what it was that he liked best about his phone. He began to express his excitement about the various applications and how easy they were to download. He also commented on the fact that his phone never lets him down when he needs to jump on the internet for a quick reference or e-mail. After our short conversation I reached in my pocket and handed over a LG branded laser pen while thanking him for his time. Life’s good! - Reanna Deveau


I was leaving a Sears store in a small town called Drumheller, and as I was leaving a couple walking into the store said, “Is that your car?” I said, “yes” and they responded in a joking manner with “well how do you ever have a bad day when life’s good written all over your car?” I pulled out some swag from my bag and said “Your right it’s impossible, life’s too good!” - Justine Hall

GTA West

During one of the first snowfalls this year, I went out to my LG car and realized that I did not have a snow brush. A person in a car passing by stopped to assist and lent me his brush. I thanked the gentleman by offering him a few pieces of LG swag which he was thrilled about! It was a life’s good moment for him and for me as well. - Kristen Thomson

Ontario East

In the middle of a long day between Nelson, Creston and Cranbrook and before embarking on a 7 hour drive to Osoyoos to beat out an approaching snow storm, I took a pit stop to grab a bite to eat in a Quizno’s in Cranbrook. When placing my order the friendly employee asked me if life was good today, so of course I said it was. He went on to list off all the LG product he owned – TV, Sound system, DVD player and cell phone. Bob is truly an LG fan. Once I finished my lunch I went to my car and made sure to get one of every kind of LG branded swag we had. I went back into the Quizno’s and presented him with the swag. Bob was so blown away by the generosity that he told me to wait a minute while he went to his office. He returned with multiple free sub cards and told me to come back anytime and he will give me more. A truly life is good moment. - Blair Elliot

What Our Competitors Are Doing Northern Ontario

Lethbridge, AB

Yamaha has its sound dock and TV on an End Cap, which can be demon-

Sony seems to be the favored 3D display in Future Shop locations because of their easy to use interactive display and ability to play PS3 games. Unfortunately, in Canada, there is not a lot of content available in 3D. Yet Sony PS3 games are constantly given updates to support 3D. This is definitely a competitive advantage for Sony - Nick Carter

strated by the consumer. - Dan Forrester

Jean-Sebastien noticed that Samsung has been putting a lot of emphasis on its 3D TV with info tags and glasses specially designed for kids.

- Jean-Sebastien

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In the Loop - February Edition  

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In the Loop - February Edition  

FMM Monthly Newsletter