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Businessinformation: searching databases Start at the library home page: When you are given coursework you will have to search for information beyond the books and journal articles highlighted to you in your reading lists. We have several databases to help you to research for journal articles.

From the Library Homepage select Subject guides listed in the centre of the page.

Scroll down the list and select the subject area of your choice by doubleclicking on it.

The electronic resources available for the selected subject area have been categorised by the subject librarians.

At the top of the pages is a link to Databases – click on that and a list of relevant databases appears.

A description of the database is given along with details of any passwords you might need to access them. To open a database simply click on the title.

As you get more familiar with using the databases you will find that some become your favoured option. If you all ready know which database you want to open then a simpler way of accessing the database is by selecting Databases from the library home page.

Now you can either type in the name of the database you want access to or browse all the databases through the Database AZ list.

Searching databases  

How to access journal articles through the databases.

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