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October, 2012


One month of rumors, Lakeside to be bought by JBS USA By: Ryan Kiedrowski.

was not processing, then Moose Jaw, SK. Back laid off with the confusing then, the reason that the company gave It's for cutting hours been a was the shortage tumulof cattle; that tuous they were headmonth ing for Alberta in instead of SasBrooks katchewan. A to say labor dispute the with the same least. union that operAs ates in Lakeside readers verbiage of 'temporarily (the United Food and already know, the area's indefinite.' Commercial Workers Unlargest employer - XL ion) lasted Foods Lakeside - had it's The next step for XL license revoked by the Foods was one that each nearly a year at Canadian Food Inspection person in Brooks and the the Moose Jaw plant - in the Agency (CFIA) after the County of Newell was discovery of beef contain- watching. Those with long end, no agreement could be ing high levels of the E. memories knew coli bacteria. that this company was the As a result, employees same one who were left without work paid for a reduced number not so long ago closed down a of hours while the plant meat plant in

reached. Contract negotiations stalled with a main sticking point of compulsory overtime and the company locked the doors on a summer day in 2010. Everyone thought XL was a savior for the Moose Jaw facility, which had been bought by the provincial government in 1998, then purchased by XL Foods two years later. (Continued on Page 3)

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Art Seen Art is alive and well in Brooks. Below are just a few places to

ry musicians : Bed and Breakfast Looking for musicians Hwy 544 1 km east from the corner of Hwy 36 view some wonderful pieces of art. and across from the Newell Christian School. Open except Sunday 378-4276. Medicine Hat College - No showing for October Community Centre - Brooks and District Handicraft Guild Members, Cathryn Brooks Public Library Gallery - Kim Huynh, Hole/Whole 19 chin-colle lithographs Krochak, Cory Baksa, Evelyn Harrison, Roxanne Neu, Pat Neufeld, Work with and 2 mixed media images “Burden of 4,000 Pearls”, Alberta Foundation for the clay, demos, tours weaving Arts” Travelling Exhibition Sagebrush Arts - Monthly meeting – October 2, 2012, 1:00 p.m. City Hall Art Studio and Gallery - Closed. Steaming Cup Cafe - Art by Tracy Kuffner, (felt), Linda Milne (Watercolors) Barba- Brooks Composite High School - Gallery, 2012 Possible formation of Junior ra Woodward, Cathy Corbet-Shock (new work), Roxanne Neu, (pottery), Pat Artists Club Neufeld (Drawing), Calin Musgrove (Photography) Blue Jewelry, Julie Hilaire Answer to September Question: D) Pancho… Winner: (Work for Widows) Glassy-Eyed Beads, by Erin Pell, Exotic Woods, Dale Keith, Books:, Our Town, Danny Howard, Donna MacNaughton, Michelle Gietz, Tracy None. Kuffner.,Gwen, Victor Lethbridge, V, Grateful Grannies, Aids Angels, Itty Bitty October Question: What chocolate bar is named for a famous Witty Knitties, (Cards) Open M-F 7:30 – 5:00, Sat 9-5

baseball player? Red Roof Studio - Carol Iwaasa, felt, Richard Wood, Pat Neufeld, Linda Milne (Watercolors) Penny Volk, Linda Hajash, Leo Dunne_( paintings), Roxanne Neu, pottery, Sagebrush Arts, various artists.. Janine Dawsen, book marks; Linda Wilson, prints; Lorrence Spence, prints and paintings; Heather Christianson, chain jewelry; Linda Milne, watercolors, Darrel Burroughs. Oct. 20 Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, $22.00, Oct. 26,Cumberland, $20.00, Dec. 8, Joe Nolan $20.00 Calga-

What’s there to do? The new Newell Regional Tourism Associations (NRTA) website is a website

Please send your answer to for your chance to be entered to win a free Large Vanilla Latte at STEAMING CUP CAFÉ. website still offers the same events and tourism

destination information as the last, but now also offers a significant benefit for local residents and

the region, and businesses can purchase a membership for a year to control the information on the microsite. This system is designed to promote the community and to create opportunity to be market-

created for the Region of Newell. This website con- tourists to find information on local businesses and tains all the things to see and do in the communities services. The Visit Newell website now hosts infor-

ed online where there was no internet presence before. The goals of the NRTA are to promote the

of The City of Brooks, Town of Bassano, Village of Duchess, Village of Rosemary, Village of Tilley, and the greater County of Newell area. Built as a re-

Region of Newell as an active and busy place to visit. This website will serve as a tool for local residents and tourists to find out more about our local

mation for all businesses and organizations for Accommodations, Arts & Culture, Banks & Finance, Community & Non-Profit Organizations, Entertain-

placement to the existing website, this ment, Events & Sports, Gas Stations, Grocers and Convenience Stores, Hair, Beauty & Personal

businesses, services, clubs and organizations, and to promote our events and way of life in South Eastern

Care, Information & News, Medical & Pharma- Alberta. The NRTA is determined to make this place cy, Restaurants & Dining, Shopping, Retail & your Region of Re-Newell. Services, and Transportation information for the entire region! Information can be found on each business in

Fast forward to 2009, and XL Foods is looked upon in high regard for purchasing Lakeside from Tyson Foods. Finally, a Canadian company will reclaim the plant! The Alberta-based company ran smoothly with the Moose Jaw and Brooks facilities churning out the beef for hungry consumers. Now, as the winter of 2012 approaches, both processing facilities no longer belong to XL Foods.

One month of rumors...

to a difficult time! JBS will take a look at the plant and (Continued from Page 1) manage it in the short-term and everyone will be making sions, acquisitions and luck paid off to their best impressions to ensure the make the family-owned operation the American/Brazilian bosses like what largest meat protein producer. JBS has they see. over 140 production facilities around We must. It is our only option the globe with corporate headquarters One very bright light through all of in Colorado. this was how the local citizens came The new management also brings some baggage, with allegations of ra- together to help. Despite the pessimiscial slurs and mistreatment of employ- tic views of the media and inaccurate A ray of hope in the Brooks situation ees based on background and religion. picture sensationalized by the "news," emerged last week with news of a BraThese claims were denied by the com- we banded together to help out our zilian company interested in Lakeside. own. Brooks and area proved that we pany in court documents. Some muttered that the deal was a don't give up when times are tough, we 'hostile takeover,' with the South At the very least, the major leg up JBS strengthen our resources and overAmerican company agreeing to buy has over XL Foods is a public relations come. Lakeside and other XL Foods assets presence. A huge stumbling block for for a reduced price. The story of the XL Foods was their silence to everynew company - which is the US arm of one - media, local politicians, employJBS S.A. (Jose Batista Sobrinho) ees. Nobody knew anything as far as seems to begin in the same vein as the near future was concerned and that Lakeside. only fueled the flames of rumor and speculation. JBS at least has a spokesCongratulations! In 1953, So- person (as any professional company To Garnet Neufeld, brinho began should). a processing who celebrated a birthday on October 9, operation It shall be interesting to see what the Wayne Cornelsen on October 14, and Daniel with just five next move is in this chess match. At McKay on October 20. head of cattle. the time of this writing, the CFIA has soon, good given the green light for operations to deciresume. It's back to work - a joyful end Daniel’s Dare Moving the world in a positive direction doesn't need to be difficult. Small, random acts of kindness are sometimes all that is needed. Daniel’s Dare is a regular feature that will encourage all of us to make a difference in our community. This edition’s Daniel’s Dare is: Wear a Poppy for Remembrance day, and be mindful of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month

Scott Bisbee is an ACE certified personal trainer who has been involved in the fitness industry for 8 years. He opened his gym, Bisbee’s Fitness Experience, in Brooks in September of 2011. Bisbee's Fitness offers personal training, fitness classes, and monthly gym memberships. Scott keeps class sizes small (six to eight people), emphasizing the "personal" in "personal training". The training sessions aren't bodybuilding routines; instead, the focus is on what Scott calls "functional fitness" -- general training that balances strength and conditioning in order to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Address: #3 775 Sutherland Dr Brooks, AB Hours: Mon-Thu: 6:30am-7:30pm, Fri: 6:30am-5:00pm, Sat: 9:00am-Noon Website:

Word search It’s a Canadian thing!

KLONDIKE: Coined from panning for gold in the Yukon Territory, which ended with a discovery at Nome, Alaska in 1899 .The word is an Anglicized version of “tron-duik” or “hammer river”. (Culled from ‘Weird Canadian Words’ by Edrick Thay)

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On Friday, September 28, at the Red Roof Studio, members of the community watched the Show entitled ‘John Ware Re-Imagined’. Written by Cheryl Foggo, directed by John Cooper, featuring Jesse Lipscombe as John Ware and Janelle Cooper as Mildred Ware. Musical direction by Miranda Martini. On the left are pictures from the event. The group will return to Brooks in the Spring of 2013

To the right is a picture from the BAPS Arts & Craft Show, an event that held on September 29 at the Old Centennial Arena in the Lakeside Leisure Centre. In the picture are Mahlet (L) and Stephanie.

The Premier Alison Redford and the copublisher of TIN, Tunde Adeniran, at a function recently in Lethbridge.

On September 29, Residents of Brooks and the area had an opportunity of enjoying foods from around the globe at an event tagged: ‘Taste of Nations’.

On Wednesday October 17, Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce held its 2012 Small Business Awards at the Heritage Inn

One month of rumors, Lakeside to be bought by JBS USA

Thanksgiving Holiday in Brooks coincided with the independence anniversary celebration for Canadians of Nigerian origin. A service was held by the Redeemed Christian Church of God at the Heritage Inn on Sunday, October 7, in commemoration of the occasion.


The 2nd Annual Zombie Walk When: Saturday October 27, 2012 at 7pm to 8pm Where: Meet in front of City Hall Why: Just for fun! Get into the Halloween spirit by taking part! Dress up a little or a lot or not at all or just use it as an excuse to walk like a zombie! Who: Anyone and all ages After the walk stay around for some living dead refreshment. Walk route will be the same as last year (down 2nd Street West, to 2ND Ave, then left to 3rd Street West and up the street and back to city hall where little ones or those who have had enough can stop. Then from there down 1 Street West to 2nd Ave turn left and then back up 2nd Street West and finish at City Hall.) For more info call Michael Macdonald at 403-501-1996

GANG REDUCTION STRATEGY‌ by Darren Caul Awareness Understanding gang involvement and some of the warning signs helps raise awareness of when gang activity is occurring.

What is a gang? An organized group of adolescents and/or young adults who rely on group intimidation and violence, and commit criminal acts in order to gain power and recognition and/or control certain areas of unlawful activity.

Who joins a gang? Gangs spread across all races and ethnicities. They are not restricted to any one socio-economic group. They often include people who are looking for a surrogate family. Some may join a gang because they have relatives or friends in the gang. Gang members are often dealing with their own drug and/or alcohol issues or addictions.

Signs of Gangs in Your Community Increase in graffiti in neighborhoods Increase in crime, especially violent crime Increase in groups of unknown subjects loitering in the neighborhoods, especially those who fit the description of a gang member Increase in suspected drug activity Gang colors & signs in community and schools Increase in community fear – witnesses and victims are reluctant to talk to police.

Common Gang Symbols Bandanas - These are "colors" and signify specific membership. Altered ball hats with logos or writing that corresponds to their gang colors Specific styles of dress or clothing Tattoos Hand signs Weapons Graffiti Often in block letters. Often contain gang name. Often in gang color. May contain list of nicknames. May be found in areas where gang activity is common. May be crossed out by rival gangs.

Prevention It is less costly and more effective to prevent youth from joining a gang in the first place than it is to support a member in exiting. Addressing the factors that influence youth to join a gang is vitally important to preventing gang involvement.

Factors that influence youth joining a gang Low self esteem with a sense of helplessness To gain identity or recognition Peer pressure from family gang members Parental neglect/surrogate family Poverty/substandard housing – living in high-risk neighborhoods Substance abuse in and outside the home School dropout Friends/family members with criminal backgrounds Antisocial, hostile or aggressive behaviors towards people in authority Social deprivation or isolation behaviors Feel the need for personal protection Perceived lack of employment opportunities/needing money Lack of positive role models Unaware of the consequences of gang involvement Domestic violence/physical and sexual abuse


On the Home Front: How Parents Can Counter the Lure of Gangs Know your child's friends. Occupy your child's free time with school, sports or church activities. Plan family outings and activities. Give your child responsibilities or chores at home. Don't allow your child to wear gang colors or paraphernalia. Don't allow him/her to be out late at night. Know where your child is going, when he/she is going out late at night. Know who your child is with. Participate in your child's education. Know what's happening at school. Develop anti-gang attitudes in your home. Let your child know that you will not tolerate gang involvement. Spend time with your child. If you spend time with him/her, he or she will not have to go to a gang to fill that need. Be a positive role model.

Intervention Once youth become involved in a gang, there are warning signs that become visible. In these cases they must often come to their own realization that they want out before intervention can occur.

Warning Signs Some of the key warning signs that someone may be involved in a gang: Obsessed with particular clothing or logo's over another such as consistently wearing one color of clothing and refusing to wear certain others Withdraws from family and/or friends Abrupt change in attitude or personality Wears excessive jewelry with distinctive designs worn on either the right or left Develops associations with gang members or admits to gang involvement Breaks parental rules consistently Has an obsession with the gangster lifestyle such as music, videos and movies Acquires goods and/or cash with little or no explanation Has peculiar drawings, language or graffiti on clothing, books or on the body in the form of tattoos Shows signs of drug or alcohol use accompanied with an attitude change Unexplained injuries Frequent run-ins with the law Becomes secretive about activities or new friends/sudden change in friends.

The above activities do not necessarily mean that someone is involved in a gang; however, if someone you know is displaying more than one of the above risk factors, it is time to have a serious discussion with them.

Enforcement Enforcement is an important part of addressing gang activity. As most gang activity is criminal in nature, it often requires police involvement to stop it.

Did You Know? Youth who associate with street gangs have a far greater chance of being injured or killed than a non-gang member. Gun violence is greatest among gang associated males under the age of 30. Research clearly shows that gang members are impulsive and have minimal conflict resolution skills. Youth who associate with street gangs are far less likely to graduate from high school. Youth who associate with street gangs are far less likely to be involved in athletic teams or clubs. Research also shows that gang members associate with negative peers and have a greater chance of being convicted of a criminal offence.

The Integrand News, October, 2012  

The Integrand News. The Region of Newell's monthly newsletter providing insight into the local news and awareness.

The Integrand News, October, 2012  

The Integrand News. The Region of Newell's monthly newsletter providing insight into the local news and awareness.