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NRPS Newsletter September 2012

President’s Message Being your Own Customer

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Aquatics Committee 3

When was the last time you swung on a swing or swam in the a public pool? We are busy programming classes, workshops and special events. We plan and maintain great facilities. I was just wondering, when was the last time you participated in one of your programs in order to see if it from a customer’s point of view.

 Keep an open eye for socials.

Whenever we discuss a change in procedures or are viewing plans for a new trail system, I stop myself and think if I was the person trying to sign up my kids for a class or walking down a trail, what kind of experience would I have. I didn’t necessarily start doing this on purpose. I have to admit I didn’t know much about linear miles and all the other jargon people were using used when reviewing plans for future trails. The only thing I could offer was my personal point of view. At the end of the day, this process has worked for me and I like to think it helps build better facilities and programs.

 Be sure to submit photos and articles.

A few years ago, I attended a

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training that talked about changing processes. They referred to a Rubik Cube as a visual example. When you are looking to change a process you may move things around so that the colors on your side are all the same and everything looks good for you. Be careful. You need to Stop and look at the other sides (look at it from a customer’s point of view). Making your side perfect may have scrambled someone else’s. Again, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and be honest about what you think their experience will be like. Special events offered by the City of Henderson are difficult for me to attend. It is because I know what happens behind the scenes. I want to grab a garbage bag and pick up trash or let them know that “the bleachers would be better placed over there.” I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly participate in them and enjoy myself. The same is true for our fitness rooms. I just can’t workout in them because I feel like I am still at work and sometimes patrons like to share their concerns with me as I am trying to manage the treadmill.

I have been able to enjoy my morning runs on the trail system around my home though. I see runners, bikers, and people walking dogs (the furry children). Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves as much as I am. I also like to have lunch at our senior centers. I get to sit down and just chat with our older patrons and see how they are doing. Then I go back and tell staff what everyone was saying about the food (good and bad). So, again I ask…when was the last time you experienced your own programs or facilities? Give it a try if you don’t already. You want to see things from a customer’s point of view because if they aren’t happy, they’ll go somewhere else. Take care, Jayne

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September 2012

Nevada Parks and Recreation Society Mission Our mission is to support and recognize members of the Society and to promote Recreation and Parks as an essential service in Nevada. NRPS Vision Statement We support the National Recreation & Park Association and the benefits of Recreation and Parks for citizens of the State of Nevada. We serve with pride, leadership and professionalism. We Believe in creativity and innovative problem solving. We Believe in encouraging and promoting diversity in our membership. We Believe in recognizing the accomplishments of members and agencies. We Believe in members’ input to shape our vision through strategic planning. We Believe in cooperation, communications, teamwork and consensus building for the citizens, the Society and the agencies we serve.

Upcoming North/South Socials and Events If you are interested in setting up a social event for the north or south, contact your executive board representatives.

For the North contact: Jen Budge, North VP, November 9 - Churchill County/NAS Fallon - Come on out and have lunch, get a tour of the base and if you’re up for it, a little after hours social to unwind .

For the South contact: Felicia Rivera-Baker, South VP October 6 - 9:00am to 1pm Southern Nevada Trails Day Celebration at Cornerstone Park

September 2012

Agency Job Announcements CITY OF HENDERSON - LIFEGUARDS (PART-TIME) Contact is Rayna Stutelberg CITY OF HENDERSON - LIFEGUARDS (PART-TIME) Morning or Mid-day Contact is Mickey Sprott LIFETIME FITNESS - LIFEGUARDS AND SWIM INSTRUCTORS (34 hrs per week) Contact is Kelly LeDoux

Aquatics Committee The NRPS Aquatic Committee is made up of aquatic professionals throughout the southern Nevada area. Members meet the 2nd Wednesday every other month to discuss aquatic trends, programming, staffing, operations and hot topics. In addition, the committee organizes several events throughout the year; Health & Safety Expo, Southern Nevada Lifeguard Games and a Recreational Swim Meet. Please visit our contact page on if you would like to contact our board members to receive additional information on any of our events, attending a meeting or becoming a member. Did you know‌ Scholarships are available for Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Training Instructor, Lifeguard Management, Lifeguard Training and CPR/AED classes? Contact 702-595-0010 for more information.

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September 2012

Nevada Humanities Grant Deadline October 10 Las Vegas Grant Meeting Questions & Information Friday, September 21, 2012 Anytime from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. Goldwell Open Air Printers Studio 1039 S. Main Street, Suite 105 (Boulder Ave. and 1st Street) Nevada Humanities is especially interested in funding projects that promote community through various forms of engagement and projects that encourage conversation. This may be through face-to-face dialogue, such as lectures, forums and round-table discussions, but also through programs that stimulate thought and reflection, such as media productions, film screenings, exhibitions, local history projects and projects that explore local culture and Nevada’s diverse heritage and unique places. Applications requesting $1000 or less may be submitted at any time. Guidelines at: Contact us if you have any questions. Grant meetings may also be scheduled by appointment contact: Bobbie Ann Howell (702) 895-1878

September 2012

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Showing Pride In Our Parks A CHALLENGE FOR NEXT MONTH’S NEWSLETTER This is a challenge to my fellow Parks and Recreation professionals. I think it would be a fun challenge to show off some of the best parks our great state has to offer its’ residents. To do so, I would like you to nominate a park or two and tell me why you think it is the best. This way I will be able to show off one park each month. It could be a new or old park, but this way we can all see what else we all have to offer. It may even be a park many in the state have never even been to! This Month’s Winner is: NATURE DISCOVERY PARK - In North Las Vegas

Unlike many other parks that focus on slides, jungle gyms and athletic courts, this park has dinosaurs … or at least a dinosaur-themed dig site. North Las Vegas Parks and Recreation has set up this themed park in such a manner that kids can dig for dinosaur bones while parents set up camp underneath one of the many picnic gazebos. There is also a large pond equipped with waterfalls. While Nature Discovery Park may be a bit of a travel for some families who don’t live in North Las Vegas, it is a trip that many highly recommend.

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September 2012

Grant Opportunities National Alliance for Accessible Golf for Individuals With Disabilities, Deadline: Rolling. Up to $20K to provide golf programs for individuals with disabilities. Info & app: Click this link for 40 grant opportunities related to youth, obesity prevention, disadvantaged communities etc. Opportunities_2012.pdf Outdoor Nation Grants - Awarded for opportunities to increase outdoor recreation throughout the country. d=4494&x_quiz_id=4958&x_order_by=1 FFY 2013 RECREATION TRAILS GRANT FUNDING NEVADA DIVISION OF STATE PARKS CARSON CITY, Nev.— Nevada Division of State Parks is seeking pre-applications for the 2013 round of funding for the Recreation Trails Program. Nevada was given approximately $1,064,000 and preapplications will help gauge the demand. Federal, state, city, and county governments, special governmental districts, trail organizations and private individuals are potentially eligible for the funds. Eligible projects include motorized and nonmotorized trail projects for new construction, maintenance and trail related facilities. Trail education projects are also eligible. Past projects include the multi-use Jumbo Grade trailhead in Washoe Valley, Shoshone Off Highway Vehicle Trail, Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway, and the Blue Tree trail system. Draft Categorical Exclusions should be in place prior to the due date for full applications, so contacting Jenny for assistance is highly recommended. The 2012 manual is online at with the 2013 manual coming out soon.

Nevada Division of State Parks Attn: Jenny Scanland 901 Stewart Street, Suite5005 Carson City, NV 89701 Please contact Jenny Scanland at 775-684-2787 e-mail:

September 2012

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NRPS Membership The Nevada Recreation and Parks Society (NRPS) is a non-profit, professional organization, founded in 1958. Its main purpose is to promote the growth and development of Nevada recreation and parks. NPRS is affiliated with the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). NPRS has several levels of membership to meet the needs of all parks and recreation professionals, students, retirees, agencies, and affiliates. PROFESSIONAL This category includes persons who are or have been employed full time in an executive, leadership or supportive staff capacity within a public or private agency or department of recreation or parks or educational institution. ($30) RETIRED PROFESSIONAL This category includes any persons over 45 years of age, who has been a Professional Member of NRPS, NRPA, or an NRPA Affiliate for a minimum of ten (10) years and has officially retired from a qualified professional position. ($15) ASSOCIATE This category includes persons who are employed part time or volunteers within the recreation and parks field, and who subscribe and agree to the aims and objectives of this society. ($15) STUDENT This category includes persons who are enrolled full time in high school, colleges or universities with an interest in parks and recreation or an allied field. ($10) AGENCY This category includes the Agency Director and members of the policy or advisory board or commission. Dues are based on full time employee (FTE) equivalent. ($250 – 20 FTE’s or more; $150 – under 20 FTE’s) ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTION AND AFFILIATE This category includes national, state, and local organizations, hospitals, colleges, universities, clubs, and local, state or regional societies and organizations. ($50) COMMERCIAL This category includes all vendors, commercial and for-profit organizations who subscribe and agree to the aims and objectives of this society. ($50) HONORARY May be bestowed upon those persons approved by this society’s Executive Board.

Future Newsletter Announcements Please send submissions for the NRPS monthly newsletter to Danny Gleich We want to hear from you! Pictures, Articles, Announcements …..

Nevada Parks and Recreation Society (NRPS) Nevada Recreation and Parks Society PO Box 97264

Check out our new website!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada 89054


Contact the President: E-mail:

Creating Communities Through People, Parks and Programs!

NRPS Executive Board President-Jayne Mazurkiewicz, CPRP Past Pres.-Dirk Richwine, CPRP Pres. Elect-Pandora Bahlman Vice Pres. North-Jennifer Budge Vice Pres. South-Felicia Rivera-Baker Secretary-Kristy Bekiares Treasurer-Brady Dehn Members At Large NorthJoel Dunn Danny Gleich Token Barnthouse Darrin Price

Members At Large SouthJeannette Palmer Veronica Reyes Nick Montoya Doug Guild PSP North-Al Rogers PSC North-Linda Fearnley PSP South-Shelly Gulotta PSC South-Dundee Jones

September 2012 NRPS Newsletter  

September 2012 NRPS Newsletter

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