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NRPS Newsletter March 2013

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Special points of interest:  Check out updated grant information.  Keep an open eye for socials.  Be sure to submit photos and articles.  Recruit new members!

With the warmer weather soon upon us all, it is time to think of safety. I'd like to start with recognizing the work of our Aquatics Committee. Their new chair is Stephanie Chatterton and vice-chair is Jessica Millette. This dedicated group is presenting a Swim and Safety Fair on Saturday, April 6 with the support of the Southern Nevada Child Drowning Prevention Coalition (more information at Unfort unately, statistics from the Southern Nevada Health District tells us that the most fatal incidents around pools happen to children 4 years

old and younger. The majority of the drowning and neardrowning incidents in 2012 happened in residential pools (68% versus 32% in public pools). One drowning is too many. Safety doesn't just happen around the pool. NRPS is also offering a playground safety inspector course the end of April. The Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) certification is for professionals to be able to: identify hazards on public playground equipment and the playground; rank the hazards according to injury potential; and apply the knowledge to remove the hazards and establish a system of inspections

and maintenance. Check out our website for more details or to register for this course. So as you get outside to enjoy the warmer weather, think of how parks and recreation is keeping you, your family, and friends safe. Don't forget the sunscreen either! Take care, Jayne

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March 2013

Nevada Parks and Recreation Society Mission Our mission is to support and recognize members of the Society and to promote Recreation and Parks as an essential service in Nevada. NRPS Vision Statement We support the National Recreation & Park Association and the benefits of Recreation and Parks for citizens of the State of Nevada. We serve with pride, leadership and professionalism. We Believe in creativity and innovative problem solving. We Believe in encouraging and promoting diversity in our membership. We Believe in recognizing the accomplishments of members and agencies. We Believe in members’ input to shape our vision through strategic planning. We Believe in cooperation, communications, teamwork and consensus building for the citizens, the Society and the agencies we serve.

Upcoming North/South Socials and Events If you are interested in setting up a social event for the north or south, contact your executive board representatives.

For the North contact: Jen Budge, North VP,

For the South contact: Felicia Rivera-Baker, South VP

March 2013

Agency Job Announcements CLARK COUNTY - Recreation Specialist (Outlying Areas) Starting at 35 or 38k, depending on qualifications Most communities are currently looking for lifeguards for the upcoming summer season.

Aquatics Committee The NRPS Aquatic Committee is made up of aquatic professionals throughout the southern Nevada area. Members meet the 2nd Wednesday every other month to discuss aquatic trends, programming, staffing, operations and hot topics. In addition, the committee organizes several events throughout the year; Health & Safety Expo, Southern Nevada Lifeguard Games and a Recreational Swim Meet. Please visit our contact page on if you would like to contact our board members to receive additional information on any of our events, attending a meeting or becoming a member. Did you know‌ Scholarships are available for Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Training Instructor, Lifeguard Management, Lifeguard Training and CPR/AED classes? Contact 702-595-0010 for more information.

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March 2013

Mesquite Heart Walk - Thank You The City of Mesquite would like to thank all of the volunteers, organizations and individuals for their help organizing and contributing to the 9th Annual Heart Walk. “It was a tremendous success, thanks largely to the generosity of the sponsors, donors and volunteers,” said Nicholas Montoya, Associate Director. This year’s event attracted 404 participants for the 3.2 mile (5K) walk. We are looking forward to next year’s event as it’s our 10th Annual Walk. All volunteers, organizations, individuals and community leaders are to be commended for all their generosity and kindness. Mesa View Regional Hospital Marketing Coordinator, Susan Holecheck, praised them all saying, “Their helpful and cheerful attitude made it a great event along with the wonderful weather; it played a big part in it.” Also grateful for all the help and support, Nicholas Montoya noted all of the sponsors of the program: The City of Mesquite Athletics & Leisure Services Dept, City of Mesquite Police Dept. & the Volunteer Citizen Patrol, Mesa View Regional Hospital Marketing and Administration Staff, Silver Rider Bus Company, Mesa View Medical Group, Bank of Nevada, FIT Physical Therapy, Virgin Valley Home Care & Hospice, Virgin Valley Dental, Mega Pro Screen Printing, Mesa View Physical Therapy, Virgin Valley Little League Baseball, NRPS (Nevada Recreation and Parks Society) and The Valley Presbyterian Church Group.

Back from Conference…. A quick trip to CPRS this past month proved to me just how important communicating with fellow recreation professionals can be. While many can grow tired of hearing the same things over and over in educational sessions, there is always a little gold nugget you can take away from each session, random conversation or handout we are given. Conferences can be great to refresh, socialize or just get a chance to not be planning an event or hosting a meeting of our own. Many of us in Nevada keep in touch on a regular basis, which makes us aware of how the other departments in the state are doing. Hearing the differences in how California operates as well as listening to some organizations are not in as bad of shape anymore is a confidence builder for our own futures in the field. I, myself, felt re-invigorated after the trip simply by hearing some little things I can do to make my work not only better, but more efficient and cost effective in the long run. Our own conference should achieve the same results in September this year.

March 2013

NRPS Board Member Elections NRPS Election Season will be upon us soon. Start to think of positions you or someone you know would be perfect to be nominated for. Many positions will be open including the President Elect, Treasurer, members at large and many more. We always need some fresh thoughts and ideas on the board so start to talk to those who have expressed interest in the past and get involved. As a board member you attend monthly meetings, usually by teleconference, and become a liaison for all your fellow professionals in the state of Nevada. Nominations will open soon and new officers will be sworn into their positions on May 1, 2013. Be an integral part of the Nevada Parks and Recreation Society!!

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March 2013

Grant Opportunities The Finish Line Foundation is offering grants to community-based athletic programs that address active lifestyle and team-building issues. Organizations committed to helping kids lead healthy, active lives or supporting kids with disabilities or disadvantages are eligible to apply for one of the Finish Line grants.,default,pg.html Note: Grant requests may need to emphasize the mail order capacity of Nevada locations as the Finish Line physical stores are located in the Reno and Las Vegas/Henderson Areas.

Training Opportunities Southern Nevada CPSI course save the date. The course will be held on April 30 – May 2 in Las Vegas. Course details to follow.

March 2013

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NRPS Membership The Nevada Recreation and Parks Society (NRPS) is a non-profit, professional organization, founded in 1958. Its main purpose is to promote the growth and development of Nevada recreation and parks. NPRS is affiliated with the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). NPRS has several levels of membership to meet the needs of all parks and recreation professionals, students, retirees, agencies, and affiliates. PROFESSIONAL This category includes persons who are or have been employed full time in an executive, leadership or supportive staff capacity within a public or private agency or department of recreation or parks or educational institution. ($30) RETIRED PROFESSIONAL This category includes any persons over 45 years of age, who has been a Professional Member of NRPS, NRPA, or an NRPA Affiliate for a minimum of ten (10) years and has officially retired from a qualified professional position. ($15) ASSOCIATE This category includes persons who are employed part time or volunteers within the recreation and parks field, and who subscribe and agree to the aims and objectives of this society. ($15) STUDENT This category includes persons who are enrolled full time in high school, colleges or universities with an interest in parks and recreation or an allied field. ($10) AGENCY This category includes the Agency Director and members of the policy or advisory board or commission. Dues are based on full time employee (FTE) equivalent. ($250 – 20 FTE’s or more; $150 – under 20 FTE’s) ORGANIZATION/INSTITUTION AND AFFILIATE This category includes national, state, and local organizations, hospitals, colleges, universities, clubs, and local, state or regional societies and organizations. ($50) COMMERCIAL This category includes all vendors, commercial and for-profit organizations who subscribe and agree to the aims and objectives of this society. ($50) HONORARY May be bestowed upon those persons approved by this society’s Executive Board.

Future Newsletter Announcements Please send submissions for the NRPS monthly newsletter to Danny Gleich We want to hear from you! Pictures, Articles, Announcements …..

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NRPS March 2013 Newsletter  
NRPS March 2013 Newsletter  

NRPS March 2013 Newsletter