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Changing Lives Through Music! The Future of Classical Music is Here.

LETTER From Dave DePeters, CEO

It is with great pride I share that the 2018 National Repertory Orchestra (NRO) season was a tremendous success. Artistically, the orchestra played at a consistently high level, surpassing all hopes. As a group, the fellows were supportive of each other and energetic (both on stage and in all engagements throughout Summit County and beyond). Music Director, Carl Topilow, again, turned these talented young musicians into a truly great ensemble. Not to be outdone, the admin fellows followed suit by working tirelessly to support our staff and musicians. We entered this season with high expectations. Committing to a greater involvement in the community, our Pop Up concerts and free education concerts were a great success. We reached over 13,000 audience members, many experiencing the NRO for the first time, through more than 30 free programs and more than 20 orchestral concerts. As an educational organization, the NRO continues to expand the Resident Artist Program. Some of the world’s greatest musicians work with our fellows, not for a single masterclass, but for 4-6 day residencies to give a truly unique mentoring experience. This season we had 9 members of the Philadelphia Orchestra providing close to 50 separate programs for our fellows. The NRO is poised to continue Changing Lives Through Music, not only for our fellows, but also for all residents and visitors of Summit County. Thanks to the enormous support of people like you, the NRO will continue to mentor the next generation of musicians, who in turn will pass what they receive onto yet another generation. Your gift is truly one that continues to give. Thank you for your support. // Page 3

The Future of Classical Music is Here.


It is simply amazing what the orchestra accomplished during the eight weeks of the 2018 summer festival! Having arrived in Breckenridge in early June, most of the musicians had never met, let alone played together. Within a week Maestro Topilow led them to their first concert of the season, and what a wonderful performance it was – Bernstein’s West Side Story. Other highlights included: an awe-inspiring performance of Pat Metheny’s “Imaginary Day: Duo-Percussion Concerto;” the Four Seasons concert, which starred 8 talented NRO musicians as soloists; and the heroic Mahler Symphony No. 1. For the first time in the history of the NRO, the orchestra performed in sync to the Wizard of Oz film projected on a huge screen at the Riverwalk Center. In 2019, get ready to see E.T.! The 4th of July concerts in both Silverthorne and Breckenridge, as well as the Topilow Pops concert and the performance at Lake Dillon Amphitheater were by far the most popular of the season, filling up venues and bringing in concert-goers by the droves.

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2018 By The Numbers 13,000+ Concert-Goers

88 Musician Fellows

23 Full Orchestral Concerts in June & July

6 Guest Artists

5 Guest Conductors

1st Time Ever Doing a Film with Live Orchestra

Thanks to the Town of Breckenridge, the NRO has called the Riverwalk Center home since 1993. Pictured above in the Riverwalk Center, Maestro Carl Topilow conducts the orchestra in his 41st season as Music Director of the NRO.

Jan & Steve Cornwell, 2018 Concert-Goers “We, our daughter and her parents-in-law and our (6 year old) musically inclined grandson thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Our grandson has loved going to sleep for years listening to the same classical music CD, and when the introductory melodies were played to the first piece, Will exclaimed, ‘That’s the music on my CD!’ Very emotional for his grandparents who gave him that CD.”

Reaching all corners of Summit County, Colorado and beyond, the NRO performed at Rainbow Park in Silverthorne on the 4th of July (left) and at the newly renovated Lake Dillon Amphitheater on July 14th (right). // Page 5

IMPACTFUL EVENTS Music for Everyone

For symphony orchestras to survive and thrive, musicians need to be advocates for classical music in all aspects of life, especially by being active and present in their communities. During their summer fellowship, the musicians take part in the NRO’s Community Engagement Program, which prepares the musicians for an active role in the communities they will be serving, and, more importantly, provides free musical events for youth, the general community, and those who are under-served in Summit County, Colorado. Through the universal language of music, we inspire young children with free library and classroom performances. In March of 2018, the NRO was able to bring music education into Dillon Valley and Silverthorne elementary schools. The Dali String Quartet merged Latin and classical music in a fun and interactive way that captivated the children’s imaginations. They were also able to speak in both Spanish and English, connecting with the diverse populations attending both schools. Additionally, for the second year in a row the NRO partnered with other nonprofit organizations like FIRC, Building Hope, First Responders, Breck Film Fest, BreckCreate and Breckenridge Heritage Alliance to better meet the needs of the community and introduce a wider array of audiences to classical music. // Page 6

2018 By The Numbers 1,800+ Attended Free Education & Community Events 32 Free Education & Community Events 20 Local Schools, Daycares & Day Camps Reached

18 Partnerships with Schools, Libraries & Other Nonprofits 8 “Instrument Petting Zoos” for Children

3 Free Family Concerts

Pictured left is the Dali String Quartet at Dillon Valley Elementary School. On the right an NRO musician introduces a young girl to the violin at the “Instrument Petting Zoo” after the 4th of July concert in Silverthorne.

Danielle (Dani) Nutting, 2018 NRO Fellow “Playing with the NRO has made me a much stronger and more capable flutist, but more importantly has helped me see what can happen when classical music has such amazing community support, and how an orchestra can make a positive community impact.”

Summit County First Responders pose at the June 13th concert – one of many partnerships that led to raising over $10,000 in 2018 for other nonprofits in the community. To your right, you can see one of the many free Pop Up concerts by the NRO – this one supporting Building Hope and mental health through yoga, exercise and the peaceful melodies of the harp. // Page 7

IMPACTFUL EDUCATION Resident Artist Program The National Repertory Orchestra is first and foremost an educational, nonprofit organization. Our primary mission is to train the next generation of musicians for successful careers, thus keeping the art alive for all of us to enjoy. Each winter, the NRO conducts a nationwide audition tour at the top music colleges, universities and conservatories in the country. The talented few who are chosen to participate in the festival attend 100% tuition-free. They also receive free housing and a weekly food stipend. Thanks to this long-standing tradition at the NRO, the socio-economic playing field is leveled and the NRO attracts the best of the best. Now in its second season, the Resident Artist Program brings professional musicians from leading orchestras to work with NRO fellows for 4-6 day residencies. Included in the program are side-by-side rehearsals, masterclasses, sectionals, mock auditions and social activities. In 2018, 9 musicians from the Philadelphia Orchestra came to Breckenridge to work directly with NRO musicians, providing training unlike anything they receive in the classroom. This program, along with the vast performing experience the NRO fellows receive during the festival, give our musicians a huge advantage as they enter their professional careers. As a result, you can find NRO alumni in leading roles within every major orchestra in the nation and many throughout the world. // Page 8

2018 By The Numbers 900+ Musicians Auditioned Nationally

88 Musicians Chosen To Attend NRO Tuition-Free

25 Audition Locations Across The U.S.A.

9 Resident Artists From The Philadelphia Orchestra

8 Weeks Of World-Class Training and Performing Experience

Joseph Conyers (left) was one of 9 professional musicians from the Philadelphia Orchestra who came to the NRO this summer as part of the Resident Artist Program.

Myles Blakemore, 2018 NRO Fellow & Trombonist with the US Naval Academy Band “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in Breckenridge. The festival does a great job of preparing young musicians with the professional experience they don’t get in college, including rehearsals, guest conductors, and pops concerts. Without a doubt I owe a lot to Carl Topilow and my amazing colleagues at NRO for helping me secure this job.”

Vast, invaluable performing experience, including solo opportunities, are a large part of what continues to make the NRO experience so unique and important to today’s musicians. // Page 9




Revenue Contributions Special Events Concert Revenue Miscellaneous Endowment Distribution Total Income

$516,028 $306,889 $229,467 $100,898 $54,796 $1,208,078

Expenses Fundraising Special Events Marketing Concert Production Miscellaneous Personnel Administrative Total Expense Net Income

$12,455 $150,118 $64,715 $347,967 $21,964 $523,298 $86,037 $1,206,553 $1,524



25% Contributions

Special Events

Concert Revenue


Endowment Distribution


Endowment Fund Opening Balance Contributions Dividends and Realized Gains/Losses Distributions Market Change Closing Balance

13% 5%

$1,819,312 $109,882 $208,720 -$54,796 -$77,587 $2,005,531

43% , 29%

2% Fundraising

Special Events


Concert Production




Above represents a final audit by McNurlin, Hitchcock & Associates, P.C. The NRO performs yearly audits in accordance with accepted U.S. auditing standards. In 2018, the NRO provided a multitude of free community and educational events true to the organization’s mission and long-range plan. The success of these events, required certain investment of operating funds. These investments, along with vigorous development activities allowed the NRO to complete the season with a small surplus. // Page 10

OUTSTANDING SUPPORT Thank you to all of our Board of Trustees and members of the NRO Sustainers group. You are our biggest champions! 2018 BOARD MEMBERS Rick Poppe, President John Hayes, Vice President Michael Massey, Secretary John Stafford, Treasurer Patrice Lara, Past President Libby Bortz Barbara Calvin

Melanie Frank Sean Gatzen John Landon Sally Queen Barbara Vonderheid Janice Ward Parrish Pam Wiegand Pam Piper Yeung


Sandy Mortensen, Chair Patrice and Ron Lara Nancy* and Bob Follett Libby Bortz and Mike Altenberg Nancy and Tom French Anne and Bill Mills Murray and Marlene Altman Annette and Gerry Fricke Harriet Neiman Carlie and Terry Barnhart Ann and Tom Rader Pamela and Reggie Gray Ann Brewster Barbara Strauss Robin Hadley Jim and Barb Calvin Kate and Jim* Taucher Kenneth and Annette Hallock Gerri Cohen Pat* and Jack Thomas Joan Manley Houlton M.A. Deen Lou Wagner Anne and John Kern JoAnn Falletta Pamela and Sonny Wiegand Jane and Don* King John Fielder Bobbie and Glen Zelkind John Krakauer* Paul Finkel Anita and Jim Kreider (Deceased*) // Page 11

OUTSTANDING SUPPORT Thanks to all of the volunteers and community partners who made all of the amazing NRO achievements possible this year! From special events, including the annual Gala in Denver, to the ushers at all of the Riverwalk Center concerts – YOU are invaluable and appreciated!


who have demonstrated exceptional foresight, fortitude and dedication in support of the National Repertory Orchestra. The recipients of this annual award set a standard of patronage, volunteerism and financial support that few have achieved.

OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD JACK THOMAS - The Outstanding Community Service Award is given

annually to an individual or couple that demonstrate long-term exemplary support, not only of the NRO but many Summit County non-profit organizations.

OURSTANDING VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD TOM RADER- The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award is given in recognition of outstanding service, dedication and support of the National Repertory Orchestra.

ROBIN HADLEY PHILANTHROPY AWARD CYNTHIA & BOB BENSON- The Robin Hadley Philanthropy Award is given in recognition of unparalleled financial support of the NRO as well as other arts and cultural organizations in Summit County. // Page 12

MAKE AN IMPACT Donate Today!

As the year comes to a close, all of us at the National Repertory Orchestra would like to take a moment to say, “Thank You!” We could not have done it without our vibrant community of supporters. We have accomplished much together in 2018 and are poised to do even more in 2019. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the National Repertory Orchestra, together we can Change Lives Through Music!

The NRO is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit. Tax ID #84-0566793.

Steve Corneillier, NRO Supporter & Summit County Resident “Carl Topilow continues to elevate the quality of musicians and orchestral music each summer since the NRO played their first concert in Summit County at Keystone Resort in June, 1987. That was best illustrated, last summer, by the repertoire of music the orchestra entertained us with. It energizes and enriches the mountain lifestyle that we cherish every day.”

National Repertory Orchestra Class of 2018 // Page 13

THANK YOU! For Your Support

P.O. Box 6336 111 S. Main Street, Unit C7 Breckenridge, CO 80424 (970) 453-5825 | // Page 14

Making an Impact  

National Repertory Orchestra Annual Report 2018

Making an Impact  

National Repertory Orchestra Annual Report 2018