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Balance Analysis •

• BALANCE is being used in the design in the following way(s):

X To create a mood. X Symmetrical balance is reinforcing the message—such as; serious, conservative, sophisticated, stable, elegant, etc. ___Asymmetrical balance is reinforcing the message—such as; relaxed, informal, freeform, creative, etc.

___To create visual tension by being obviously unbalanced.

• The designer used balance to create a mood and to reinforce the message through approximate symmetry. There’s an even distribution of weight, but it’s not mirror- like. It provides a crisp, clean feeling to the site. The designer uses these elements to construct a professional layout. Even though this can be boring the octopus helps give it character. The use of balance allows the audience to easily follow the page, which is very important. The professional mood of the site attracts the audience. • The balance in this design is effective because it is very direct. The proficient design is appropriate because the audience is looking for ink toner and other office supplies. It automatically draws your eye to the middle element- the phone and its app. • The primary audience of the site is people in need of office supplies, mainly ink toner. If someone needs easy access finding what type of product they need or where to get it.

Color Analysis •

RELAY FOR LIFE: American Cancer Society

• COLOR is being used in the design in the following way(s):

X Creates a mood or feeling

X Creates visual tension and movement

X Provides unity and balance

X Provides structure and forms a grid in a design

X Provides a sense of order

X Creates harmony

• The designer used all of the above when creating this advertisement. Color was utilized this way to attract the audience’s attention. The designer’s intent was to create a bright, vibrant feeling to the audience. The designer used primary and secondary colors in this design. The saturation on all the colors forms bright colors. The paper bag uses a neutral tan color which produces a background setting. The grass and sky create a grid around the design helping to draw the viewer’s eye. This design gives the audience a peaceful, tranquil feeling. The splashes of color generate movement from one word to the next, creating a sense of order.

• This design is effective because it’s very stimulating to the eye. It gives the audience a sense of harmony, which goes along with the cause of the advertisement. • The primary audience is men, women, and children of all ages. Anyone who wants to help fight against cancer. More so for people who have had or known someone with cancer.

Contrast Analysis •

• CONTRAST is being used in the design in the following way(s):

X Strengthen an idea; support the message. ___To create a contradiction (BIG written in very small type).

X Contrasting colors

X Contrasting values

X Contrasting shapes

X Contrasting texture

X Contrasting typography

• The designer used contrast in all the ways above except to create a contradiction. It’s used to strengthen the idea because coca cola’s colors are red and white. So, it helps provide the focal point, as well as unity within the design and product. The light backgrounds give value to the other darker elements by making them standout. The contrast in the shapes helps differentiate the elements on the site. The contrast of texture in the blue sky and green grass give the design a refreshing, free feeling. In the typography sections the contrast allows the text to stand out, so you don’t have to strain to read it. Especially, the type of font coca cola’s written in, seeing as it differs from the rest of it. By using contrast in this way the designer presents a simple, but interesting site for the audience. The use of contrast has an exceptional impact on the audience because it helps guide them through the elements. • The contrast on this site is remarkably effective for this design. It keeps the site in order. So, the audience won’t get confused or frustrated when looking for a specific element. Contrast in this website creates a fun, appealing atmosphere for the audience. • The primary audience of the website is men, women, and children of all ages who enjoy a refreshing cola.

Line Analysis •

~ WRIGLEY’S Extra ~

• LINE is being used in the design to: X Create a mood

X Organize other elements on the page

__ Create texture through illustration

• The designer used line to organize other elements in the ad. I believe it was utilized this way because it draws attention to the text and gives it rhythm. The designer’s intent was to create structure and unity through a grid. The lines frame the bold text, so your eye immediately focuses on that particular element. It allows the audience to perceive the order in the position of the text. It conveys simplicity, which can be extremely crucial when communicating with your audience. Knowing when to stop refining a design is very important, because it wouldn’t have the same effect. This ad also uses line to create a mood.

I believe the designer utilized line to create a mood because it strengthens the overall idea of the design. The designer’s intent was to create a flowing, steamy feel to the ad. It guides your eye from one element to the other, which establishes a unified design. The thin, smoothness of these lines allow you to visualize the misty quality of the design. The blend of color gives the mist dimension to the ad. Also, the audience can imagine how the minty flavor would create a mist from their mouth while chewing it. It gives a refreshing, tranquil feel to the audience.

• I believe the use of line does work well. If the lines were removed from the design it would not have the same effect. It creates a cohesiveness that wouldn’t show without it. The white lines on the teal background provide the right look, even with only three colors. It gives the design depth and movement. • The primary audience of this particular advertisement on WRIGLEY’S Extra is women. Although many people enjoy gum, this ad tends to be more feminine. It would appeal to young and middle aged women.

Shape Analysis m&m’s Ice Cream

SHAPE is being used in the design in the following way(s):

X Photos and illustrations are creating shape through the actual shape and content of the art.

___Line or a line illustration is creating the predominant shape

___Type is creating the predominant shape

___Shaded or colored areas are creating the predominant shape

X Shape is sustaining the viewer’s interest.

___Shape is organizing the page

X Shape is helping the viewer understand the concept

X Shape is leading the viewer’s eye through the design

The designer used shape in multiple ways. The designer’s intent was to take on a conceptual theme by the content and shape of the piece of art. The ice cream cone consists of basic geometric shapes, which gives it a unified feel. Even if you removed the colors from these shapes you know what the ad is for. When looking at this ad, immediately your eye is drawn to the freezing m&m and the bottom of the cone. It then leads your eye to the boxes of ice cream, as well as the type. Although, if the boxes and type weren’t there you would still understand what the product was just by looking at the design.

The use of shape in this design has a huge impact on the audience. Without the m&m man on the top it wouldn’t have the same impact! The designer also shows the m&m freezing, with icicles dripping off of him. This allows the audience to imagine the icy, coldness of the ice cream cone. The background gives off a cool, smooth feel that coincides with the overall design. This design automatically makes the audience want the ice cream.

• The use of shape in this design is extremely effective. Even if you removed all the colors from the shapes the idea stays intact. Either way it will still draw the viewer’s eye. If the design was just a regular cone with little m&m candies on the top (rather than the m&m man), it wouldn’t have the same impact. • The primary audience of the advertisement is anyone who enjoys ice cream and likes M&M candies. This ad appeals to a variety of people, from children to adults.

T e x t u r e A n a l y s i s •

• TEXTURE is being used in the design to:

X Create a particular mood or feeling

X Fill individual shapes or areas

X Reinforce or support the concept of the design

• The texture in this website uses all of the above. Textures are used to fill individual shapes and areas. It’s used to split up the type, elements, and is used as the background. The amp shape in the top right corner with the logo and name uses a metal texture. The atmosphere of the website leaves an overall metallic impression in general. At the bottom corner there’s a speaker box with a honey comb style covering. This component is used in the squares that break up the page as well as other areas. These textures attract the attention of the audience and give the page structure. It creates a musical feeling and makes the audience want to listen to the tracks he produces. I did! These textures help reinforce the concept of the music he’s able to create with certain elements. That’s exactly the results the designer is looking to achieve. • This design is tremendously effective because it helps organize the elements on the page. It strengthens the idea but doesn’t overwhelm the audience. It affects your mood and compels you towards music. Without this particular use of texture the site would be enormously unappealing. • The primary audience is music lovers. Anyone who wants to buy music or that wants to create their own.

Unity Analysis •

• UNITY is being used in the design to:

X Provide consistency

X Unify the design with consistent elements (grouped/repeating elements)

X Lead the viewer’s eye through the design

The designer used all of the sources above for their website. It provides structure and allows the elements to work in a cohesive unit. This helps the audience to remember and understand the site more easily. Without this use of unity there would be clutter, which can be very distracting to the eye. This design uses many of the laws of perceptual organizations. These include similarity, proximity, and continuity. The designer keeps all elements on the left side of the page, leaving the right side empty. The links on the left side all contain handwritten type that’s in black, grey, and red, as well as illustrations. The type on all pages stays in the same areas, using the same fonts. The shapes and sizes of the elements stay the same from page to page. Overall the elements create an alignment that attracts the audience.

• This website is extremely effective because the mind attempts to create order and make connections so this design would be simplistic for the audience. This allows the website to be memorable to the audience. • The primary audience of this website is men, women, and children of all ages. As long as your able to work electronics.

Value Analysis •

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Lipcolor

• VALUE is being used in the design in the following way(s):

X Creates a mood or feeling X Creates contrast X Creates movement and direction

• The designer used value for all of the reasons above. This use of value creates the major effect of the design that would be lacking otherwise. The designer wants to produce a sexy, sultry feeling to the audience. The predominant elements have an overall dark nature, so the ad is a low-key design. The colors are all plums with different tints to them. Therefore, having a white background would disrupt the mood. The different values of lipstick colors direct your eye to the shape of the flower. The value of the women’s lips against her skin provides the right contrast for the design. The design causes the face to recede back, drawing the audiences’ eye to her lips. If her tone of skin color was lighter the impact would diminish exponentially. These values are accurate for portraying the overall sensational feeling to the audience. This design makes the audience want the product so they can feel and look beautiful. It is extremely eye catching for the audience.

Value in this design is incredibly effective. It is enormously captivating for the audience, which is very important. The value creates a steamy, erotic mood for the design. Changing the value of the elements would destroy the impact the designer wants for the audience.

• The primary audience for this advertisement is women- provided you wear lipstick. They are more sophisticated colors so it would most likely be women 18 years and older.

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Design Theory

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