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Spring 2019 New Titles and Backlist

Griffin Ondaatje “Raccoons have a lot of time on their hands, so they choose carefully where to eat. They are nature’s top food critics.”

Linda Wolfsgruber “I chose various shades of blue to make the story feel exciting and to create the feeling of dusk and nighttime.”

pp. 10–11

Hans Fischer created picture books and fairy tales that received the highest praise imaginable: the love of generations of children.  pp. 22–23

Édouard Manceau spends every free minute he has making music.

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From North

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Kazuo Iwamura “A happy moment is when I encounter the living things in nature unexpectedly.” pp. 16–17

Rebecca Gugger & Simon Röthlisberger “Sometimes standing on your head helps to give you a new perspective.”

Sebastian Meschenmoser opened Eden, his latest exhibition of fine art for adults, last October.

pp. 2–5

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Gro Dahle & Svein Nyhus “We want to use the picture book as a lantern to light up the dark rooms and the shadowy corners of childhood secrets too heavy to carry alone.” pp. 14–15

Monica Brown thinks books are magic. pp. 24–25

John Parra believes a journey taken in creating art is a dangerous one filled with wonderful possibilities.

Ana Sender “Once, I made a swimming pool for the fairies who lived in the woods behind my house.”  pp. 6–9

Sean Julian is happiest drawing bears, gorillas, and other big, hairy creatures such as ducklings.  p. 28

pp. 24–25

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Carol Roth “The ducklings are back, quack-quack, quack. Quack.”  p. 28 Bernadette Watts was taught illustration by Brian Wildsmith and art by David Hockney. pp. 20–21

Valeri Gorbachev published his first book with NorthSouth twenty-one years ago. pp. 26–27

Torben Kuhlmann “Well, if you read my books, the moon has been visited by a variety of earthlings.” pp. 18–19

Unless otherwise stated all photos on these two pages are ©copyright the author or illustrator.

A Whale

Picture Books

of a Debut 3

Picture Books

4 What lies behind the sun, the moon, and the stars?

Rebecca Gugger & Simon RĂśthlisberger

Ida can’t stop thinking about these and other very important questions. Then one night, a flying whale wakes her and takes her on an amazing journey— where some of her questions are answered and even more created.

were both born in Switzerland and live together in Thun, close to the forests, the mountains, and the fresh air.

This gentle, philosophical tale is a visual treat sure to fill curious little listeners with wonder.

Rebecca is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist, studied at the HKB (Bern University of the Arts), and likes to have her head in the clouds. Simon is a trained graphic artist, is currently working as an art director, and likes sailing. Now and again the two of them work together, with pen and with paint.

A Whimsical Read-aloud Rebecca Gugger Simon Rรถthlisberger Ida and the Whale Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 9.7" ร— 9.6" On Sale: April 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4341-7

Picture Books

Original photo from 1917


Truth and Fiction Cottingley in Yorkshire, England. It’s the summer of 1917, and two young cousins, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, take a handful of photos featuring homemade fairies in their garden. Unbeknowst to them they lauched a sensation that would confuse and delight future generations to this day. These seemingly innocent pictures were seen by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who verified them as proof of the existence of fairies, and a nation devastated by the horrors of the Great War were only too eager to jump on the bandwagon. People from all over flocked to the Cottingley garden in the hope of glimpsing the secretive beings firsthand.

Fairies Photographed!

Picture Books

In 1981 Elsie and Frances finally admitted their hoax, but right up until her death in 1986, Frances remained adamant that one of the photos was real and that they really had seen fairies in the garden.



Do You Believe?

Ana Sender The Cottingley Fairies Hardcover 48 pages $18.95 US Trim: 8.5" Ă— 11" On Sale: March 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4338-7

Ana Sender

Picture Books

was born in Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain, in 1978. She studied fine arts and illustration at the Massana Art School in Barcelona and completed her studies at the Francesca Bonemaisson School. She draws, writes, and imagines all sorts of stories. Her works have appeared both in many books and newspapers. Ana lives near the forest. Many of her illustrations are inspired by her dreams. She likes werewolves, wild things, and green, swampy places.

9 Ana Sender’s first book for NorthSouth pays homage to one of the most enduring hoaxes of the twentieth century. With a rich color palette and fresh pencil technique, Ana Sender follows in the footsteps of films, television, books, and newspaper articles, telling the story of the Cottingley cousins. What makes this book unusual is that it is squarely aimed at children, telling the enduring story authentically but also offering the tantalizing possibility that fairies really do exist.

Picture Books

10 Every raccoon knows it’s wrong to steal people’s leftovers, but Muddy can’t help himself. He loves leftovers—and he likes to eat them on plates. “Our son’s a picky eater,” his parents say. When Muddy gets caught, the oldest, wisest raccoon insists he make amends. But when all twenty-seven raccoons enter the restaurant to return Muddy’s stolen plates, what happens next is not what anyone expects. Mischievous Muddy will steal your heart!

Griffin Ondaatje was born in Kingston, Canada. He is the author of The Mosquito Brothers and The Camel in the Sun, illustrated by Linda Wolfsgruber, which was selected for the Austria Children’s Book Prize and shortlisted for the Middle East Book Award. His books have been translated into German, Korean, Arabic, Italian, and Swedish. He has three children and lives in Cambridge (CAN) with his family.

Linda Wolfsgruber was born in the town of Bruneck, Italy. After completing her formal education in art, typesetting, and graphic design (both in Italy and Germany), she began work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Griffin Ondaatje Linda Wolfsgruber Muddy: The Raccoon Who Stole Dishes Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: February 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4337-0

Picture Books

Stop, Thief!


Sebastian Meschenmoser Mr. Squirrel and the King of the Forest Hardcover 64 pages $18.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: July 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4342-4

Sebastian Meschenmoser

Picture Books

was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1980. He studied fine arts in Mainz, Germany. His illustrations were chosen from more than 2,700 entries and presented at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna in recognition of him being one of the most innovative new illustrators. As an accomplished artist with several exhibitions to his name, Sebastian Meschenmoser is among Germany’s most successful and admired young illustrators for children.


Mr. Squirrel is back in another hilarious tale. Mr. Squirrel can’t believe his eyes—an unknown, mysterious creature is under his tree. It must be the legendary king of the forest. Will the king share his wisdom with Mr. Squirrel and the other animals and help them have a better life, as legend has it? In fact, the king tells the animals his only and most important rule of life. But as it turns out, it’s anything but royal. . . .

We suggest:

It's Springtime, Mr. Squirrel Hardcover • $18.95 US ISBN: 978-0-7358-4310-3

“ Fans of Mr. Squirrel will welcome his return and look forward to future seasons of fun.” Kirkus Reviews Mr. Squirrel and the Moon Hardcover • $18.95 US ISBN: 978-0-7358-4156-7

Mistaken Identity in the Forest


Picture Books

14 14

A Powerful and Sensitive Story

Gro Dahle Svein Nyhus Angryman Hardcover 48 pages $17.95 US Trim: 9.7" × 9.6" On Sale: March 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4340-0

Gro Dahle is a poet and author, born in Oslo, Norway, in 1962. She studied creative writing at Telemark University College. In 1987, she debuted with Audien, a poetry collection that was very well received. She has since become a well-known lyricist and novelist. She lives in Tjøme in Vestfold with her husband, Svein Nyhus.

is an illustrator and writer of children's books, born in 1962 in Tonsberg, Norway. Among many other book projects, he illustrated Why Kings and Queens Don’t Wear Crowns, written by Princess Martha Louise of Norway, and the New York Times best seller What Does the Fox Say?, based on Ylvis’s YouTube hit The Fox. He lives in Tjøme in Vestfold with his wife, Gro Dahle.

Picture Books

Svein Nyhus

15 There’s someone in the living room. It is Daddy. It is Angryman. Boj’s father can be very angry and violent. Boj calls this side of his father’s personality “Angryman.” When Angryman comes no one is safe. Until something powerful happens . . . Gro Dahle’s astute text and Svein Nyhus’s bold, evocative art capture the full range of emotions that descend on a small family as they grapple with “Angryman.” With an important message to children who experience the same things as Boj: You are not alone. It’s not your fault. You must tell someone you trust. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Picture Books

16 When spring comes, it melts the snow. Where will all the water go? The first harbingers of spring can be seen in the forest—as the wet snow begins to melt. The little squirrels Mick, Mack, and Molly can’t believe that snow can turn into water. That is, until they discover a floating tree and use it as a raft. This gentle adventure, told in rhyme, is a wonderful celebration of nature and friendship. A beloved story, now available in English, from Japanese master of children’s book illustration Kazuo Iwamura, beautifully rhymed by acclaimed author David Henry Wilson.

Kazuo Iwamura “engages young children with his lovely illustrations and charming characters,” said Through the Looking Glass in a review of Hooray for Fall! Kazuo Iwamura studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and started his career as an illustrator for children’s television programs. He is the author and/or illustrator of dozens of popular books. Kazuo Iwamura lives with his family in Mashiko, outside Tokyo.

Kazuo Iwamura Good-bye, Winter! Hello, Spring! Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 9.7" × 9.6" On Sale: March 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4345-5

We suggest:

Hooray for Summer! Hardcover • $16.95 US ISBN: 978-0-7358-2285-6

Picture Books

Welcome Each Season!


Torben Kuhlmann

  “Kuhlmann’s artwork is the real star. This adventure will easily win Kuhlmann even more fans.”  Publishers Weekly, Starred, on Armstrong

  “This beautifully illustrated story is a feast for mind and eyes.”  School Library Journal, Starred, on Armstrong

  “‘One Small Step for a Mouse’ indeed.”

Picture Books

Kirkus Reviews, Starred, on Armstrong


was recognized as early as kindergarten for being a gifted draftsman. He was captivated by small airplanes, strange machines, and steaming trains; these elements made their way into his drawings. His preferred media are pen and watercolor. He also works with acrylics, oil paints, and digital programs. His books Lindbergh—The Tale of a Flying Mouse, Moletown, and Armstrong—The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon quickly became best sellers. Edison—The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure is his fourth picture book for NorthSouth Books.

Torben Kuhlmann Armstrong: The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon 50th Anniversary Edition Hardcover 124 pages $19.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: May 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4378-3

1969–2019: Lunar Landing Anniversary To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, this stunning picture book is now available in a special limited edition complete with new cover, introduction, and three spreads of text and art depicting the Apollo 11 mission! Torben Kuhlmann transports readers to the moon and beyond in Armstrong—The Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon, where dreams are determined only by the size of one’s imagination and the biggest innovators are the smallest of all.

“A marvelous offering that begs to be added to everyone’s storytelling repertoire.” School Library Journal, on The Three Little Pigs

“My what big talent she has!”

Picture Books

Kirkus Reviews, on Little Red Riding Hood

20 Classic Bernadette, perfect for spring and finally back in print. The ideal motivator for green-fingered youngsters. George, the little gardener, is surprised when one of his beloved flowers is sad. The small daisy would rather be in the neighbor’s beautiful garden filled with lilies and roses than in George’s untamed yard. But when George assists her, she finds that things are not always as they seem. Bernadette Watts’s beautiful pastel illustrations bring magic to this heartwarming story by Gerda Marie Scheidl about the things that matter most.

Bernadette Watts, known throughout Europe simply as Bernadette, has illustrated many dozens of folk- and fairy tales. Born in England, she studied at the Maidstone Art School in Kent (UK) under the tutelage of Brian Wildsmith. Bernadette finds her inspiration in nature. She has been illustrating for NorthSouth Books since the beginning of her career fifty years ago.

Gerda Marie Scheidl was born in 1913 in the north of Germany. She studied dance at the Hellerau-Laxenburg School on the outskirts of Vienna, then trained as an actor and had a threeyear stint with the Dortmund opera. Gerda Maria Scheidl wrote both children’s books and plays. She also worked for radio and television as well as being in charge of a private children’s theater. She died in 2005.

Gerda Marie Scheidl Bernadette Watts The Little Gardener Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim : 8.5" × 11" On Sale : April 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4347-9

We suggest:

Little Red Riding Hood Hardcover • $17.95 US ISBN: 978-0-7358-4303-5

Picture Books

A Spring-y Story


Picture Books

Classic Fairy Tales,


A beautiful collection of fairy tales with illustrations from the beloved Swiss illustrator Hans Fischer Hans Fischer, known as Fis, illustrated a large number of children’s books in his lifetime, the best known being Pitschi and The Birthday. His illustrations, drawn with precision and humor, bring utter delight to these finest of tales by the brothers Grimm: “The Musicians of Bremen,” “Riff-Raff,” the little-known illustrations from “Rum-Pum-Pum” (“A Fairyland Parade”), “Puss in Boots” based on Charles Perrault, “Red Riding Hood,” “Lucky Hans,” “The Hare and the Hedgehog,” “The Brave Little Tailor,” “Hansel and Gretel,” and “The Seven Ravens.” This collection is a treat for the whole family.

“. . . enchanting . . . Sophisticated simplicity realizes the true art form. . . .”

Kirkus Reviews, on Pitschi (Horn Book Fanfare Best Book of 1954)

Hans Fischer was born on January 6, 1909, in Bern, Switzerland. He studied fine art in Geneva before attending art school in Zurich. He worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency as well as a cartoonist for satirical magazines. He began illustrating bedtime stories for his children, going on to achieve international recognition in this field before his untimely death in 1959.

Hans Fischer In Fairyland: The Finest of Tales by the Brothers Grimm Hardcover 144 pages $30.00 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale : February 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4339-4

We suggest:

Pitschi Hardcover • $16.95 US ISBN: 978-0-7358-2278-8

Picture Books

Charmingly Illustrated


First Time in Paperback

Monica Brown John Parra Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos Paperback 40 pages $8.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: May 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4343-1

Monica Brown, PhD, is the award-winning author of Waiting for the Biblioburro/ Esperando el Biblioburro, Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/ no combina, and the Lola Levine chapter book series, including Lola Levine Is Not Mean; Lola Levine, Drama Queen; and Lola Levine and the Ballet Scheme. She lives in Arizona (USA) with her family and teaches at Northern Arizona University. Find out more at: www.monicabrown.net.

Picture Books

John Parra

24 Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos, written by Monica Brown and illustrated by John Parra, is based on the life of one of the world’s most influential painters, Frida Kahlo, and the animals that inspired her art and life. The fascinating Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is remembered for her self-portraits and her dramatic works featuring bold and vibrant colors. Her work brought attention to Mexican and indigenous cultures, and she is also renowned for her works celebrating the female form.

Pura Belpré Illustrator Honor in 2018 ALA Notable Children's Book in 2018

is an award-winning illustrator, designer, teacher, and fine art painter. His children’s books have earned many awards, including the SCBWI Golden Kite Award, ALA’s Pura Belpré Honors, the Christopher Award, the International Latino Book Award, and many more. In 2015 John was invited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to present a special event about his work and career in art and illustration; and in 2017 John’s art appeared on six Forever postal stamps from the USPS titled “Delicioso.” He lives with his wife, Maria, in Queens, New York (USA). Find out more at: www.johnparraart.com.

Also available:

Spanish Edition

New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children's Book of 2017 Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017 Smithsonian Top Ten Best Children's Book of 2017 2018 Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

Frida Kahlo Y Sus Animalitos Spanish Edition ISBN: 978-0-7358-4344-8 On Sale: May 2019

Everyone Loves Frida!

Picture Books


This One Is Just Right! Valeri Gorbachev When Goldilocks finds the coziest cabin she’s ever seen, she goes inside to explore. As she samples the porridge, chairs, and beds, she doesn’t notice who is right outside the window. . . . Could it be the bears? From the creator of Nicky and the Big, Bad Wolves comes a fresh and irresistibly appealing new version of a nursery favorite. Valeri Gorbachev’s warm and humorous retelling makes this classic “just right” for little listeners!

is the author and illustrator of many children’s books, both in the United States and in Europe, including Nicky and the Big, Bad Wolves and Little Bunny’s Sleepless Night. Valeri Gorbachev emigrated to the United States from the Ukraine in 1991 and now lives with his family in Brooklyn, New York (USA).

Picture Books


Valeri Gorbachev Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

Now Available as a Paperback

Paperback 32 pages $9.95 US Trim: 9.6" × 9.6" On Sale: February 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4335-6

Also available: Spanish Edition

Ricitos de Oro y los tres osos Spanish Edition ISBN: 978-0-7358-4353-0 On Sale: February 2019

“Short, simple, sweet—and more than likely to spur some similarly slobbery affection between parent and child.”

Picture Books

Kirkus Reviews, on Sloppy Wants a Hug


Are You Ready for School? First Time in Paperback

Carol Roth Sean Julian Five Little Ducklings Go to School Paperback 32 pages $8.95 US Trim: 9.5" × 9.5" On Sale: May 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4346-2

Carol Roth won a Children’s Choice Book Award (2005), the Missouri Building Block Award for Best Picture Book (2003), and the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award for Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Books (1999). Carol lives in New Jersey (USA) with her husband, Mark.

Sean Julian

It’s time for the five little ducklings to go to school. Four of the little ducklings shout, “YIPPEE! HOORAY! OH BOY! THAT’S COOL!” The fifth little duckling sobs, “BOO-HOO! I won’t go to school! I’m going to miss you!” But when Mama reminds them, “Even though we’ll be apart, we’ll still be in each other’s heart,” the little ducklings go forth and soon discover “School is great!”

enjoyed art from an early age, focusing on potato printmaking and creating plasticine dinosaurs. He now focuses his talents on children’s book illustrations, where he can follow his passion to draw hairy gorillas, bears, and dinosaurs. His pictures delight and entertain. He lives in Bristol (UK).

Édouard Manceau Ahoy, Captain Penguin! Bath Book 10 pages $7.95 US Trim: 5.5" × 5.5" On Sale: February 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4351-6

Join Captain Penguin and friends for bathtime fun and adventures. When toddlers give the book a squeeze, it squirts! For little squirts everywhere!

Édouard Manceau

Fun in the Tub!

Picture Books

is an author-illustrator who uses many different mediums but especially likes working with paper collage. His stylish, humorous books filled with friendly characters delight children the world over. Édouard lives in Vendée, France.


“ Weird, wonderful, and proof that journeying to places of uncertainty and unfamiliarity can feel extraordinarily Kirkus Reviews, Starred

Best of the Backlist


  “ Exuberant pictures express parental love, which makes species, gender, size, biology, and even


the bars of an enclosure irrelevant.” Kirkus Reviews, Starred

  “ This is one to be looked at several times to fully appreciate its quiet message. A thoughtful contemplation on how our lives are affected by our interactions.” Kirkus Reviews, Starred

“ The only thing you have to bring to this story is a love of good books, and a capacity to be wowed when a debut team pulls out a book as cool as this. A story so good you’ll be half tempted to pull your own soccer ball out of the shed and take it to the nearest muddy park for a spin. A true original.”

In Other Words . . .   “The large trim size allows the art to include plenty of fascinating details that young readers will want to pore over.”  School Library Journal , Starred

  “EDISON is a beautiful and inspiring tale about two tiny creatures who refuse to belittle themselves by accepting the limits of “Never!” and who are awarded with history-shaping truth for their efforts.”  Foreword Magazine , Starred

Best of the Backlist

Betsy Bird, Fuse #8 Blog, School Library Journal


The Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Big Book

Hardcover • $35.00 US 978-0-7358-4990-7 Paperback • $25.00 US 978-1-55858-441-9

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-1-55858-009-1


Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Classic Edition Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4284-7

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish to the Rescue! Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-1-55858-486-0 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-3-3140-1574-8

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-1009-9 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-3-3140-1669-1

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monsters’ Cave Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-1536-0 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-3-3140-1733-9

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Finds His Way Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-2084-5

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4066-9

Marcus Pfister Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4082-9 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4085-0

Marcus Pfister You Can’t Win Them All, Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4287-8 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4305-9

Marcus Pfister The Adventures of Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4185-7

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Bath Book

Marcus Pfister My Rainbow Fish Jigsaw Puzzle

Board Book • $9.95 US 978-1-5585-8880-6

Bath Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1299-4

Game • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4291-5

Burkhard Fries The Rainbow Fish Classroom Companion Paperback • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4290-8

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Puzzle Book Novelty • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4096-6

Marcus Pfister Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish Board Book • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4285-4

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Hardcover • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4286-1

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Colors Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4147-5

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Counting Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4148-2

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish Opposites Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4146-8

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Cloth Book Cloth Book • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4330-1

Board Book • $9.95 US 978-1-55858-536-2

The Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish to the Rescue

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish


Favorite Tales

Kipling / Blau The Jungle Books: The Mowgli Stories Hardcover • $24.95 US 978-0-7358-4226-7

Spyri / Dusíková Heidi Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4250-2

Barrie / Leffler Peter Pan Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4259-5

Grahame / Meschenmoser The Wind in the Willows Hardcover • $30.00 US 978-0-7358-4295-3

Said / Rashin The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4240-3

Baum / Zwerger The Wizard of Oz Hardcover • $22.95 US 978-0-7358-4241-0

Grimm / Duntze The Twelve Dancing Princesses Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4121-5

Andersen / Duntze The Princess and the Pea Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-1-55858-381-8



Spyri / Dusíková Heidi Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-2227-6

Grimm / Filippucci Cinderella Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4294-6

Grimm / Fischer In Fairyland: The Finest of Tales by the Brothers Grimm Hardcover • $30.00 US 978-0-7358-4339-4

Gorbachev Goldilocks and the Three Bears Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4335-6

Collodi / Gréban Pinocchio Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4328-8

Grimm / Gréban Snow White Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4116-1

Grimm / Hoffmann Hans in Luck: Seven Stories by the Brothers Grimm Hardcover • $30.00 US 978-0-7358-4281-6

Perrault / Koopmans Cinderella Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-1486-8

mit Hörbuch

Grimm / Schroeder The Frog Prince Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4140-6

Andersen / Watts The Snow Queen Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4302-8

Grimm / Watts Hansel and Gretel Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4327-1

Grimm / Watts Snow White Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-1-55858-132-6

Grimm / Watts Little Red Riding Hood Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4303-5

Tolstoy / Watts Shoemaker Martin Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4304-2

Grimm / Watts Mother Holly Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4267-0

Favorite Tales

Grimm / Leupin Tales from the Brothers Grimm Hardcover • $29.95 US 978-0-7358-4228-1


Aesop / Watts The Tortoise and the Hare Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4207-6

Various authors / Watts The Bernadette Watts Collection: Stories and Fairy Tales Hardcover • $34.95 US 978-0-7358-4212-0

Aesop / Watts The Lion and the Mouse Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-2129-3

Field / Westerman Wynken, Blynken, & Nod Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-1-55858-422-8

Hoffmann / Zwerger The Nutcracker Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4270-0

Tchaikovsky / Zwerger Swan Lake Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4329-5

Andersen / Watts The Ugly Duckling Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2146-0


Baeten The Curious Little Witch Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2305-1

Wagner / Behl Help, I Don’t Want a Babysitter! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4214-4

Blake Poop-di-doop! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4204-5

Blake Super Bunny! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4223-6

Blake New Baby! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4255-7

Boldt Odd Dog Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4068-3

Brönner The Tiger's Egg Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4319-6

Budde Bristly Hair and I Don’t Care! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4205-2

Chang Mr. Benjamin’s Suitcase of Secrets Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4280-9

Tarpley / Chatzikonstantinou My Grandma’s a Ninja Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4199-4

Corey / Christie A Time to Act: John F. Kennedy’s Big Speech Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4275-5

Langreuter / Dahle So Happy Together! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4279-3

Langreuter / Dahle There’s No One I Love Like You Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4126-0

Dahle Lily, the Little Elf Princess Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4177-2

Danowski Smon Smon Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4307-3

Danowski Little Night Cat Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4266-3


Suzhen / Danowski Grandma Lives in a Perfume Village Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4216-8

de Beer Nugget on Top of the World Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4242-7

de Beer The Adventures of the Little Polar Bear Collection • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4315-8

de Beer Little Polar Bear Takes a Stand Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4297-7

de Beer Little Polar Bear Where are You Going Lars? Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4264-9

Fischer Pitschi Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2278-8

Friester / Goossens Owl Howl and the BLU-BLU Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4246-5

Friester / Goossens Owl Howls Again! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4129-1


Batchelder Honor

37 NEW

Freister / Goossens Owl Howl Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4188-8

Grossmann-Hensel Papa is a Pirate Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2237-5

Gugger / Röthlisberger Ida and the Whale Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4341-7

Page Jaques / Halpern There Once Was a Puffin Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4245-8

Iwamura Hooray for Summer! Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2285-6

Iwamura Hooray for Fall! Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2252-8


Hopman For Audrey with Love Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4314-1

Iwamura Good-bye, Winter! Hello, Spring! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4345-5


Yamashita / Iwamura Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4048-5

Yamashita / Iwamura Seven Little Mice Go to School Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4012-6

Yamashita / Iwamura Seven Little Mice Go to the Beach Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4073-7

Petz / Jackowski The Day Everything Went Wrong Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4209-0

Janosch Just One Apple Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4151-2

Julian Sloppy Takes the Plunge Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4306-6

Julian Sloppy Wants a Hug Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4273-1

Roth / Julian Five Little Ducklings Go to Bed Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4128-4


OIB List


Roth / Julian Where’s My Mommy? Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4032-4

Kolar Stomp, Stomp! Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4169-7

Kuhlmann Armstrong: 50th Anniversary Edition Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4378-3

Kuhlmann Armstrong Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4262-5

Kuhlmann Moletown Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4208-3

Lester Running with the Horses Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4002-7

OIB List

Kuhlmann Edison Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4322-6

Kuhlmann Lindbergh Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4167-3

Loth Clementine Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4009-6

Loth Remembering Crystal Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-2300-6

Louis / Xiao Min Liu and the Bird Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2050-0

Sellier / Louis / Wang Fei Legend of the Chinese Dragon Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-2152-1

McKee Six Men Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4050-8

Meiners Whisper of the East Tales from Arabia Hardcover • $25 US 978-0-7358-4323-3

Merino The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4163-5

Merveille Monty Phyton’s Book of Silly Walks Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4296-0



OIB List

Merveille Mr. Hulot at the Beach Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4254-0

Merveille Hello, Mr. Hulot Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4135-2

Meschenmoser Mr. Squirrel and the King of the Forest Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4342-4

Meschenmoser It’s Springtime, Mr. Squirrel! Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4310-3

OIB List

Meschenmoser Pug Man’s 3 Wishes Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4261-8

Meschenmoser Gordon and Tapir Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4253-3

Meschenmoser Mr. Squirrel and the Moon Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4156-7


OIB List

Alexander / Miyares Surf’s Up Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4220-5


Müller The Green Sea Turtle Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4189-5

Müller Farley Farts Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4165-9

Kimura / Murakami 999 Frogs and a Little Brother Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4202-1

Kimura / Murakami 999 Frogs Wake Up Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4108-6

Kimura / Murakami 999 Tadpoles Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4013-3

Nastro / Nastanlieva The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4268-7

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: A Ruckus in the Garden Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4311-0

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Camping Trip Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4277-9

40 NEW

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Fox Chase Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4215-1

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Birthday Cake Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4203-8

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: Findus Disappears! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4184-0

Dahle / Nyhus Angryman Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4340-0

Paul / Alcántara The Field Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4312-7

Pfister Happiness Is . . . Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4179-6

Pfister Animal ABC Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4136-9

Pura Belpré Honor Book

Brown / Parra Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4269-4

Pfister Snow Puppy Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4031-7

Pfister Ava’s Poppy Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4057-7

Pfister Milo and the Mysterious Island Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4173-4

Pfister Milo and the Magical Stones Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-2253-5

Pfister Penguin Pete and Pat Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4155-0

Pfister Penguin Pete Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4118-5

Reid / Piatti Celestino Piatti's Animal ABC Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4206-9


Pfister Questions, Questions Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4000-3


Paronuzzi / Prigent Babak the Beetle Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4251-9

Puchner The ABC of Fantastic Princes Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4198-7

Roth / Rashin Hold Your Temper, Tiger Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4274-8

Rumi / Rashin Two Parrots Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4171-0

OIB List

Rashin There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4183-3

Rutland Chilly da Vinci Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4283-0

Sanabria / Días Domínguez A Page in the Wind Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4324-0

Sanabria As Time Went By Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4248-9

Batchelder Honor



Kramer / Sassouni The Green Umbrella Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4218-2

Pauli / Schärer The Fox in the Library Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4150-5

Sender The Cottingley Fairies Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4338-7

Rayner / Stones The Backup Bunny Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4282-3

Teckentrup Sleep Tight, Little Bear Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4180-2

Weninger/ Tharlet Davy’s Summer Vacation! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4278-2

Weninger/ Tharlet Happy Birthday, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4224-3

Weninger / Tharlet Davy Loves the Baby Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4210-6

Weninger / Tharlet Happy Easter, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4161-1

Weninger / Tharlet Merry Christmas, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4186-4

Weninger / Tharlet Davy Loves His Mommy Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4164-2

van Haeringen Mr. Matisse and His Cutouts Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4263-2

van Haeringen Coco and the Little Black Dress Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4239-7

Velthuijs The Little Boy and the Big Fish Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4309-7

Velthuijs The Kind-hearted Monster Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4107-9

Sting / Völker There’s a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4238-0



Scheidl / Watts The Little Gardener Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4347-9

Watts The Golden Plate Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4175-8

Weinert No Bath, No Cake! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4112-3

Ondaatje / Wolfsgruber Muddy: The Raccoon Who Stole Dinner Plates Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4337-0

Janisch / Zwerger Stories from the Bible Hardcover • $26.00 US 978-0-7358-4244-1

Langreuter / Dahle There's No One I Love Like You Board Book • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4321-9

de Beer Little Polar Bear Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4316-5

Friester / Goossens Owl Howl Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4234-2

Hardcovers / Board Books



Halpern Hush, Little Baby Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4233-5


Livanios / Lütje The Best Grandma in the World! Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4225-0

Livanios / Lütje The Best Grandpa in the World! Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4237-3

Alexander / Miyares Surf’s Up Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4313-4

Roth / Paparone Ten Dirty Pigs, Ten Clean Pigs Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2213-9

Pfister Questions, Questions Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4170-3

Swoboda / Lütje A Kiss for You Board Book • $7.95 US


Manceau Ahoy, Captain Penguin! Bath Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4351-6

de Beer Little Polar Bear Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4052-2

Drummond The Willow Pattern Story Paperback • $7.95 US 978-1-55858-413-6

Roth / Gorbachev Who Will Tuck Me in Tonight? Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1976-4

Janovitz Can I Help? Paperback • $6.95 US 978-1-55858-904-9

Horn / Kadmon When I Grow Up . . . Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-1418-9

Masurel / Kolar A Cat and a Dog Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1780-7

Krause Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4230-4



Roth / Julian Five Little Ducklings Go To School Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4346-2



Janisch / Leffler “I Have a Little Problem,” said the bear Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4094-2

Sellier / Louis / Wang Fei What the Rat Told Me Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4158-1

Paparone Five Little Ducks Paperback • $8.95 US 978-1-55858-700-7

Brown / Parra Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4343-1

Pauli / Schärer The Fox in the Library Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4213-7

Tashiro Chameleon’s Colors Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-2111-8

OIB List

Roth / Paparone The Little School Bus Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1905-4

Rao / Sabnani My Mother’s Sari Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2233-7

Lachner / Tjong-Khing Andrew’s Angry Words Paperback • $6.95 US 978-1-55858-769-4

Sturges / Vojtech Ten Flashing Fireflies Paperback • $7.95 US 978-1-55858-674-1

Wadsworth / Vojtech Over in the Meadow Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1871-2

Paperbacks / Spanish Books

Luciani / Tharlet How Will We Get to the Beach? Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1783-8

Field / Westerman Wynken, Blynken, & Nod Paperback • $8.95 US 978-1-55858-998-8

45 NEW

Nastro / Nastanlieva El osito que no se podía dormir Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4334-9

Gorbachev Ricitos de Oro y los tres Osos Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4353-0

Brown / Parra Frida Kahlo y sus Animalitos Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4292-2 NEW! Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4344-8

Paparone Los cinco patitos Board Book • $8.95 US

Janovitz ¡Nos Encanta la Esuela! / We Love School! Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2246-7

Luciani / Tharlet How Will We Get to the Beach? / ¿Cómo iremos a la playa? Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2038-8



Now as a Paperback

Masurel / Paparone Diez perros en la tienda Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1303-8

Pfister El pez arco iris Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-2189-7

With Scripture Verses

Advent & Christmas

de Beer Little Polar Bear Under the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4271-7

Goossens Little Owl’s Advent Advent Calendar 13" × 19" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4231-1

Rand ’Twas the Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar 15" × 11" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1227-7

Kuhlmann Armstrong’s Christmas Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4272-4

Lunelli Journey to Bethlehem Advent Calendar 15" × 11" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1390-8

Schroeder Silent Night Advent Calendar trifold • 13.2" × 15.6" $9.95 US • 978-1-55858-437-2

Watts A Fairy Tale Christmas Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4258-8

Watts Woodland Christmas Advent Calendar 11" × 15" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2244-3

Wensell Santa’s on His Way Advent Calendar 15" × 11" • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-2136-1


Watts Away in a Manger Advent Calendar with glitter 15" × 11" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1860-6

Watts Winter Village Advent Calendar with glitter 11" × 15" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4133-8

Child / Manson Over the River and Through the Wood Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4191-8

Pfister The Christmas Star Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4299-1

Moore / Rand The Night Before Christmas Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4106-2

Schmid Santa Claus and the Dormouse Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4298-4

Weninger / Tharlet 24 Stories for Advent Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4229-8

Weninger / Tharlet Merry Christmas, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4186-4

Watts The Little Drummer Boy Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4325-7

Advent & Christmas

Schneider / Dusíková Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-1963-4


Weninger / Wintz-Litty Silent Night Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4326-4

Hoffmann / Zwerger The Nutcracker Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4270-0

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NorthSouth Books Spring 2019 Catalog  

NorthSouth Books Spring 2019 Catalog