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Fall 2019 New Titles and Backlist

Zoë Tucker “Ada Lovelace was an inspirational woman. I hope that I can pass on her story and ideas to a new generation and encourage them to follow their dreams.”

Kerstin Hau “I wish that every child could have a special friend for the dark days, the bright days, and all the days in between.” pp. 4–9

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Julie Völk “Cyanotype was the technique to use for The Dark and the Light.”

Rachel Katstaller has hidden lots of little details in Ada. Can you find them all? 

Bernadette Watts was taught illustration by Brian Wildsmith and art by David Hockney.





©Andrea Schombara


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From North

Molly Ruttan “Books for children integrate life and bestow love. To create one is a profound and exciting adventure!”

Willy Puchner “Life is a miracle, a wonder, and a mystery. My fantasy takes me to places that give me joy, comfort, and consolation.”

pp. 14–15

Marcus Pfister “I love making up new rhymes and playing with words.”  pp. 16–17, 30–31

Abigail Rayner “When I was six years od I stole a magnet from my teacher’s desk!” pp. 14–15

pp. 18–19

Antonie Schneider “Snow is for everybody and this book is a ring parable for children everywhere.” pp. 20–21

Carole Aufranc “For me the mountains are a wonderful mix of relaxation and magic and the perfect place to celebrate Christmas.” p. 38

Helga Bansch “When I was a child I used to pretend that three of our neighbourhood cats were mine. Nobody else knew, just me and the cats.” pp. 26–27

Amélie Jackowski once spent several days chasing ibex in the Swiss Alps for a book project.

Anke Bär “Wilhelm’s journey was also a big journey for me, one that changed my life.”

p. 34

pp. 12–13

Josef Paleček “My books have won many international awards but the biggest prize for me is children’s enjoyment of them.” pp. 24–25

Moritz Petz writes for adults and children under a variety of names. p. 34

©Gab riela Ü rlings

to South

Pei-Yu Chang “The colors, the smell of spices, and the sound of voices singing. These are the things that remind me of Israel.”  pp. 20–21

Christopher Manson “A perfect illustrated book is one where you can’t imagine the words without the pictures or vice versa.” pp. 36–37

Unless otherwise stated all photos on these two pages are ©copyright the author or illustrator.

Katja Alves “Stories that create images and images that tell stories, the perfect combination.”

Warja Lavater “I lay down figures as a musician lays down chords.”

pp. 28–29

p. 35

Lydia Maria Child Her views as an abolitionist and women’s rights activist shocked her readers. pp. 36–37

Who’s There?

Stunningly Loveable Shaggy lives in the land of darkness. He is lonely. Softhearted Sparkle lives in the land of light. She is lonely. One day they both go to the gray-blue border between their countries and find that life is light and dark and every color imaginable. A sweet and poetic story about friendship.

Kerstin Hau

Kerstin Hau’s delicate story tells of the necessity for life’s light and dark sides and how wonderful, enriching encounters spring up in the oddest places and cross all barriers. Julie Völk used an old photographic technique called cyanotype, where negative forms create light on a blue background in a magical way.

Julie Völk

A book about unlikely friendships Fascinating technique of cyanotype Austrian rising star Julie Völk’s US debut 2018 IBBY Honored Illustrator

German author Kerstin Hau has devoted herself to writing for both children and adults, and she hopes that her stories will touch the hearts of young and old and enrich their lives.

lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Her pictures tell stories about growing up, strange meetings, and unusual aspects of life. Her clear, delicate style combines realism with fantasy, which gives her illustrations a highly original atmosphere.

Kerstin Hau Julie Vรถlk The Dark and the Light Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 8.5" ร— 11" On Sale: August 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4385-1

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For her NorthSouth debut Julie Völk chose an unusual and unfashionable method called cyanotype is an old photographic technique whereby paper is first treated with a light-sensitive, ferrous solution before being covered by cutout elements and then exposed. The results are that the unexposed surfaces reveal negative elements set off against a deep, intense blue background where light has come into contact with the paper. Julie Völk’s style is defined by precise lines and an atmospheric use of color. She loves to mix real and surreal elements with a fine sense of the delicate and the powerful, the light and the dark. .

Creating Light and Darkness Here’s a look over the artist’s shoulder as she creates dark and light.

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First off I create a negative of the image I want on the paper.




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error to get It took a lot of trial and the results I wanted.

Picture Books

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“Cyanotype has something calming yet precise about it. It helps you to focus on what is most vital.” Julie Völk

Girl to the Power 


Augusta Ada Byron, better known as Ada Lovelace, was a child with a thirst for knowledge. She read anything and everything she could get her hands on in her father’s library, the sensational poet Lord Byron. But above all else she loved solving the mathematical puzzles set by her teacher, inventor of the ubiquitous number-crunching machine, Charles Babbage. And thus her course was set, to become a pioneer in her field and one of the most important women of science. Zoë Tucker has condensed the adventurous life of Ada Lovelace into a few pointed episodes. Rachel Katstaller has added a humorous Victorian backdrop. The whole is an ideal introduction for picture book readers to the life of an inspirational woman who swam against the stream.

Exceptional debut Powerful subject matter, women in science Introducing children to a role model whose legacy lives on

Zoë Tucker is a leading freelance designer and art director of children’s picture books, board books, and novelty books with over seventeen years experience. Zoë lives on the beautiful South Coast of England.

Rachel Katstaller is originally from tiny tropical El Salvador, where she studied strategic design. After a period in Montréal and New York, where she attended the Summer Residency in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in the summer of 2014, Rachel relocated to the Alps together with her cat Hemingway. Rachel now works for several international publishing houses, concentrating on children’s books and editorial illustration. She also has her own apparel brand, Las Furias.

New Picture Books

11 Zoë Tucker Rachel Katstaller Ada and the NumberCrunching Machine Hardcover 48 pages $18.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4317-2

The Long Way When a young child finds her great-great-grandfather Wilhelm’s journal detailing his voyage across the Atlantic as an emigrant sailing from Bremerhaven, Germany, to America in 1872, she is transported back in time. The journal entries capture young Wilhelm’s hopes of escaping poverty, the adventure and poignancy of leaving behind all that is familiar, the wonders of life on the open sea, the work of the sailors, the daily struggles of sleeping in steerage, sea sickness, insect infestations, and boredom, but also the children’s games and sense of community on board. And finally, the big day comes as the Columbia reaches the port of New York! Sidebar facts throughout offer insights about navigational tools, seamen’s knots, sea creatures, and more in this historical picture book about the great age of emigration and life aboard a sailing ship.

Anke Bär studied Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice in Hildesheim, Germany. Through a project at the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven she came into contact with the topic of historical emigration overseas. Today she works as a freelance author and illustrator in Bremen, Germany.

“Wilhelm’s experiences and the many sketches paint a vivid picture of what it means to emigrate.”

from Home Anke Bär Wilhelm’s Journey: An Emigration Story Translated by Angelika C. Schmidt-Lange Hardcover 72 pages $21.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: August 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4352-3

New Picture Books

National Geographic World


Temptation My heart stopped singing. My letters went wonky. I was too heavy to swing! I wanted to put it back . . . But what if someone saw? When Eliza Jane Murphy—line leader, captain of the worm rescue team—impulsively pockets a sparkly green stone from her classroom’s “Exploring Green” display table, her heart crumples. But when she discovers that nearly everyone in her family took something once in their lives—from her baby brother and mom, to her nana’s sausagestealing dog—Eliza overcomes her shame to make things right. A hilarious and heartfelt story about stealing and finding the courage to do the right thing.

Abigail Rayner was born in England, where they have lots of history and rain. She spent her childhood visiting castles, picnicking in cars, and getting told off for writing stories during math. When she grew up, she became a reporter and moved to New York, where she was encouraged to write stories, but not the made-up kind. These days she lives in New Jersey, with her wonderful husband, two brilliant kids, and three terrible cats. She never gets in trouble for writing stories. She is also the author of The Backup Bunny.

Molly Ruttan grew up in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. She and her twin sister showed signs of artistic and musical talent at a very early age. Molly attended the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and established a career as a graphic designer and illustrator in Los Angeles. She is married to her childhood friend and music producer, Gabriel Moffat. They have three daughters, three dogs, one cat, one rabbit, a garden, some fish, and who knows how many magical nature spirits animating the backyard!

Abigail Rayner Molly Ruttan I Am a Thief! Hardcover 40 pages $17.95 US Trim 8.5" × 11" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4289-2

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Marcus Pfister Who Stole the Hazelnuts? Hardcover 32 pages 
$17.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4382-0

Marcus Pfister’s debut picture book, The Sleepy Owl, was published by NorthSouth in 1986, but his big breakthrough came six years later with The Rainbow Fish. Today, Marcus has illustrated over fifty books that have been translated into more than fifty languages and received countless international awards as well as sold over 30 million copies. He lives with his wife, Debora, and his children in Bern. Meet Marcus Pfister at www.marcuspfister.ch.

Picture Books

Also available:

16 A new book from the author of the bestselling Rainbow Fish series! The peace and quiet of the forest is shattered by a scream. Someone has stolen the squirrel’s three hazelnuts! Who could have committed such a terrible crime? The squirrel begins his investigation and no one is above suspicion. Bestselling illustrator Marcus Pfister’s quirky forest tale about thinking carefully before apportioning blame is a timely update on the boy who cried wolf.

Animal ABC Hardcover • $17.95 US ISBN: 978-0-7358-4136-9

Whodunnit? 17

New Picture Books

Take Off on

18 The delightfully inventive Willy Puchner opens his treasure chest for us. With his unique outlook, this book awakens the curious and inspires the imagination. Some wonders are huge, such as dinosaurs; some are so small they hardly catch your eye . . . From shimmering beetles and birds getting married to cats strolling down red carpets, Puchner’s photographs, illustrations, and little gems of text will find their way into your heart.

Willy Puchner born in 1952 in Lower Austria, works as a photographer, designer, and author in Oberschützen, Vienna, and beyond. After studying philosophy and history, he followed his desires and visited distant cities: New York, Sydney and Paris, Venice, Tokyo, Honolulu, Rome, and Cairo. He has published numerous books, shows his paintings in exhibitions, publishes in magazines, and leads workshops and lectures. Puchner’s The ABC of Fabulous Princesses and The ABC of Fantastic Princes have been praised for their inventiveness. This is his third book for NorthSouth Books.

“Willy Puchner’s verbal jesting is infectious.” The New York Times Book Review

a Flight of Fancy Willy Puchner Willy’s World of Wonders Hardcover 64 pages $19.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: October 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4383-7

New Picture Books


Let It Snow Jerusalem is a special place—a place that brings people together—a place where it rarely snows. But when by chance it does snow, three friends have a playful debate as they ponder to whom the snow belongs. When they ask some of the most trusted people in their community, to their great surprise their priest, rabbi, and imam all say the same thing. A joyful story about sharing and how we are more similar than different.

Antonie Schneider was born in Mindelheim (Allgäu), Germany, and even as a child she had a passion for books and stories. She has now published more than sixty books, which have been translated into many languages and, together with her poems both for children and for adults, have earned her international recognition. Her many awards include the Prix Chronos, the National Parenting Award, and the Austrian State Prize. Today she lives as a freelance writer in what is known as the Dreiländereck—where Germany, Austria, and Switzerland share their borders.

Pei-Yu Chang was born in 1979 in Taipeh, Taiwan, where she studied German language, culture, and literature. On completion of her Master’s Degree, she traveled to Germany to do a doctorate on “Chaos Theory in Literary Studies” at Münster University. There she discovered her passion for book illustration. In 2012 she began courses in the Department of Communications Design and Illustration at the Fachhochschule, Münster. She is the author of Mr. Benjamin’s Suitcase of Secrets. She currently lives and works in Münster, Germany.

Antonie Schneider Pei-Yu Chang Snow for Everyone! Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: October 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4320-2

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Pennies from


NorthSouth Books is happy to bring this beautiful edition of The Star Child back into print! There was once a young girl whose only possessions were the clothes on her back and a piece of bread some kind soul had given to her. But even these few things meant much to others less fortunate than herself; and in selfless love, the girl gave away the little that she had. In this beautiful Grimm fable, it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

“The falling stars that become a shower of golden coins and the mist and star-woven garments rewarding her are surely a satisfying conclusion to this lesser-known tale.” School Library Journal on Star Child

Bernadette Watts, known throughout Europe simply as Bernadette, has illustrated many dozens of folk- and fairy tales. Born in England, she loved to draw since childhood. She studied at the Maidstone Art School in Kent, UK, for a time under the tutelage of Brian Wildsmith. Bernadette’s many beautiful books include The Snow Queen and The Bremen Town Musicians. Bernadette finds her inspiration in nature. Today she lives and works in Kent. She has been illustrating for NorthSouth Books and NordSüd Verlag since the beginning of her career fifty years ago.

The Brothers Grimm Bernadette Watts The Star Child Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 8.5" Ă— 11" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4349-3

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Fairy-Tale Wonder

Hans Christian Andersen Josef Paleček Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-Tale Collection Hardcover 176 Pages $25.00 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4380-6 Contains: The Emperor’s New Clothes The Nightingale The Little Mermaid Thumbelina The Ugly Duckling

Josef Paleček

New Picture Books

was born in Czechoslovakia. He studied at the Karls University in Prague. Afterward he started working as a freelance designer and illustrator. He became widely known through numerous exhibitions in Czechoslovakia and abroad. His books for children have been published by seventy publishers in twenty-six countries worldwide. “Work for children appeals to me because of their innocence, directness and spontaneity. Because of how prepared they are to join in a game.”


Josef Paleček is one of the preeminent illustrators to come out of the Czech School of the 1960s and ’70s, a group that went on to have a huge impact on children’s illustration and animation around the world. These reissued stories, compiled here for the first time, mark a special relationship between Paleček and NorthSouth, which goes back many decades and includes numerous adventures. This collection shows Paleček’s expressive reinterpretations of Andersen’s most popular fairy tales with some surprisingly subversive details thrown in.

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Hot Diggity Dogs! Every child wants a dog at some point. Here’s the story of a little girl who figures out how to get what she wants! Lisa loves dogs and asks “twenty-one times a day” for a pet of her own. Despite the pleas, her parents respond: “Our apartment is too small for a dog.” She tries different methods of persuasion, but neither being “good as gold” nor “truly terrible” changes the verdict. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she posts a sign in the park: “Wanted: Dog to Borrow.” Soon an elderly man hires Lisa to walk his dachshund. Muted watercolor illustrations show the red-haired girl playing with Rollo while her wooden toy dalmatian sits on a nearby bench awaiting her return.

Helga Bansch was born in Leoben, Austria. Before becoming a writer, she worked as a teacher in primary schools and made marionettes for puppet theatres. Since 2003, she has lived in Vienna, working as an artist and running workshops for children. Bansch won the Austrian Children’s Book Prize for her illustrations.

“A satisfying lesson in compromise.”

New Picture Books

School Library Journal on I Want A Dog!

27 Helga Bansch I Want A Dog! Hardcover 32 pages $17.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: August 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-2255-9

Swiss Myths

Katja Alves The Revenge of the Black Cat Half-linen-bound Hardcover 136 pages $19.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-3-314-10488-6

Katja Alves

New Picture Books

was born in Coimbra, Portugal, and grew up in Switzerland. She has worked in many different fields—as a bookseller, journalist, radio editor etc.— but today she spends most of her time editing children’s books and writing children's novels and radio plays. She lives with her family in Zürich.

29 In this collection, Katja Alves retells some traditional Swiss myths— exciting, funny, and sometimes gruesome tales from all four regions of the Switzerland. The exquisite illustrations were created by nineteen young artists who hail from Switzerland. Illustrations by: Anda, Carole Aufranc, Silvan Borer, Paloma Canonica, Anna Deér, Lucie Fiore, Gregor Forster, Lea Gross, Sara Guerra Rusconi, Mira Gysi, Rina Jost, Patricia Keller, Rahel Messerli, Jakob Näf, Camille Perrochet, Eliane Schädler, Pia Valär, Adam Vogt, and Anna Weber. Celebrating Switzerland as country of honor at the Bologna Book Fair, this collection is illustrated by nineteen young artists, many of whom are previously unpublished.

New Picture Books

NorthSouth and bi:libri bring you The Rainbow Fish in TEN languages!


Share some Kristy Koth, how does translating for bilingual books differ from regular translation work? Usually when translating you’re free to adapt by fleshing something out or eliminating superfluous text. The result inevitably differs from the original. But as soon as two languages appear together you can’t help looking for “mistakes.” So we try to keep our translations very close to the original while ensuring that both versions feel natural. It’s a fine balancing act. Who are your books aimed at? Children in bilingual households whose parents speak different languages. Children whose native language is not the local language, because if their first language stagnates it can be difficult gaining competence in a new language. Monolingual children whose parents want a fun way to introduce them to a new language. Why start with The Rainbow Fish? All over the world, children love this story with its universal message that sharing makes you feel good. It is exactly the kind of story and message that we look for and that works well bilingually.

Dr. Kristy Koth, publisher and CEO of bi:libri, was born and raised in Washington State and holds a PhD in French from Northwestern. She spent time in Mexico, France, Germany, and Japan, studying the languages and teaching English. In 2007 she joined bi:libri, where she combines her knowledge of language learning with a passion for children’s literature. Kristy lives in Munich, Germany, with her family.

Marcus Pfister’s debut picture book, The Sleepy Owl, was published by NorthSouth in 1986, but his big breakthrough came six years later with The Rainbow Fish. Today, Marcus has illustrated over fifty books that have been translated into more than fifty languages and received countless international awards and sold over 30 million copies. He lives with his wife, Debora, and his children in Bern. Meet Marcus Pfister at www.marcuspfister.ch.

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Bilingual Editions

language fun German / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4368-4 French / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4369-1 Italian / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4370-7 Spanish / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4371-4 Arabic / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4372-1 Mandarin / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4373-8 Korean / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4374-5 Japanese / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4375-2 Russian / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4376-9 Vietnamese / English ISBN: 978-0-7358-4377-6

Discover a new approach to bilingual children’s books. NorthSouth has partnered with internationally acclaimed bilingual children’s publisher Edition bi:libri to bring you an exciting new range of titles covering universal themes such as friendship, tolerance, and finding courage. Starting with the bestselling The Rainbow Fish, our mission is to bring great stories and second-language learning fun to children around the world. So whether you are a parent, teacher, or librarian, these specially produced and carefully constructed editions will help build bridges and knock down language barriers.

New Picture Books

Paperback 32 pages $9.95 US Trim: 8.5" × 11" On Sale: August 2019


Best of the Backlist

30 Years

32 Kwame Alexander Daniel Miyares Surf’s Up ISBN: 978-0-7358-4220-5 Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish ISBN: 978-1-55858-009-1

Baptiste Paul Jacqueline Alcántara The Field ISBN: 978-0-7358-4312-7

Sven Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Birthday Cake ISBN: 978-0-7358-4203-8

Hans de Beer Little Polar Bear: Where are You Going Lars? ISBN: 978-0-7358-4264-9

Brothers Grimm / Bernadette Watts Little Red Riding Hood ISBN: 978-0-7358-4303-5

Best of the Backlist

of Building Bridges Celebrating 30 years of NorthSouth Books! Bringing the best European picture books to American readers and an exciting and diverse US publishing program.

Torben Kuhlmann Edison ISBN: 978-0-7358-4322-6

L. Frank Baum Lisbeth Zwerger The Wizard of Oz ISBN: 978-0-7358-4241-0

Monica Brown / John Parra Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos ISBN: 978-0-7358-4269-4


9 –2


S bac pecia klis l t off See you er r for

Sebastian Meschenmoser Gordon and Tapir ISBN: 978-0-7358-4253-3

Brigitte Weninger Eve Tharlet Davy Loves the Baby ISBN: 978-0-7358-4210-6


s det ales r ails ep .

Sonja Danowski Smon Smon ISBN: 978-0-7358-4307-3

New Picture Books


Grouch and Grumble Sometimes a bad mood can be contagious! Badger got up one morning feeling very grumpy. “Humph!” Badger said to himself. What was the point of being in a bad mood if nobody noticed? he thought. So Badger headed out, slamming the door behind him. Badger spreads his bad mood far and wide, greeting all his friends with angry, rude remarks that put them in bad moods, too. A comical, cautionary tale for anyone who has ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

Moritz Petz Amelie Jackowski The Bad Mood Board Book $8.95 US Trim: 8" × 8" On Sale: August 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4387-5

Moritz Petz was born in Hamburg, Germany. Upon completion of his studies, he traveled through Italy, Denmark, and Sweden, working a variety of jobs before returning to study history and German. His interests include streetand puppet-theater, chess, music, and writing.

Amélie Jackowski was born in Toulon, France. She studied at the Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and at the University of Provence in France. She has published many children’s books. Her work has been exhibited at numerous group shows, including the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy.

Warja Lavater Tell Linen-bound Hardcover / Leporello 24 pages $20.00 US Trim: 4.9" × 6.3" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-3-314-10492-3

First published in 1962 by The Museum of Modern Art in New York, this reissue comes from the wonderful imagination of Warja Lavater and is a retelling of the famous Swiss folk tale, conceived as a single sheet lithograph, folded in the Leporello style. Inspired by the bright lights of Manhattan, Lavater turns characters and objects into pictograms and symbols for this wordless journey while the drama literally unfolds, following the flight of an arrow. NorthSouth is proud to bring such a stylish classic back into print.

Warja Lavater

An Apple a Day

New Picture Books

(1913–2007) was born in Winterthur, Switzerland. She spent her childhood in Russia, Greece, and Switzerland, and studied art initially in Zürich, then subsequently in Sweden and Paris. Impressed by the expressive potential of signs and advertising boards on American streets, toward the end of the 1950s she developed the use of pictograms as a form of pictorial language. She became famous for her paintings, drawings, and graphic work, which included pictograms and folding books for children and adults.


Lydia Maria Child Christopher Manson Over the River and Through the Wood


Board Book 24 pages $8.95 US Trim: 6" × 8" On Sale: September 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4393-6

Board Book

Lydia Maria Child was born in Medford, Massachusetts, in 1802. She was a celebrated American author, abolitionist, and women’s rights activist as well as being highly critical of American expansionism and the treatment of Native Americans.

is a well-known author/illustrator who undertakes extensive research for his books. For Over the River, he reviewed Currier and Ives prints as well as Victorian patterns.

All About Family Just in time for the holidays, NorthSouth is happy to reissue this beautiful board book edition of Lydia Maria Child’s classic Thanksgiving poem. The horse knows the way To carry the sleigh Through the white and drifted snow . . . As essential to the holiday season as turkey and pumpkin pie.

“This reissue . . . is more than justified by Manson’s gorgeous colored woodcut illustrations, which conjure everything that was solid and charming about 19th-century New England life.” The New York Times Book Review

“Recalling a simpler time, this book captures the poem’s sense of excitement and celebration. Readers who join the family en route to Grandfather’s house will observe many details about life in the 19th century. . . . Manson’s woodcuts, painted in the colors of a snowy evening, lovingly depict the wintry countryside.” 

School Library Journal

New Picture Books

Christopher Manson


Bring a touch of cozy Swiss chalets into your home this Advent. The twenty-four doors reveal the comings and goings in this apparently sleepy ski resort and build up to the big day!

Carole Aufranc Christmas in the Mountains Advent Calendar $9.95 US Trim: 15" × 11" On Sale: July 2019 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4390-5

Carole Aufranc

Advent & Christmas

was born and grew up in Geneva surrounded by beautiful alps. She loves being outdoors, hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. For this calendar she used a mixture of gouache and traditional Swiss scissor-cut shapes.

Advent Calendar


Goossens Little Owl’s Advent Advent Calendar 13" × 19" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4231-1

de Beer Little Polar Bear Under the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4271-7

Kreidolf Gnomes in the Snow Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4348-6

Kuhlmann Armstrong’s Christmas Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4272-4

With Scripture Verses

Lunelli Journey to Bethlehem Advent Calendar 15" × 11" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1390-8

Rand ’Twas the Night Before Christmas Advent Calendar 15" × 11" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1227-7

Schroeder Silent Night Advent Calendar trifold • 13.2" × 15.6" $9.95 US • 978-1-55858-437-2

Watts Away in a Manger Advent Calendar with glitter 15" × 11" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1860-6

Watts Winter Village Advent Calendar with glitter 11" × 15" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4133-8

Watts Woodland Christmas Advent Calendar 11" × 15" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2244-3

Wensell Santa’s on His Way Advent Calendar 15" × 11" • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-2136-1

Schneider / Dusíková Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-1963-4

Child / Manson Over the River and Through the Wood Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4191-8

Pfister The Christmas Star Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4299-1

Advent & Christmas

Watts A Fairy Tale Christmas Advent Calendar 13" × 19.3" • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4258-8


Moore / Rand The Night Before Christmas Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4106-2

Schmid Santa Claus and the Dormouse Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4298-4

Weninger / Tharlet 24 Stories for Advent Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4229-8

Watts The Little Drummer Boy Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4325-7

Weninger / Wintz-Litty Silent Night Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4326-4

Hoffmann / Zwerger The Nutcracker Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4270-0

Weninger / Tharlet Merry Christmas, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4186-4

A Classic Swedish series with new translations

“ Strong characters, a timeless story, and plenty of droll humor. The engaging text reads aloud well while amusing adults and children alike.”

Best of the Backlist


Enchanting and intriguing.

“Gugger and Röthlisberger’s sumptuous illustrations, evocative of the work of


Lisbeth Zwerger, are infused with the sort of whimsical detail that makes for the best fantasy ambiance.” Kirkus Reviews

A real fairy tale or a tale of real fairies?

“Whimsical pencil illustrations, rendered in simple lines, patterns, and a somber palette of grays, blues, and tans, transport the enigmatic text to the fringe of fairyland . . . an intriguing, enchantingly rendered real fairy tale.” Kirkus Reviews

Celebrating 500 years of Leonardo da Vinci

“ Action-packed panels, diagrams of Chilly’s inventions, and nods to Leonardo da Vinci make this a goodhearted embrace of trial and error and a celebration of failure as a learning experience.”

In Other Words . . .   “The text and images combine in surreal fashion what is actually happening with what the son is feeling/imagining—an effective strategy to maximize impact while avoiding displays of physical contact . . . its powerful saga signaling to hurting readers that they are not alone—and that asking for help can bring relief.”  Kirkus Reviews, Starred

“Angryman is unlike any picture book I’ve seen before.” Julie Danielson, Kirkus Reviews

Best of the Backlist



The Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Big Book

Hardcover • $35.00 US 978-0-7358-4990-7 Paperback • $25.00 US 978-1-55858-441-9

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-1-55858-009-1


Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Classic Edition Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4284-7

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish to the Rescue! Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-1-55858-486-0 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-3-3140-1574-8

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-1009-9 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-3-3140-1669-1

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monsters’ Cave Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-1536-0 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-3-3140-1733-9

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Finds His Way Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-2084-5 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4007-2

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4066-9

Marcus Pfister Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4082-9 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4085-0

Marcus Pfister You Can’t Win Them All, Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4287-8 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4305-9

Marcus Pfister The Adventures of Rainbow Fish Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4185-7

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Bath Book

Marcus Pfister My Rainbow Fish Jigsaw Puzzle

Board Book • $9.95 US 978-1-5585-8880-6

Bath Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1299-4

Game • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4291-5

Burkhard Fries The Rainbow Fish Classroom Companion Paperback • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4290-8

Marcus Pfister Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish Board Book • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4285-4

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Hardcover • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4286-1

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Colors Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4147-5

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish Counting Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4148-2

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish Opposites Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4146-8

Board Book • $9.95 US 978-1-55858-536-2

The Rainbow Fish

Marcus Pfister Rainbow Fish to the Rescue

Marcus Pfister The Rainbow Fish


Favorite Tales

Kipling / Blau The Jungle Books: The Mowgli Stories Hardcover • $24.95 US 978-0-7358-4226-7

Spyri / Dusíková Heidi Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4250-2

Collodi / Gréban Pinocchio Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4328-8

Barrie / Leffler Peter Pan Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4259-5

Grahame / Meschenmoser The Wind in the Willows Hardcover • $30.00 US 978-0-7358-4295-3

Said / Rashin The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4240-3

Baum / Zwerger The Wizard of Oz Hardcover • $22.95 US 978-0-7358-4241-0

Grimm / Duntze The Twelve Dancing Princesses Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4121-5

Andersen / Duntze The Princess and the Pea Paperback • $7.95 US 978-1-55858-381-8

Spyri / Dusíková Sleeping Beauty Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4087-4

Spyri / Dusíková Heidi Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-2227-6

Grimm / Filippucci Cinderella Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4294-6

Grimm / Fischer In Fairyland: The Finest of Tales by the Brothers Grimm Hardcover • $30.00 US mit Hörbuch 978-0-7358-4339-4

Gorbachev Goldilocks and the Three Bears Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4335-6

Grimm / Gréban Snow White Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4116-1

Grimm / Hoffmann Hans in Luck: Seven Stories by the Brothers Grimm Hardcover • $30.00 US 978-0-7358-4281-6



Perrault / Koopmans Cinderella Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1486-8

Grimm / Leupin Tales from the Brothers Grimm Hardcover • $29.95 US 978-0-7358-4228-1

Grimm / Schroeder The Frog Prince Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4140-6

Andersen / Palaček Hans Christian Andersen Collection Hardcover • $25.00 US 978-0-7358-4380-6

Andersen / Watts The Snow Queen Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4302-8

Grimm / Watts Hansel and Gretel Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4327-1

Grimm / Watts Snow White Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-1-55858-132-6

Grimm / Watts The Star Child Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4349-3

Favorite Tales



Grimm / Watts Little Red Riding Hood Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4303-5

Tolstoy / Watts Shoemaker Martin Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4304-2

Grimm / Watts Mother Holly Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4267-0

Aesop / Watts The Tortoise and the Hare Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4207-6

Various authors / Watts The Bernadette Watts Collection: Stories and Fairy Tales Hardcover • $34.95 US 978-0-7358-4212-0

Aesop / Watts The Lion and the Mouse Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-2129-3

Andersen / Watts The Ugly Duckling Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2146-0

Field / Westerman Wynken, Blynken, & Nod Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-1-55858-422-8 Paperback • $9.95 US 978-1-55858-998-8


Aesop / Zwerger Aesop’s Fables Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2068-5

Hoffmann / Zwerger The Nutcracker Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4270-0

Tchaikovsky / Zwerger Swan Lake Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4329-5

Favorite Tales / Hardcovers


Alves Revenge of the Black Cat Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-3-314-10488-6


Baeten The Curious Little Witch Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2305-1

Bansch I Want A Dog! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-2255-9

Bär Wilhelm’s Journey Hardcover • $21.95 US 978-0-7358-4352-3

Wagner / Behl Help, I Don’t Want a Babysitter! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4214-4

Blake Poop-di-doop! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4204-5

Blake Super Bunny! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4223-6

Blake New Baby! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4255-7

Boldt Odd Dog Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4068-3



Brönner The Tiger's Egg Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4319-6

Budde Bristly Hair and I Don’t Care! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4205-2

Schneider / Chang Snow for Everyone! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4320-9

Chang Mr. Benjamin’s Suitcase of Secrets Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4280-9

Tarpley / Chatzikonstantinou My Grandma’s a Ninja Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4199-4

Corey / Christie A Time to Act: John F. Kennedy’s Big Speech Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4275-5

Langreuter / Dahle So Happy Together! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4279-3

Langreuter / Dahle There’s No One I Love Like You Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4126-0

Dahle Lily, the Little Elf Princess Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4177-2

Danowski Smon Smon Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4307-3

Danowski Little Night Cat Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4266-3

Suzhen / Danowski Grandma Lives in a Perfume Village Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4216-8


Batchelder Honor


de Beer Nugget on Top of the World Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4242-7

de Beer The Adventures of the Little Polar Bear Collection • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4315-8

de Beer Little Polar Bear Takes a Stand Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4297-7

de Beer Little Polar Bear Where are You Going Lars? Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4264-9

Fischer Pitschi Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2278-8

Friester / Goossens Owl Howl and the BLU-BLU Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4246-5

Friester / Goossens Owl Howls Again! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4129-1

Freister / Goossens Owl Howl Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4188-8


Grossmann-Hensel Papa is a Pirate Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2237-5

Gugger / Röthlisberger Ida and the Whale Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4341-7

Page Jaques / Halpern There Once Was a Puffin Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4245-8

Hopman For Audrey with Love Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4314-1

Iwamura Good-bye, Winter! Hello, Spring! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4345-5

Iwamura Hooray for Summer! Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2285-6

Iwamura Hooray for Fall! Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2252-8

Iwamura Hooray for Snow! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-2219-1

Iwamura Bedtime in the Forest Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2310-5

Yamashita / Iwamura Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4048-5

Yamashita / Iwamura Seven Little Mice Go to School Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4012-6

Yamashita / Iwamura Seven Little Mice Go to the Beach Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4073-7

Petz / Jackowski The Day Everything Went Wrong Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4209-0

Janosch Just One Apple Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4151-2

Julian Sloppy Takes the Plunge Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4306-6

Julian Sloppy Wants a Hug Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4273-1



Roth / Julian Where’s My Mommy? Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4032-4

Tucker / Katstaller Ada and the Number-Crunching Machine Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4317-2

Kolar Stomp, Stomp! Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4169-7

OIB List

Kuhlmann Armstrong: 50th Anniversary Edition Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4378-3

Kuhlmann Armstrong Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4262-5

OIB List

Kuhlmann Edison Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4322-6

Kuhlmann Lindbergh Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4167-3


Roth / Julian Five Little Ducklings Go to Bed Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4128-4

49 NEW

Kuhlmann Moletown Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4208-3

Lavater Tell Leporello • $17.95 US 978-3-314-10492-3

Lester Running with the Horses Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4002-7

Loth Clementine Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4009-6

OIB List

Loth Remembering Crystal Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-2300-6

Louis / Xiao Min Liu and the Bird Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-2050-0

Sellier / Louis / Wang Fei Legend of the Chinese Dragon Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-2152-1

McKee Six Men Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4050-8

Meiners Whisper of the East Tales from Arabia Hardcover • $25 US 978-0-7358-4323-3

Merino The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4163-5

Merveille Monty Phyton’s Book of Silly Walks Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4296-0

Merveille Mr. Hulot at the Beach Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4254-0

Meschenmoser Mr. Squirrel and the King of the Forest Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4342-4

Meschenmoser It’s Springtime, Mr. Squirrel! Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4310-3

Meschenmoser Pug Man’s 3 Wishes Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4261-8


OIB List

Merveille Hello, Mr. Hulot Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4135-2

50 OIB List

Meschenmoser Gordon and Tapir Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4253-3

Meschenmoser Mr. Squirrel and the Moon Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4156-7

Alexander / Miyares Surf’s Up Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4220-5

Müller The Green Sea Turtle Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4189-5

Müller Farley Farts Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4165-9

Kimura / Murakami 999 Frogs and a Little Brother Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4202-1

Kimura / Murakami 999 Frogs Wake Up Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4108-6

Kimura / Murakami 999 Tadpoles Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4013-3

Nastro / Nastanlieva The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4268-7

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: A Ruckus in the Garden Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4311-0

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Camping Trip Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4277-9

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Fox Chase Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4215-1

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: The Birthday Cake Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4203-8

Nordqvist Adventures of Pettson and Findus: Findus Disappears! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4184-0

Dahle / Nyhus Angryman Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4340-0

Brown / Parra Frida Kahlo and Her Animalitos Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4269-4



Paul / Alcántara The Field Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4312-7

Pfister Questions, Questions Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4000-3


Pura Belpré Honor Book

Pfister Who Stole the Hazelnuts? Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4382-0

Pfister Happiness Is . . . Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4179-6

Pfister Animal ABC Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4136-9

Pfister Snow Puppy Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4031-7

Pfister Ava’s Poppy Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4057-7

Pfister Milo and the Mysterious Island Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4173-4

Pfister Milo and the Magical Stones Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-2253-5

Pfister Penguin Pete and Pat Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4155-0

Pfister Penguin Pete Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4118-5

Reid / Piatti Celestino Piatti’s Animal ABC Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4206-9

Puchner The ABC of Fantastic Princes Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4198-7

Roth / Rashin Hold Your Temper, Tiger Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4274-8



Puchner Willy’s World of Wonders Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4383-7

Paronuzzi / Prigent Babak the Beetle Hardcover • $14.95 US 978-0-7358-4251-9



Rumi / Rashin Two Parrots Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4171-0

OIB List

Sanabria As Time Went By Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4248-9

Rutland Chilly da Vinci Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4283-0

Rayner / Ruttan I Am a Thief! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4289-2

Sanabria / Días Domínguez A Page in the Wind Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4324-0

Kramer / Sassouni The Green Umbrella Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4218-2

Pauli / Schärer The Fox in the Library Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4150-5

Sender The Cottingley Fairies Hardcover • $18.95 US 978-0-7358-4338-7

Batchelder Honor

Teckentrup Sleep Tight, Little Bear Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4180-2

Weninger/ Tharlet Davy’s Summer Vacation! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4278-2

Weninger/ Tharlet Happy Birthday, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4224-3

Weninger / Tharlet Davy Loves the Baby Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4210-6

Weninger / Tharlet Happy Easter, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4161-1

Weninger / Tharlet Merry Christmas, Davy! Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4186-4

Weninger / Tharlet Davy Loves His Mommy Hardcover • $15.95 US 978-0-7358-4164-2


Rayner / Stones The Backup Bunny Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4282-3


van Haeringen Mr. Matisse and His Cutouts Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4263-2

van Haeringen Coco and the Little Black Dress Hardcover • $16.95 US 978-0-7358-4239-7

Velthuijs The Little Boy and the Big Fish Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4309-7

Velthuijs The Kind-hearted Monster Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4107-9

Sting / Völker There’s a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today Hardcover • $19.95 US 978-0-7358-4238-0

Scheidl / Watts The Little Gardener Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4347-9


Wadsworth / Vojtech Over in the Meadow Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-1596-4

Hau / Völk The Dark and the Light Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4385-1

Hardcovers / Board Books

Watts The Golden Plate Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4175-8

Weinert No Bath, No Cake! Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4112-3

Ondaatje / Wolfsgruber Muddy: The Raccoon Who Stole Dinner Plates Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4337-0

Janisch / Zwerger Stories from the Bible Hardcover • $26.00 US 978-0-7358-4244-1

Langreuter / Dahle There's No One I Love Like You Board Book • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4321-9

de Beer Little Polar Bear Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4316-5

Friester / Goossens Owl Howl Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4234-2

Halpern Hush, Little Baby Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4233-5

Swoboda / Lütje A Kiss for You Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4159-8

Livanios / Lütje The Best Grandma in the World! Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4225-0

Livanios / Lütje The Best Grandpa in the World! Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4237-3

Alexander / Miyares Surf’s Up Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4313-4

Roth / Paparone Ten Dirty Pigs, Ten Clean Pigs Board Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2213-9

Pfister Questions, Questions Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4170-3



Petz / Jackowski The Bad Mood Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4387-5


Child / Manson Over the River and Through the Wood Board Book • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4393-6

de Beer Little Polar Bear Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4052-2

Drummond The Willow Pattern Story Paperback • $7.95 US 978-1-55858-413-6

Roth / Gorbachev Who Will Tuck Me in Tonight? Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1976-4

Janovitz Can I Help? Paperback • $6.95 US 978-1-55858-904-9

Roth / Julian Five Little Ducklings Go To School Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4346-2

Horn / Kadmon The Best Father of All Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1977-1

Horn / Kadmon When I Grow Up . . . Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-1418-9


Manceau Ahoy, Captain Penguin! Bath Book • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4351-6


Masurel / Kolar A Cat and a Dog Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1780-7

Krause Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4230-4

Janisch / Leffler “I Have a Little Problem,” said the bear Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4094-2

Sellier / Louis / Wang Fei What the Rat Told Me Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4158-1

OIB List

Paparone Five Little Ducks Paperback • $8.95 US 978-1-55858-700-7

Roth / Paparone The Little School Bus Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1905-4

Rao / Sabnani My Mother’s Sari Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2233-7

Pauli / Schärer The Fox in the Library Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-4213-7

Luciani / Tharlet How Will We Get to the Beach? Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-1783-8

Wadsworth / Vojtech Over in the Meadow Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1871-2

Nastro / Nastanlieva The Bear Who Couln’t Sleep Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4333-2

Lachner / Tjong-Khing Andrew’s Angry Words Paperback • $6.95 US 978-1-55858-769-4

Sturges / Vojtech Ten Flashing Fireflies Paperback • $7.95 US 978-1-55858-674-1

Masurel / Paparone Diez perros en la tienda Paperback • $6.95 US 978-0-7358-1303-8

Paparone Los cinco patitos Board Book • $8.95 US

Spanish Books

Paperbacks / Spanish Books

Tashiro Chameleon’s Colors Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-2111-8


Brown / Parra Frida Kahlo y sus Animalitos Hardcover • $17.95 US 978-0-7358-4292-2

Gorbachev Ricitos de Oro y los tres Osos Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4353-0

Nastro / Nastanlieva El osito que no se podía dormir Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4334-9


Pfister The Rainbow Fish French – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4369-1

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Italian – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4370-7

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Spanish – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4371-4

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Arabic – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4372-1

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Mandarin – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4373-8

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Korean – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4374-5

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Japanese – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4375-2

Bilingual Books

Bilingual Pfister The Rainbow Fish German – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4368-4


Pfister The Rainbow Fish Russian – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4376-9

Luciani / Tharlet How Will We Get to the Beach? / ¿Cómo iremos a la playa? Paperback • $7.95 US • 978-0-7358-2038-8

Pfister The Rainbow Fish Vietnamese – English Paperback • $9.95 US 978-0-7358-4377-6

Janovitz ¡Nos Encanta la Esuela! / We Love School! Paperback • $7.95 US 978-0-7358-2246-7

Masurel / Kolar A Cat and a Dog / Un gato y un perro Paperback • $8.95 US 978-0-7358-4354-7

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Front List  4–37 Best of the Backlist  32–33 / 40–41 Advent & Christmas  38–39 The Rainbow Fish  42–43 Favorite Tales  44–46 Hardcovers  46–54 Board Books & Paperbacks  54–56 Other Languages  56–57 Teachers’ Corner  58 Contacts & Ordering Information  59

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NorthSouth Books Fall 2019 Catalog  

A catalog of the frontlist titles NorthSouth Books will publish during the fall 2019 season, as well as highlighted backlist titles.

NorthSouth Books Fall 2019 Catalog  

A catalog of the frontlist titles NorthSouth Books will publish during the fall 2019 season, as well as highlighted backlist titles.