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Narendra Modi’s Spectacular Speech at ‘Howdy Modi’ Event Turns Heads

NRI Money Government Mulls HighLevel Plan to Study Merger of NRI & FPI Routes

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4000 Km Long Great ‘Green Wall’ Of India Planned By The Government

A 5km long and 1400km wide green belt to be built from Gujarat to the border of DelhiHaryana. The plan is yet to be executed and the officials are enthusiastic about implementing it in order to overcome land degradation. In the conference COP14 of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in India, this plan was discussed. This plan is still awaiting financial clearance. By 2030, India intends to restore 26 million hectares of land that is degraded. About a decade back, this plan was discussed, however, it couldn’t be implemented as several other countries would be involved in it. At this point in time, it is India’s priority to make this plan turn into reality. In 2016, the ISRO had studied about which places in India have the most degraded land and the study concluded that Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gujarat has 50 percent of degraded land.

Highlights Of The Plan >

The officials foresee that implementing this plan will benefit us in two ways. It will repair the degraded land through afforestation and will safeguard cities from dust that comes in through deserts.


This green belt from Porbandar to Panipat will help regions such as Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, and New Delhi. This green belt will cover the Aravali regions.


All the dust coming from the Thar Desert will be controlled by the green belt.


Afforestation will be encouraged after checking desertification.


For now, all the details have been collected, the plan is yet to be executed.


This would be one of India’s legacy program when the plan is implemented to improve all the degraded lands.

Rajnath performs ‘Shastra Puja’ For First Rafale Jet Received By France Rafale Jet is powerful and can withstand rivals such as China and Pakistan. Additionally, it plays a vital role in giving out nuclear weapons. India has received it after two decades of struggle. The meaning of Rafale is ‘gust of winds’ it is a french word. The Defense Minister Rajnath Singh believes that this aircraft will work just like its name. On Tuesday, in the presence of Florence Parly, one of the French counterpart, Rajnath performed the first ‘Shastra-Puja’ of this Rafale and gave it to the IAF at Merignac, this is one of the regions in France.

Points To Be Noted >

In the twin-seat Rafale jet, Rajnath undertook a sortie


In total there will be 36 Jets that will arrive by April 2022


In the Western and Eastern fronts, i.e, in Ambala and Hasimara, 18 jets each will be positioned


The weight this jet can carry is about 9.3 tons of weapon


This jet has costed India about 59,000 crores


780km to 1,650 km is the combat range and it will depend on the missions


This jet will start operating in Sept-Oct 2022



World Heart Day Celebration 2019 29th September is considered the day to celebrate World Heart Day. The idea behind celebrating this day is to emphasize the importance of taking good care of the heart in order to keep all the heart issues away.


On this day a program is conducted to give tips on how one should improve their lifestyle so that they can keep away from heart diseases such as an attack or a stroke. Millions of people die every year because of heart problems. When it is in our control to take measures to be healthy, why not make the most of this?

How did it start? It started with the World Heart Federation, they took an initiative in the year 2000 to give tips on how to have a healthy heart. Back then, the heart day was supposed to be conducted on the last day in the month of September.

How Is It Celebrated? Usually, every year on heart day there are several sessions such as public talks, marathons, health awareness tips, and activities conducted. This is celebrated all across the globe by different institutions. In fact, we can all celebrate it individually as well. By spreading awareness about the importance of heart health on media and by practicing exercises that can keep our weight in control and add to our fitness goals.



Trump Administration’s Move to

End Work Permits for H-1B Spouses to Go Through in Spring 2020 Donald Trump administration’s proposal to terminate the rights of H-4 visa holders, i.e. the spouses of H-1B visa holders, may not be put into effect until next year giving a little relief to Indians working in the United States.


But then, the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) told court that it has set a time frame of Spring 2020 (between March and June next year) to bring in rules to revoke the H-4 Employment Authorization Document (EAD), awarded to the spouses of H-1B visa holders, 90 percent of which are high-skilled female professionals employed in the United States. The Department of Justice told the District of Columbia Circuit, in Washington, D.C. that previously indicated, DHS’ (Department of Homeland Security’s) intention to proceed with the publication of the H-4 EAD proposed rule remains unchanged and the proposed rule is currently undergoing the inter-agency process. The number of H-1B visas issued to immigrants every year has abruptly dropped down due to tight watch on the immigration rules across the board.


Former President Barack Obama during his tenure issued the eligibility for employment authorization to H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B visa holders in 2015 and first proposed in 2011. Under this rule, the spouses of H-1B workers were permitted to employment, where their high demand skills would be required so that they could lead a life in the country and promote the innovation and growth of U.S. companies at the same time. President Donald Trump, who signed Buy American and Hire American Executive Order in 2017, removed the rights of H4 visa holders and declared them as a category of immigrants taking advantages of employment opportunities that could otherwise be beneficial for Americans. The managing attorney at law firm Rajiv S Khanna

https://economictimes. articleshow/71176908.cms said the delay is not the core issue. He said when you are bringing in a new regulation or deregulation, there has to be some reasonable basis in fact and circumstance. He questioned how do you justify taking away an entire cadre of highly qualified, highly motivated people from the workforce when unemployment levels are below 4%? According to a study by the South Asian American Policy & Research Institute, the ability of United States companies to pull in and retain skilled workers would be impacted if the country starts revoking the H-4 EAD visa.

The move will have a major impact on Indian women, as they comprise up to 90 percent of the 1.2 lakh H4 visas issued since 2015. The Trump government believes the move would give American workers a better chance at obtaining jobs that the population of H-4 workers currently hold. The Chief Executive Officer of EB5 BRICS, Vivek Tandon, warned that postponing the proposed ban to next year only offers minor relief . He said spouses of H-1B holders still don’t have any clarity on EAD status. Already employers in the United States are likely to avoid hiring H-4 visa holders until a final decision is taken. Khanna said the rhetoric against immigrants would not end until there is a change in the perception that foreign workers are taking away local jobs. The move will have a massive impact on some of the tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple, which rely heavily on H1B immigrants. According to these tech firms, the move would affect them in a negative way given the hightech skills required and it is extremely challenging for them to find people with like-skilled U.S. individuals, reflecting the same high-tech skills. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM



Gandhi Scholarships for Indian Students

in London School of Economics British Indian academic and a Labour politician Meghnad Jagdishchandra Desai aka Baron Desai announced the launch of scholarships for Indian students at the London School of Economics under his Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust marking Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

According to a statement by Desai, the Trust, which aims to spread the message of Gandhi, will make a donation of a sum of 100,000 pounds as an endowment towards a number of Mahatma Gandhi scholarships to be set up at the London School of Economics (LSE).

the time of his UK visit. The Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust was set up in the remembrance of India Indian Independence Movement leader and to raise funds. He is acknowledged with a statue at the Parliament Square, which was inaugurated in

2015 by then British Prime Minister David Cameron and the late Arun Jaitley, then Finance Minister of India. In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the UK paid his respects at the statue in the heart of London.

The scholarships under the Trust would go towards supporting the Indian students financially in their educational journey at the esteemed London-based educational institution, with which Desai has a long association as an economist. Trustee Lady Kishwar Desai said in a statement that it is the seed money which would be then added to by others so that a large corpus would be built up in time. She also said this move would enable well deserved Indian students to study at the LSE and has been welcomed by the Director of the LSE, Minouche Shafik. Shafik said the scholarships are reflective of the London School of Economic’s very strong connection with India. Dr. B R Ambedkar, one of the architects of the Indian Constitution, is among its many Indian alumni. In the year 1931, Mahatma Gandhi gave a well-attended lecture at LSE in the Old Theatre of the university at OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM



Government Mulls High-Level Plan to

Study Merger of NRI & FPI Routes The Indian government is planning to appoint a high-level committee to analyze merging the Non-Residential Indian (NRI) and foreign portfolio investor routes, according to the sources. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

investments can’t. As per RBI data, this could hamper a merger since NRE accounts hold deposits of about $93 billion ( Rs 7 lakh crore). The merger was recommended by a committee set up by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in September 2018. The proposed government panel will include officials from Reserve Bank of India, Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) and SEBI. The panel would explore whether NRIs can be given freedom of action in terms of compliance as the regime by FPI is devised for institutional investors while the former are typically individuals. As per government feedback, the average ticket size of NRI investment in equities is much lesser than that of FPIs, therefore the risk management and compliance requirements should be less. According to sources, the committee will come up with a thought as to how the merger of both routes can take place without impacting NRE deposits. In addition, the option for the non-resident Indians to make savings deposits should be kept broad even though they turn into FPIs, as it is a good source of dollar inflows. In the July budget, Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman had announced that the investment avenues would be merged to give non-resident Indians smooth and continuous access to Indian equities. The Reserve Bank of India put across concerns over a merger owing to lack of certainty what would happen to deposits held by NRIs through non-resident external accounts. At present, non-resident Indians can open rupee-denominated NRE accounts for fixed and savings deposits while foreign portfolio

As of now, NRIs invest in stocks without any intimidatory through Portfolio Investment Schemes (PIS). Suppose NRIs become FPIs, they will have to create a corporate entity or a trust and invest through that. Tejesh Chitlangi, partner, IC Universal Legal was quoted as saying by Economic Times that the compliance burden on NRIs will go up if their portfolio investment regime is merged with the FPI route. As an alternative of shutting down the NRI portfolio




investment route entirely, the government should go on with the route and at the same time permit NRIs to have majority possession in FPIs, which come with investment restrictions. The NRI regime renders greater flexibility. For example, while FPIs can only put money in listed securities, NRIs can do so in savings and other financial instruments, as well as fixed deposits. Besides, NRIs wishing to invest in equity can purchase straightaway through the PIS route while FPIs typically have to come through custodian brokers. The plan to merge was adopted by the government following response received from a number of NRI fund managers who were incapable to get underway FPI vehicles owing to the possession restrictions. Permitting NRIs as FPIs would provide a WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

level playing field for all offshore investors, whether NRI or not. SEBI first took up the issue in the year 2018 after NRI investors expressed opposition to caps on their involvement in FPIs. In April 2018, the regulator had issued a circular clearing the air that NRIs cannot be in control of FPIs. It further said NRIs could solely act as investment advisers to FPIs, meaning they would not be able to invest any of their own money in the FPI vehicle. One of these days, the regulator referred the issue to the HR Khanled committee on alleviating FPI norms. In its September 2018 report, the panel recommended merging the two routes. But then, since carrying out of the proposal would ask changes to the RBI and income tax laws, the regulator passed the concern on to the authorities.




Narendra Modi’s Spectacular Speech at ‘Howdy Modi’ Event Turns Heads


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the United States President Narendra Modi shared a stage and exchanged warm words of friendly relationship at ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston, which is a rare mega rally for a foreign leader.



COVER STORY Around 50,000 people, for the most part, Indian-Americans, came together for a profoundly historic event on September 22 at NRG Stadium in Houston. The event was considered as one of the largest ever receptions of a foreign leader in the United States.


Before, Trump and Modi shared the stage, a 90-minute show, featuring 400 performers, warmed up the crowd. And, the stadium reverberated with the chants of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and praises for Prime Minister Narendra Modi as soon as he set foot on the stage. The event saw the presence of several United States leaders, apart from the massive crowd. The crowd went into cloud nine as Modi started talking about revoking Article 370 and in a reference to Pakistan, said it was time to unite against terrorism and those behind it. The U.S. President Modi showered praise on each other and the ties between the world’s two largest democracies. Modi showered praises on President’s sense of leadership and also vouched for Trump ahead of 2020 presidential polls, saying ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkar’ - modifying the ‘Ab ki baar Modi sarkar’ slogan created for the 2014 Bharatiya Janata Party’s election campaign.


In words that regaled the audience, Trump told the crowd that he is thrilled to be in Texas with one of America’s greatest, most devoted and most loyal friends, Prime Minister Modi of India. Trump goes on to call Modi the most loyal friend of U.S. Trump addressed the huge audience for 34 minutes after which he sat in the gathering to listen to Modi’s speech who spoke in Hindi for 47 minutes. Modi called upon the gathering to give a standing ovation to Trump for fighting against terrorism.

After addressing, the two leaders went on to walk together on the stage with Trump even keeping his hand on Modi’s shoulder. Narendra Modi was as usual looked elegant as he wore a grey checked waist jacket with a matching handkerchief tucked inside the left side pocket of a yellow Nehru shirt. The event started with the speech by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. He welcomed Modi and a Congressional delegation to the stadium with a background song of Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite song, “Vaishnav Jan Toh.”

The governors of various states and more than two dozen lawmakers like Ted Cruz, Steny Hoyer, Ami Bera, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Brad Sherman and John Cornyn stood on the stage to welcome Modi. Immediately after Turner, Cruz, a Senator from Texas spoke profusely praising India and the Indian diaspora in the United States. The event, that shared the caption ‘Shared Dreams, Bright Futures,’ was organized by Texas India Forum. It was a mix of classical Indian and western performances.






Authored by Namrata Verghese, The Juvenile Immigrant: Indian Stories from America, released recently highlights the state of confusion and triumphs of Indian immigrants, especially Malayalees, in the United States. The book is full of a live collection of short stories pointing up infidelity, mental illnesses, and racial identities. It also explores the themes of dislocation and disruption. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

The Juvenile Immigrant: Indian Stories from America is the short story collection of extremely well observed, in high spirits, sharp, surprising stories that powerfully explore the hinterlands of isolation and dislocation.

About Book In The Juvenile Immigrant, the debut collection of short fiction of Namrata Verghese explores a number of concerns of Indian immigrants. In the book, one story emphasizes on a mother, at an airport who was on heading to India back her home fears the impact of racial characterization on her young daughter. But after coming out safe and sound from the security booth, her daughter receded from the view into thin air. Who will she turn to for help? In an other story, a legally dependent spouse on her husband’s H1-B work visa for her continued to stay in the United States, Susan wakes up every morning being in the fright he is dead. When Ajay, an old flame from school, appear on Facebook with his Mercedes and green card, Susan thinks about what could have been. Coming to the third story, a man, back in his small town in India for a few days to meet with a soon-to-be bride, is forced to get to grips with ill at ease memories from his childhood. Will he agree to the arranged marriage, or does he long for something more? These three stories among sixteen other stories in The Juvenile Immigrant, it calls up interior dramas of dislocation, racial discrimination,

mental illness, marriage and infidelity with surprising twists of comic side, tragedy, and negative thinking. Marked by enthusiastic psychological insight and visceral prose, they speak desperately to our modernday moment.

About the Author An India-born author Namrata Verghese graduated from Emory University in 2019 as a Robert W. Woodruff Scholar. She spent her early years in England prior to moving to the United States. Her composition has come out in Tin House Online, Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry, World Literature Today and elsewhere. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM



India Bans

E-Cigarette Sales The Indian government has imposed a ban on the manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes in the country after a series of deaths were found to related to vaping. The executive order prohibits selling, producing, importing, or giving publicity to e-cigarettes through advertising. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

Finance Minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman declaring the ban said they were also listed as non-cognizable offenses. As per the draft ordinance, violations would cost up to Rs 1 lakh, serving one-year jail term or both. And, in case the offense is found to be repeated, the violations would cost up to three years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5 lakh. However, tradition cigarettes are legal in India with high taxes. A spokesperson from India’s health ministry said these novel products like e-cigarettes come in market with attractive appearances and multiple flavors and their use has accrued exponentially and acquired epidemic proportions in developed countries, particularly among youth and children. Nirmala Sitharaman said in the early stages e-cigarettes got hyped up as a method for people to get out of the process of smoking cigarettes. It was meant to be a weaning process to

get out of smoking cigarettes. According to reports, a number of people are no more using it as a weaning method but some getting into the practice of using e-cigarettes seeing that as cool. The minister made a point that e-cigarettes are being sold as fuss-free devices, which can be charged like mobile phones and used with ease. She said

is produced in the country. What drawing the attention of youth to use it is its odorless quality. In a bid to avoid putting youngsters health in risk, the Indian government decided to place a ban on e-cigarettes. According to studies, the smoke which is exhaled from e-cigarettes includes nicotine in high levels affecting people who smoke exceedingly. The United States and several European countries have already raised concerns regarding the same keeping in view the deaths related to vaping. As of September 2017, about seven people died in the United States owing to a vapingrelated illness.

that if someone doesn’t have, they can simply charge it as we do with a mobile phone. The cartridge that they use can be used and thrown away. It’s like a pen. Suppose if they don’t have cartridges, they can use it like disposable ball pens. Notably, there are more than 400 brands and 150 flavors available in the Indian market, but not even a single brand

The Asian country has already banned e-cigarettes and Japan permits some vaping products but bans the sale of nicotine e-cigarette juice. In humans, nicotine leads to irritation and burning sensation in the mouth and throat, increased salivation, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and looseness of the bowels.




Amit Shah Blames Jawaharlal Nehru for Existence of PoK Union Home Minister Amit Shah blaming former prime minister late Jawaharlal Nehru for the Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) said it would not have come into being if Nehru has not declared an untimely ceasefire with the neighboring country.


Aiming at Nehru over nonintegration of Kashmir with India, Shah said the country’s first home minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, should have looked after the issue, in lieu of the then prime minister. While giving a talk to a rally in Mumbai on the Center’s decision to revoke Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir and to campaign for the Bharatiya Janata Party for the next month’s Maharashtra Assembly elections, Shah said the Congress sees politics behind abrogation of Article 370 but we don’t see it that way. The PoK wouldn’t have come into existence had Nehru not declared an untimely ceasefire with Pakistan...Sardar Patel should have handled Kashmir, instead of Nehru handling it, he said. Not even a single bullet has been fired in Kashmir following the revocation of special status to Jammu and Kashmir, he added. The senior BJP leader said there was no turmoil in valley state and the future days, terrorism will be at the end. Shah said three dynasties (without taking any names) which presided over Kashmir didn’t let the anti-corruption agency to be established there. Those who indulged in corruption in Kashmir now are feeling the heat despite the cold there, he said in remarks adorned with sarcasm.

He asked Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and National Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar to let know people whether they be on the side of or be against removal of Article 370.

also expressed confidence that Devendra Fadnavis will once again be the chief minister of Maharashtra after the state elections slated to take place next month. The state Assembly elections will be held in a single phase on October 21 and results will be announced on October 24.

Speaking to the gathering, he OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Greta Thunberg Gives Power Speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit The 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg speaking at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York on September 23 stormed at the world leaders accusing them of inaction and half-measures. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you! For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear. How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you’re doing enough when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight.


Here is her complete speech: My message is that we’ll be watching you.

You say you hear us and that you understand the urgency, but no matter how sad and angry I am, I do not want to believe that. Because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act then you would be evil and that I refuse to believe.

This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet, you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!

The popular idea of cutting our emissions in half in 10 years only gives us a 50 percent chance of staying below 1.5 degrees and the risk of setting off irreversible chain reactions beyond human control.

You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words and yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying.

Fifty percent may be acceptable to you, but those numbers do not include tipping points,


most feedback loops, additional warming hidden by toxic air pollution or the aspects of equity and climate justice. They also rely on my generation sucking hundreds of billions of tons of your CO2 out of the air with technologies that barely exist. So a 50 percent risk is simply not acceptable to us, we who have to live with the consequences. How dare you pretend that this can be solved with just business as usual and some technical solutions? With today’s emissions levels, that remaining CO2 budget will be entirely gone within less than eight and a half years. There will not be any solutions or plans presented in line with these figures here today, because these numbers are too uncomfortable and you are still not mature enough to tell it like it is. You are failing us, but the young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you and if you choose to fail us, I say: We will never forgive you.

is where we draw the line. The world is waking up and change is coming, whether you like it or not. Thank you. Who Is Greta Thunberg? In August 2018, the teenager Greta Thunberg first staged a ‘School Strike for Climate’ outside Riksdag, the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body of Sweden. At that time, then in the ninth grade, Thunberg made up her mind not to attend school until the 2018 Sweden general election on September 9 after heatwaves and wildfires in the country. In March, almost 1.5 million people, mostly youngsters, from Germany, Japan, the UK, Australia and many more to join her #FridaysforFuture demonstrations. Greta has been missing school every Friday to go along protesting outside the Swedish parliament. Thunberg’s mother Malena Ernman, a celebrated classical music singer, has chosen to

travel by train and bicycle in spite of flying to her performances. Moreover, the teenager has persuaded her parents to eat mostly vegan. Thunberg and her sister Beata were diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Autism a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. However, overcoming her disability, Thunberg became the leader of a worldwide movement. In many interviews, Thunberg said that she became an activist not in spite of her autism but because of it. Recently Thunberg together 15 other youngsters filed a lawsuit with the United Nations Committee on the Convention on the Rights of the Child alleging Germany, Argentina, Brazil, France, and Turkey was cognizant of the negative impact on the environment of their carbon emissions and did nothing to ward it off.

We will not let you get away with this. Right here, right now OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM




Life’s Amazing Secrets Stop going through life, start growing through life! -By Gaur Gopal Das We have all been in situations where our intellect is clouded by our emotions. At those times, we say anything and everything for our own peace of mind. Although a moment of patience in a moment of anger can save us a thousand moments of regret in the future, usually when we are suffering intensely, we cannot help but let our minds run amok. For our own growth, we should maintain equipoise in testing times. When someone hurts us, we should try to look beyond the

situation and think: ‘How are they suffering? What are they feeling, to say such a thing? Is there some deeper chaos that is occurring in their life for them to say these words to me?’ It’s not about supporting the hurtful comments made by others - it is about seeing what they are going through to be making them. This is empathy, an essential component of forgiveness. It is said, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’. This could not be further from the truth. Physical violence is inflicted with weapons, but emotional violence is inflicted with words; words can leave invisible scars that can take years, or even lifetimes, to heal.

Let me take your mind back to Nepal, to the foothills of the Himalayas and to the story of my closest friend who had spoken harshly to me in front of our community members. The reason I had to go to Ukraine was to help inspire the bhakti society there, but my passport was stuck at the Ukrainian embassy in New Delhi. My friend’s lashing out at me had left me feeling humiliated and I had returned to my room, distraught. What happened in my room thereafter is relevant here - I was able to move from anger to forgiveness because I remembered to separate the episode from the person. Of course, I must


SPIRITUAL TALK mention that this principle is not applicable in all situations - especially those of social justice, which I will discuss later - but in our personal interactions, for the most part, it works wonders. Everyone is going through challenges concealed from the public eye, and we need the lens of empathy to be able to see that.


When I fail at something - whether it’s an exam or a relationship - I may think that I am a failure. But just because I failed one time or even more than once in my life, does that really make the whole of me a failure? Similarly, just because someone may, on a rare occasion, have failed us, should we treat that person as a failure? Should we not see that lapse as an independent event? Everyone is going through challenges concealed from the public eye, and we need the lens of empathy to be able to see that. This is not to say that we should tolerate abuse or not do the sensible thing and correct someone when they are wrong, but in order to practice forgiveness, we have to learn to separate the incident from the person. Disconnecting the person from the problem starts with the language we use to describe the incident: l Saying ‘it is my problem’ causes us to feel guilty, and over time, one may develop an inferiority complex. We may begin to think that we are not tough enough to deal with situations and thus we may become morose over issues. • Saying ‘it is your problem’ causes us to feel angry. How many times have we pointed our index finger at someone and


used the words, ‘It’s your problem, not mine.’ I have never seen anyone say those words in a peaceful state of mind. Blaming the other person only leads to a spiral of anger. • Saying ‘it is the problem’ separates the problem from the persons involved. Not only does this separation empower us to forgive the person, but it also helps us to effectively deal with the problem.

About Gaur Gopal Das Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian spiritual leader, motivational speaker, and lifestyle coach. Since 1996, he has been serving as a monk and a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). A disciple of Radhanath Swami, Gaur Gopal Das is one of the rarest inspirational speakers from the country to have given lectures in the British parliament and

Google’s head office. Over the years, he has traveled all around the globe to give motivational speeches and lectures on spirituality. A role model and an icon for millions of people, Gaur Gopal Das has inspired many young minds through his quotations, which include ‘Feed your faith and all your doubts shall starve to death’. He has also written several novels and books till date, such as ‘Checkmate,’ ‘Conquest,’ and ‘Revival,’ to name a few.



Lilly Singh

The Complete Profile


Born September 26, 1988, in Canada to Indian parents, Lilly Singh is a YouTuber, comedian, television host and actress. She is widely known as IISuperwomanII. In 2017, she was ranked tenth on the Forbes list of the world’s highest paid YouTube stars with earnings of $10.5 million. Since 2014, Singh has featured in the annual YouTube Rewind every year. She was ranked first on the 2017 Forbes Top Influencers List in the entertainment category. In 2019, she was also named one of the 40 most powerful people in comedy.


Singh’s first feature film ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island’ released in 2016. In March 2017, she released her first book titled ‘How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life’, which turned out to be a No. 1 New York Times best-seller. In March 2019, a television broadcasting company NBC announced that Singh would be an executive producer and host a new late night talk show for the network, ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh’. The series premiered on September 16, 2019. With that, Singh tuned out to be the first woman to host an American broadcast network late-night talk show since Cynthia Garrett hosted Later from 2000 to 2001, the first woman among the current generation of latenight hosts on the major broadcast networks, and the first late-night host to ever identify as bisexual.

Early Life Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Lilly Singh’s parents, Malwinder Kaur and Sukhwinder are originally from Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, and she was raised as a Sikh.


NRI PROFILE Tina Singh, Lilly’s elder sister is also a YouTuber. As a child, Singh has said she was a tomboy. She attended Mary Shadd Public School during her elementary years, and in 2006, she graduated from Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute in Toronto. She was a member of Girl Guides of Canada and participated in their youth programs. In 2010, she graduated from


York University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Singh developed a strong connection with her Punjabi heritage during visits to India. She struggled with depression and began making YouTube videos as a way of dealing with her feelings. As a young adult, she lived with her parents in Markham, Ontario, and in December 2015, she moved to Los Angeles to further her career. In February 2019, Singh announced herself as bisexual to the public via social media.

Career Prompted by childhood idea, Lilly Singh, in October 2010 started a YouTube channel under the pseudonym ‘IISuperwomanII’. In her videos, Punjabi culture is often depicted in her videos, which also comprise satirical takes on everyday life and people’s favorite complaints. ‘How Girls Get Ready’ was her most popular video and her most popular series features her fictional parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet, both played by Singh herself, reacting to trending and debated videos. She also frequently teams up with celebrities on her videos, including Dwayne Johnson, Selena Gomez, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Kunal Nayyar, Noah Schnapp, Priyanka Chopra, Shay Mitchell, Amber Rose, Steve Aoki, Caleb McLaughlin, Nargis Fakhri, Hasan Minhaj, Phil McGraw, and Madhuri Dixit. Her channel currently has over 14 million subscribers and 3 billion views. In December 2011, Singh created a second channel named SuperwomanVlogs, where she chronicles her daily activities and includes behind the scenes footage from her videos. She used it as a second channel to upload videos until August 2014, when she began uploading daily vlogs. Singh has been uploading daily vlogs ever since.


In August 2013, Singh featured along with Jassi Sidhu in his Punjabi song Hipshaker. Singh rapped in the song Mauj Ki Malharein, which played in the Bollywood drama Gulaab Gang in August 2014. In July 2013, she released a song titled #LEH in a collaboration with her friend, author, and rapper Kanwer Singh. She recorded and released another music video in February 2015 titled The Clean Up Anthem in collaboration with Canadian artist Sickick. In April of the same year, Singh released a song about her hometown Toronto in collaboration with Humble the Poet titled #IVIVI. On August 8, 2016, Singh released a visual music piece on YouTube, titled Voices, which included five songs portraying the ‘voices in her head’. The piece has a genre of Pop/Modern Hip Hop. The songs included are a mix showing signs of boasting, fear of loneliness, lust, goofiness, and positive views promoting global peace. In 2018, Singh appeared in the music video for Maroon 5’s ‘Girls Like You’ featuring Cardi B. In 2011, Singh made an appearance as a background dancer in the movies Speedy Singhs and Thank You. In 2014, in the Indo-Canadian production Dr. Cabbie, Singh appeared in a small role. In 2016, in the animated film Ice Age: Collision Course

and played a cameo role in Bad Moms movie. She appeared in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark as herself. Also, she had several of her own web series with I Love Makeup channel on YouTube, including Giving Back Glam, The Tube’s Hautest, and Lana Steele: Makeup Spy. In 2017, Lilly Singh was announced as a United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador, to advocate for children’s rights.

Accolades In the year 2014, Lilly’s channel SuperwomanVlogs ranked at

the 39th position on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels. In 2015, an American magazine of celebrity and human interest stories ‘People’ included Singh on their annual ‘Ones to Watch’ list. In 2016, Forbes ranked Lilly in the 8th place in the list of World’s Top-Earning YouTube Stars of 2015. The same year she won two Teen Choice Awards and later that year, she won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite YouTube Star. In November 2017, Lilly Singh was chosen as an ambassador for Pantene shampoo and partnered with Calvin Klein.




India’s Largest Hospitality Firm

OYO Enters Mexico

India’s largest hospitality firm OYO has set foot in Mexico as part of its effort to grow its list of international destinations. The hotel chain is aiming to ramp up operations in Latin America. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

The Global Chief Operating Officer of OYO Hotels and Homes, Abhinav Sharma, in a statement said, Mexico, being an emerging tourist destination, is surely on the cards. However, he said they can’t confirm this at the moment. The hotel chain has begun its operations in Mexico with more than ten hotels in order to acquire a strong foothold in the Latin American industry.

At present, OYO is running in 80 countries, including India, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, Middle East, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan. OYO Hotels and Homes, to boost its vacation rentals business across the world also acquired Denmark-based data science company Danamica. It had also acquired vacation rental company Leisure Group which is based in Amsterdam

and also a China-based mid-tier hotel chain called Qianyu Islands. Founded in 2013 by Haryana-based entrepreneur Ritesh Agarwal, OYO is now one of the biggest hotel chains in India and world’s third largest in terms of room count. It has more than 23,000 hotels and 125,000 vacation homes in over 800 cities. OYO is also one of the unicorn firms in India.




Reason Why Indians Are Sending Record Amount of Cash Abroad A report by the Indian Express recently says that resident Indians have sent the most amount of money abroad or to foreign countries under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) on a monthly basis in July 2019. According to the Reserve Bank of India, a whopping amount of $1.69 billion has left the country in September alone. While outward remittances within the first four months of Fiscal Year 2020 under this scheme has touched $5.80 billion.


The aforementioned figure is an abrupt increase of the aggregate outward remittances of $5.45 billion seen during the five-year United Progressive Alliance II period between April 2009 and March 2014. From the time Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance came to power in May 2014, the overall outflow of remittances has come up to a total of more than $45 billion.

Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) Liberalized Remittance Scheme was first introduced on February 4, 2004, that allows resident Indians to transfer up to $250,000 per financial year (AprilMarch) towards a range of allowable current or capital account transactions, or a combination of both.

Outward Remittances Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme, Reserve Bank of India allows the outflow of remittances under categories that include travel, maintenance of close relatives overseas, education and gifts. Other categories, which hold only a little portion of such remittances include the acquisition of immovable property and overseas investment in equity and debt.

The Rise in Outward Remittances There are a number of reasons behind the rise in the outflow of remittances. According to The Economic Times, doubling of the limit places on outward remittances in 2015 by the RBI to $250,000, up from $125,000 could be one possible reason. This ultimately intends that resident Indians were looking to remit more money than the $125,000 limit but had to turn to some other ways before the 2015 increase in the LRS limit. According to The Wire, the experts sat that the rise in outflow under the LRS scheme could be indicative of a flight of capital, as the small and midsized business community is looking to shift and set up shop outside the country, in places like Singapore and Dubai. Morgan Stanley’s chief global strategist Ruchir Sharma observed that in the year 2017 alone, 2.1 percent of

India’s affluent left the country, a fact that corresponds to the increasing movement of funds in the form of remittances outside the country. However, economic experts say that the increase could also mean that such businessmen were looking to diversify their operation bases instead of hoping to leave the country. According to the report by the Indian Express, the increase in the taxation rate from around 35 percent to 43 percent could be an additional trigger. A market expert was quoted saying following the rise in taxes, well-off resident Indians to a great extent would see a greater benefit in paying high taxes in exchange for a higher quality of life, which could explain the rise in outward remittances.

Courtesy: Money Control news/business/explainer-whyresident-indians-are-sendingcash-abroad-more-than-everbefore-4445881.html



TEA NEWS Miley Cyrus And Kaitlyn Carter Part Ways - What’s The Story? Miley Cyrus felt it was too quick to take a step ahead with Kaitlyn Carter. Miley Cyrus took a decision to part ways as she was not sure of being in a longterm commitment. She continued doing well even after she broke up with her ex Liam. The break up left everyone shocked and Kaitlyn was a rebound for Miley at that moment. She managed to pass through that phase with Kaitlyn’s help. However, she didn’t expect the two of them to go too ahead.

Jonah Hills Asks For More Remuneration Than Pattinson Playing The Lead Role


Too Much To Ask For? Pattinson is the main lead role in the Batman Movie and he is paid less than half of what Jonah hills demands.Discussions on whether Joanah would play the role of a Penguin or a Riddler and the remuneration is being discussed over a month now. Finally, it is Pattinson who is replacing that role.

Demi Moore Expresses Her Struggle Behind What She Is Today Demi Moore opens up about she being raped when she was 15 and it was her mother who paid $500 to the rapist Demi Moore participated in a show where she spoke about her book Inside Out. In her talks, she mentioned that she was raped when she was 15 and this was told to her by the man who raped her. He asked her about how it felt to be a prostitute for her mother, she was devastated.


Shahid Kapoor On The Cover Page Of The Film Fare Issue Shahid Kapoor found posing and displaying his smartness while being clicked for the face of the film fare issue Given the success and popularity, Shahid earned through Kabir Singh, made him eligible to pose for the film fare issue. He is happy and posing in a black and white printed suit and an orange jacket. After photoshoot, he even mentioned that Kabir Singh was one of the top movies that earned a good gross income and he believed that directors will be sure about signing him for movies the next time.

Dia Mirza Always Stands Up For The Environment Dia Mirza is always open and happy about expressing herself with regards to taking care of the environment. United Nations Champions Gala 2019 was organized by Diya Mirza and actor Alec Baldwin in the interest to do good for the environment. They awarded people who did good to the environment and climatic conditions. She is considered as a Goodwill Advocate for the environment and is always thinking of how to protect the mother earth from pollution and problems.

Indian-Based Documentary Period. End of Sentence. Wins Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject An Indian-set documentary film Period. End of Sentence. has won the Best Documentary Short Subject award at the Oscars 2019. The movie, set in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur, is based on taboos revolving around menstruation. Directed by an Iranian American filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi and Indian Guneet Monga being executive producer, the movie was a part of The Pad Project, initiated by Oakwood School students and their teacher Melissa Berton in Los Angeles



Madhubani Painting A Rural Folk Art


Is there anything that is not captured by painting. History, fantasies and future are captured by the painting artist. In India, painting occupied a top place as fine art. Many of the painting artists are admired by nature, culture and tradition. Their admiration for various interests is shown in the form of painting. The beautiful painting that is existing in Indian, from Ramayana is Madhubani painting.Madhubani painting is one of the unique arts. Every art is unique in its own way and something unique makes it become popular.

History of Madhubani Painting- An Olden Art Madhubani painting is also well known as Mithila painting. Some of the segments of Ramayana are painted in Madhubani style and this shows the painting took birth in Ramayana times. In olden days, women painted their walls


and floors of houses on festival days, special occasions. Madhubani painting was done by using feathers, twigs, matchsticks and hands. The initial form of Madhubani painting was full of themes including elephants, peacocks, flowers. The love for nature, devotion for God and emotions were also painted with Madhubani art.

Madhubani Painting In Modern DaysContemporary Style Madhubani painting is a rural art which is gained love and acceptance all over


INDIAN DIASPORA FINE ART the world. The art is no more stuck on walls, floors and papers. The love and attention for Madhubani are growing and art lovers from abroad are showing interesting in it. The designs and patterns of the painting have inspired and that is seen in various ways. These days, the painting is coming on outfits, dupattas, cushions, sheets and many. Many of them are fond of these paintings which is more of geometric shapes and Indian traditions. The greatness of Madhubani painting is its idea of depicting India’s culture and traditions. It is more known as women’s art and the mothers were teaching Madhubani painting to their daughters. We must thank the mothers and daughters for their love for such art. They are the reason for the existence of such beautiful art, even today.


Styles of Madhubani PaintingArt in Different Styles Madhubani painting is of different styles based on castes. It is an art that is learned and carried with legacy. One of the Madhubani styles was


by Brahmins, with God’s motifs which were filled with vibrant colours. The other style is followed by Kayasthas. They only included motifs like fishes, parrots, birds. Another style was by Dusadhs, who were banned to use religious motifs. Their paintings were more of flora and fauna.




Know Everything Jain Dharma!



Jainism got its name from the word ‘Jina’ which means attaining victory through leading a spiritual life filled with ethics and overcoming the phase of karma that leads to rebirth. The believers of Jainism are known as Jains.


There were about 24 gurus in the Jain History who spread their spiritual knowledge on Jainism. The Jains believe that their religions is eternal dharma. Agamas are their religious texts. This religion is centered around non-violence, detachment, speaking the truth, avoiding cheating and keeping away from sexual desires. The prayer of Jains is the Namokara Mantra. Jains consume only vegetarian food. This religion focuses on Parasparopagraho Jivanam which means to help people. There are millions of Jains spread all over the world.

Jainism Art The Jains are focused on sacred scriptures when you look into their Art. Their texts and commentaries were not written, they were just orally present. It is said that the old texts and manuscripts were made on palm leaves and there were folios that had a wooden case covering and their themes were historical and religious. There were no book covers earlier, they were made later on. When the 14th century came to an end, manuscripts were written on paper and they were decorated with gold and silver.

In Gujarat, Ahemdabad and Patan were the two famous places where the manuscripts were produced. Additionally, there were other centers such as Gwalior, Delhi, and Jaisalmer. Back then, for Svetambara Jains, one of their important activity was to donate to Jain temples and commission illustrated books. Kalpa Sutra & Uttaradhyayana Sutra In Jain Art The importance of the Kalpa Sutra painting contained the Jain Tirthankaras notably Parshvanatha and Mahavira and it depicted the Moksha of Mahavira. This is a detail of a leaf about the birth of God





Jainism and Its Cosmic View As per the Jainism community, the cosmos is divided into three worlds, celestial or upper world, the mortal or middle world, and the lower world. All of these realms are expressed independently or they are put together in the paintings. Apart from this, in the paintings, they show how 20 Jains attained salvation from the cycle of re-birth. There are pictorial representations of how Jains work towards doing selfless service.

Jainism Architecture The Jain monuments were based on Brahmin Hindu temples and Jain monks. There is similarity in the Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Art. Two of the famous architecture of Jainism are Dilwara temples and Udyagiri and Khandagiri caves. The khandagiri caves are located in Orissa and it has a depiction of elephants, women and Tirthankaras. This architecture is beautiful and unique in its own way. The Dilwara temple was built during the Chalukya rule in the 11th and 13th centuries CE.

The entire Dilwara temple is made of marble and this is all a dedication to the Tirthankaras. The pillars of this wall are made in such a way that it portrays women playing instrumental music.

effort to get rid of karmic attachments, it is not similar to that of Buddhist meditation. Going into a meditative state of mind is known as Samayika. This ritual is practiced three times a day.

Jainism Food And Fasting

One of the scholar believes that when you meditate as a Jain, you should always focus on the fact that nothing is yours.

Jains are pure vegetarians. They avoid eating eggs and coming to the consumption of dairy products, they ensure not to harm animals during the process. They avoid eating root vegetables such as potato, beetroot and carrots. They do this to ensure not to cause harm to tiny organisms that reside in soil.

Jainism Meditation As per Jainism the meaning of meditation is to make an

Jainism Festivals Jains celebrate 5 festivals

> Paryushana > Daslakshana > Mahavir Janma > Kalyanak > Dipawali OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Jainism Spiritual Beliefs Here is a list of the basic and essential beliefs of Jainism 1. As per the Jain religion there is no God, it is the eternal universe that has been in existence and will never end.

2. What controls the world is the law of nature, it is not with the consent of God that makes events happen in this world, it is all karmic.


Jainism entirely believes that everything that happens to you is either because you have performed a good or a bad deed, it is not God who decided what you should get, it is karma that decides what you should get.

3. The consequence of a karma has to be faced by that particular individual only. Be it good or bad.

4. Jainism says each pure soul is God. The one who can get rid of karma, cycle of birth and death can get liberated. Even God had to get liberated from all of these cycles. Thus, we can do it as well.

5. Jainism talks about learning worshiping God for his values and not as an individual. It is more about learning the same good values and implementing it in life. The main idea of attaining moksha is to not come back into this world every again. This concept is called Avatarvaad.


11. As Jainism believes that all kind of life is divided into different senses, the life that has one sense needs to be used as it is essential for survival. However, harming life that has two, three, four or five senses is a sin. It believes that one should have control over not harming the one sense that has a life as well.

12. Jainism says that we are not certain of certain species and places. However, they exist and we cannot see them or sense their presence.

13. One should focus on limiting 6. Jainism strongly believes that the only way to be free is to free your soul from every desire, while this is the only way to attain liberation. One can attain liberation only after facing his/her good and bad karma.

7. As per the Jainism culture, each human being is divided into categories relying upon the senses each one has. Be it any number.

8. Jainism considers that there is life in water, air, soil, and plants. Thus, they have one sense.

9. Jainism is completely against violence, it makes us think deeply about how we should not harm any living being, by taking an example of ourselves on how we would feel if we are harmed.

10. Even a bad thought is an equally bad karma as per Jainism. Thus, one should not even think bad about someone, it is as good as physically harming the opposite person.

their possessions and desires in life and be happy with what they have. The source through which Moksha can be achieved is only after Manushya Gati. One gets a real chance to get liberated only after getting a human birth.

14. Jainism believes that one’s birth is decided right after a person dies, thus, it is an immediate process.

15. Narak Gati, tiryanch gati, manushya gati and dev gati, a soul roams around these phases based on one’s good or bad karmas. The soul gets liberated only after completing all the karmas.



10 Tips To Make Creativity Your Trait Bring It On! Shine in a way that you bring on something out of nothing Creativity is not stopping at a destination, it’s about unleashing the possibilities of traversing through a path of your own.


That said, you don’t compete when you create or innovate. It is all about getting yourself out of shackles and thinking beyond limitation and rules. It is as good as creating art from scribbles or making a ladder with plastic forks and spoons. In short, innovation and creativity are a platform where you put across everything churning in your mind without editing or going into details of how much sense it makes, that’s always secondary. At first, it is essential to get everything out of you.

Why Is It Important To Be Creative? Creativity is the new freedom you discover in life, it is the most empowering and beneficial to your well-being and lifestyle. Here are points to read about the need for being creative


1 - You Are Healthier It has been studied and researched that creativity is beyond making you think better. It helps with dropping down stress, anxiety, and a negative thought process. Thus, you just don’t survive but discover the way to a healthy life.

2 - Opens Your Mind Interestingly, getting used to being creative and always being on the serge of innovation, opens your mind to be an excellent problem solver, you learn to have a broader approach


towards addressing problems in life. Therefore, LIFE mind STYLE an open leads to an eased out life.

3 - You Are Happier When you never give up or shut your thoughts from flowing through innovation, it helps you feel good and sure about yourself. This is because you are not afraid of being wrong or right, you are just happy that you could think. The fact that you can be artistic gives immense inner joy, it is far beyond what you can imagine. Are you game and interested to learn the sure ways of being a creative person and understand that freeing feeling of innovating something all by yourself. Read through to get to know all of it

Tip 1 60

Be Unstoppable

As creativity is not a destination, you need not stop thinking, which means you got to get unstoppable and always keep up the curiosity to learn and go deep into understanding and discovering anything and everything you want to know. Let curiosity be the ‘red bull’ energy drink to drive you.

The best role model to innovative thinking is Albert Einstein and you could look into his quotes, read about him or invest time on watching his videos. He is just one example. Likewise, you could see inspiration in someone else who you can be driven and motivated by. The reason this helps is that we need role models to understand how things work in order to lead a path of our own. Are you ready to look for inspiration?


Tip 3 - Passion Is The Baby Step

For instance, if you want to write a poem about trees, go deep and understand what is it that you want to relate our life with trees, get to know about ways to be expressive and so on.

To get involved with being creative you need to just open up to your passion and spend time innovating in the area you love your existence.

Geared to be unstoppable?

Tip 2 - Let Inspiration Motivate You To be inspired by a personality or with the best personality traits in an ordinary person will help you stay motivated to think the way you want without any fear. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

On the whole, practicing the art of being creative with your passion helps you gain confidence and feel good about yourself. Say, for instance, you are passionate about dancing and if you want to alter your thought process and be more creative, you should try innovating a new step. This way you start practicing passion with things you love.

How do you want to be?

Tip 4 -

Stress On ‘Not Stressing’

Startled by what it means to stress on “not stressing”? Well - one of the easy ways to get creative is to stop stressing and tapping on your brains too much. Ways to stay stress-free to be able to be creative >Jot down what comes to your mind even if it’s not the best >Catch up on sleep >Eat well and don’t stay hungry >Keep an activity for the day >Shut your mind and deviate when you are unable to focus >Don’t overthink if you aren’t finding an idea of your choice >Be patient >Don’t give up



Tip 5 - Be Friends With Nature While it might sound philosophical to connect with nature so that you can develop an innovative mind, it is true that it helps you feel rejuvenated and works as a mental detoxifying agent. Either watch the sunrise, face the sunset or give a glance at the moon for a while. Just see how it works as a magic mantra in helping you be creative.

Ready to spend time with nature?

Tip 6 - Carry Along Your Observation Skills 62

If you want to be a god innovator you need to be a keen observer. You need not break your head with noting everything in your memory box. However, just be a spectator to the little things around you. At the moment you must be looking at being innovative so that you can do well at work. Thus, observe details such as what, why, how and analyze what best to do with all you know. This should help with putting your observation skills to use so that it gets easier to innovate.

Tip 7 - Be Open To Suggestions And Feedback When you get into the groove of being innovative, you need to be open to suggestions and feedback. It doesn’t imply to criticize your innovation but helps you be a better innovator and thinker. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

Tip 8 - Collect All Your Ideas When an idea comes to your mind, collect it by putting it on paper or saving it on your notepad. By doing this you are not letting your idea flee away and later on it becomes easy for you to assess what best you can do to make the innovative thought work out.

Tip 9 - Tune Your Moods While none of us can have a stable mood, it is tough to keep up with a good mood always. It can be challenging to fight against negative emotions and other insecurities at times. Thus, always try and tune your mood when you feel lost and demotivated to keep up with creative thoughts. Listen to music, go for a walk, take a nap or watch a hilarious video. Get back when you are all tuned to think creatively.

Tip 10 - Believe In Yourself If you want to achieve being innovative you need to believe and be sure about your thought. Having said, you will always get stuck with being innovative. However, you need to break through the limited thought process and know for a fact that you will keep trying no matter what. In conclusion, to be creative, you need to have faith in yourself and stop focusing on reaching a destination to stop, but, find your ways to do your best in creating what you believe in.



Yoga And Its Spiritual Significance 64


Spirituality Is Realization & Yoga Brings It In Our Life! Spirituality is an important aspect of our life. Precisely, living a spiritual life is not about departing from the material world, but, connecting to a true world where you get to meet your soul and know yourself better. That being said, yoga is a channel to help you get to a spiritual world.


INDIAN YOGA Take a look at how yoga can make one spiritual Yoga is universally practiced and interestingly through breathing exercises and stretches, one can add spiritual meaning to their life. How?

You Discover The Positive Side In You There is no doubt that yoga is an intense workout that comes with its never-ending benefits on your body.


Besides, every stretch and asana is filled with positivity that you start to think, feel and live a positive life. This positivity is essential for spiritual realization and in a way you are welcoming good things in your life.

Awareness Shines Within You Most of us feel that living life and experiencing things is awareness, However, awareness and experiences are two different things. You become aware when you truly understand how change is constant, everything is temporary and what is immortal is your soul and there is an eternal power to give light to our soul. Thus, through asanas, breathing exercises and the meditation techniques in yoga,


one learns everything about what is true awareness.

Yoga Is Not Religious In Nature Following a religion is having faith in a divine form and practicing traditions and being firm with rituals. If you are in an impression that yoga is religious, then you have mistaken it, yoga doesn’t believe in a form of God or rituals. It is purely an art of helping you connect with yourself. Yoga is completely spiritual in nature, which means, you attain a clear mind, healthy body and a purified soul through yoga. It is serene and beautiful.

Shuts The Noise In Your Mind

All of us choose to surround noise in our minds without even realizing if it is worth it at the end of the day. That being said, it is not that we do it deliberately, however, we make ourselves helpless to the situations we are in. When you practice yoga, if not becoming a totally realized soul, the mind certainly calms down and you learn how to let go of thoughts, you get a hold of what you should take to heart and not.

You Master The Art Of Acceptance While a lot of us out there always feel that we need to change ourselves and keep a control in life. The spiritual magic of yoga is that you

don’t need to push yourself and make much of an effort. You get to understand that everything has to be taken the way it comes. Basically, the spiritual aspect of yoga teaches you to accept every storm as a part of the journey and during happy times you know how to be joyous to the fullest. You learn to keep a balance through the different situations life throws at you. All in all, yoga has spiritual significance because it can keep the mind, body, and soul connected. In the real sense, it keeps the three connected because your body is toned and healthy and breathing exercises helps the mind stay calm. If the mind and body are healthy, the soul automatically gets connected. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Urbanite Chetak Electric Scooter



Electric Scooter Will Be Launched By Bajaj On October 16th,2019

The sub-brand of this electric scooter is known as Urbanite, it is to be launched on October 16th. The E-Scooter had been tested in Pune. It will take you back to the old times, it is similar to Vespa.



8. Bosch should be given the credit This E-Scooter is expected to take on Ather 450 and it is expected to start being sold by 2020. For now, this scooter will be named as E-Chetak. It would have a single-sided front fork.

Specifications & Features Of The Scooter 1. It will have LED lighting at its tail light, headlight and at the turn signal light

2. It will consist of features of 70

Artificial Intelligence

3. There will be a Bluetooth

as it has worked for this scooter, it has worked on its battery and several other electronic components that are essential for the scooter

9. The motor will include a lithiumion battery

10. It will come with a powerful brushless DC

11. Its rear brake is drum 12. Electric disks are its body type 13. Its front brake is Disc


14. Its range is about 80km/chg

4. It has been tested with Ather

15. Its speedometer, odometer, trip

450 and it is going to be a great automobile for Chetak

5. Its estimated cost is Rs

1,00,000. Bajaj will work on bringing down the prize

6. It would have enough storage capacity

7. It will have a good GPS Connection


meter, and tachometer is digital

16. It does not have an ABS 17. Its wheel type is an alloy 18. Its tyre type is tubeless 19. Its Fuel gauge and console is digital

20. It has a passenger footrest




Boons Of Drinking

Aloe Vera Juice 72

Aloe Vera is a healthy plant that proves beneficial to your body, hair, and skin. While you must have heard of women applying aloe Vera as a toner or face mask, would it surprise you about the advantages of gulping down aloe Vera?




What the first thought that comes to you when you hear the term, Aloe Vera? Is it its anti-oxidant properties? or the soothing effect on the skin? Well - what you think of is all right. Aloe vera is a medicinal plant and you should grow a plant at home so that you can get yourself treated. Nurture the plant and give your skin and body the care it needs through aloe vera. Take a look at the boons of drinking aloe Vera juice! You might not be happy about its taste but it is worth a try


The best time to drink aloe Vera juice is early in the morning when your stomach is empty, what happens is aloe vera flushes out all the toxins from your body.

No-1 Aids Good Digestion Aloe Vera juice has effective compounds and laxative properties that help with clearing toxins and enables better digestion. Besides, it helps with soothing your stomach and fastens the process of breaking down fats in the body. If you are not persuaded by the taste of aloe Vera juice, it is still okay, if you want to treat constipation, you should go for it.


No-2 Builds Immunity The reason aloe Vera is a good plant and helps build immunity is that it is a rich source of Vitamin C and this nutrient has anti-inflammatory properties that works on improving the immune system. For the immunity to get boosted it is equally essential for one’s body to be able to fight diseases properly, one of the ways for this to happen is when the body gets sufficient Iron content.

No-4 Good For Healthy


Do you experience bleeding or sensitivity in your gums sometimes? It is troublesome to go through it. Nevertheless, you have an option of gargling your mouth with aloe Vera juice to get rid of any infection or inflammation in your gums. The reason aloe Vera is all-powerful and can do this task is all because of its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. However, one needs to consistently try this method to strengthen gums.


Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

It has been researched and studied that drinking aloe Vera juice can bring the blood sugar levels in control, the reason this is possible is because of its anti-diabetic properties.

No-6 Keeps Your

No-3 Rejuvenates Your Body For you to feel rejuvenated, it all has to start from basics. That said, it is essential for you to hydrate your body. All thanks to the moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera, it helps with keeping your body hydrated and healthy. Aloe Vera hydrates your body just as it does to your skin. If the body is hydrated it can perform several other body functions effectively. To name one of them, it helps flushing out stuck up toxins in your body. No toxins = no health complications.

Stomach Cool

It could be the food or indigestion problems that cause troubles in your stomach. That being said, the properties present in aloe Vera relieves you from the burning sensation in the stomach and keeps it cool. All thanks to its hydrating properties. Enjoy drinking the super-boosting juice! OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Khandvi And Mint Chutney Khandvi : Khandvi is a Gujarati delicious dish. It tastes superb when you eat it with green chutney, it is made of gram flour and buttermilk. What’s most important about making khandvi is to make it a thin roll. Learning to make it thick is an art and that comes with practice. This is a light dish and doesn’t have too many calories. Therefore, if you are health conscious you need not worry because this is an amazing dish to try.


Ingredients Aluminium Foil Oil Gram flour - 1 cup Yogurt - 3/4th cup Green chili and ginger - 1 tsp each Turmeric powder - 1 tsp Salt (as per your requirement)

Mustard seeds - 1 tsp Red chili powder


Method No-1 Take the gram flour and sieve it well to get a fine powder. No-2 On the other end, pull out a piece of aluminum foil and grease it well with oil. No-3 Take a bowl of yogurt, add a little water and give it a quick blend. No-4 To his fine yogurt add gram flour, turmeric powder, asafoetida, green chili paste, salt, red chili powder and give all of these a good stir. No-5

Take a pan, transfer the batter into it, add a little water and give this a good stir until all the lumps are settled and the paste is fine. Make sure that the consistency is not too thin.

Note - You can check the consistency of the batter by spreading it on a small piece of aluminum foil once it slightly cools down. No-6

Once the consistency is right and when the batter is warm, begin to spread it on the plate then cover it with an aluminum foil and then roll this batter well. Ensure to neatly spread it and roll it thin so that the khandvi comes out well.

No-7 After a while, remove the aluminum foil and you will see the batter completely flat.

No-8 Cut the entire batter vertically. No-9 Slowly start to roll the khandvi and transfer it into another plate. No-10 Take another small pan, add a little oil, cumin seeds, green chili paste and curry leaves. Give all of these a quick stir and spread all of them on the rolled khandvi. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Mint Chutney : Ingredients Take 1/2 a cup coriander leaves 1/2 a cup mint leaves 5-6 green chilies Salt as per your taste A little black salt and a little white salt 1/2 a piece of jaggery 78


Method Step 1

Wash the coriander leaves, mint leaves, and green chilies well.

Step 2 Transfer all of them in a blender, add the required black salt,

Step 3

white salt, and jaggery. Give this entire mixture a good blend, add a little water to this

paste and blend it another time. Once it is all blended. Give

this mixture a good stir.



Tasty Fish Biryani Fish is a tasty dish and it is loved by most of the non-vegetarians because it is soft and gives out a good taste as well. While most people eat chicken or mutton biryani, it is nice to get a flavor and taste of eating fish as well.

Ingredients Seer fish - 1 kg Onions - I kg Green chilies - 100 gm Garlic - 70 gm 80

Ginger - 70 gm Lemons - 2(make it a juice) Coriander leaves - 1 cup Yogurt - 1 cup Salt to taste Basmati Rice - 1 kg Ghee - 2 tbsp Cooking Oil - 1 cup Tomatoes - 1/2 kg Turmeric powder - 1 tsp Cashew nuts and raisins - 2 tbsp Water - 4 glasses (based on the cups of rice) Cardamom - 3 pods Cinnamon sticks - 3 pods Garam masala - 2 tsp


Directions Take a pan, add oil, heat it for a while, add the required onions and mix them until they turn brown. To this, you can add cashew nuts and raisins as well. Apply some salt and turmeric powder on the fish as per the required quantity. You will need to give the fish a quick fry as well, take another pan and fry the fish for a few minutes. Once this is done, keep it aside. You will now need to stir pasted onions in oil. Take a few of the chopped onions and give it a good grind. Transfer this onion paste into the pan and add ginger, garlic, chilies, coriander, salt, and lemon juice. To this paste, add yogurt, tomatoes and cook it for a while until the water dries. Now add the fried fishes, coriander leaves, lemon juice, yogurt, and salt. Keep this mixture aside. Take the same pan in which you fried the fish, add ghee, the required onions, cardamom, and cinnamon and add the rice that is washed, don’t add water to this. Now add boiled water if you have added 2 cups of rice then you will add 4 cups of water, the quantity has to be 1:2. Now cook this rice on high flame. Cover the cooked rice for ten minutes and then sprinkle a little garam masala over the rice. You will now need a vessel that has a heavy bottom so that you can mix all the fish masala that you have made. You will need to add raisins, nuts, fried onions, garam masala powder and add all the rice, keep this entire mixture covered. Keep the rice on a hot pan, take a piece of cloth, add a little rose water to it and keep the rice covered with the cloth. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Chalukyas- An

Indian Dynasty Of Great Rulers


Great rulers make a great kingdom. This is the symbolic fact universally which is also proved in India. Many of the great rulers and their dynasty made India a proud and historical country. The cultures and traditions of India are carry forwarded from the ruled dynasties. Every Indian must know the dynasties and the rulers of India. The dynasties are at least 6500 BC ago. If you are asking why dynasties are important to know- the civilizations and the human development was only possible with the dynasties. We will learn more about dynasties in future editions. For now, here is one of the important dynasties of IndiaChalukyas.

About Chalukya Dynasty WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

Introduction of Chalukya Dynasty This rules of this dynasty ruled Raichur Doab, which was located in between the rivers of Krishna and Tungabhadra. The ruling period of the dynasty was 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th century.Jayasimha was the first ruler of this dynasty. The founder of chalukya was Pulakeshin 1.

Society of Chalukya Dynasty Chalukyas were Brahmanical Hindus and their priority was for veidc rites and rituals. But they also showed respect for other religions. The society of this dynasty are classified into four castes- Brahamanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras. Brahamanas were priests, teachers and ministers. Ksyatriyas were the rulers and Vaishyas were in trading. Sudras were into farming and agriculture. These castes were classified into sub castes as well. The same gotras marriages were strictly prohibited. During this dynasty society was highly against inter caste marriage.

by Chaluyka rulers. The Pattakadal temples are of six sub temple in Davidrian style.The Vishnu temple carved with the inscription of Vikramaditya II which shows us the important pictures of Chalukya dynasty and the temple was built by Magalesa. The two cave temples of Aihole are dedicated to Lord Shiva with rock cut lingas in them. You can see the Ellora temples which are also dedicated to Lord Shiva with Mahesa, Linga and Nandi sculptures. Ladkhan temple is full of Chalukyan art. The temple is low and flat built which is of rare kind. The walls of the temple are made of stone slabs. The windows are carved with the river goddess

Ganga, Jammuna and Gomati.

Army of Chalukyas The army of Chalukyas was powerful with elephant unit and strong navy. Hundreds of elephants were part of Chalukyas army. The taxes that incurred were termed as Herjunka, Kirukula, Bilkode and Pannaya. When Pulakeshin II was ruling, there were 100 ships under his control and a small standing army. The kingdoms and the kings of India were great who gave us the present culture and traditions. The technology, human development are all part of the important dynasties.

During Chalukyas dynasty, the people followed and performed the sacrifices like Asvamedha, Vajapeya.

Art and Architecture of Chalukya Dynasty The rulers of the dynasty were highly interested in temples. As they were the followers of Hinduism, they built many temples. The historical temples in Bijapur are constructed in the time of Chalukya dynasty. The stone Vishnu temples at Badami and Aihole, Shiva temple at Pattadakal were OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM


Ranked World’s

3 Best rd

Regarded 84



Radio Carbon Dating sounds interestingly scientific with a lot of mystery linked to it. The other name to Radio carbon dating is ‘carbon dating’ or carbon-14 dating. The intent behind this discovery is to get an idea of what are the species that existed back then.


TECHNOLOGY Infosys, an Indian Information Technology (IT) giant and country’s second-largest software exporter by revenue, has been ranked third in the list of World’s Best Regarded Company compiled by Forbes. Bearing a title ‘Asian Invasion’ in the Forbes list, the American business magazine said that while 59 of 250 companies listed are based in the United States, the following three companies are from Japan, China, and India, with a total of 82 companies from the three countries. The first position in the list was bagged by the American financial services company Visa, the financial services company and Italian carmaker Ferrari is ranked second. 86

Bengaluru-headquartered Infosys outdid American multinational technology company Apple; Automation company Siemens; Mass media company Walt Disney, and others for the third position. In the year 2018, Infosys, which has taken numerous steps in terms of skilling its workforce, bagged 31st position in the list. Previously, the company was ranked at the 205th position in the list of Best Employers for New Grads 2019. In the Forbes’ 2018 list of Top 100 digital companies, Infosys was ranked 44 and ranked 46 in the top multinational performers in 2017. Infosys was founded in 1981 by N.R. Narayana Murthy in 1981. In the Fiscal Year 2019, the IT giant


recorded revenues of $11.6 billion. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company has recorded the workforce of 204,107 employees and 1,279 clients, as of March 2019. The Indian companies managed to clinch a position in the Forbes list of World’s Best Regarded Companies include Tata Consultancy Services (ranked 22), Tata Motors (ranked 31), Tata Steel (ranked 105), Larsen & Toubro (ranked 115), Mahindra and Mahindra (ranked 117), HDFC (ranked 135), and Bajaj Finserv (ranked 143). The IT giant Wipro stood at 168 in the list. The companies in the top 10 rankings are Visa, Ferrari, Infosys, Netflix, Paypal, Microsoft, Walt Disney, Toyota Motors,

Mastercard and Costco Wholesale. Walt Disney fell to the seventh position from the first position in the last year’s annual list of the World’s Best Regarded Companies. In order to gather data and list the top 250 companies, Forbes partnered with Statista, the database company. The firm surveyed 15,000 respondents from more than 50 countries. According to the global media company, the companies were ranked based on trustworthiness, social conduct, the strength of their products and services and how they fare as employers. Forbes said even though the list comprises every major industry, car manufacturers featured mostly.




20 Vastu Tips For A

GOOD LOVE AND MARRIED LIFE! For every mental, physical and emotional concern in life, all thanks to the study of directions that provides for all we need. Are you in search of that one special person in your life or are you fighting through your struggles each day? WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

Stay eased out! Interestingly, Vastu tips help with fulfilling all your romantic desires. That day is not too far when all your desires will come true. Look at few of these Vastu tips and see what best you can do to improve your love life! Trying is no wrong, see how it works for you!

Tip No 1 - Keep in mind that the South-West corner of your home should not have a washroom or kitchen if you want

love to be there in your life.

Tip No 2 - If you want to improve love in your life then make sure that you don’t have anything red towards the South-West direction in your house.

several aspects for your love -life, it will turn out to be good if you keep two love birds in that corner.

Tip No 5 - Just as we

love life to be great then immediately keep the color blue away from your home.

need our environment to be refreshing, same goes with refreshing our relationship and to keep your relationship happy and fresh it is good to clean the NorthEast corner of the home.

Tip No 4 - While the South-

Tip No 6 - If you want to

West direction is not great on

keep a memory of your

Tip No 3 - If you want your




loved one in one of the corners of your wall, then you should choose the NorthWest zone of the house. Additionally, it is the right spot to save your love letters too.

in a relationship. Additionally, this is an ideal place to get good sleep.

Tip No 10 - Avoid the South-East corner of your home if you want to improve your sexual relationship.

Tip No 7 - Accumulated dirt in your house is never good. If you want your relationship with your loved one to be good then you need to keep your house clean and clear all the mess.

Tip No 11 - If you want to be blessed

Tip No 8 - If you are a married couple

Tip No 12 - The North-West direction

and looking forward to improving love and vibes in your home then building a home in the North-East or North direction is the best.

is not good in marriage because it is associated with air, no amount of extra space is good for a marriage.

and happy in marriage then you should consider the North-East direction as it is the spot of spirituality.

Tip No 13 - For good love life, it is good Tip No 9 - It is the earth element in the South-West direction of your home. This corner improves love and bonding WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

to have your beds in the South-West direction.

Tip No 14 - If you want to avoid having discomfort and restlessness in your love life then you need to be aware of how you place your beds. They should never be in between two walls.

Tip No 15 - If you are planning for a child then South-West is the best direction.

Tip No 16 - If you are looking forwards to good love-making then you should make the most of the color purple.

Tip No 17 - It is nice to have red in apt directions to improve love life. However, too much red can be bad for your love life as well because it increases frustration in the relationship.

mirrors are placed correctly and it is not placed close to the foot of the bed.

Tip No 19 - To add the feelings of love, it is a good decision to keep fruits such as pomegranates and grapes in the bedroom.

Tip No 18 - If you don’t want to have

Tip No 20 - It is not a good idea to keep

constant fights then see to it that your

pickle or sour things in the bedroom. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM



Lesson Th at A Little Gi rl Sand ra Le ar ned She was scared and guilty to tell about this to her parents. She cried silently for the pen, till end of the day. Then, she decided to steal Rosey’s pen and she did it will fear.


This short story is to teach kids a big moral. Let your kids read the story and learn the ethic of not losing someone’s trust.

Here it begins, A little child, named Sandra, studying 4th standard was fascinated with her friend’s new pen. The pen was covered with Doraemon prints and smoothly writing. Sandra asked from where her friend got the pen and how much it costs. She also wanted the colourful Doraemon pen in her school kit. Soon after school, Sand ran to her parents and asked for the pen.

Conversation of Sandra and her father Her father asked- What’s so special about the pen? Sandra- It is a Doraemon pen and writes smoothly.

Sandra and her father were at the shop and she bought the pen. Sandra- Doraemon is my favourite cartoon character. My friend Rosey also have the same pen and now we are matching. Am going to show the pen to all my friends tomorrow.

Her father- We will get the pen in the evening from nearby stationary shop.

Her dad smiled wide looking at his daughter’s happiness.

He also says- “You must keep your pen safe. Something you love to buy must not be spoiled or misplaced.”

Then the little girl went to her mother to show the pen. She completed her homework with her favourite pen.

Sandra-Yes Dad! Am going to show you the pen daily after the school.

The next day, she happily went to the school and showed the pen to Rosey and her other friends.

(She jumps with happiness)

the school, she found that the pen was not working after some time. She opened the pen and tried to check it. But the pen spilled the ink out and it made a mess. Sandra din’t understand what to do. She was scared and guilty to tell about this to her parents. She cried silently for the pen, till end of the day. Then, she decided to steal Rosey’s pen and she did it will fear. The next day, Rosey complained to teacher that she lost the pen. Teacher asked Sandra if she took the pen as she was sitting beside. Rosey and other children said, Sandra is innocent and she don’t cheat or hurt anyone. She is good to Rosey also.

In the evening, while leaving OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM

STORY FOR KIDS When Sandra saw the way her friends supported her, she felt bad for stealing the Rosey’s pen. She felt more guilty about it. Then she shared with her parents about what happened in the school. She was ready to take the punishment from her father for her bad. Then her father said- “Sandra, always remember that you must not break anyone’s trust. You must not cheat anyone even for small things. Your friends have trust in you and you must return the pen to Rosey as well.” 94

He also said- “I will buy another pen for you and you just put back your friend’s pen in her place tomorrow. She will be happy to find her pen again.” The next day Sandra, put the pen back in Rosey’s place. Rosey smiled happily when she found her favourite pen back, on the table. Sandra understood the importance of keeping the trust of someone. Trust is precious and lying to some is bad. Hope you enjoyed this sweet short story and learned the set of moral values from it!





Indian Company

Registration for NRIs 96

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), foreign nations, and foreign companies prefer India for investment owing to the country’s booming economy and wealth of resources. Over the coming decades, India, which is already among the fastest-growing economies in the world, slated for the tremendous growth with a great deal of business opportunities. The all-time high foreign investment into India is likely to grow even higher with regulatory reforms and an investor-friendly climate. In case you have little or no idea of the process and procedure for an NRI or Foreign National or Foreign Company to invest or start, manage and grow a business in India, below are some advices:


Non-resident Indians must choose to invest or usher in a Private Limited Company or Limited Company in India since only they allow for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into India under the automatic route. Any NRI or foreign national is WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

not allowed to put money into or start a Proprietorship or Partnership or One Person Company in India as FDI in Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) requires prior approval from the Reserve Bank of India. Hence, the best possible entity for NRIs and foreign nationals to put in money or start a business in the home country would be Private Limited Company

moreover they can have up to 200 shareholders, while a Limited Company is allowed to have unlimited shareholders. Besides, Limited company must also abide by more rigorous statutory filing requirements when compared to a Private Limited Company.


In order to become a director of an Indian company, the NRI, Person of Indian Origin (PIO), foreign nationals, or a foreign resident must fist get a Director Identification Number (DIN) after obtaining Digital Signature Certificate. For Digital Signature Certificate, the NRI must submit a self-attested and notarized copy of his/her Passport and address proof (Drivers License, Utility Bill, Residency Card). As soon as the digital signature certificate is acquired, DIN can be obtained for the foreign national or NRI and he/she may be added to the Board of Directors during incorporation.


The Incorporation of a company procedure with NRIs, foreign national or foreign entities is similar to that of incorporation of a private limited company with Indian Directors and Indian Shareholders. The submission of foreign identity proof, address proof and other documents of foreign origin is one of the additional steps to be followed while incorporating a company with NRIs or Foreign Entities. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, India is an outstanding destination for starting a new business and numerous business opportunities for persons and business of all size and vision.

Courtesy: India Filings


Fashion & LIFE STYLE

Lotus Make-Up

India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019 98

Aditi Rao Hydari walks the ramp at the grand finale of India Fashion Week, and actress Karisma Kapoor walks the ramp showcasing a work of designer Sanjukta during India Fashion Week, Warina Hussain walks the ramp showcasing a work fashion designer Nikhita Tandon Dipannita Sharma walks the ramp showcasing a work of fashion designer Karishma Deepa Sondhi Karishma Tanna walks the ramp showcasing a work of designer Rakul Preet Singh walks the ramp showcasing a work of designer Julie Swara Bhasker walks the ramp showcasing a work of designer Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia Radhika Apte walks the ramp showcasing a work of designer Pawan Sachdeva during India Fashion Week, in New Delhi.



Fashion & LIFE STYLE





Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

M 102

aleficent: Mistress of Evil is an upcoming Hollywood Disney movie featuring Maleficent and her goddaughter who are on a venture to question all the complex ties that bind them and pull them apart for the worse. They are directed in multiple directions by the impending nuptials, some of the unexpected allies as well as some of the dark forces that are bound to play around. The movie stars Angelina Jolie as the protagonist, making this a much awaited movie around the corner. The movie is going to release on 18th October, 2019. Director Joachim Rønning

PRODUCERS Angelina Jolie


Cast & Crew Angelina Jolie Elle Fanning Harris Dickinson







Dark Fate

erminator: Dark Fate is an upcoming Hollywood science fiction, thriller movie which is all set to take the prodigy of the series further. The movie skirts around the journey of Sarah Connor and a hybrid cyborg human that must go to the Earth’s end to protect a young girl who have the threat of the new liquid Terminator from the future. Cast & Crew Linda Hamilton Arnold Schwarzenegger Mackenzie Davis



Tim Miller

James Cameron



P Se Pyaar F Se Faraar



is an upcoming Indian Hindilanguage drama film directed by Manoj Tiwari and produced by Jogender Singh under the banner Ok Movies. It features Bhavesh Kumar, who marks his debut in the film, and stars Jimmy Sheirgill, Sanjay Mishra, Girish Kulkarni, Zakir Hussain, Akhilendra Mishra and Kumud Mishra.The story is based upon Article 15 of the Constitution of India, The first look of the film was released on 28 Aug 2019 as a motion poster by OK Movies. The film is scheduled to be released on 18 October 2019. Director


Manoj Tiwari

Ripul Sharma

Cast & Crew Bhavesh Kumar Jimmy Sheirgill Kumud Mishra






The Sky Is Pink


he Sky Is Pink is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language biographical film directed by Shonali Bose and co-produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur, Ronnie Screwvala and Priyanka Chopra under the banner of RSVP Movies, Roy Kapur Films and Purple Pebble Pictures. It stars Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim, and Rohit Suresh Saraf. Principal photogrphy began in August 2018,and was completed on 11 March 2019. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 13 September 2019, and will be released theatrically worldwide on 11 October. Director


Shonali Bose

Ronnie Screwvala

Cast & Crew Priyanka Chopra Farhan Akhtar Zaira Wasim




Story : War is the story of Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) who works for Indian Intelligence. He commits a series of crimes after which his student Khalid (Tiger Shroff) takes the responsibility to trace Kabir and the reason behind Kabir's crimes. The rest of War is all about the unexpected twists and how Kabir stages a massive search operation for the most wanted criminal and Khalid's contribution in this operation. Watch War to know about the rest.

Analysis :


War opens on an interesting note but the film finds different paths and the plot gets deviated completely. Hrithik and Tiger Shroff steals the show with their packed performances and terrific screen presence. The action stunts have been top notch and the makers spent lavishly on the film. With an interesting interval bang, the first half of War looks decent and will not disappoint the audience. The second half of War is a mixed bag and has enough flaws. Once again the action episodes, lavish visuals and the grand production values are the major highlights of the film. The film's track gets deviated once again and the narration gets side tracked. Vaani Kapoor sizzles in her limited role and the song has been canned well. The climax has been dragged and it looks unusual. On the whole, the second half of War is a

Final Word: Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff tops the show in this high voltage action thriller which lacks an engaging script and interesting narration.








Story : Syeraa is the story of the first freedom fighter of the country Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy. Set in the backdrop of Rayalaseema, the core plot is about how Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy comes to know about the problems faced by the people because of the Britishers and his revolt against the British kingdom. The film narrates about Uyyalavada's efforts in uniting 61 palegars and revolting against the British. Watch Syeraa to know about the complete story of the unsung hero Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy.


Analysis : Syeraa starts on a slow note which narrates about the core plot of the film that is set in Rayalaseema region. The film takes pace slowly and catches the fuel before the preinterval. The action stunts are canned well and the interval episodes are the major highlight of Syeraa. Megastar roars loud with his packed performance in the movie. The technical aspects along with the VFX and the grand production values are the major highlights of the film. On the whole, the first half ends on a decent note and leaves good expectations on the film. The second half of Syeraa lives up the expectations and the action stunts are the major highlights of the film. The emotional drama looks well connected and the screenplay along with Megastar's packed performance is the major highlight of Syeraa. The climax episodes are a treat and they will stand out and will appeal to all the sections of audience. The production values make the film look lavish. On the whole, Syeraa is a treat to watch and will cater to all the sections of audience.

Final Word: Megastar Chiranjeevi roars loud with his packed performance in Syeraa which is a visual treat. Laced with all the needed ingredients, Syeraa should not be missed.


Star Gazing ARIES During this month, you will have a lot of focus on your work, health, and colleagues. This is a crucial time for your work, health, and burdens. New projects can come up and they can be time-consuming. You may think about a new job. This is a good time to have healthy conversations with your colleagues. Arguments are also seen through this transit. Your health may also be important. A new health program is also seen. This is not the time to take a risk with your existing job.


There will be a lot of focus on creativity and romance. You will be much focused on these matters and you will be very active as well. During this month, you will be getting a lot of opportunities to be productive in own ventures. Creative projects will be coming up and people will appreciate your skills. You want to start a new hobby during this month. Try to be careful with your speculative ventures. Opportunities for

GEMINI During this month, matters like of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property will be much active. You will be very aggressive with your family members and that may create some friction in the relationships. There will be some changes in the physical environment of your home. It can be repairing, fixing or modification. This is also the month for a real estate deal as well. You may even go for renovation or furnishing. WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM | OCTOBER 2019

CANCER Matters like short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing will be very prominent during this month. The intense planetary influence will be triggering these matters. There can be new projects from the domain related to communication, technology, media, and electronics. Job seekers from these domains will be getting opportunities during this month. Short travels and short courses can also come up.

LEO Mars is heavily triggering matters like money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth during this month. This is not a very safe time for your financial matters. Try to stay away from risky financial plans. You are looking for a new part-time venture as well. This house also shows speech and self-worth. During this month, you will be very blunt in your speech and that can bring some arguments.

VIRGO Mars will be in the sector for personality, ambitions, health, mental disposition and perspective during the initial days of the month. During this month, you will be very aggressive and that can bring some issues with your dear and near ones. You want to be an action-oriented person, but there can be some flaws as well. Try to control speed and emotions. Since Mars is aggressive energy you may have a lot of physical activity and that can give you minor physical distresses. You will try to start a new health program.

LIBRA There will be a focus on your emotional self and subconscious mind. During this month, your subconscious mind will be very active, and you will think more about your emotional issues. You may have to rely more on prayer and meditation. Healing and other therapies will be good during this time. You will try to focus on past issues and deal with them. You may even go for charity-related matters. This is also a time for foreign travels.

SCORPIO Matters like friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains will be active during this month. New beginnings from team ventures can come up. This is a time to work in scientific and technical communication-related projects. Working with large groups are also seen. It can be an international organization as well.

SAGITTARIUS There will be a trigger on the sector for career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions. These matters will be very much highlighted during this month. You will get new projects in your work. New beginnings at work are seen. There can be changes in the existing project as well. Your bosses may share their views with you. However, you have to be very careful with your work, because you will be very impatient and that may cause some arguments.

CAPRICORN The sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy is highly triggered by a powerful planetary transit. During this month, you will be focused on philosophical matters. Foreign travels and foreign collaborations can come up. Careerrelated training and discussions can also come up during this month. You may try to recheck the spiritual knowledge.

AQUARIUS Financial matters will be highly active during this month. This month is not ideal for financial matters, so you need to be careful. This is a crucial time for your joint assets and emotional relationships. Try to listen to your partners more than confronting them. It can be from the partners in business or emotional relationships.

PISCES During this month, there will be a lot of focus on your personal and professional relationships. New relationships are very much possible, but there will be a lot of arguments for such formation. You have to be a little calm and understanding of your partners in life as well as in business. You should focus on improving your existing relationships than bringing a new one in personal life, you will try to justify yourself and this may not go well with your partner. OCTOBER 2019 | WWW.NRINEWSTODAY.COM

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Profile for nrinewstoday

NRINewsToday Magazine October 2019  

emphasising the importance of the Howdi Modi event, we are back with another edition of our magazine for you to read and enjoy.

NRINewsToday Magazine October 2019  

emphasising the importance of the Howdi Modi event, we are back with another edition of our magazine for you to read and enjoy.