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Hotel Room

Ayla Combrouze, Stephanie Constantinides & Nicole Reinbold 路 Master Interior 2B

"Where is everyone“?

Client Profile

For the mobile citizens of the world- the suits, weekenders, explorers, and fashion-grabbers looking for short stay, affordable hotel accommodations. The hotel is designed to reflect the needs of the global citizens. Most importantly among these needs: the desire for affordable luxury for the people.

Problem & Solution PROBLEM The client needs accommodation in a good location, and they could do without unnecessary or hidden costs. The result of our design is unique, quality lodging for an affordable price, paying attention to comfort and technology to make the guests stay comfortable. SOLUTION The room will feature an XL king-size bed, free Wi-Fi internet access, Skype phone rates and an international plug system (UK, Europe and USA). Including an innovative touch screen MoodPad. It lets you control the hotel room, including television, window blinds, temperature, coloured lighting, wake-up alarm themes and more for an ambient room experience. A place for travellers who are mindful of their budget when choosing accommodation, but want to enjoy the comforts and quality synonymous with a hotel. Often travellers have to choose to either stay at a hotel or pay a little more, or opt for the budget backpacker hostels, potentially compromising on comfort, service and amenities. This design allows travellers get the best of both worlds by offering them the premium amenities, services, look, and feel of a boutique hotel, along with the communal and affordable nature of a budget hotel. Self-catering rooms embrace ultra-modern futuristic style and hand-made cubic beds. Guests will appreciate the convenience of having LCD television and free wireless high speed internet access in their rooms.



compactibility 路 flexibility 路 space saving

Existing Hotel with Compact Furniture The Michelberger Hotel


inspired by sliding puzzel

Using the idea of the�sliding puzzel� as a modular grid on the oor of the hotel room. The idea of the sliding grid allows exibility and modularity. Because of the exibility, the client, can more or less create the room with compact furniture, of his needs. So basically of having this exibilty, gives the client the feeling of being at home.

combination with compact furniture

Evolution Evolution

Tracks on the floor

tracks are on the floor, bed is fixed element in the center (is not movable), all furniture pieces can be moved to this point and creat one compact furniture piece.

Tracks on the Ceiling and on the Wall


How to adapt the bed couple



sliding tracks

wheels underneath the bed

extend table

Detail TOP






Extra Equipment

The room can be customised to suit the needs of the guets. An additional baby crib is stored in the cupboard. Seats are also provided and stored underneath the beauty table. These items can all be pulled out to provide additional facilities.

Material & Lighting Board FURNITURE lazer cut designed panels


liquid wood

LIGHTING light reclaimed hardwood flooring

CURTAIN accoustic fabric curtain

LED strip lighting

Views Single Hotel Room

Views Couple Hotel Room

Hotel Room  
Hotel Room