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Neighborhood Group Outreach Information Packet

Big on Bloor is an Annual Street Festival which will take place on the weekend of July 20-21st this year. Last year 70,000 people passed through, this year may be even bigger. Find out more about the event at

We have a pavilion on the route at a large tennis court on the corner of Bloor and Dufferin. This pavilion will be created by the organization PULP out of recycled materials, it will be activated by Architecture for Humanity, as well as several other artists and organizations. • A large map of Toronto will be designed by an artist and painted on the ground. • A wall will wind through the city and on it people will be invited to post emblematic images of their neighborhoods and will be encouraged to create icons for their neighborhoods. • Over the two day festival these images will accumulate and begin to create a collage of different ideas about individual neighborhoods and the city.

Our Goal is to get people to think about their neighborhoods, think about why they are important to them, what aspects they like, dislike, would like to change, would like to protect, would like to use more. Get people to discover things in their own neighborhoods and other parts of the city that they didn’t know about before, but might like to visit or be involved in. Get people to talk to each other about their own neighborhoods about each other’s neighborhoods and about the city in general. What is important to them, what would they like to change. Get people to feel proud of their neighborhood and their city, get people to feel empowered to be involved in their neighborhood and in the larger city and to see ideas of how they can make things happen. Steps for getting involved: • If you would like to send us images from your neighborhood which you think are iconic or emblematic, you can e-mail them to us at, • or if you would like to donate the printed images, print them out and a courier will come to retrieve them on Monday July 15th. • We will post these on the collage wall in your neighborhood section, this way you can show pride for your neighborhood and make sure it is well represented at the event! • We are inviting neighborhood groups to send a representative or two to be present at the event for a portion of the festival. • You can set up a table near your neighborhoods portion of the wall, bring information about your neighborhood, about projects you are working on, ideas to improve the neighborhood, post images on the wall,engage people in discussions, or lead an activity. • We are open to more suggestions if you have a unique way you would like to engage with this space. This is the most active way to participate! • We will hold informational meeting on Tuesday July 9th. Come by to find out more about how to get involved, or to contribute ideas. • Volunteers for the event will get a free T shirt with a neighborhood icon of their choice to wear to the festival. • RSVP for location details.

Who we are: PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design is a new not for profit corporation collaborating with Architecture for Humanity (AFHTO) to research and implement designs using reclaimed materials to be donated to public spaces who might need them – schools, libraries, community centres, hospitals, etc’. Our vision is to bring together professional artists and students from all schools around Toronto, to form connections and strengthen Toronto’s design community in a casual and fun settings. We are also committed to explore new sustainable practices and alternatives to the current life-cycle of paper products – it is our belief that while recycling is a good idea, its current practice can be greatly improved.

ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY TORONTO As the local Toronto chapter of Architecture for Humanity, we volunteer our time and talents to solve issues right here in our city. Through design competitions, charettes, and educational forums, we promote the practice of public interest architecture and design. We also partner with local community development organizations to provide pro-bono design solutions that are environmentally and socially conscious

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