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James Taylor DemandS Clean Power


il and gas companies spend mil­lions of dollars every year to pollute not only our atmo­sphere but also the dialogue surrounding environ­mental issues. That’s why, last year, we launched the Demand Clean Power campaign so that cultural luminaries like Robert Redford, Carole King and Van Jones could help us push back against this rising tide of mis­information. Now, Grammy Award–winning musician and NRDC Trustee James Taylor has added his voice to the campaign, declaring in a new online video that we need to “turn up the hope, not the heat” in order to move beyond fossil fuels and slow global warming. Thanks to his and others’ promi­ nent voices, we are creating a

populist movement that is charting a cleaner energy future while countering Big Oil’s corrosive influence on politics. Taylor is a North Carolina native, and for him that makes reckless fracking — one of Demand Clean Power’s core issues — hit especially close to home. Despite having passed a moratorium on this controversial form of fuel extrac­ tion, members of the Republicancontrolled North Carolina legislature are now virtually tripping over themselves in an effort to open the state to fracking before fully assessing the risks to drinking water supplies, public health and the environment. That would place North Carolinians in harm’s way

NRDC Trustee James Taylor.

while allowing oil and gas giants to rake in the profit. Taylor and NRDC have responded with a series of hard-hitting TV ads and other efforts to help mobilize North Carolinians, among them thousands of NRDC Members. Watch the video at: james-taylor

Another Mining Giant Abandons Pebble Mine; Fight Goes On


t’s a serious blow to the Pebble Mine

director of NRDC. “This is a landmark

and a stunning victory for Alaskan

moment in our fight, but it’s not over yet.”

commun­ities and NRDC Members

Northern Dynasty Minerals, the last

who have long campaigned against the

company standing behind the proposed

potentially disastrous project: British giant

Pebble Mine, remains defiant. Even in

Rio Tinto, one of the principal corporate

the face of growing national opposition

backers of the mine, announced in April

and a damning EPA study that concluded

that it was walking away from the project.

the mine would pose potentially

Instead of selling its stake, the company

“catastrophic” risks to the magnificent

donated all its shares to two Alaskan charitable foundations. Two other global giants, Mitsubishi and Anglo American,

Bristol Bay watershed, Northern Dynasty Our ad ran in the Financial Times of London.

have already abandoned the mega-mine after feeling intense public pressure generated by NRDC and our partners.


executives say they are actively seeking a new global partner. Meanwhile, pro-

mining forces in Congress are pushing legislation that would cripple the EPA’s ability to effectively block the mine. “NRDC

“We’re very pleased that we were able to persuade Rio

has already proved we’re in this battle for the long haul,”

Tinto to reconsider its participation in a project that would

says Reynolds. “We’ll continue to put the same pressure

gouge one of the largest copper and gold mines in North

on Northern Dynasty that we put on Rio Tinto, and to fight

America out of the headwaters of the world’s most

in Washington to make sure the EPA will finish what it has

productive salmon fishery,” says Joel Reynolds, western

started and stop this mine.”

Nature's Voice Summer 2014  

All of the environmental projects and victories described in Nature’s Voice are made possible through the generous support of Members like y...

Nature's Voice Summer 2014  

All of the environmental projects and victories described in Nature’s Voice are made possible through the generous support of Members like y...