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Keystone XL Grinds to a Halt

n yet another blow to Big Oil’s plans to

time when the threats posed by global warming are

dramatically boost production of one of the

growing ever more dire and urgent, according to the

world’s dirtiest fossil fuels, the Obama Admini­

world’s leading climate scientists. A comprehensive

stration has indefinitely delayed its decision on whether

assessment based on more than 12,000 peer-reviewed

to approve the

studies released

massive Keystone

in March by the

XL tar sands pipe­


line. The move

Panel on Climate

follows a Nebraska

Change concluded

court ruling

that impacts from

that found Governor Dave Heineman had

10 Nobel laureates call on President Obama to reject Keystone XL.

global warming are already being felt

acted unlawfully in approving a route for the pipeline

across every continent and all the world’s oceans, and

across the state, a decision that has thrust the project

that aggressive action to rein in carbon pollution must

into legal limbo.

be taken now to curb the most catastrophic threats.

“This delay is definitely a setback for the tar sands

Hundreds of thousands of NRDC Members and online

industry,” says Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, director

activists have already signed on to our campaign to

of NRDC’s international program, “but the effects

stop the pipeline; recently they were joined by 10

of climate change are not waiting, and they will grow

Nobel Peace Prize laureates, including Archbishop

worse in the months ahead. We’ll use this welcome

Desmond Tutu, former President Jimmy Carter and

reprieve to build on the widespread, growing public

land mine activist Jody Williams. This remarkable

opposition to the project and keep spreading the truth

group was featured in a full-page print ad sponsored

about Keystone XL, which is that it would drive more

by NRDC calling on President Obama to demonstrate

climate chaos around the world.”

“bold leadership that will inspire millions” by rejecting

The 2,000-mile-long pipeline would snake from the

the Keystone XL pipeline. “These Nobel laureates are

tar sands fields of Alberta to refineries on the Gulf

people who, through the courage of their convictions,

Coast, carrying some 830,000 barrels of heavy tar sands

have made the world a better place,” says Casey-

crude every day. Production of tar sands oil requires

Lefkowitz. “They’re living proof of the kind of odds

more energy than the production of any other fossil

that we can overcome with perseverance. And in our

fuel on earth — generating three times the carbon

fight against this climate-wrecking pipeline, that’s

pollution of conventional crude, for example — at a

exactly what we’re determined to do.”


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