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Built to last. Born to be passed on. ARCHITECTMADE is more than a collection. It’s a philosophy. We scour archives, drawings and museums to reveal what makes for mastery. The result? ARCHITECTMADE is a glimpse into a few, rare design objects that some of Denmark’s leading architects created along their way to fame many years ago. These are products you don’t get tired of looking at, and with excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, they are made to stand the test of time. The ARCHITECTMADE objects are designed to share, for generations to come.

Our process 006 Hans Bølling 010 Finn Juhl 042 Kristian Vedel 066 Poul Kjærholm 074 Jørn Utzon 086 Paul Anker Hansen 094 Peter Karpf 102 Co Derr 114 Hans Bunde 122 Where to find us 130

Our process 3 rounds of quality control. All touched by human hands. We do some of the most stringent quality control out there. No product goes to market without our hands touching it. Any imperfection is rejected. We demand the highest precision and work diligently to ensure that you receive only the best. Every single piece of wood in our products is hand selected in order to ensure absolute consistency across products. We reject any product that does not meet our design requirements. No excuses. No exceptions. We stand apart by sticking to our standards. You won’t find this passion for perfection anywhere else.

Hand selected. Hand crafted. From architect to manufacturer, our production process is a collection of unique experts from Denmark and around the world. Each product is carefully paired with selected craftsmen who understand the rigor and attention to detail that our products demand. We’re obessed with the details. It’s more than a seal of quality. It’s an obsession with perfection. The result? It’s more than Design. It’s Architect Made.

Hans Bølling PLAYFUL HUMOR Hans Bølling was born in 1931. He was graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy. Although he originally attended the School of Arts and Crafts, he followed his dream and became an architect. He has created a vast variety of works ranging from living complexes, town halls, villas, furniture and wooden figures. He is a modern architect and his most recognizable trademark is the irresistible quality of playfulness and light heartedness that is apparent in all of his works.

“We should remember the human dimension in the design�

QUARTET TIMELESS LINES IN ENDLESS COMBINATION Hans Bølling drew Quartet in 1976. He has been inspired by the idiom of the nature for his shaping of the Quartet candleholder. He is particularly influenced by the way leaves whirls around on the ground and create new dynamic curves, patterns and formations. The candleholder can stand on its own or be placed together in a continuous array of compositions, depicting the movements and structures of nature. Square in shape, Quartet is made out of mirror polished stainless steel.

Material Mirror polished stainless steel Dimensions W1O L10 H6 cm Packaging One box with one Quartet One box with two Quartet

DUCK AND DUCKLING FROM STORY TO OBJECT A family of ducks stopped traffic in Copenhagen. It was in the neighborhood of Frederiksberg in 1959, precisely during rush hour, that a family of ducks waddled into traffic, prompting a police man to immediately stop all cars and pedestrians so the ducks could cross unharmed. This charming moment made headlines and wooed the hearts of all Danes. Hans Bølling, enamored by the story that he was inspired to create the Duck family, a perfectly refined product handmade out of solid teakwood.

Material Handmade in teak wood Dimensions Duckling: H9 cm Duck: H18 cm Packaging One box with one Duckling One box with one Duck

OPTIMIST AND PESSIMIST HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? Hans Bølling designed these two characters that exemplify the duality in each of us: ying vs yang, happy or sad. Their carefully designed bodies are only different in demeanor, revealing the power of expression in defining one as an Optimist and the other a Pessimist. Together they embody the balance, and reality, of life. Hand-made from the finest teak wood, their soft rabbit fur hair and inserted maple and wengÊ wood eyes offer a duality of material that reinforces the dual nature of the objects.

Material Handmade in teak wood Dimensions H13 cm Packaging One box with one Optimist One box with one Pessimist

OSCAR, BOBBY AND RUFUS FUN AND PLAY His love of dogs prompted a young Hans Bølling to design Oscar in 1953, followed by his brother Bobby and Rufus, which has the same technical details and clean lines but bigger in dimensions. The three characters represent a timeless depiction of the four-legged man’s best friend. Their bodies can be arranged so that they imitates everything a real dog can do. From sitting to begging to playing or crawling, their personality shines through, making them a joyful companion for everyday.

Material Oscar and Rufus: Handmade in beech wood Bobby: Handmade in walnut wood Dimensions Oscar and Bobby: H13 cm Rufus: H33 cm Packaging One box with one Oscar One box with one Bobby One box with one Rufus

STRIT IRONIC WIT As adults, it’s hard not to take ourselves too seriously in the midst of overscheduled, busy lives. Strit is reminding us of the importance of humor, wit and irony. His mobile legs, arms, torso and head can move in any number of configurations – from delight to concern, and anything in between – reminding us to reexamine and reconfigure our point of view. Strit’s lower body and feet are made out of oil treated teakwood, his upper body of beechwood and his hair from sheep fur.

Material Handmade in teak and beech wood Dimensions H12.5 cm Packaging One box with one Strit

MERMAID FAIRY TALES COME TRUE At first glance, the Mermaid reminds us of the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that most people associate with Denmark. Designed in 1960, Hans Bølling’s character goes beyond fairy tale and embodies an ethereal feminine aura, offering a sense of serenity. Mermaid brings together sophisticated and simple Danish design. New expressions are easily created by turning her head, fin, waist or arms. The lower part of her body is made of oak wood while the upper parts are made of maple wood.

Material Handmade in oak and maple wood Dimensions H 17cm W 13cm Packaging One box with one Mermaid

DISCUS COLORFUL WOODEN BIRDS Hans Bølling created Discus in 1961. The birds are shaped as a discus and are made in hand painted pinewood. The painted parts represent the colorful plumage of the bird, whereas the chest of the bird remains unpainted; revealing the natural qualities of the wood. The beautiful veins of the wood contrast the painted parts of the birds. Made of pinewood, the birds come in a family of four members that can be placed in line in the window or on a shelf.

Material Handmade in pinewood Dimensions Discus - Small, Blue: H10 cm Discus - Medium, Blue: H17 cm Discus - Large, Grey: H20 cm Discus - Large, Red: H21 cm Packaging One box with one Discus - Small, Blue One box with one Discus - Medium, Blue One box with one Discus - Large, Grey One box with one Discus - Large, Red

Finn Juhl ARTISTIC VISION Finn Juhl was born in 1912. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He is one of the most acclaimed Danish architects from the 1950’s. He is known for his bold, sculptural forms and ultra-refined detailing. Although Finn Juhl was never a skilled craftsman like many of his colleagues in the 1950’s and 60’s, he made up for it in vision and aesthetic thinking.

“One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but can spoil a lot of happiness with bad ones�

FJ ESSENCE THE ESSENCE OF FINN JUHL FJ Essence illuminates the unique aesthetics of Finn Juhl. The crisp white and hand glazed surface curvatures into those well-known organic shapes that have made Finn Juhl famous on an international level. Originally Finn Juhl designed FJ Essence in 1952 but it never went into production because of the complex shape of the porcelain.After 60 years, ARCHITECTMADE redisovered the old drawings and made FJ Essence possible to manufacture in its originally lean design.

Material Hand-glazed white porcelain Dimensions Cup: L12 W9,5 H6 cm - 16 cl Saucer: L15 W15 H2,5 cm Teapot: L21,5 W13 H12 cm - 96 cl Sugar bowl: L11 W10,5 H7,1 cm - 28 cl Creamer: L8 W6 H8 cm - 12 cl Fruit dish: L20 W13 H5 cm Candy bowl: L12 W12 H6,5 cm Packaging One box with one Cup and Saucer One box with one Teapot One box with one Sugar bowl

TURNING TRAY MADE TO FIT YOUR LIFE The Turning Tray was designed in 1956 by Finn Juhl, bearing his trademark curved teak frame and precise corner joints. Made without handle bars, the tray’s curvature allows space to pick it up. Designed as dual-sided, the Turning Tray boasts two glossy laminate sides held together by carefully crafted corner joints. These handmade trays are exactly to Finn Juhl’s specifications, with curves, colors and discreet but important details that all reveals his fantastic sense for design.

Material Teak wood and laminate Dimensions Turning Tray - Small: H23 L45 cm Turning Tray - Medium: H30 L48 cm Turning Tray - Large: H38 L51 cm Packaging One box with one Turning Tray - Black desert & Alaska white One box with one Turning Tray - Black desert & Kimono red One box with one Turning Tray - Black desert & Husky green One box with one Turning Tray - Black desert & Blue angel

FJ CLOCK AND FJ CLOCK BLACK TIMELESS AND STREAMLINED The FJ Clock was designed as a part of the interior of the New York United Nation Trusteeship Council Chamber in 1950 and it captures the essence of Juhl’s design aesthetic. The concave shape complementing the natural qualities of the teak and ash wood and the numberless aluminum dial captures his flair for clever minimalism. It is crafted with a unique precision that offers a harmony that underlines what a work of art the FJ Clock truly is. Each FJ Clock is unique, displaying its own wood pattern.

Material FJ Clock: Teak wood FJ Clock Black: Stained ash wood Dimensions FJ Clock: D35 cm FJ Clock Black 25: D25 cm FJ Clock Black 35: D35 cm Packaging One box with one FJ Clock One box with one FJ Clock Black 25 One box with one FJ Clock Black 35

CIRCLE BOWL FORGOTTEN GEM Never before produced since its conception in 1954, the Circle Bowl is designed as a perfect circle, yet visually it creates the illusion of an ellipse. The sides of the bowl are precisely balanced, rising as much as they recede, creating perfectly corresponding lines of the bowl all around. The uniformity creates striking reflections for all things placed within. Crafted from the highest quality, mirror polished stainless steel, the Circle Bowl’s organic shape is formed by walls of 1 mm thickness.

Material Mirror polished stainless steel Dimensions Circle Bowl 20: D20 cm Circle Bowl 30: D30 cm Packaging One box with one Circle Bowl 20 One box with one Circle Bowl 30

FJ BOWL SIMPLE DESIRE The FJ Bowl is the smallest of the teakwood bowl series that Finn Juhl designed in 1951. It features the characteristic blend of organic shapes and balance between wood, form and geometric measurements that made Juhl famous. Finn Juhl uses design to reveal the natural properties of the material: depending on what angle you look at it from, the bowl changes shape. The FJ Bowl is made of a single piece of teak wood and treated with clear teak oil, allowing the bowl to develop a beautiful patina as it ages.

Material Handmade in teak wood Dimensions H5 D15 cm Packaging One box with one FJ Bowl

Kristian Vedel NEEDS DEFINE FUNCTION Kristian Vedel was born in 1923. He graduated from the Danish School of Arts, Crafts and Industrial Design. After lecturing at the same institution he became part of the Scandinavian Design movement. His work was influenced by Kaare Klint and the German Bauhaus School. His classical modern designs are largely characterized by a creative use of materials, especially plastics and wood. In his price winning designs Vedel emphasize ergonomics and functional requirements and he strongly considers the needs of society.

“An artist must personally take a stand on the existing possibilities and responsibilities�

BIRD TURNING HEADS SINCE 1959 Bird is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction. Created as a family, from small to tall, thin to chubby, child to grandparent, Birds represent an entire generation. Every Bird is made with a unique passion and understanding of both product and material. Along with precession and an urge to create perfection it combines it to the perfect Bird every time.

Material Handmade in oak wood Dimensions Bird - Small: H7,5 cm Bird - Large: H12 cm Bird - Chubby: H10,5 cm Packaging One box with one Bird - Small, Natural/Smoked One box with one Bird - Large, Natural/Smoked One box with one Bird - Chubby, Natural/Smoked

Poul Kjærholm PURE FORM Poul Kjærholm was born in 1929. He graduated from the Danish School of Arts and Craft. With clean lines and understated elegance, Poul Kjærholm earned the reputation of being one of the most outstanding Danish architects of the 20th century. Kjærholm’s goal of uniting form and function is uncompromisingly expressed in each of his makings. His body of work is notable for its structural and technical clarity.

“We should try to keep our designs as simple as possible”

PK-600 AND PK-BOWL SCULPTURAL DESIGN In 1963, Poul KjĂŚrholm designed the Fredericia Town Hall and created PK-600, a large, 250 kg black marble bowl. Today it is produced only 10 per year according to the original drawings by the architect. In response to the great success of PK-600, KjĂŚrholm designed its offspring, the PK-Bowl, so that everybody could enjoy it as a part of their own household. Made of granite, the smooth inside and rough outside of PK-Bowl symbolizes the contrast between the feminine and masculine.

Material PK-600: Black Nero Marquina marble PK-Bowl: Black granite Dimensions PK-600: L60 W60 H30 cm PK-Bowl: L15 W15 H7 cm Packaging One box with one PK-600 One box with one PK-Bowl

PK-MARBLE AND PK-MINI TIMELESS PIECES OF ART PK-Marble is a sculptural piece related to Poul KjÌrholm’s PK-600 and PK-Bowl. PK-Marble elegantly combines the timeless Nero Marquina marble of the PK-600 with the size of the PK-Bowl. Its smooth and rounded inner black marble surface softly reflects incoming light, adding contrasts to the raw and unpolished exterior. PK-Mini consists of two bowls made of black Nero Marquina Marble and white Volakas Marble. PK-Mini embraces contrasts: between black and white, the curved veins and the solid stone.

Material PK-Marble: Nero Marquina marble PK-Mini - Black: Nero Marquina marble PK-Mini - White: White Volakas marble Dimensions PK-Marble: L15 W15 H7 cm PK-Mini: L8 W8 H4 cm Packaging One box with one PK-Marble One box with one PK-Mini - Black One box with one PK-Mini - White One box with one PK-Mini - Duo

Jørn Utzon UNIVERSAL ICONS Jørn Utzon was born in 1918. He was graduated from the Copenhagen Academy of Arts. He is considered one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. From large-scale works like the Sydney Opera House, the Kuwait National Assembly, The Kingo Housing Project, alongside the Spring glassware, Utzon’s work begins as poetry, seeing architecture and objects as art that includes thoughtful functionality, structural integrity and sculptural harmony. In 2003 he was awarded the highest honor in architecture: The Pritzker Price.

“My laboratory is the beech forests, and the sea, and the clouds�

SPRING THE SPACE WITHIN Designed by one of Denmark’s most renowned architects, Jørn Utzon, these mouth blown glasses are inspired by pure materials and fluid space. Stackable and able to be tilted on its side as a cognac glass, this glass is both poetry and function, allowing for storage in small spaces and elegant drinking. Designed in 1949 long before Utzon pioneered his organic shapes for his Opera house the glass was decades ahead of its time making it a timeless classic today.

Material Handmade drinking glass Dimensions H8 D9 cm Packaging One box with two Spring

Paul Anker Hansen EVERYDAY CREATIVITY Paul Anker Hansen began his career by making small gifts for himself and his family. Anker’s design philosophy is based on an appreciation for playfulness at all stages of life. Anker believes that the “land of childhood is a land forever”. Anker applies his pure passion for creativity to the design of everyday objects, infusing them with a playful and light approach that bring a new attitude and imagination to one’s life.

“Pure passion for creation that culminates in making everyday objects”

OWL MYSTIC WISDOM Designed in 1960, Paul Anker Hansen’s Owl has a mobile head that rotates to reveal new expressions. Be it wonder, contemplation or curiosity, the Owl echoes our own thoughts and offers a keen insight into what we perceive in every moment of every day. For years, the Owl was made by hand by Paul Anker Hansen. The Owl has inserted wooden eyes. The head can move seamlessly in multiple directions to create various expressions, due to a magnet.

Material Handmade in oak wood Dimensions Owl - Small: H8,5 cm Owl - Large: H17 cm Packaging One box with one Owl - Small, Natural/Smoked One box with one Owl - Large, Natural/Smoked

Peter Karpf DISCARDING EXPERIMENTS Peter Karpf was born in 1940. He graduated from the Danish School of Arts and Craft. He worked for the highly acclaimed Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and established himself as one of the most important figures of modern Danish design. One by one, his creations embrace both beauty and functionality, making innovative use of materials. Based on his belief that we live in an age of noise and stress, he designs objects that brings us down to earth and helps us relax. This becomes clear when looking at the simplicity and calmness of his makings.

“Use a strong sense of form in combination with a deep understanding of mateials and manufacturing techniques�

GEMINI ENDLESS COMBINATIONS Inspired by the beauty of possibility, the Gemini candleholder is a perfect union of form and function. Designed mathematically to allow for the candles to be the smallest distance apart while still remaining stable, the Gemini stands out for its clean lines and simple purity. Made of one piece of solid stainless steel, the candleholders each hold two handmade candles with the optimal burning time of 3.5 hours. Be it standing alone or together, the Gemini can be arranged in limitless combinations.

Material Solid stainless steel Dimensions W11 H11.5 cm Packaging One box with one Gemini One box with four Candles (white/black/red/yellow/grey)

TREPAS TINGE OF INFINITY Made of solid copper, brass and stainless steel, Trepas, designed by Peter Karpf in 1966, is a system of tea light holders. Searching for the perfect vessel for this simple and universal candle, Karpf created a system of holders that can be positioned in countless ways. As the living flame within reflects off of the polished metals a “tinge of infinity� is created as its reflections bounce between holders.

Material Copper, brass and stainless steel Dimensions H3 D4 cm Packaging One box with six Trepas (two of each material) One box with nine Trepas (three of each material)

Co D err ESSENTIAL SHAPES Co Derr was born in 1921. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam where he was trained by Le Corbusier. In the course of his illustrious career, Co Derr has received many awards. Co Derr was part of the team that designed the �nesting� birds on the Dutch war monument and panels for the American Line ships. His passion for birds has formed the base of his career. His works are featured in several art museums including MoMA in New York.

“Perfection is obtained when there is nothing left to take away”

AVES SMALL BIRD, BIG THOUGHTS Aves is created by Dutch architect and artist Co Derr. Co Derr was very keen on finding the essentials of the motive bird, and he spent his entire career simplifying the shape of Aves until he reached a form, that could be perceived as the essence of a bird. In that way AVES stands as a testimony of the eternal essential shapes that lie behind timeless designs. Aves comes in three different sizes. This accentuates the statement that there is something unique in the general.

Material Solid brass Dimensions Aves - Small, Polished/Matte: H3,5 cm Aves - Medium, Polished/Matte: H4,5 cm Aves - Large, Polished/Matte: H6,5 cm Packaging One box with a Aves - Small, Polished/Matte One box with a Aves - Medium, Polished/Matte One box with a Aves - Large, Polished/Matte One box with a set of three Aves, Polished/Matte

Hans Bunde REACHING SIMPLICITY Hans Bunde was born in 1919. Highly skilled silversmith, graduated from the internationally renowned Cohr Silver, he has highly influenced by Wiwen Nilsson. Hans Bunde designed a vast variety of products in collaboration with Cohr Silver. He characterized Coh’r design line conclusive in the 1950’s as the main designer.

“The simple is created in the encounter between form and material possibilities. That’s the challenge in all my designs.”

PENGUIN ORGANIC LINES AND NUANCES In the Penguins, Hans Bunde combined the love of his sisters and his fascination of the birds. Depending on how you arrange the Penguins, the elegant figures, large and small, symbolise majestic pride, family ties, friendship and love. Designed in beech, each Penguin is unique. While their glossy, hand-painted backsides resemble shiny penguin feathers in sharp Antarctic sun, the front side appears in raw, untreated wood. The unique lines of the raw material will only become more beautiful with time.

Material Hand-painted beech wood Dimensions Penguin - Small: H18 cm Penguin - Large: H26 cm Packaging One box with one Penguin - Small One box with one Penguin - Large

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