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“I was interested in learning new skills and building my confidence and the Youth Committee has helped me do that. I enjoy working with the Committee as there are lots of different people and different ages, but we all work together to make our ideas work.” Laura Rainbow, Youth Committee Member.

The group is responsible for making recommendations regarding the programme of works to achieve Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS), including the appointment of contractors.



POWER (Programme of Works and Economic Regeneration) Group

Achievements so far: Made recommendations regarding the programme of works as an on-going piece of work; and Worked with the Tenant Liaison Team leaders to develop a tenant monitoring system for tenant satisfaction with the programme of works. Aims for the future: Report back to the Tenant Liaison Team leaders and contractors the qualitative data they collect as part of their tenant satisfaction monitoring role; and Work closely with the Community Regeneration Team on community projects, such as the Community Challenge. “As a new member of NPT Homes’ POWER group, I have found the group knowledgeable and very welcoming to new members. I have been able to participate in the practical and administrative aspects of the group, whose aim is to help tenants such as myself. NPT Homes staff lead and guide to help achieve positive outcomes.” Ellen Greed, POWER Group Member. 7

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Two Years On  

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