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Personal Logo Project Brief:

We had to creat a personal logo in class, this is also my animated logo that I use as well.


Design History Poster Brief: We had to take these three band members and make a poster out of the, making a logo for the majestic lounge. This was a russian contructivism project as well.

v 6

Personal taylor guitar Brief: This was just something I put together in photoshop, I took a plain guitar and used some photo effects to it and gave it a background. I call this the taylor guitar.

v 77

Infamous GALAXY Brief: This is another personal design that i put together, this was acutally just a plain water bottle with a plain cup, I thought putting some stars and make it look like i was pouring the galaxy in the cup.

Low key BBRIEF:

We had to design a poster for low key arts and this is what i came up with.



Photo edit Brief: This was a front picture to my resume that i had edited.


Adviertisement Brief: We had to find a customer that would let us design something for them. I found C.J Horner Co and did a poster for them to put in the window.


Shoe design Brief: We had to make a shoe design, this was a converse and I put several different photos together and made this design.


Logo design Brief: We had to make a logo for the new KUHS 97.9 radio company.


After School Film Class

to Low Key Arts Brief: Inception to projection asked us to make a logo for them and this is what i came up with.