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Sea Monster We had to follow a bunch of steps in order to make a sea monster. I chose to do bright colors to make the octopus stand out.

Mutant For this project I was suppose to find pictures of different animals and put them all together to make one creature.

Gamer For this project I took a bunch of different characters from different games and placed them all into one picture.

3 Musketeers We had to recreate an ad and I chose the 3 Musketeers. I had to match the fonts and the logo and the gradient.

Fresh Friends I did the packaging for the product Fresh Friends. I made the package transparent by using a light blue gradient.

iDance We had to pick an activity that we enjoy doing and I picked dancing. I chose a very bright color for the background to bring out the person.

Birdie This image is a picture of my pet bird, Rootie. It is a African grey parrot.

Elements of Design I took a bunch of pictures outside of the different types of elements of design and placed them all together to make a collage.

Zombie For the Zombie Walk we had to create poster so I limited my color palate to just red, black, and white.

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