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Saving money. Saving energy. Saving the environment.


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npower is a registered trade mark of Npower Limited (registered in England and Wales No. 3653277) and Npower Gas Limited (registered in England and Wales No. 2999919). Registered office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB.

The Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

When it comes to juggling priorities in our modern day lives, it’s hardly surprising that energy efficiency doesn’t tend to rank among our key concerns. But with just a few simple changes, not only could our customers be saving energy but money too. As an energy supplier it’s our job to ensure as many of our customers as possible know how easy it is to be energy efficient - we genuinely want our customers to use less of our product!


Our vision is to create a leading

housing sector. The programme

variety of customers: those living in

integrated energy business that delivers

promotes greater awareness of the

homes which are owner-occupied;

value and profitable solutions to our

benefits of domestic energy efficiency

privately rented or in social housing.

stakeholders, while operating in both an

including financial savings, energy

A strong environmental message

environmentally and socially responsible

savings and environmental protection.

underpins our strategy and objectives

manner. Our approach is to go beyond the

in the delivery of a successful Energy

obligations set by our regulator Ofgem,

We have already helped thousands

and to develop specific products that

of customers save millions of pounds

meet our customers’ requirements. With

by helping them to improve the energy

this and the Energy Efficiency

efficiency of their homes through

Commitment* in mind, we have developed

improvements in heating systems,

our Savings for Life programme. This has

thermal insulation and low energy

the primary objective of assisting our

lighting and appliances. We have

customers to realise the benefits of

provided funding and practical

energy efficiency more readily - we are

assistance to enable them to make

also helping the environment by reducing

these improvements. The benefits of

energy consumption in the domestic

our programme have reached a wide

Efficiency Commitment obligation. Saving the Planet. That’s a big deal.

Andy Duff Chief Executive Officer, RWE npower

* The Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC), which has been set up by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), is a legal requirement on energy suppliers with 15,000 or more domestic customers to save energy through the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the domestic market. The first EEC programme operates between 1st April 2002 and 31st March 2005 and will achieve a reduction of 0.4 MtC per annum. The energy saving target of each supplier over this period is related to the number of domestic customers they supply. The EEC also makes a contribution to the Fuel Poverty Strategy through its targeting of energy savings towards those who need them most - 50% of our energy savings must be achieved by measures undertaken for people included within the Priority Group (see glossary).


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Company profile

npower Savings for Life was launched in April 2003 at the Ideal Home Show. The primary objective of Savings for Life is to help our customers realise the benefits of energy efficiency more readily. The programme promotes greater awareness of

RWE npower is a leading integrated UK energy business. It generates electricity and supplies gas and electricity through its retail business. It operates and manages a flexible portfolio of power stations through its energy electricity generation business and is a market leader in renewable energy development through its renewables business. Its retail business draws on 50 years experience in supplying electricity and

domestic energy efficiency including financial savings, energy savings and environmental protection.


The Savings for Life programme enables significant flexibility for an organisation to develop energy efficiency projects.

gas and offers gas, electricity and related services to 6.3 million customers across the UK using the npower brand.

npower Savings for Life


energy efficiency products and services

Insulation npower* has become a household name since its launch with 90% of the UK population recognising the brand. This has been achieved through national and regional television advertising and major TV sponsorships. npower is the sponsor of the Test Match Series in England, Women’s Test Series, National Village Cricket Championship and the Twenty20 Cup and the lead sponsor of the Daily Mail Ideal Home Show. Through its clean electricity Juice, npower is the only supplier to offer electricity from renewable sources at no extra cost to customers. In 2003, the npower retail business became a ‘Percent Club’ member for the first time we are now one of only 105 companies nationwide who invest more than 1% of its pretax profits into the communities in which it operates.

for use in the domestic market, including

- Priority Group insulation


heating, insulation, lighting, appliances

- Warm Zones and Health Through Warmth


and energy services. We welcome

- Non-Priority Group insulation


opportunities to discuss the

- Priority Group appliances


- Non-Priority Group appliances


Lighting - Priority Group lighting


- Non-Priority Group lighting


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 – 2004

local initiatives for the overall benefit of residential energy customers.

The Savings for Life programme is expected to achieve the following: • Energy savings in excess of 8,000GWh# • Over


million households are forecast to receive

energy efficiency improvements • Over four million energy efficiency measures to be

Heating - Priority Group heating


- Non-Priority Group heating

16 17

delivered to our customers • Over £400 million in energy savings and comfort benefits for customers#

• Working in partnership with over 1,000 organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors • 50% of energy savings are to be achieved by measures installed in or provided to Priority Group households (see glossary) • npower is also able to provide information and services to assist partners to develop sustainable energy strategies.

• Over two million tonnes of carbon are forecast to

npower EEC statistics


Savings for Life

incorporation of our programme into


Energy efficiency advice

* npower is a registered trade mark of Npower Limited (registered in England and Wales No. 3653277) and Npower Gas Limited (registered in England and Wales No. 2999919). Registered office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB.

We make available an extensive range of


- npower EEC schemes


- npower EEC performance


Glossary of terms


Terms and conditions


be saved#

# Savings are over the lifetime of the energy efficiency measures installed.


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 – 2004

Priority Group In the average home over 50% of the heat could be lost through the external walls and roof. Through our Social Housing Insulation scheme (NPOW02I05C) we are providing funding to a large number of local authorities and housing associations trying to reduce heat loss. The installation of cavity wall and loft insulation can make a significant contribution towards this objective. We are also financially supporting external and internal solid wall insulation measures as well as hot water cylinder insulation and draughtproofing to achieve warmer homes and lower fuel bills in the domestic sector. Our funding accelerates the installation of energy saving measures that housing providers are able to complete, thus many more customers are able to realise the benefits of these measures in this Energy Efficiency Commitment (EEC) period than would otherwise be the case.


We chose to work with npower in improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock. The money they contributed has helped us

We have found working with npower straightforward, efficient and beneficial. npower has helped us to improve the energy

to achieve the Decent Homes Standard earlier in a number of our

efficiency of our electrically heated housing stock, which in turn

properties and move towards our obligations and aspirations for

means these properties now reach the Decent Homes Standard.

the quality of homes in our care. We simply needed to report on

We look forward to working with npower on future projects to

the completed works, by entering the basic details of the

further improve the standard of our homes.

households in which measures were installed, and payment was received quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Paul Maplethorpe

Steve Wood

Director, Sanctuary Housing Association

Senior Home Energy Advisor - Housing Strategy Energy Team, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Warm Zones and Health Through Warmth

Non-Priority Group

In a normal year, there are in excess of 40,000 winter deaths. The sad fact is that many of these deaths could be avoided if people

Professionally Installed Insulation

could afford to heat and insulate their homes properly. Launched in April 2001, Warm Zones is a pilot programme promoted by central government, bringing help to those who need it most. The programme involves local organisations developing and

The installation of insulation measures to improve the warmth of a home is one of the

implementing a strategic and targeted approach to the delivery of all available energy efficiency related benefits. All homes within a

most cost-effective ways of saving energy and enhancing comfort levels. Through

Warm Zones area are assessed for potential energy efficiency measures. Focusing on vulnerable households, this programme aims to

Savings for Life, npower has developed a number of schemes to realise these benefits

prove that fuel poverty can be substantially reduced within three years.

for our customers. Our Home Energy Survey ESCo scheme (NPOW02M02N) was designed to work in

npower sponsors three out of the five

Action (NEA) to help people improve the

If the person or family in question is not

Through Savings for Life, npower has

conjunction with local authority support. The project demonstrated the importance of

pilot areas - Northumberland, Sandwell

energy efficiency of their homes. The

eligible for any existing grant assistance,

supported and fully interacted with Warm

partnership and provided useful information in the development of the subsequent

(in the West Midlands) and Kingston upon

scheme currently operates in 17 areas

npower has established a crisis fund to

Front by purchasing measures under our

Home Insulation scheme (NPOW02I01C) and Energy Services (NPOW02M14E) scheme.

Hull. Within these areas, we provide

including Birmingham, Newcastle upon

help subsidise the necessary measures.

Warm Front transfer scheme

These projects provide customers with a professional insulation service through our

additional resources to those Priority

Tyne, Kent and the Vale of Glamorgan.

(NPOW03I26C). The funding from npower

alliance with the InstaFibre Consortium. We offer cavity wall and loft insulation

npower is contributing to both schemes

has enabled additional measures to be

together with complementary products such as draught-proofing and hot water

Group customers who do not qualify for the government’s Warm Front

To date over 6,800 key workers such

as part of the Savings for Life

carried out through the Warm Front

cylinder jackets**. Our Energy Services scheme has national coverage and provides all

programme, enabling them to benefit

as nurses, health visitors and social

programme, through the Warm Zone and


customers with the added benefits of home energy surveys and the offer of a financial

from energy efficiency measures, the

workers have been trained to refer

Health Through Warmth Integration

associated reduction in fuel bills and an

their vulnerable clients to HTW. Up to

scheme (NPOW02I06C).

increase in home comfort levels. We have

£6.3 million of funds has now been

provided funding towards a significant

accessed to help install heating and

Warm Front is another central

The scheme was created through our partnership with the Build Center network and

number of measures allowing many more

insulation measures in their clients

government programme, facilitating

Knauf Insulation. All customers benefited from free national home delivery together


energy efficiency improvements

with a complimentary installation kit comprising goggles, gloves, dust mask and an

specifically towards households with the

installation manual. We have now fulfilled the energy savings allocated to this scheme.

homes to be made more energy efficient and comfortable for their occupiers.

Once trained, key workers fill in a

greatest health risks - older people,

Through our Health Through Warmth

straightforward one-page referral form

families with children under 16 years old

(HTW) programme we bring assistance to

for each case. The team then assess the

and people who are disabled or have a

those suffering ill health while living in

measures needed to improve conditions

long-term illness. All beneficiaries of this

cold and damp homes. In this £10 million

in that home and identify any grant

programme fall within the Priority Group

project we work with the National Health

assistance available to fund them.

and are therefore a priority for us too.

package to help pay for the installation. All of our customers receive a first-class professional service and significant discounts on energy efficient products.

DIY Loft Insulation Through our DIY Insulation Package scheme (NPOW02I09C) we offered our customers loft insulation products at discounted prices (subject to terms and conditions).

Service (NHS) and National Energy ** Subject to availability and terms and conditions, see page 22.


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Given the extensive range of electrical household appliances, it is important that our customers realise the savings that can be achieved with energy efficient products. Refrigeration appliances are among the largest consumers of energy in the home. UK households use ÂŁ1.2 billion worth of electricity every year on refrigeration alone+.

Priority Group

Non-Priority Group

Old or damaged refrigeration models consume more energy in order to maintain

To help customers reduce energy consumption in their homes, the Savings for Life

suitable operating temperatures. It is often the most disadvantaged customers who are

programme has formed partnerships with electrical appliance retailers and manufacturers.

running inefficient appliances and cannot afford to do anything about it.

This has enabled npower to offer discounts to customers purchasing A-rated energy

Our Fridgesavers scheme (NPOW02A04C) offers Priority Group householders the

efficient appliances.

opportunity to trade in their old inefficient appliance for a brand new A-rated refrigerator or fridge-freezer at a significantly discounted rate. As the new appliance

Through these schemes, (NPOW02A11C, NPOW02A15C, NPOW02A16C, NPOW03A19C)

will be more energy efficient, it will also reduce running costs, helping customers to

financial incentives are offered on a range of energy efficient refrigeration and laundry

reduce their bills.

appliances, helping our customers save on their running costs.

The Fridgesavers scheme was launched in March 2003 and has received an exceptionally high level of interest. Promoted primarily through our local authority partners, we have distributed energy efficient appliances to more than 11,000 customers over the past year. We currently have a waiting list of local authority partners, but if you would like more information please email

Appliances + Energy Saving Trust,


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Low energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) can help users conserve energy and save money - they also last longer than conventional lamps. We manage schemes to enable customers in both the Priority and Non-Priority Groups to realise these benefits.

Priority Group Through the npower Lighting scheme (NPOW02L03C) we are able to offer CFLs free of charge to Priority Group households. Four CFLs are made available to each household (three x 20 Watt and one x 15 Watt). By taking advantage of this offer, customers could save up to

Non-Priority Group • Provide free distribution of four CFLs of the required mix to Priority Group households • Take delivery of your full allocation or batch of CFLs and provide safe and secure storage prior to distribution

£273˜ on their electricity bills over the lifetime of the lamps. Over the last financial year (April 2003 – March 2004) we have distributed around one million lamps to Priority Group households. This represents a real financial gain for those who need it most. We are keen to promote this scheme further, to maximise these benefits. If your organisation is interested in distributing low energy CFLs to Priority

Since April 2003 we have distributed hundreds of thousands of CFLs to Non-Priority Group customers. This has been achieved by offering lamps at a discounted price, to be purchased through our mail order scheme (NPOW02L03C) or retail schemes (NPOW02L10C, NPOW02L12C, NPOW0213C). We have

• Confirm in writing that adequate administration procedures are in place for distribution • Complete distribution of the CFLs by December 2004 • Confirm in writing that all CFLs have been distributed

now fulfilled our mail-order target for Non-Priority Group households and have closed this offer. The retail schemes are continuing, distributing CFLs at a discounted rate to customers.

to customers in the Priority Group • Distribute customer questionnaires with the CFLs if required by npower

Group households, we will be pleased to hear from you.


You must be able to agree and confirm that you will:

For further information, please e-mail We will confirm your acceptance onto the scheme (subject to availability) and your allocation of CFLs.

˜ Savings based on

12,000 hours usage (the recommended bulb lifetime) compared to conventional bulbs with electricity costs of 7.61p per unit, as at 1st April 2004. Savings may vary according to the unit rate and usage.


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Providing heating and hot water accounts for as much as 80%^ of the energy used in a typical home. Condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers, confirmed by their "A" rating for energy efficiency. The householder could save up to £140 (or 40% of fuel costs per bill) compared with the costs of operating a standard boiler >. All of npower’s schemes support the highest standards and actively participate in the Benchmark ™ initiative. This helps to ensure that equipment is commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and customers benefit through the use of a continuous Benchmark™ service record.


Priority Group npower has implemented a heating

Other heating schemes

scheme (NPOW02H07C) to encourage

(NPOW03H22C, NPOW03H23C and

the installation of high efficiency

NPOW03H24C) integrate with housing

condensing boilers in social housing.

providers to promote and encourage the

Condensing boilers provide significant

installation of high efficiency district

energy savings for our customers by

heating or Combined Heat and Power

consuming less fuel when generating

(CHP) systems.

^ Domestic energy factfile, BRE 2000 > Cost saving assumption. Figures are from the Energy Saving Trust ( Savings based on a gas heated detached house with a total floor area of 104sqm. The savings are typical for this type of property. There will be variations in individual cases due to climate, exposure, occupancy patterns, heating controls, insulation and other factors.

heat and hot water. This means reduced energy consumption and more

Many homes are heated by a low

affordable warmth.

efficiency system, often due to the limited technology available at the time

The heating component of our Savings

npower is keen to promote the

of construction. The most efficient

for Life programme is continually

installation of energy efficient heating

systems now available are normally

developing. As new energy efficient

systems in line with the government’s

fuelled by gas. Through our Social

heating technologies become available,

Central Heating System Specifications

Housing Fuel Switching scheme

npower will seek to support the

(CHeSS), and works together with social

(NPOW03H21C) we are working with

promotion and installation of a broader

housing organisations, including local

housing providers to facilitate the change

range of products in this sector.

authorities and housing associations, to

in fuel supply to their properties, where

ensure our customers benefit from

gas is not currently available.

quantifiable energy savings now and in the future.


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Non-Priority Group Heating improvements are made

Energy efficiency advice Worcester Bosch Scheme

A1-Boilers Scheme

available to all householders through our

npower offers free and impartial advice

Where appropriate, verbal advice can be

to enable our customers to save energy

followed up by any of over 30 factsheets

partnerships with manufacturers and

This scheme enables customers to claim

npower’s A1-Boilers project encompasses

They were also struck by the extensive

in their homes, at little or no cost,

and information booklets, a home visit or

installers, collectively known as our

£100 cashback when they purchase one

our unique partnerships and financial

relationships built through the entire

through simple actions or behavioural

a home survey (as described below).

Energy Efficiency Heating scheme

of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE

arrangements with heating installers**.

supply chain with manufacturers through

changes. We also suggest longer term

During April 2003 - March 2004, we

(NPOW02H08). The overall aim is to

boilers from a registered Worcester

We use this scheme as a vehicle to

to suppliers and installers.

measures where applicable. Our Energy

made almost 3,000 home visits and

increase the number of condensing

Bosch installer. In order to claim this,

promote and develop best practice and

Efficiency Helpline is staffed by advisers

completed over 750 home surveys.

boilers in homes throughout Great

customers must first ring the helpline on

broader competency levels amongst

To the end of March 2004, the scheme

Britain. This is achieved by putting in

0845 330 1325 to find their local

heating installers.

has resulted in more than 4,400

place financial incentives aimed at

Worcester Bosch specialist and obtain

landlords, householders or installers -

an authorisation code. They then receive

In May 2004, the npower A1-Boilers

the scheme, saving more than 8,000

depending on the relevant set-up of

further information enabling them to

programme won the H&V news award for

tonnes in carbon emissions.

home ownership and method of

complete the purchase and receive their

Environmental Initiative of the Year.

purchasing the condensing boiler.


Described by the judges as "good-

For more information, please call

looking", the A1-Boilers incentive scheme

Sustain on 0845 6000 337 or e-mail

Through affiliation with manufacturers,

is designed to encourage installers to or visit our

plumbing merchants and trade

specify energy efficient equipment.

website at

companies signing up to participate in


associations, npower has established a number of customer proposals aimed at increasing the use of condensing boilers in Non-Priority Group customer homes.

The judges were impressed by the straightforward approach to transforming the domestic heating market and with the tangible results achieved.

who are qualified to NVQ level 2 – "Delivery of Energy Efficiency Advice".

During a home visit a customer will meet

With our detailed knowledge of national

one of our Energy Services

energy saving schemes and grants, we

Representatives face to face and receive

are able to direct eligible customers to

advice including the efficient use of

those that are most appropriate to them.

appliances, heating, lighting

back to the customer, along with any

During April 2003 – March 2004, we

and insulation.

literature that would help them act positively upon the results.

handled 16,729 energy efficiency calls. A home survey questionnaire is available,

Energy Efficiency Helpline †

0800 02 22 20

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-12 noon.

which is completed by the customer and

Our Energy Services Representatives are

returned to us (by freepost). The details

also involved with community initiatives –

are then processed by our independent

in the last year they provided information

"System 22" computer programme.

at more than 100 exhibitions and

A comprehensive report is then sent

community events.

† Telephone calls may be monitored and recorded for security and quality control. ** Subject to availability and terms and conditions, see page 22.


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

npower EEC Schemes

npower EEC


Scheme code

Scheme name



Home Insulation Scheme

Approved by Ofgem

Priority Group Forecast 0.0%


Social Housing Insulation

Approved by Ofgem



Warm Zone & Health Through Warmth integration

Approved by Ofgem



DIY Insulation Package

Approved by Ofgem



Warm Front Transfer

Approved by Ofgem




Approved by Ofgem



Refrigeration Retail Scheme

Approved by Ofgem



Appliance Retail Scheme 1

Approved by Ofgem



Appliance Retail Scheme 2

Approved by Ofgem



Appliance Retail Scheme 3

Approved by Ofgem



npower Lighting Scheme

Approved by Ofgem



Retail Lighting Scheme 1

Approved by Ofgem



Retail Lighting Scheme 2

Approved by Ofgem



Retail Lighting Scheme 3

Approved by Ofgem



Social Housing Heating Scheme

Approved by Ofgem



Energy Efficiency Heating Scheme

Approved by Ofgem



Geothermal Heating Units

Approved by Ofgem



Social Housing Fuel Switching

Approved by Ofgem



District Heating Scheme 1

Approved by Ofgem



District Heating Scheme 2

Approved by Ofgem



District Heating Scheme 3

Approved by Ofgem



Home Energy Survey ESCo

Approved by Ofgem



Energy Services

Approved by Ofgem



n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Glossary of terms

npower EEC Performance Throughout the EEC programme, npower reports achieved energy savings to Ofgem on a quarterly basis. The accompanying chart shows our current progress together with our energy savings forecast for the remaining periods.




Percentage to target


Compact Fluorescent Lamp, a low energy lamp


Carbon Dioxide, the primary gas contributing to global climate change

Comfort benefit

The amount of energy efficiency gained from measures installed in the house, taken up by customers in the form of higher levels of warmth or usage


Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, central government


Energy Efficiency Commitment


Energy Saving Trust

Fuel poverty

A condition suffered by households which spend or need to spend 10% or more of their income on energy to maintain warmth and comfort levels in their homes.


Gigawatt-hour, a unit of energy equal to one million kilowatt-hours. 1GWh is equivalent to the total electricity typically used by 250 homes in one year.


National Energy Action, the national energy efficiency charity


National Health Service




Year 1 Savings

Year 2 Savings


Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, the regulatory body for the gas and electricity markets in England, Wales and Scotland.

Priority Group

Households in receipt of any of the following benefits: Jobseekers’ Allowance (income based), Income Support, Working Tax Credit (with an annual household income of less than £14,200), Child Tax Credit (with an annual income of less than £14,200), Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit (not including single occupancy reduction), Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (where it includes Constant Attendance Allowance), War Disablement Pension, Pension Credit.

Warm Zone

A government-led pilot programme that draws together local partnerships involving energy suppliers, local authorities and voluntary groups in a co-ordinated effort to tackle fuel poverty in a defined area.

Year 3 Forecast

EEC Duration (April 2002 - March 2005)


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004


n power Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

**Terms and conditions Professional Insulation: InstaFoam and Fibre: Offer is only available to owner-occupiers. npower does not warrant or represent and is not responsible for the quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation which is supplied by a member of the InstaFoam and Fibre Consortium whom any agreement for the purchase of relevant insulation is made. The offer is subject to availability. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other energy supplier. All installations will be organised by InstaFibre Consortium using local approved installers. npower is not responsible for and is not liable for or in connection with the installation of insulation nor the actions or omissions of any installer. Fridgesavers Scheme This is a limited offer and is subject to our acceptance of your application, the availability from our stocks and our terms and conditions. The offer is limited to one application per household and excludes households in Northern Ireland. All appliances will carry a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The offer is only open to individuals in receipt of a qualifying benefit. Eligibility will be assessed using the information provided by the applicant on the application form. It is essential that the old appliance is present at time of delivery of the new appliance. Deliveries to island regions may be restricted or incur additional costs. Qualifying applicants will be expected to pay for their new fridge at a Post Office counter prior to delivery. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application within 21 days of receipt. Applications will only be accepted on original application forms


(photocopies will not be accepted). npower reserves the right to change the appliance make and model without notice (applicants will be informed of this prior to payment for their appliance). Please note that we cannot take away your old appliance. The closing date for applications is 31st December 2004. Worcester Bosch Heating Scheme Installation must take place within two months of the reference number being allocated. The £100 cashback# is subject to availability on a first come, first served basis, until funds are exhausted. Only Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE condensing boilers will qualify for the cashback#. All gas-fired qualifying Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE condensing boilers must be fitted by an installer registered by Worcester Bosch. All oil-fired qualifying Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE condensing boilers must be fitted by a properly qualified and experienced installer registered by Worcester Bosch. The cashback# must not be used and is not available in conjunction with any other condensing boiler offer from another energy supplier. The cashback# must not be used and is not available in conjunction with financial support or contract support given by Worcester Bosch to the customer installers. The offer is only available to owner occupied households limited to one application per household. You do not have to be a npower customer to qualify for the cashback#. npower’s decision is final. All applications must be accompanied by the original installer’s invoice, detailing your address, the boiler make and model, the date of the work and the total cost of installation. #

Subject to availability and terms and conditions.

npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Please note that your agreement to install your Worcester Bosch boiler is made direct with the installer and not with Worcester Bosch or any company in the Bosch group of companies. While Worcester Bosch exercises every care in choosing those whom it appoints as registered installers, it can accept no responsibility to you, the customer, in respect of the installation or servicing of Worcester Bosch boilers by any Worcester Bosch registered installer. The cash gift provided by npower is in respect of the identified boilers only. By providing the cash gift npower is not recommending in any way, to any person, any specific boiler nor warranting, representing, and is not responsible for, the quality, efficiency, fitness for purpose or otherwise of any boiler. npower is not responsible for and is not liable for or in connection with the installation of any boiler nor the actions or omissions of any installer. A1-Boilers Heating Scheme The £70 cashback is subject to availability on a first come first served basis, until funds are exhausted. Only Ideal, Vaillant and Trianco SEDBUK 'A' rated condensing boilers will qualify for the cashback. The products available through the A1-Boilers scheme can change from time to time without notice. In order to qualify for the £70 cashback a Discount Voucher must be completed and signed by both the Installer and the customer and received by Sustain Ltd. The voucher must be completed, legible and not defaced or spoiled. Photocopies will not be accepted. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. The qualifying boiler must be installed in accordance with the terms and conditions. Completed Discount Vouchers must be received within 3 months of the Discount Voucher issue date. The Discount Voucher may only be used

by the installer to whom it has been issued. The Discount Voucher is only valid at Plumb Center branches in England, Scotland and Wales. All qualifying boilers must be fitted by a CORGI/OFTECregistered installer whose registration is valid for the duration of the Discount Voucher. All qualifying boilers must be fitted in accordance with the Benchmark™ Codes of Practice, The Code of Practice for the installation, commissioning and servicing of central heating systems, September 1999. All installations must comply with part L of the Building Regulations 2001 (amended from time to time). The cashback must not be used and is not available in conjunction with any other condensing boiler offer from another energy supplier. All qualifying boilers must be fitted in domestic owner-occupied properties and is limited to one £70 cashback per property. npower does not warrant or represent and is not responsible for the quality, efficiency, fitness for purpose or otherwise of any boiler and is not recommending in any way to any person any specific boiler or other equipment. npower is not responsible for the installation of any boiler or other equipment purchased or installed through the A1-Boilers scheme and is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any installer.


npower Energy Efficiency Commitment Annual Report 2003 - 2004

The annual npower energy efficiency report  

The annual energy efficiency report from npower, the UK's leading gas and electricity company.

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