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Job description for Regional Medical Coordinator Job: Part time Number of hours: 40 weekly during travel weeks, 10 weekly during non-travel weeks. Travel weeks are 4-5 weeks each time for each country, twice a year. Attendance of International Family weekend and attendance and participate in the organization of the annual medical workshop. Education: Physician, pharmacist, or nurse Experience: At least one year medical experience at one of the NPH homes Three years of clinical experience Languages: Fluent in Spanish (and Creole for Caribbean region) Fluent in English Skills:  Computer skills:  Microsoft Office (excel, word)  Internet skills (sending emails with attachment etc.)  Team working skills  Strong communication skills  Ability to monitor, evaluate and report objectively  Knowledge of and respect for the country’s culture, customs  Understanding of medical limitations if any due to country’s facilities/resources  Identification with NPH philosophy Responsibilities/Tasks Visit each country in the appointed region at least twice a year for 4/5 weeks (4 ½ months total) During visit at NPH homes Medical Services 2010 Page | 1

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Work closely together with Local Health Coordinator; observe and evaluate standards (e.g. rational use of medicine) at the home Evaluate and advise on application of health policies Evaluation data collection: patient records and vaccine cards, BMI, diagnostics, treatments Evaluate measurements of prevention, advice on prevention EDL: Evaluate drug purchase list, evaluate and advise Offer guidance and training to Local Health Coordinator , nurses, caregivers and personnel involved in the health care of the children Attend the monthly team meeting (skype) if possible

During non-travel time:   

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Regular communication with Local Health Coordinator, recommended once a week Prepare travel report with evaluations, conclusions and recommendations Communicate with National Directors, Medical Director, and Executive Director of Medical service, NPH health team and NPH ethical team when necessary Discuss and evaluate treatment, diagnostics, and progress of red and yellow zone patients Support Local Health Coordinator in organizing vaccination campaigns Advice EDMS and MD on needs for vaccines (numbers and kind) Collaborate with other RMC’s on further planning, define future challenges Evaluate and advise on improving green zone care and make recommendations for care in yellow and red zone patients so that the number of patients in red and yellow zones continue to decrease. Attend monthly team meetings (skype)

Work conditions: This job requires: cultural sensitivity, teamwork, hardship, loneliness, self work, and self initiative, able to overcome situations of frustration, problem solving skills, physical work / walking long distances within the premises of the homes, be flexible for accommodation during the stay in the homes. First line supervisor: Executive Director of Medical Services Duration: One year

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