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HOMES We continue to rent two homes for the children. The lease expired on the girls’ home at the end of June; thankfully, the landlord did not raise the rent; we were able to renew the lease for one more year. This is a big home that suits the needs of the children, particularly the girls and the babies. Sometime this month, we have to renew two Certificates of Civil Defense, which will cost us money. These certificates are required for institutions ours. CHILDREN There were no new arrivals during this month. We had many auditions in the family juzgados to decide the situation of most of our children. This is their system in here and we have to comply with it. Our social worker is currently in Celendin, a province we had visited last year; we hope to have some positive results in our next report to all of you with regard to children. HEALTH DEPARTMENT/SERVICES We were able to register our last two children within the Peruvian Health System. Every time a child gets sick, we receive free medications from the POSTAS MEDICAS (Small Medic Centers); this is a significant savings. For further medical check-ups and other serious illnesses we take them to a new clinic which is run by an order of nuns. We conducted HIV and Hepatitis B tests for all our children at this clinic; the results were filed in each child’s respective medical dossier and sent to the NPHI Medical Coordinator, Dagny Henning. We have completed the first phase of treating our boys for parasites. The girls will start in early June. The program will include all of the personnel and kitchen staff. SPONSORSHIP DEPARMENT The children celebrated Godparent Day on Sunday, May 28th. The person who is in charge of this department will send photos of this event to the offices. We ask our friends in the offices to encourage the godparents to write to their ahijados/as. The children get so happy every time they have to write a letter for their Godparents.

We hope to start make available for sponsorship the children who have arrived in the last year. VOLUNTEERS/VISITS We had hoped to welcome our first volunteers in June; we continue to hope that we will have some volunteers beginning this summer. During this month, we welcomed Emmanuelle from France. She was able to get know the children in both houses. She was also able to take pictures of the children. CHILDREN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES All the children are doing well at school; there are few children who need special attention, such as Emerson. It was our intention to send him to a specialized school, to receive the attention he needs; however, a new government resolutions specifies that all children must attend public schools, regardless of whether they have speech or learning delays. We are doing our best to teach him to the best of our ability with lots of patience. MISCELANEOUS We made an application to PRONAA (Programa Nacional de Asistencia Alimentaria) requesting subsidies for staple foods such as rice, tuna, sugar, oil, powdered milk and lentils. We are still waiting to receive an answer from them, and hope to have news by our next report. Furthermore, we are also awaiting the Presidential election which will be held on June 4th. We hope everything goes smoothly. This is all for now friends. Alfredo Hernandez