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Dear Colleagues, We are delighted to let you know of our obstacles and progress for the first four months of this year. Our first social worker resigned on January 28th, 2005, but luckily we had another social worker on stand by who started to work with us immediately on February 1st. While I was in Mexico for the February meetings, there was some speculative reporting in the local Cajamarca newspapers regarding the reasons behind the NPH involvements in Peru. On my way back, I scheduled interviews with our lawyer present on the two local television stations, the local newspapers and radio stations. Fr. Wasson joined us in early March when we had the opportunity to appear once again on local television presenting the mission and work of NPH. A positive report about NPH-Peru was aired on local TV on March 13th. In addition, we have had government officials visit twice a month to inspect our operation. It is their responsibility to visit all such organizations in Peru on a regular basis. We have received some very good comments and some recommendations which we are working to implement. Furthermore, they have been referring us cases of children that come to their attention. The children all started school on March 14. It was a very busy time, getting all of the school supplies and uniforms the children needed for school. In honor of the El Dia de los Ni単os (Day of the Child) on April 10th, we were invited along with other organizations that work with children in Cajamarca by MIMDES to prepare an event for the children of Cajamarca. We participated in the sports and cultural events at the municipal stadium. While at the stadium, the children were weighed and measured. Our children participated in soccer and other sports. New Family Members During the month of January, three of our children left our care. They were unable to adjust to the routines of family life in our houses. With the help of our attorneys, we are hoping that one of these children will return to us in the near future. Also during that month, two half brothers joined our family for a few days, but left quickly when their father changed his mind. Rosa Ines Ayaypoma de la Cruz (11 years) joined her other four sisters that were already with us. In February, three children joined us: one baby, one girl and one boy. The first baby, just three months old, is named Maria Elena. She was brought to us by a fiscal. Segundo Samuel is 11 years old. The girl did not stay with us very long as she suffered from a mental illness which threatened the stability and safety of our family. We have helped her transition to another program which has experienced staff able to help her cope with her demanding needs. During the month of March, we had five new members who joined our family. Cinthia Estefani (4 years old) and Carlos Abel (2 years old) are brothers, Ahias Wamputs (13 years old) from the Amazonian region, Jhon Carlos (11 years old),

Guillermo Jacobo (1 week old), named in honor of Fr. Wasson’s father. Our most recent member joined us on April 14th. Her name is Karla Lizeth (1 year old) At this moment our home has a population of 18 children, 9 girls and 9 boys. Of those we have three babies and Carlitos who is 2 years old also a baby and we are hoping to put all our children on the Intranet by the beginning of May since there are already some offices asking to sponsor the children. Last week we had some very scary news that some thieves were trying to get into the girl’s home and just this past Friday they tried to break into the office around 11:30 am. We have taken many precautions to ensure the safety of our children and our premises. This is all for the moment, Alfredo Hernandez


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