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Father William B. Wasson † Founder

Father Philip Cleary President NPH International

Christmas Campaign 2010

Annual Report 2010

Together, we make things possible!

Amount collected $210,080 MXN for:

400 pairs of underwear 335 pairs of pants 335 shirts 335 shoes 335 sweaters Dear Friends, In January, the tragic earthquake hit Haiti, affecting the NPH home there and all our family. Our children felt the loss and hurt of their brothers and sisters; as a result, they did everything they could, including lending a helping hand packaging supplies at the local Red Cross. Our local fundraising office worked on the financial end by asking local godparents for any support they could give to our home in Haiti. In total, you all donated $14,723 USD, and our staff, volunteers and year-of-service children donated $4,360 USD, for a grand total of more than $19,000 USD! In 2010, we celebrated the first anniversary of Ciudad de los Niños, our new home in Matamoros, Mexico. We are so grateful to John and Cindy Shinsky, founders of Ciudad de los Niños, and all those who have helped us on this amazing project. At Casa San Luis, our home in Monterrey, Licenciado Chapa, a good friend of Father Wasson, helped us with a much-needed expansion on our girls’ dormitory. The upcoming 2011 school year, we will send one of our largest classes to college, approximately 40 young people. Thank you, for helping us to transform the lives of our children. The children, staff and greater NPH family keep each and every one of you in our daily prayers. May God bless you for your love and support. Rafael Bermúdez National Director NPH Mexico

Thank you for helping us make this campaign a success!

“Caritas Felices”

Donate a little extra to your regular giving, and specify Carita Feliz (Happy Face). The extra money will go toward special occasions throughout the year. Help paint happy faces on all our children!

An ice-cream day for all our children = $3,600 MXN A day at the movies for one section = $3,950 MXN In-house carnival = $20,000 MXN Cake to celebrate the birthdays of the month = $3,840 MXN

Fundación Lala, A.C. Sponsor Since: 2001

Gómez Palacio, Dgo.

• 8,400 lts. of milk monthly for Casa San Salvador in Miacatlán, Casa Buen Señor and Casa Villa Guadalupe in Cuernavaca.

• 1,343 lts. for Casa San Luis in Monterrey. • 528 lts. of milk for Ciudad de los Niños in Matamoros.

¡Thank you, Fundación Lala, for your continued support of children in Mexico!

School Year Success: 2010

Primary School: Raising the Bar

raise the overall GPA of the school, the teachers came together to brainstorm ideas of how they could bolster what they were teaching in the classroom. They came up with the idea of a new tutoring group, which they led, that helps the children who need a bit more attention and those who just GPA: When the school year began, the arrived to NPH and need a bit more overall GPA of our primary school one-on-one time. So far, the overall GPA was a 7.5 out of 10. In order to at the primary level has been raised to 8.1! In an effort to continue raising the bar of academic excellence, the primary school at NPH Mexico set out with very specific goals in 2010: raise the overall grade point average and help our children gain the life skills they need to succeed both academically and socially.

Secondary School: Proven Excellence Along with our primary school, the secondary school at NPH Mexico also saw improvements in 2010. The past year, the school concentrated on the same type of personal development classes that our primary school children receive, instituted a new daily evaluating system for each child and developed a new exercise program to help our children stay fit and get energy out so they can focus on their coursework.

Regional Competitions: Each year, our secondary school students compete against other schools in the region in categories ranging from athletics to academics. The top school then moves on to the state level. The year, NPH Mexico is proud to announce that it placed first overall in the region, with first place wins in both academics and athletics, and second at the state level out of 52 schools!

*At the end of December, we counted 824 children as part of our great family (441 boys and 383 girls)! *In December, 20 Special Education students completed a cooking certification course, which will help them procure jobs in the future.

High School: The Ties that Bind This year, via the Internet, our high school students studying computer science started a radio station for our high school. Each day, these students transmit stories, including the latest local news, school news and other exciting events going on at NPH. It is an exciting project that helps our students learn more about computer programming and communications.

University: Making Their Way This year, NPH Mexico celebrated the graduation of 18 of our young people children, 4 of whom graduated from private universities, which provided them with scholarships. Our graduates have degrees in specialties ranging from dentistry to communications to engineering and business administration.

one graduate remarked, “When you leave NPH, you do not take the bed with you. You take the tools to succeed, which NPH gives you through your education.” This woman is graduating with a degree in accounting and has already found a job with an accounting firm. She, like many of our graduates, is confident in herself and her abilities, Well-Prepared: The graduates felt that excited about the future and ready to NPH prepared them for the future. As experience life as an independent adult.

A Caring Hand: This year, the high school administration worked to strengthen the relationships between our children and staff. The teachers came together and decided that each would be assigned to look after a group of students. Every week, they meet with students individually to talk about academic progress and conflict resolution in the children´s personal lives.

We Are All One Family

Community Service: Living Our Values In keeping with Father Wasson´s philosophy of raising our children to share their time, talents and belongings with others, NPH Mexico gives our children many opportunities to participate in community service projects. We want to teach our children that they, too, have a responsibility for the health and livelihood of their communities. Senior Citizen Centers: This year, more than 50 of our children visited local senior centers, where they spent time playing games and conversing, as well as helping the members of the centers with basic chores. For many of our children, this was a time to learn from those with more life experience and to extend their social skills beyond their own age group. In all, approximately 100 senior citizens were served. Disabled Children: One of the most amazing things about our children is their desire to help those who are in need. When Life Teen Coordinator Mario Alvarez asked our high schoolers if they would be interested in helping disabled children each weekday during the summer, they jumped at the opportunity.

Each day, a group of 15 or more students met with a local organization that helps disabled children get out during the summer to do as many normal activities as possible, such as going to parks, visiting museums and just playing. Our high schoolers helped with everything, from helping the children get in and out of transportation and eating to just spending time with them. This activity was an eye-opening and fulfilling experience for our pequeños, and they are already talking about helping out, again, next summer. In all, approximately 30 disabled children were served.

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The catechetical formation of our children is an integral part to their spiritual formation. At NPH Mexico, our catechists ranged from the youngest children in kindergarten through our older children in high school. Preparations for baptisms, First Holy Communion and confirmation required a continued registration process, preparation by the Secretary Catechist, so that the Sacraments could be celebrated and administered by Father Philip Cleary. We are pleased to announce that in 2010, 30 children were baptized, 120 received their First Holy Communion and 69 were confirmed by the Bishop of Cuernavaca. Along with traditional classroom preparation, our children also participated in retreats to help them prepare to receive the Sacraments. The retreats were held by the Secretary Catechist, along with the catechism teachers at NPH. The children at NPH Mexico (both young men and women) also had the opportunity to attend vocational retreats at the local seminary to help discern if the call to the Holy Orders is right for them.


December 11, 2010

Thank you for visiting us! It was a very special day for this great family‑your family.

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