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HOMES The boys have adjusted nicely to their new home; we were forced to relocate because the the landlord did not want to renew our contract. This home also needed lots of electrical and plumbing repairs. In addition, the owner of the home is working on some roof leaks we noticed on the main porch, located on the second floor. The leaks became apparent because of the very rainy season we are experiencing. We also had to install a large, new reservoir for there were times when we did not have water. CHILDREN We had the arrival of one baby who is eleven months old (Carlos Perez). Carlos came to us through the 3rd Fiscalia de Familia (Family Fiscals) and the brothers Franklin and Segundo. Franklin is thirteen years old and his brother Segundo is twelve years old. These two brothers were placed by the grandmother who is almost 80 years old and could not take care of them anymore. We have seen that the children have adjusted and adapted very nicely in their new home environment. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES At this moment, all our children are attending different schools for it is very hard for some schools to accept them since most of the children that have come to our care have not attended school on a regular basis. We have one child (Andres) who is attending the special school, two children (Ruben and Jose Manuel) who are attending an open school for further reinforcement for no school wants to take them in for their age. Ruben just turned fifteen and Jose Manuel who is 12 years old would be in this case attending 2nd grade of Primary School. We had also provided all our children with the required school material although there are some minor things that we are still missing but we hope to have all the materials for this coming month. VOLUNTEERS/HEALTH DEPARTMENT We have a Spanish Doctor (Joaquin Costa Gracia) who has been helping us for about a month. He has been organizing all our medical files, and yes once again checking up all our children and babies. He is also organizing a chronogram for vaccines for all the children. We are hoping that we do not have to pay high prices for the needed vaccines as we did last October when all our children got the Twinrix and Trimovax at a private clinic for we are approaching different POSTAS MEDICAS to see if our children can get those vaccines for free. Joaquin is using the NPH Vaccine Cards that were provided to us at the board meetings in Honduras. We have also found a Clinic run by some nuns and

whose prices are much cheaper than most private clinics. By using their services, we hope to save or reduce our medical expenses without neglecting the quality service for our children. We will also use the Dentist in this clinic for we have several of our children who require fillings in their teeth. Overall, we are very thankful to have our first volunteer who has been very helpful. He has treated little Carlitos for he arrived with scabies all over his body, given us some talks in personal hygiene and helping us to have our first aid kits better organized with the proper medications for any emergency. Our thanks to our first volunteer. FUTURE PROPERTY In the next moth, NPH-Peru will finalize the purchase of the future property which will be located about two hours away from Lima. This is all for the moment and we hope to keep you informed with more news in our next report at the end of April. On April 9th, all Peruvians will vote to choose their next President. We hope that this Presidential Election will go smoothly. Thank you, Alfredo Hernandez


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