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Mexico Natalia age 13

Opened: 1954 Children living in home: 720, Total child population: 822

I live with 600 of my brothers and sisters in

Cuernavaca, Mexico. Mexico is very big and some people thinks it’s all desert, but where we live it’s actually more tropical. In my house there are only 25 girls so those girls are really my closest sisters. Because there are so many of us in the home, it’s important to have responsibility and that everyone in the home shares in doing the chores. Every morning I make my own bed and then carefully put my stuffed penguin on the pillow – he’s my favorite because my grandma gave him to me before I came to NPH and this year at Christmas, the other girls and I even designed our pinata like a penguin! Every day after school, we all eat lunch together and it’s my favorite chore to serve lunch especially when it’s one of my favorite foods. I love potato cakes and I also like the beans and tortillas we eat most days. At our home, there is a whole room for making tortillas. Because there are so many of us, you can just imagine how many tortillas it takes to feed all of us! After lunch I always wash my school uniform and hang it to dry so that it’s clean for the next day. Then I start on my homework right away because like I said, I have lots of dreams and education is very important.

Math is my favorite subject in school, I think it’s the easiest and I love numbers. If I get good grades, I can become whatever I want when I grow up. I don’t know exactly what I want to be because I like too many things. I want to learn more about everything before I make a decision. But if I really had to chose right now, I’d be an astronomer. Stars are beautiful and a mystery.

Really, of all the activities at school, not including math, dance is my favorite. I work hard at everything I do and enjoy it, but dancing zumba is the best because I get to channel all my energy into it. Zumba is a dance that is set to Latin music and has all kinds of dances in it like salsa, merengue, bachata, and mamba. I also like arts and crafts, soccer, volleyball, and basketball and sometimes it’s hard to do all the things I like to do in one day!

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honduras orlin age 10

When I was five, I moved from Talanga to NPH, which

isn’t far away. I am happy to have so many kids around all the time because we

Opened: 1986 Children living in home: 475 Total child population: 607

get to play soccer and baseball. Soccer is easier to play because all you need is a ball. I like to watch the Honduran teams play, but baseball is also fun and if we don’t have a bat and a ball, we use a wooden plank or the end of a broom and a tennis ball. Every morning we wake up so early (at 5:00 am!) because we have a lot to do before school starts. First we have to sweep, mop and take out the trash and make our beds, and then we eat breakfast. I like breakfast and we usually eat beans and rice with sour cream, or a cooked egg with a cheese. On Sundays we get cereal or granola and a banana and of course we always drink milk. After breakfast when we are all dressed, we start walking to school. My favorite subject in school is math. In the afternoon we do our homework and I like to work in the farm to get fertilizer for the plants and collect the eggs. It’s cool because then we eat all the food we grow and even the milk we drink is from the cows in the fields even though they kind of scare me because they are so big. When we are done, I take a shower and then I make sure that I washed my school uniform and I shined my shoes for the next day. Then we get to eat dinner and then I play with my brothers in my home and with my caregiver. At Christmas we do a big bonfire and people dance and eat tamales and receive little bags of candy. But on normal Saturdays we have dances or talent shows and if it’s not raining then we sometimes watch a movie on the side of the building, but it’s my favorite when we get to have competitions between all the houses. Sundays are good too because I get to play all day. If I could decide, we would go to swim at the water dam and then I would climb a mango tree and pick the mangos, or tamarindos because those are good too. Some day, when I am all done with school, I will become a car mechanic and I can even learn how to do that here at the ranch. Then I will learn to drive a car too but I will still like soccer, swimming and eating mangos.

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Opened: 1988 Children living in home: 746 Total child population: 3,767

Victoria age 6 Rice and Beans. I love rice and beans.

And sometimes we get to each chicken too with vegetables but mostly we eat beans with rice, or corn, and that’s OK because it’s my favorite! It’s everybody’s favorite, right? Oh, and I like sweet porridge too. We eat that at night and sometimes in the morning. We also get to eat mangos sometimes which are good but very messy and sometimes we eat fried bananas. I also love hugs, and singing and dancing and playing soccer. I like playing with my friends, sisters and brothers, mostly the girls, but the boys are OK sometimes too. I laugh all the time, but really don’t like to play hopscotch. I prefer hugs. We also make our own kites out of plastic bags. School is fun especially because I didn’t get to go before I came to St. Helene. But we have to get out of bed very early to be ready on time. And it’s cold in Kenscoff! Most people think Haiti is very hot, but in the mountains where we live, it’s rainy and cold. But I have nice warm jackets and a nice warm bed and I have lots of dolls on my bed – they are my favorite toys. I make my bed every morning, take a shower, eat, clean the dishes, then we go to school. There we learn math, French and songs. I like French, but Kreyol is better. When I grow up I don’t know what I want to be. I am only six. After school I get to play with my friends on the playground where the older kids are, or we play in our house with our toys. Then we have to make sure everything is clean and we work on our schoolwork. Then we eat dinner and go to sleep. Sometimes at night we get to drink sweet milk which I like and sometimes we get to watch a movie.

On Sundays we walk to the town for church which is far way and takes about an hour to get there and then we have to walk back up the big hill to get back. But I like going there because then I get to see the cows and the trees and the mountains in our town. I like church too because we sing lots of songs and when Father Rick is doing the mass at St. Helene, we get to stay and watch the kids dance. Sometimes I get to dance too, and sing in front of everyone.

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nicaragua age 10

I am in third grade and this year I was second best in

my class so the house director gave me a backpack and new shoes as a reward. In English class I received a diploma for a project on life in the city. In my spare time I like to play our national sport baseball. I play soccer as well and like to play games such as Memory and love to ride a bike. My older brother Alex is my favorite playmate, apart from him, Kenny is my best friend. I like to play hide and seek with both of them. I also have another brother, Kessler, and three of us brothers live in the My Little Angels section in the home. We also have two sisters, Anai and Khadija and they both live in the baby house. I like to walk but I also like to ride bikes or go to the beach to look for small crabs. One day, Kessler even found a small turtle! That was before, though and now we live in a new home that is not close to the beach. It is called Casa Padre Wasson. It’s not on the Island of Ometepe like the old house; it’s in Jintope on the mainland. All the kids are at the same home now and there is a lot more space, which means a lot more space to play. My favorite sport is baseball, but I can only play when I am done with my chores. We all have chores and we switch which ones we have to do. I like mopping but I really don’t like sweeping. I also love chess. The only kid who can beat me is my brother Alex but one time I even beat one of the tios! My favorite food to eat is Gallo Pinto (spotted rooster). It has that name because there are rice and beans and the beans on the rice look like polka-dots. I also love guiso, it’s a stew with cheese and vegetables.

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Opened: 1994 Children living in home: 256 Total child population: 373

guatemala Fidelia age 13

Guatemala, my country, is very beautiful. We have

volcanoes, rivers, lakes, many trees, and a beautiful blue sky. NPH Guatemala

Opened: 1996 Children living in home: 334 Total child population: 439

is located in the highlands of Guatemala. This means that during the days the weather is hot, but at night it is cool. In my home, I live with 16 other girls all of whom are my age so they are my house sisters in addition to my other three sisters. I like living here. My section is very cool and I always have friends around me. My best friend is Susana. We like to joke together a lot and play soccer. Every morning we wake up early at 4:30 am because before school, we get dressed, eat and do our morning chores. Our chores in the morning include sweeping, mopping, washing dishes after breakfast, cleaning the bathrooms and the stairs outside the section. Finally when we are all dressed in our school uniforms, we eat breakfast and I especially like when we have plantains. This year my uniform has a red and blue plaid skirt with a white shirt and a blue sweater, but in October I will finish sixth grade and graduate from primary school. That means that next year in January I start middle school and I will wear a different uniform, it will be a blue skirt but still with a white shirt and blue sweater. My favorite subject in school is history – I love to learn about our ancestors. After I finish school, I want to become a lawyer because I want to defend innocent people. At 11:00 every morning we get a short break from classes for recess. I like to play soccer or basketball and enjoy a snack of bread, fruit, or atoll (a popular drink made of corn flour and water). Soccer is definitely my favorite sport and my favorite team to cheer for is Argentina. After recess, we go back to class until 2:00 when we go home to eat lunch. My favorite lunch at NPH is rice with chicken and salad with cucumber, tomato and lemon. But, if I could choose to have my very favorite lunch, it would be pizza with ham and a lot of cheese! We make them here in our own bakery. After lunch we do our homework until we go to dinner at in the main dining hall with everybody from the whole house. My favorite dinner is black beans with sour cream and platains. After dinner I have free time with my friends until we go to bed. I like to listen to music and study. On the weekends, I like it when our section walks to the nearby town of Parramos. There, I like to walk around the park, attend mass, watch the people, and buy snacks. Mostly, I just like to spend time with my friends and I am so happy that I have so many who are always around me.

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el salvador Azuncena age 10

I live in El Salvador and I used to live with my family,

but two years ago I moved to the NPH home so now I have a lot more brothers and sisters than I used to which means I have a lot more kids to play with. This is especially good because I love to play soccer and now I always have enough people to play a real game with. We even get to play in tournaments sometimes where we all wear the same uniform and get to travel away from home. After we play a lot of soccer, my favorite treat to eat is french fries. They aren’t Salvadoran and I like Salvadoran food too like tortillas, beans and chicharron (pork ground into a paste) but I like french fries the best, who doesn’t? If I had to pick, and most of my brothers and sisters would agree, I would eat fast food all the time – hamburgers, french fries and Coke! Pupusas are the typical dish in El Salvador and at our home. It is a thick hand-made tortilla filled with beans, cheese and sometimes pork. I am in the fourth grade and my favorite class in school is English and maybe someday I will be able to travel to a country where they speak English so I can practice. I hear that the United States has a lot of fast food so I would like to go there. I like to study after school, because if I work hard and try to remember everything I learn during the day in school, then when I get older, I can become an English teacher. It would be a good job. As a teacher, I would get to teach the kids not only the material, but how to have good manners too because it is very important to be polite to everyone you meet. Going to the computer lab is fun too. We learn the different programs and get to practice our typing skills. When we are done with our work, we can play a game. When I am done studying after school, I also like to hang out with my friends and sometimes we play soccer too. At our home we have a lot of room to play. We have sport courts and big fields too. We also can walk to a river that runs right through the middle of our land! In addition to Soccer, I also like to dance and sing. Some of my friends are part of our home’s dance group and they get to dress up in traditional Salvadoran dresses and travel all over the country to perform. Looks like fun, but I think I will stick to sports and school.

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Opened: 1999 Children living in home: 415

dominican republic

Estrella age 1 1

When I grow up, I would like to be a dentist, an actress or the host

of a television program. I like to act because I like expressing myself through theater. I also like playing baseball; it is the Dominican sport. I like to play dolls and babies with the other girls who live in my house, and I have a lot of toys on my bed, but my favorite things to do are singing and dancing. Music and dance are very important in my culture. I like listening to hip-hop, reggaeton and meringue music with my friends. I think I am a pretty good dancer, but most Dominican people are, and I am part of the folkloric dancers group at my home. We get to perform for visitors in the home - I like to dance for the visitors to show them what I do and what I know how to do. I also like to sing. I go to church at my home with my friends every Wednesday and Sunday

and I have been in the church choir for five months. My favorite part of going to church is singing. I like singing because it is for God and it makes me happy. I am a good student and am at the top of my class. My favorite subjects are Mathematics and Information Technology (IT). But school is great because it’s so close that it only takes me a few minutes to walk there from my home. I am in the seventh grade and I am also studying English, Spanish, social and natural studies, science, French, agriculture, sewing and dance. I think education is important because if I didn’t study what would I do? What would I learn and what would I give to my family? Like, I take agricultural classes where we grow fruit and vegetables that we actually eat! When I go to school I wear my school uniform. When I need to dress up, I wear jeans and nice tops. My everyday clothes are very different to what I wear when I go out; they are basic. It is very hot here so I have to wear clothing that allows air to come in. I do all types of chores to help around the house; I do the dishes, I mop, I sweep and I clean.

My favorite food is a dish of white rice, beans and spaghetti, but we also eat “La bandera” which is a Dominican dish of rice, beans and chicken. It is called “La Bandera” (the flag) because the rice, beans and chicken represent the three different colors of the Dominican flag. The other kids also like meat and fish but I still like the rice with beans and spagetti best. “Habichuelas con dulce” is my favorite dessert. It is a sweet bean liquid dessert that we usually eat on Easter; it’s a Dominican tradition.

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Opened: 2003 Children living in home: 209 Total child population: 252

p eru C ecilia

age 14

When I grow up I would like to be an airline stewardess so that I can travel the world and see new places. I am most interested to travel to Mexico. No wonder my favorite subject is Communications because I like to talk and spend time with my friends. My closest friends at NPH are my three roommates, Triny, Leticia and Wilma. I just finished fifth grade this year but we are changing schools since we are moving soon. I liked gym class the best because we learned how to play volleyball which is fun for me because I never played it before. We

have special gym uniforms that we wear on the day we have class. Our other uniform is a skirt with a sweater because the mornings can be very cold here but it warms up during the day. When school is over we change out of our school uniforms and wash them while we wait for everyone else to return home from school. My favorite food is fried rice, or spicy chicken, but my favorite food that the cooks make here at NPH is locro, a squash stew with cheese and other vegetables. It is served with white rice. After lunch, we finish chores and start on homework in the dining hall or if we finish early we can have free time. Going down to the river that is in back our the house is fun because we throw rocks into the water and pick fruit like nances to eat. Sometimes we see people going by on rafts. Our new houses are almost ready to move into. This means our entire home and staff will move to another town, 45 minutes away from where we are now. We get to go to a new school and have brand new bedrooms. I have three sisters, Maryluz, Anibel and Samantha. I am the oldest. We have lived at NPH for a little over a year. I have a necklace that my mom gave to me which I wear all the time. It is of Jesus.

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Opened: 2004 Children living in home: 68

bolivia Anthony age 12 I love playing soccer every day with my friends. Also in school we play volleyball, and get to run around the playground. I go to

the local school where I am in fifth grade. The NPH driver drops us off every morning and then picks us up and we go back to the house to have lunch. My favorite food is chicken and when it’s your birthday and you get to go into the city were we get hot wings. You also get to go to the movies or go shopping and then have cake. Parties like Christmas and Three Kings Day are my favorite at the home because we get to eat special food and we each get a gift. Lunch is our biggest meal and we have usually have rice, vegetables or potatoes, soup and sometimes fish or chicken. For lunch we all eat together in the main dining hall. Breakfast and dinner is served in our own home. The food is much better here than where I came from. After lunch, the group that I live with, 14 of us, start on our homework and then afterwards it is soccer time! Sometimes we walk to pick mangoes or play games or puzzles. Before dinner it is time for chores and to wash our uniforms. Our tias make cheese empanadas which we can have for dinner or breakfast. It is fun to help mix the dough. I know how to swim because where the NPH house was before we had a swimming pool. My twin brother also learned how to swim and it is nice to have him with me because we play together. We like to

sing Michael Jackson and to dance. Also when we get the chance to watch cartoons. My housemates and I like Ben 10, a adventure character with special powers. I was thinking that I would like to be a police officer or a professional soccer player when I grow up. Or maybe a career that has to do with math because that is my favorite subject at school.

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Opened: 2005 Children living in home: 86

rev. william bryce wasson December 21, 1923 - August, 16, 2006 I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where I attended St. Mary’s High School and parish. My parents also had a home in Yarnell, Arizona which is about 1.5 hours outside of Phoenix. We would spend our summers in Yarnell, a quiet, peaceful, retirement town. When I was 30 years old, after I graduated from university, I traveled to Mexico where I was ordained as a priest. I was assigned to a small parish in the market district of Cuernavaca, Mexico. I saw the immediate need for a daycare for poor market children, who would spend all day helping their parents sell goods. Then my first son arrived at our chapel. Hungry with nowhere to turn, he stole money from the poor box. After visiting him in jail, and discussing options with the local judge, I won custody of him and eight other boys.

I try my best to do things according to the scriptures. That is how I founded and named NPH, from Matthew 25:40, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Hence the name, “Our Little Brothers and Sisters”, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, was born in 1954. My favorite foods are deserts; ice cream, fruit pies, custards and candy. I love sharing these treats with the children. I always carry around a bag of goodies to hand out wherever I am. Café latte is also my favorite drink. What I enjoy most is spending time with my children. It is important to listen with your whole heart and being. It is also important to smile and be joyful. When I see a child or someone with a serious or sad expression, I try to lighten their mood by smiling. I also believe in only saying positive words. It doesn’t matter whether someone is rich, poor, young, old, educated, uneducated, good or bad, you can have something in common with every single person. Having a wit and a sense of humor is also helpful in being a I grew up hearing

father to so many children. Some of my proudest moments are seeing when older

music. My mother Mary,

youths take on the role of being the older brother or sister to the

was a beautiful pianist

younger ones.

and my brother Barney played the guitar. I

I love the scripture and study it with a passion. I also learned Arabic and

played the accordion

Hebrew and wrote three books based on the scripture. Other interests

and in the early days

I have are psychology, theology, geography, history, and cowboy

at NPH we would

movies, which I love watching with the children. I also enjoy traveling

have funny little talent

and taking the children with me so that they can experience new

shows where I would be persuaded to play and the kids and everyone would sing along.

cultures which can open their eyes to the outside world. My motto has always been, a child is only good because of somebody. You can teach him all of the religion in the world but he is not going to be good unless it is because of somebody in his life that he wants to copy who is good. That is the only way to lead a child to goodness, because of somebody. Every night and every morning I pray for the children. I pray that God will bless them and keep them close and lead them into a life of mercy rather than justice and teach them how to be merciful to one another.

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