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E l S a l v a dor

Dear Friends, We close 2006 in El Salvador having welcomed 94 new boys and girls into our large family of 425 children. This has been a year full of achievements, activities and visitors. Our music and dance groups had the honor of representing NPH at the Fiesta events held in Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota and Washington. Thanks to our Godparents, we were able to hold many different activities that all our children enjoy such as first communions, quinceaùeras (15th birthday celebrations), posadas and Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. This was also a year full of professional development for our staff, especially for those that work directly with our children. They attended workshops and classes to help them follow the philosophy of our unforgettable Father Wasson to give all the children unconditional love. In the last few months of the year, we had the pleasure of hosting the National Directors and employees from all nine NPH homes as well as a group of 30 from Chicago. It is a pleasure for us to have visitors that share love and joy with our children. We are always grateful to our beloved Father Wasson, and to all of you who offer support in many ways so that we can continue sharing the miracle of love with our large NPH family. Olegario Campos National Director NPH El Salvador


EL SALVADOR AND MORE Even though I am the Regional Director of NPH-Central America, I reside here at NPH in Santa Ana, El Salvador. It is with great joy and pride that I welcome you to my home away from home. In September 2006, I was happy to participate in our second Management Training Seminar. This year, we held it here in El Salvador with over 40 leaders from the nine NPH homes. Lead by Russell Lidman and Cheryl Sesnon, professors at Seattle University, we focused on leadership and communication skills. After the seminar officially concluded, we then had the opportunity to meet with various directors from NPH International to discuss budgets, the childcare manual and also begin the process for strategic planning. Finally, the week concluded with a tri-annual National Directors’ meeting. This year I had the opportunity to accompany 20 of our children from NPH El Salvador to the USA for fundraising. In May, we traveled to Minnesota and Illinois. Then in October, we journeyed to Washington and Arizona. All four Friends of the Orphans offices did an outstanding job organizing different venues at which our children delighted audiences with their lively music and dances. We can be very proud of our children. While in the USA, they were excellent ambassadors of their country and NPH. On our return to El Salvador in October, we were stranded in the Houston Airport for over 24 hours because of severe weather conditions. Because there were no hotels available within a 25 mile radius, we found ourselves sleeping overnight in the airport. Not once did any of our children complain or whine. They took it all in stride. I feel like a proud parent when I say that they could have taught a lot of people in that airport about the proper way to act and behave when things do not go their way. Finally, out of my many responsibilities at NPH, one of my favorite is attending to the spiritual needs of the children. During this past year, it has been my privilege to celebrate Masses, Sacraments, graduations, quinceañeros and anniversaries in our various homes. No matter in which NPH home I am, I continue to be impressed with our children’s love for God and their openness to learn more about our faith. Please know that we pray for everyone who makes NPH possible daily. May God bless you always, Padre Ron Hicks Regional Director of NPH Central America 2

SCHOOL School Statistics

Students (Kindergarten – 9th Grade) Staff Year of Service Youth

364 28 3

In years past, we observed the constant arrival of older students (12-14 year olds) who had not attended school previously. This meant they were forced to be in classes with students much younger than they were. With an eagerness to give them educational opportunities that would meet their individual needs, we created a classroom known as THE ACCELERATED EDUCATION CLASSROOM in which the teacher focuses on teaching them reading, writing and math as well as promoting civic and moral values. The pace is faster than in a normal classroom in order to help them catch up with their peers and to develop their abilities in accordance with their age and abilities. We increased our use of audiovisual equipment this year. For example, teachers used overheads and computer projection to teach at every level, with the objective of making their lessons more engaging, as well as taking advantage of the technological resources that the home has to offer. Additionally, the Computer Lab began using an interactive program from Time Life, which allows the students to learn while playing games. Technology reinforces the contents of our classes in a very positive and exciting way. Among the many achievements in the school this year is the fact that 90% of the educational, cultural and social activities that we planned at the beginning of the year became reality. Our Annual Educational Plan guided us in the formation of the children at NPH, and helped us greatly decrease the percentage of students failing at the end of the year.


Throughout the life of every girl and boy we observe changes and positive growth. This year, the case of one six year old boy caught our attention early in the school year. He was a student in our Kindergarten class and from the first day of school he gave us many problems including; aggressive behavior, tantrums in the classroom, not following instructions and distracting the other children. Through the efforts of his caregivers, a psychologist, the school directors and above all the patience and perseverance of his teacher, a strategy was found the help him change his behavior, excel among his peers and develop his academic abilities. The changes we saw were so great that by the end of the school year, he was the standard-bearer for our Civic Ceremony and leader of the Kindergarten Festival. As we listened to his words of gratitude on the day of Kindergarten graduation, we smiled and were reminded that every effort has its reward.

The NPH system of taking in new children, allows us to give educational opportunities to many children who desperately need it. In light of the demand that grows month by month, next year we will need an additional building in order to have space for more classes. In order to improve our children’s education, we will also need to add an English Classroom and a Science Lab. We hope that these dreams will soon become a reality for the benefit of our boys and girls.


BABY HOUSE Baby House Statistics Children (1 – 7 years) New arrivals in 2006 Staff Year of service youth Kindergarten graduates

61 13 10 7 19

The boys and girls in the baby house all help take care of the house by watering our trees, picking up garbage, and this year for the first time helping their older brothers and sisters with our corn harvest. The education of our littlest ones is provided by our early education teacher and the physical therapy department. The rest attend our NPH School, where this year we had 19 little ones graduate from Kindergarten. We continued our “healthy-baby” check-ups this year. We also finished vaccinating our children for Hepatitis B. We were fortunate to only have 3 cases of chicken-pox this year. Every Saturday our boys and girls attend and participate in Mass. This year for the first time, we have a children’s choir made up of boys and girls from the baby house. The group has performed in many different churches. During Holy Week, we had the opportunity to participate in the different religious activities such as: The Last Supper, The Washing of the Feet, and finally the Mass of the Resurrection with a beautiful sunrise. In December, we carried out the Novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe. The local community also joined us for this. The children shared Mass, a dance presentation and dinner with them. These activities were all carried out with the help of our esteemed Father Ron, who supports us in our spiritual development. The Psychology Department helped us continue our trainings for our staff and year of service youth in the area of helping the children improve their behavior. This


year our Directors participated in trainings on personal growth and effective communication. All this helps us to better serve our children.

GIRLS’ HOME Girls’ Home Statistics Girls New arrivals in 2006 Staff Year of service youth

165 35 7 8

Our home is divided into 7 sections. The girls are divided by age and each caregiver is responsible for the physical, emotional and spiritual care of her girls. This year we were able to finish the garden behind our house that gives the girls a calm place to rest. We were also able to hold a variety of social, cultural and sporting events this year: ¾ Arts and Crafts sessions ¾ School vacations (many girls visited their families) ¾ Trip to the beach ¾ Holy Week Celebrations ¾ Educational classes ¾ Soccer, basketball and baseball tournaments We were blessed this year to be able to improve our living environment, making it more cozy and inviting. Everyone, from staff to the girls, has helped with this activity by suggesting ideas and creating decorations. Besides making the house more welcoming, these activities are fun and help the girls develop their talents. In 2006, we welcomed 35 girls into our home. One of our new little sisters is diabetic. Before her arrival, she did not have consistent access to medication due to the economic situation of her family. Thankfully she has now improved thanks to God and her medication. In September, we attended a workshop on leadership, given by Russell Lidman and Cheryl Sesnon from Seattle University. The workshop was very helpful in teaching 6

new parenting and leadership methods and reinforcing those we were already using. The objectives were to improve our work performance and increase our personal growth. In November, we celebrated QuinceaĂąeras, for our girls who turned 15 during the year. Father Ron celebrated a Mass, after which the children enjoyed a special meal and a dance.

A New Experience: This year for the first time in our home, we grew corn and beans. This gave the children, from babies to young adults, their first experience working with crops. They helped in every step of the process under the supervision of their caregivers and they did a wonderful job!

Our Goals: In 2007, we will continue developing moral and religious values, striving to improve the quality of life for the girls that arrive at our home and preparing them to be good people. In order to achieve these goals we would like to have our own farm in the future as well as build a small play court closer to the girls’ home.


BOYS’ HOME 2006 was a year full of activity. Many boys were baptized and confirmed during Masses celebrated by Father Ron at the beginning and end of the year. We celebrated both with a special meal afterwards.

Among our other activities in 2006: ¾ At the beginning of the year, we took a trip to the beach so the children could enjoy their vacations. ¾ We were able to complete a soccer field where the boys enjoy playing. ¾ Two of our boys completed their High School studies.

Thanks to the Sharing Fund, we were able to buy sporting equipment for the boys to share such as soccer balls, baseball and volleyball equipment and ping-pong equipment.


We have worked in conjunction with the Psychology Department to implement different programs for our boys. These programs include; a supervision program that strives to help the boys find solutions to their problems, a sexuality program for boys aged 13 and up, and a recreational program during free time. We also arranged excursions with the local community so the boys could relate and play with other children of their own age. At the end of this year, we harvested our first crops of corn and beans. The oldest boys were in charge of harvesting the crops from the fields and bringing it back to the home where the littlest ones did the rest of the work.

Boys’ Home Statistics Boys New arrivals in 2006 Staff

190 26 7


HIGH SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS High School Students Statistics Students Directors

29 2

This past November, a new educational system began which gives special consideration to older students who have not yet finished their education. Thanks to this new system, our youth will be given an advantage and in six months we will have six more young people finishing High School, making it possible for them to begin their University studies even sooner.

Our school year ended on October 4th. Now our graduates are completing their two years of service for NPH before they continue their studies at the University. We also have two young women who will begin studying Public Accounting at the University level this January:

Damaris Yamileth Reyes (left) Digna Gladis Romero Benitez (right) With God’s blessings and the help of all our Godparents, the dreams of these young people are becoming reality. Thank you very much; we will always remember you in our prayers.


DANCE GROUP This year our biggest successes were our presentations in the United States in front of many of our benefactors. The skilled performances by the children pleased and impressed our donors so much that we exceeded goals in both donations collected and the number of people signing up to be new Godparents! The states we visited included: Arizona, Illinois, Minnesota and Washington. We were also able to perform in many different places in our own country including: Narcisa Castillo, Madre Cecilia Bermejo, Casas de la Cultura de Santa Ana, Texistepeque y Metapรกn, Catedral de Santa Ana, Parroquia de Metapรกn, Parroquia de Santa Bรกrbara and Hotel Holiday. Throughout the year, there were many boys and girls that worked hard and went above and beyond during our performances, especially during our two tours to the USA. However, there is one boy who exceeded expectations even more than the rest. With his special grace and skill, Erick Cristรณbal Osorio won the heart of every person who saw him dance. We cannot forget to mention the rest of the group that encouraged him and whose teamwork made our tours so successful.



This year we worked hard in the area of preventative medicine, especially in preventing accidents. We taught classes at the school about accident prevention and personal hygiene, including information on the importance of hand-washing. Thanks in part to these efforts; we did not have any surgeries this year due to accidents. We are also continuing to monitor the weight/height of the children every three months; this allows us to track their nutritional health. Ninety percent of the children who were suffering from malnutrition in 2005 have now achieved a healthy weight. This year we received dental care, thanks to Dr. Recinos Cea who visits us twice a week. Dr. Cea gives check-ups and provides needed dental work. Dr. Cea has also taught clinics on oral health. We have also benefited from the support of the Ministry of Public Health, which provided us with all the necessary vaccinations for our children.

Clinic Personnel Psychologists Nurses Doctor

4 3 1


News: This year we were able to equip our recovery rooms with two brand-new hospital beds. At the beginning of 2006, Dagny Henning visited us, offering support by training the nurses to use the computer system to manage vaccination schedules. This system was then implemented to allow us to better manage the vaccinations of our children. This year the AIEPI (Attention to Infectious Diseases in Childhood) began a program through the Ministry of Health. The program is designed to isolate infections in order to prevent serious epidemics.

Medical Care Statistics Appointments Children referred to specialists Operations

3960 127 6

Community Outreach-Appointments Children Adults

287 163

GOALS FOR 2007: 他 他 他 他

Provide well-rounded and complete medical service. Promote health education. Practice preventative medicine. Work to help more people understand the true concept of health.


SOCIAL WORK DEPARTMENT It has been a busy year in the Social Work Department. Our focus was accepting new children into our NPH Family. To do this, we work as team to complete the investigation of the family, evaluating each case and then presenting them to our director for approval. This year we welcomed 94 new children into the home. The children came from all over El Salvador referred to us by government entities such as ISNA (The Institute for Child and Youth Development) as well as the family court system which determines the placement of children in El Salvador.

Our newest family members! During the year we also had 36 children leave our home, the majority of which were older children who chose to begin life on their own outside of NPH. This year we also worked to support the choir and dance group obtain the necessary paperwork for their two tours to the United States. In order to obtain permission for minors to leave the country, we had to find their family members to give permission. One of the group members, Mario (16 years old), came to NPH in the year 2000 and was unable to go on the first tour because we couldn’t locate a birth certificate for him. Mario was abandoned in the hospital as an infant and has lived his entire life in different institutions. He had never had a visit from family or friends and only knew his parents because of the names that appeared on a few documents. 14

With this little information, we began looking or someone related to Mario. We were able to find Mario Sr., his father, who did not know that his son was alive. He had been told that Mario died soon after birth. Mario Sr. was eager to do whatever he could to legally recognize Mario as his son. The moment in which they finally met was filled with emotion and happiness for both of them. In the end, Mario was able to leave the country to join the second group in the United States.

Goals for 2007 他 Complete paperwork for each child. 他 Continue searching for relatives of the children who have not had visitors during their time at NPH.


PHYSICAL THERAPY Physical Therapy Statistics Children treated Children requiring daily care Operations

75 16 6

The Physical Therapy Department provides our children with ongoing support. We have many children who require daily attention due to various disabilities or injuries. Our physical therapists also assist with the early development of our babies. We are please to report that this year Cristian was able to move to the boys’ home. Given his age, it was time for him to have more independence and not be treated like a baby. We are dedicating much more time to teaching him life skills. Now in spite of his disabilities, Cristian is able to climb the stairs without help and his vocabulary has increased greatly.


PSYCHOLOGY In 2006, we had the opportunity to be trained in techniques appropriate for our children at NPH so we can work even more effectively with the children, helping them improve in areas where they are struggling. Furthermore, we received internet access on two of our computers. This is a great tool that helps us with the implementation of our work. We have also continued our work in conjunction with the Social Work Department in the following areas: home visits, family interviews and evaluations of children who may be accepted into NPH. This has helped us be more effective in taking in children since we know in advance where they will need assistance. All of this contributes to improved emotional stability within NPH and an easier and faster time adapting to life at our home. We have also benefited from staff development, as the Psychology Team had the opportunity to take English classes that have been beneficial on a personal and institutional level. For our department is has been very rewarding to see children who had previously been considered “difficult” make great improvements in their emotional health. We strive to help the children remain stable, without behavioral problems in the home or school. One child, Jesus was referred to us by the Doctor. Jesus is 11 years old now, but at age 9 was diagnosed as “selectively mute”. Jesus did not speak in public, and in private only spoke with certain well-known people. This caused great problems in the school since Jesus did not participate in class and the teacher had to do all the evaluations individually. We began an ongoing treatment to help Jesus hold a normal conversation. The therapy also helped Jesus deal with situations from his past family life that were still affecting his emotional well-being.


Changes in the Department: This year we implemented several new programs: ¾ Supervision Program ¾ Sexuality Program ¾ Free-Time Program ¾ Training for Office Personnel ¾ Training for High School students, Year of Service youth and students in 9th Grade.

Future Goals: ¾ Continue and modify existing psychology programs in order to achieve greater success. ¾ Continue to work on improving our abilities and skills in order to be more effective in our work. ¾ Continue working with children who have been referred in the past as well as any new referrals. ¾ Continue teaching the caregivers about issues and themes that relate to their work with the children. ¾ Continue the sexual abuse and child abuse program. ¾ Give more individual guidance to each caregiver.


SPONSORSHIP Since this is my first year in the Sponsorship department there are several things that I have learned along the way. I am now aware of areas in which we need to improve. At the beginning of this year, we began using the Sharing Fund. This money has been used to celebrate birthdays, excursions, holidays and recreational activities. For the children, it has been a year full of activities, which help the children in an emotional way. We have organized trips to the movies, to amusement parks, and celebrations at our home. The results are reflected in the children’s attitudes. This year, we also had the visit of godparents from Germany, who came to visit their three godchildren and helped to create a stronger bond among them. We had an Italian godmother who also came to visit her godchildren and it was such a touching experience. At the end of the year we had thirty two people from Illinois visit; they got to see the home, meet their godchildren as well as become committed to all our children. This trip encouraged a lot of our visitors to become godparents. And hopefully our number of sponsors will continue to increase. To conclude this report, I must say that this is a very gratifying job, to be able to be around the children. To see the Godparents’ faces, full of joy when they visit their godchild is an experience beyond any words, and this makes me want to improve day by day. 2006 has been a very busy year, many things have happened, and at the end I know the ones who benefit from this Organization Sponsors Sponsorships will be our beloved children, Förderkreis 3 5 FOTO-CAN 13 13 which is the reason we are all FOTO-SAL 36 41 here. Friends AZ Friends FL Friends IL Friends MN Friends VA Friends WA NPFS-FR NPH-IT NPH-SP OKW-BE OKW-NL UKBS-AUS UKBS-CH UKBS-DE Totals

111 27 267 165 14 81 23 263 10 1 104 48 12 224 1402

124 27 280 182 14 86 24 285 10 1 118 50 15 252 1527


In Memory of Father William Bryce Wasson

The news of Padre Wasson’s passing affected our children very deeply. The day we received the news many tears were shed, memories were shared and thanks was given for the life of our Father and Founder. We held a Memorial Mass for Father and planted a tree to symbolically represent that Father Wasson is still with us in our hearts and in our actions. The children continue to pray for the eternal life of Father Wasson, as we continue to strive to give his children the love, education and care he always envisioned for them.


Wish List NPH El Salvador School: ¾ Science laboratory ¾ English classroom ¾ Additional classroom space

Clinic: ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Beds for check-up rooms Showers for boys’ area Isolation unit Camera

Physical Therapy: ¾ Games to develop fine-motor skills ¾ Musical toys ¾ Play-dough ¾ Animal toys/figures ¾ Large dolls that can be dressed and undressed

Boys Home: ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

8 Computers Soccer Field Storage room New house

Girls Home: ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

8 Computers Furniture for study rooms Workshops Stereo Speakers Fans Garden supplies Play court

Babies Home: ¾ A warehouse ¾ A roof over a patio ¾ Educational toys

Social Work: ¾ Digital camera ¾ Photo printer and paper

Psychology Department: ¾ A small copy machine ¾ Psychology books ¾ Original copies of psychology tests ¾ Puzzles ¾ Books for beginning readers ¾ Board books ¾ Games for: ƒ Memory ƒ Association ƒ Perception ƒ Attention ƒ Assembly ƒ Fine Motor Skills

Dance Group: ¾ Stereo equipment