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Rafael Bermudez became a pequeĂąo in 1975. After serving in Honduras and as assistant to the Executive Director in Mexico, he was promoted to National Director in 2004.

NPH Mexico opened: 1954 Number of children: 795 Features: Preschool through secondary school, vocational workshops, clinic, farm and gardens. 2008 Highlights New children: 47 University students studying in Monterrey: 90 External students from communities studying at NPH: 380+ Constructed slaughterhouse and water treatment plant. New horticulture project specifically aimed for girls. Hotel Villa is home to 11 special youths focusing on life skills. Life Teen programs help children learn how to grow closer to God. Purchased corn harvester and tractor. Farm animals: pigs, chickens, fish and sheep.

Life Teen at camp in the US.

Children from Milpillas garbage dump riding bus to NPH school.

Girls’ horticulture project.

Hotel Villa youth.

Helping with correspondence.

Stefan Feuerstein worked as a volunteer at NPH Honduras in 2003 as assistant to the National Director. Since then he has earned his Masters degree and worked in the microfinance industry. In February 2008, he became National Director of Honduras. NPH Honduras opened: 1986 Number of children: 547 includes grandparents Features: Preschool through secondary, vocational workshops, chapel, farm & gardens, clinics, special homes for disabled children and elderly. 2008 Highlights New children: 60 University graduates: 3 External students supported outside home: 30+ 67 youths participated in vocational internships in 55 businesses. Developed Public Relations Department. Outreach programs include: surgery center, external clinic with laboratory and dental clinic, medical brigades and daycare center. Ex-peque単o follow-up support program offers scholarships, loans and medical assistance. Increased sustainability with agriculture education program: 220 students. Farm animals: pigs, chickens, hens and cows.

Do単a Gracia, a grandparent in our elderly home.

Agricultural program included in vocational trades.

Casa de Los Angeles, home to over a dozen severely disabled children.

75 Vocational certifications earned.

Little Steps Daycare Center

Fr. Rick Frechette began serving at NPH Mexico and then co-founded NPH Honduras. Father Wasson then asked him to open a home in Haiti. After witnessing the dire need for healthcare, Fr. Rick became a medical doctor. He currently is the National Director of NPFS Haiti. NPFS Haiti opened: 1987 Number of children: 597 Features: Primary and secondary school, chapel, home for disabled children, physiotherapy/rehabilitation center and Haiti’s only free pediatric hospital and public health programs. 2008 Highlights New children: 5 Distributed $413,000 in water, food, clothing and medicine for disaster relief after four hurricanes. Opened third location for helping children with disabilities, Kay St. Germaine at the St. Damien Hospital location. Developing the St. Francisville program to provide higher education and job training in specific trades. Two ex-pequeùos completed surgical training program in Italy. Father Wasson Forum, computer lab for higher education and language acquisition. Outreach programs: dignified burials, water delivery and street schools.

Street School attendance is 4,500 students.

Delivering relief supplies.

Surgical students.

NPFS children delivering supplies.

Therapy pool at Kay St. Germaine.

Kay St. Germaine physiotherapy/rehabilitation center.

Marlon Velasquez, was the first of his NPH Honduran siblings to graduate from university. Before becoming the House Director of NPH Honduras, he managed a program at NPH Nicaragua for troubled youths. He became National Director of Nicaragua in 2006. NPH Nicaragua opened: 1994 Number of children: 320 Features: Island home has primary school, clinic, chapel, farm and vocational workshops. Mainland babies home has preschool and kindergarten. 2008 Highlights New children: 45 Casa Padre Wasson, the new home site finished construction on four houses. Approximately 20 of the Estudiantina and Danza youths travelled to the U.S. twice to perform. Twenty Quinceañero/as, celebrated their 15th birthday. Celebrated the 14-year anniversary of our home. Girls’ soccer team took first place in NPHI Soccer Tournament.

Estudiantina and Danza troupe perform during the new home construction blessing.

Father Wasson memorial mass.

Quinceañero/as celebration.

14th anniversary games.

Jewelry making workshop.

Casa Padre Wasson

NPH Guatemala opened: 1996 Number of children: 319 Features: Preschool through secondary school, vocational workshops, clinic, farm and gardens, and a home for disabled children. 2008 Highlights New children: 35 Students who earned their vocational certification: 67 Completed water purification project. Hosted second annual NPH International Soccer Tournament. Received full legal accreditation from the Guatemala government. Higher education students: 34 Community service program, eight students work as volunteers in two retirement homes. Baptisms: 72, Communions: 149

NPH International Soccer Tournament. Cosmetology vocational workshop.

Youth agriculture project.

Bakery workshop.

Castillo Magico, home to nine special needs children.

Olegario Campos became a peque単o in 1968. In 1998, after working closely for many years with Father Wasson, he was asked to develop the home in El Salvador and became founding National Director of Casa Sagrada Famillia.

NPH El Salvador opened: 1999 Number of children: 459 Features: Kindergarten through secondary school, vocational workshops, clinic, chapel and farm. 2008 Highlights New children: 44 Finished construction of third school building. Our grade school ranked two out of 23 districts. Sewing workshop students made school uniforms and shirts for holy communion. Received $75,000 grant from international bank. Higher Education students: 40 (high school and university). Hosted NPH International Medical Workshop.

Sewing workshop.

Dance troupe.

High school graduates.

Year of service youths helping serve food.

Fr. Ron Hicks and children.

Kieran Rigney, originally from Ireland, worked for many years as a volunteer at NPFS Haiti. In February 2003, he became the founding Director of the Dominican Republic.

NPH Dominican Republic opened: 2004 Number of children: 172 Features: Primary, secondary and technical schools, clinic, chapel, farm and gardens. 2008 Highlights New children: 17 Finished construction on the clinic and administrative offices. Construction of secondary school partially completed. Project Green focuses on recycling, composting, vegetable gardening and environmental awareness. US volunteer received $10,000 to start an English program and language laboratory. Outreach programs consisted of building three latrines, two homes, dental and medical brigades, reading and writing courses.

First communion.

Newly constructed clinic.

Year-of-service youths.

Our park is part of Project Green.

Secondary school.

Dental clinic.

Alfredo Hernandez became a peque単o in 1980. He graduated from university with a degree in Political Science. Father Wasson then asked Alfredo and his wife Betty to open a home in Peru. Alfredo became founding Director of NPH Peru in 2004.

NPH Peru opened: 2004 Number of children: 48 Features: Currently in rented accommodations in Lunahuana, 1.5 hours from Lima. The permanent site will be in Ca単ete. 2008 Highlights New children: 29 Donated ten prefabricated classrooms to the local school. Re-built four earthquake destroyed homes. Purchased a mini-van to transport our children to school, medical appointments, and other related trips. 14 children received their Confirmation and 9 children received their First Communion. Primary school graduates: 2 Summer vacation courses.

Summer vacation courses.

Library project which includes four computers. Celebrated 4th year anniversary.


First Communion.

Quincea単ero/as celebration.

Anniversary celebration games.

Germán Mercado became a pequeño in 1985. In 2004, Germán graduated university with a degree in Business Management. He worked closely with Fr. Wasson; caring for him in his elder years. In 2005, Germán became founding National Director of Bolivia. NPH Bolivia opened: 2005 Number of children: 61 Features: Six family-style children’s homes and dining hall. Expansion plans for additional family-style homes, offices, school and chapel. 2008 Highlights New children: 15 Moved to permanent site, Casa Padre Wasson. Kindergarten graduates: 5 My Voice Is Heard, Bolivia’s youth service group, celebrated their second anniversary. Little Seeds, a youth group for 8 -11 years, helps the children grow in their relationship with God. Chapel was constructed by the boys. Toddler house has eight children under five years old.

Growing our own vegetables.

Youth service group, “My Voice is Heard”.

Children from Milipillas garbage dump riding bus to NPH school.

Building the chapel.

Kindergarten graduates.

NPH Bolivia property in San Ignacio de Sara, Casa Padre Wasson


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