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The future today Electronics can keep your home ahead of the curve |

The rooms of your dreams 18 An interior designer can help bring your ideas to life |


Air duct cleaning Cabinets and custom woodwork Carpet cleaning Electronics Flooring Furniture and mattresses Garage doors Heating and cooling Insurance Interior design Kitchens Landscaping/snow removal Mobility Paint and wallpaper Window treatments

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air duct cleaning

Take a deep breath If your air ducts aren’t clean, your environment may not be either


hen enjoying a hot summer day in the comfort of your air-conditioned home or a crisp fall morning cuddled up in your warm abode, dirt, dust and pollen are most likely the last things on your mind. The irritants we all know and hate are more apparent in our homes than what the naked eye can see. Before firing up the furnace for the cold winter months, call Musser’s Cleaning and Restoration to have your systems cleaned to ensure the healthiest home environment. “This is allergy season, and there’s lots of dirt and dust carried into your home,” says Lisa Vochatzer, office manager with Musser’s. According to Musser’s website, in addition to the dirt and dust, “If moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth (mold) is increased and spores from such growth may be released into the home’s living space,” sometimes causing allergic reactions. When hiring a professional to clean your heating and cooling systems, be sure to clarify that both systems need

a full cleaning. Vochatzer says it’s best to have your ducts cleaned yearly, and no less than every other year. And if you think that because you have a brandnew home you don’t need your air ducts cleaned, think again. “In a new home there’s all kinds of sawdust, drywall and other building materials,” Vochatzer says. “We’ve even found pop bottles. You wouldn’t believe what’s left in an air duct system.” If you find yourself needing your air ducts cleaned, Musser’s website gives a list of things to expect from your service provider:

O Open access ports or doors to allow the entire system to be cleaned and inspected. O Inspect the system before cleaning to be sure that there are no asbestos-containing materials (insulation, register boots, etc.) in the heating and cooling system. Asbestos-containing materials require specialized procedures and should not be disturbed or removed except by spe-

Improve Your Families Air Quality r"JS%VDU$MFBOJOH r%SZFS7FOU $MFBOJOH r*OTVMBUJPO Removal

4 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011

cially trained and equipped contractors. O Use vacuum equipment that exhausts particles outside of the home or use only high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment if the vacuum exhausts inside the home. O Use well-controlled brushing of duct surfaces in conjunction with contact vacuum cleaning to dislodge dust and other particles. O Use only soft-bristled brushes for fiberglass duct board and sheet metal ducts internally lined with fiberglass. (Although flex duct can also be cleaned using soft-bristled brushes, it can be more economical to simply replace accessible flex duct.) Musser’s Cleaning and Restoration Service Standing strong as St. Joseph’s favorite carpetcleaning service, we provide carpet cleaning, soda and ice blasting and water damage restoration. 3605 S. 40th Terrace, St. Joseph (816) 233-2392


cabinets and custom woodwork

The custom look Woodwork can give your home a focal point


rom kitchen cabinets to bookcases, custom woodworking is an instant attention grabber in a home. The choices are endless when choosing a style, color and hardware, but David Berthiaume at Classic Woodworking in St. Joseph has worked for two decades to help homeowners in the area decide on what is suitable for them. With many choices available, including oak, cherry and alder, and abundant styles and stains, creating a custom look for your home may seem impossible. Sometimes, seeing the finished product in your mind can be difficult, but with the help of their state-of-the-art technology and software, Berthiaume and his team are able to show homeowners a three-dimensional view of what their projects will look like. This method is not only easy to change if necessary,

but it also allows the clients to wrap their minds around what they have to look forward to. When choosing cabinet styles, another important aspect to consider is the amount of space available in your home for the new additions. If space is an issue in your home, frameless cabinets may be the best option for you to get the most for your money. If you have ample space and are looking to fill in some of the voids, check in to the traditional face frame or full overlay European cabinets to change things up. To ensure the best quality of your custom wood work, Berthiaume stresses that all work, from the type of wood to the hardware, is made in house. “We really want to maintain quality control,� he says. “We are able to do this by making everything in

house.� Another amenity that Classic Woodworking offers is custom staining and finish. “If the homeowner has a dining room table or something they want to match to their new cabinets, we can do that as well,� Berthiaume says. Classic Woodworking Classic Woodworking has the unique advantage of having both the gifted cabinet makers and tools and machinery to build just about anything cabinet-oriented. We supply cabinets and millwork for projects, including simple baths to institutional hospitals and schools. Full kitchens for remodel and new construction, mantels, bookcases, home and commercial offices with the latest amenities are what we do every day. 802 Mitchell Ave., St. Joseph (816) 364-6554,

Custom Closet Systems designed by


Classic Woodworking is a sister company of Evans Bros. General Contracting Inc. Providing quality building services for home & business since 1980.

Call David Berthiaume to discuss you next project!


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Carpet cleaning

Deep down clean Carpet cleaning companies get rid of what your vacuum can’t


pair of shoes can see the world from the time they are purchased until they are too old to wear anymore. They see puddles, mud, miles of concrete and public places. They have stepped in gum, sticky substances and even seen days on the farm. Although the rubber soles that get us through our daily routines can sustain these elements, the carpet in our homes shouldn’t have to suffer because of them. “Our homes should be a safe haven to live in,� Gail Eddins, owner of Oxi Fresh of Northwest Missouri, says. Eddins’ company strives to make each home a safe environment, using only natural products in its cleaning solutions. The Oxi Fresh natural cleaning solution soaks into the carpet, breaking up dirt and soil products. An encapsulater then traps the dirt, which is cleaned with brushes and vacuumed up. The Oxi Fresh system has a drying time of about one hour, which eliminates over saturation and keeps the carpet pad dry. The all-natural solution helps make your home a safer environment for everyone, including pets and babies. Eddins believes the safety factor is one of the reasons her company is a good candidate for families with a new addition. “Pets walk through everything outside, and if they are tracking that inside, even if it isn’t visible, it’s still there,� she says. “Think about that before you put a small child on the carpet again.� Musser’s Cleaning and Restoration is another option

to get your carpets truly clean. Musser’s uses a hot-water extraction technique, says Lisa Vochatzer, the company’s office manager. “Hot-water extraction doesn’t leave any residue, which adds buildup, in your carpet,� she says. “This way you know that it is completely clean.� While vacuuming is good, Vochatzer says dust and dirt still get left behind. “People and pets track in stains, and a vacuum just can’t get all that out,� she says. The upkeep of your carpet will help you expand its lifespan, which is why both Vochatzer and Eddins suggest having a professional cleaning done every six months to a year, depending on the traffic flow and pets in your home. Between cleanings, however, there are some simple things to do to keep your carpet well-kept. Eddins suggests vacuuming at least once a week to keep dirt from settling in the carpet. The Oxi Fresh website also suggests leaving pet pads by your door to wipe your fury companion’s paws when coming back inside to reduce the amount of debris tracked through your home from the yard. Vochatzer advises against using stain cleaners available in stores to clean your carpets. Those, she says, don’t really get the job done. “Stain removers only clean the surface, and the stain just comes back,� she says. “Our process gets all the way down into the fibers.�



 #$"&%! !! No hidden fees. An $8 service charge will apply.


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No hidden fees. An $8 service charge will apply.




 #$"&%! !! No hidden fees. An $8 service charge will apply.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal Experts Fast One-Hour Dry Time


    with any cleaning over $160

6 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011

Carpet cleaning

Musser’s Cleaning and Restoration Service Standing strong as St. Joseph’s favorite carpet-cleaning service, we provide carpet cleaning, soda and ice blasting and water damage restoration. 3605 S. 40th Terrace, St. Joseph, (816) 233-2392

Oxi Fresh of Northwest Missouri Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is new to Northwest Missouri, but Mother Nature has used oxygen to naturally purify the Earth for millennia! Our low-moisture, oxygenated system and green cleaning solutions provide a quality cleaning that is safe for people, pets and the environment. We also clean upholstery. We can’t wait to serve you at home and in your business. (816) 364-4694,

Standing Strong As St. Joe’s Favorite Carpet Cleaning Service r$BSQFU$MFBOJOH

816-233-2392 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 7


The future today Electronics can keep your home ahead of the times


hen Y2K hit, people imagined the world would be run by computers, the Internet and flying cars by the year 2011. Although we are still stuck on the ground and humans still serve a purpose, home entertainment systems are leaning more toward our futuristic destiny. Chuck Nill, general manager at St. Joseph Electronics, says the future is at the end of our fingertips — the Internet — and the changes aren’t just in the form of computers anymore. The new LG Smart TV is one of the largest transformations in TV manufacturing. With a Magic Motion remote, similar to a Wii controller, the Smart TV acts as a home computer as well as a TV. With the simple click of a button, the home screen of the TV, called the Home Dashboard, displays everything from your current channel choice to a link to your Facebook home page, allowing even the not-so-tech-savvy to navigate through the Web with ease. The Smart TV also serves the basic functions of a computer, ranging from an on-screen keyboard to outlets for every media and digital device you may own to make sharing photos and music simple. One of many advances that home entertainment recently has seen is the addition of local channels to DirecTV. “This is really huge in our area because people have waited 20 years for this,� Nill says. With three packages to choose from on DirecTV, ranging from 150 to 225 channels, the price might be a scare factor to some. During a two-year period of time, however, Nill explains that satellite TV customers will save about $1,000 versus cable users. Another amenity of satellite TV is movie streaming. Streaming services are now

in competition with Netflix, and Dish Network has just purchased Blockbuster, ensuring plenty of new choices on their service, as well. Nill says it is important to keep a few key things in mind when you head out to buy a new TV. “Everyone needs to realize that everything needs to be Internet compatible,� he says. “In the next five years, I think everything will be ’net based or controlled by an iPod or iPad.� Nill also says that when it comes to TVs, bigger is better. “When they first came out, the 42-inch TV was what to have,� he says. “The 70-inch is going to be the new what to have.� Nill also says not to fret about the cost of the larger TVs because with the size increase becoming more common, the cost will be coming down as well. Although thin is still in when it comes to TVs, Nill says it is important to keep in mind that there is no room for quality speakers directly on the TV, so a surround sound or sound bars will be necessary. Head to St. Joseph Electronics to keep your systems up to date and in sync with the latest technologies. St. Joseph Electronics We have been providing great customer service to Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas for 36 years. We specialize in competitive pricing on brandname televisions and home theaters, as well as satellite TV (now offering local channels), Internet and security services for home or business. Our expert local technicians are available to deliver and install what we sell, and repair a wide range of electronics either at our store or at your location. 516 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 364-1184,


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Television viewers have more choices than ever on where to get their programming.

Your weather. Your news.

To subscribe call 271-8600 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 9


10 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011


Walk this way There’s a world of flooring options available


hoosing the correct flooring for a home may be one of the trickiest aspects of remodeling. Carpet or vinyl, what is best in each room and, of course, what color to choose, are frequently asked questions by homeowners. Thankfully, Eckard’s Home Improvement and Meyer Floors, both in St. Joseph, have trained professionals to help lead homeowners in the right direction. If you are looking to change up the flooring in your home, follow this quick guide to help set you on your way.

CARPET When choosing a carpet for your home, there is more to the decision than what meets the eye. Appearance is important, Denise Meyer, owner of Meyer Floors says. “Patterned carpet makes a great fashion statement, whether it be a formal or casual look you are wanting to achieve,” she says. Aside from looks, Josh Nauman, resident floor specialist at Eckard’s, says carpet selection should be based on a few things, such as traffic flow and room style. If you are considering new carpet in a living area, Nauman says a dense, nylon style is the best choice for these high-traffic rooms.

MEYER Floors

VINYL The most luxurious vinyl, according to Nauman, is plank or tile, a free-floating surface. “High pressure is used to adhesive together, and the surface durability was tested by Great Danes,” Nauman says. Sheet vinyl, which has been popular since the 1930s, is still a very reputable flooring style, as well as loose lay. Nauman says loose lay is the best choice for do it yourself projects. “It’s a softer material, but very durable,” he says.

WOOD Always elegant, wood floors are still a widely popular source for homes. Although many styles and stains are available, Nauman says one in particular still holds priority here. “Oak is still king in St. Joe,” he says. Meyer, however, says she believes hardwood floors are heading in a different direction. “They are moving more toward distressed planks and wider widths,” she says. “Exotic woods are also becoming Please see Page 12


Sales/Installation Residential/Commercial 816.364.5686t4PVUI#FMU)JHIXBZ 4BJOU+PTFQI Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 11

Flooring CONTINUED FROM Page 11 increasingly popular.” If you are worried your furniture won’t match the style of hardwood you choose, you may be relieved to hear Meyer’s thoughts. “More people are mixing woods,” Meyer says. “Furniture may be one color or type of wood while they choose a different wood for their floors.”


O With any flooring, the amount of traffic flow through the room is key to remember when choosing a style. “In a living room, where the traffic is heavier, a harder surface is best, with area rugs to warm the room,” Nauman says.

O The feel of the room — Meyer says people should feel good about their homes and enjoy them, so deciding on the type of environment you want to live in is an important decision before purchasing flooring.

O Pets should also be taken into consideration when choosing a flooring style for your home. Nauman suggests avoiding Berber carpet in a home where pets are present, due to the difficulty of cleaning up furry messes.

O Meyer also suggests considering the type of maintenance the floor covering will demand. If you prefer a quick broom sweep and mop over vacuuming, vinyl or wood may be a better option for your entire home.

Eckard’s Home Improvement Eckard’s carries the brand names that consumers can trust for carpet, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile and laminate floors. They have flooring to meet every budget and lifestyle, for residential or commercial flooring requirements. They carry top brands like Armstrong Flooring, Mohawk Carpet, Shaw Carpet, Bruce Hardwood Flooring, Marazzi Vinyl Tile and others. Choose from hundreds of styles, colors and types of carpet and flooring. Eckard’s has been a trusted name for more than 50 years and offers four locations throughout Northwest Missouri to serve its customers. 2402 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 279-4522 or (800) 264-2794, 118 W. Main, Stanberry, Mo., (660) 783-2611 1301 N. 25th St., Bethany, Mo., (660) 425-6331 1127 S. Main, Carrollton, Mo., (660) 542-2600

Meyer Floors Meyer Floors is proud to showcase a great selection of carpeting, tile, vinyl, laminate and hardwood flooring options. Customers have come to trust Meyer’s knowledgeable sales and quality installation. 2915 S. Belt Highway, St. Joseph (816) 364-5686

I want a floor that will give my home a look

that normally takes decades to earn. Try on a floor at Carpets | Area Rugs | Tile & Stone Hardwood | Laminate

A Trusted Name For Over 50 Years!


2402 N. Belt Hwy., St. Joseph, MO 816-279-4522 • 800-264-2794 Hardwood: Rosedown Hickory Area Rug: Mosque Medallion 12 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 M-F 8-6 ~ Sat. 9-5

Furniture and mattresses

Sleep tight New mattress may make you never want to get out of bed


or those who have a hard time getting out of their warm, comfortable bed in the morning, Home Style Furniture and Bedding has something that will make it even more difficult to leave your overnight comfort zone. A Serta exclusive store, Home Style Furniture and Bedding now is selling the iComfort mattress, the newest addition to the Serta family. Named the “game changer” in the mattress line, the iComfort mixes the memory foam that people around the world have grown to love with a twist. Unlike other memory-foam mattresses, the iComfort is infused with the cooling touch of Serta’s MicroSupport gel. The new design is triggered to deliver great pressure relief and targeted support while keeping your body cooler than the average memory foam. Home Style has all five of the available models in the store. The iComfort series is just one of the many mattress selections that Home Style offers. With more than 24 sets to choose from, co-owner Deana Hand says there is something for everyone’s taste and price range. “We can hit every price point out there, and our mattresses start at $128 for a twin-size mattress,” she says. Another popular item in Home Style’s bedding department is adjustable bed frames. Described as being “lifestyle adjustable,” Hand says these are a good choice for the “kick back, laptop in bed,” crowd. With four floors in the store’s downtown location, Deana and husband Bob offer much more than bed-

ding in their furniture store. From dining room sets to couches and loveseats, Home Style has a wide variety of items to furnish your home. One of the most popular is the Amish Line. Deana Hand says this is popular for many reasons, including the custom work that can be done to match anything in your home. “It’s exquisite quality, and it only takes four to six weeks for custom work to be sent to the store,” she says. Although custom work is available, Hand assures that there is plenty to choose from that is ready to take home off the showroom floor. Aside from the abundance of furniture and bedding the store offers, the Hands pride themselves on excellent customer service. “Our salespeople are always here to help the customers decide on something that fits their style,” she says. Home Style Furniture and Bedding Home Style Furniture and Bedding is a family business that treats its customers like a part of the family. With more than 40,000 square feet of showroom space, we offer an excellent selection of quality home furnishings at everyday low prices, where you’ll find something for every room of your home. The inventory includes Serta fine bedding, like the latest Cool-Action Gel Memory Foam iComfort Sleep Systems. Open since 1995, owners Bob and Deana Hand say it’s their passion and drive that have made Home Style the best furniture store in town. 302 S. Third St., St. Joseph, (816) 279-7700,

Home Furniture and Bedding Home of the


816-279-7700 • Open Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm 302 S. 3rd St. in Downtown St. Joseph

“Remember... We will SAVE you MONEY!” • Living Room • Dining Room • Bedroom • Serta Bedding • Entertainment Centers • Recliners & Liftchairs • Home Office • Nursery • Accessories • Lamps • Amish Furniture Gallery EXCELLENT SELECTION & OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE

Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 13

Garage doors

Open and shut Garage doors are a major entry to your home


garage serves as a multi-purpose addition to any home. From vehicle protection to band practice, each garage owner should be aware of the necessary safety precautions to keep their homes and families out of harm’s way.

GO GREEN With the eco-friendly craze becoming more apparent, insulating your garage door is a great place to begin to lower your heating costs this year. The insulation of a garage door presses it closer to the ground, protecting your possessions, whether it is a vehicle, your kid’s band equipment or stored items, from the elements of Mother Nature — snow, sleet and rain. Pam Houp, owner of Overhead Door in St. Joseph, agrees. “The better the door, the more insulation value it has,” she says. “This ensures that the hot and cold stay outside.”

STAY SAFE Being the largest entry into your home, garage doors are not necessarily safe from intruders. Doityour shares a list of advanced technologies that help eliminate the chance of unwanted entry.

ing system attaches to your existing remotes and works by sending a signal to the garage door opener to change the code each time the door operates. O Big vs. small remotes — Garage door remotes are usually big and clip on a car visor. They can invite the attention of a thief to gain access to your garage. Newer remotes are smaller and often fit on your keychain, making them a more secure alternative. O Garage door opener security receiver — The receiver is an added security measure. It can be placed inside your home so you can easily see a flashing light that indicates your garage door is open.

O Garage door opener security light O Rolling code systems for garage door — Most garage door openers have a light opener security — A rolling code system that automatically comes on whenever changes your garage door opener code the door is operating. This allows you every time you use it. Billions of code to safely enter and exit your garage at combinations are randomly chosen by night. your rolling code system. This makes it impossible to capture your code into any MAINTENANCE kind of code grabber system used by a One of the most important aspects thief. O Code encrypting systems — Use a code encrypting system with your remotes when you don’t want to buy new remotes with a rolling code system. The encrypt-

14 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011

for a garage owner to keep in mind is regular maintenance of your equipment. Just like everything else you own, the upkeep on a garage door is crucial to make sure the gateway to

your home is safe for your family. Houp suggests an annual maintenance check to make sure there are no loose hinges or frayed cables and that everything is properly lubricated. Overhead Door of St. Joseph Overhead Door of St. Joseph is recognized as the leading single-source manufacturer of integrated door and operator systems for commercial, industrial and residential needs. Its comprehensive product line encompasses residential garage doors and openers, sectional doors and rolling service doors for commercial and industrial buildings, truck and trailer cargo doors and many other products, as well as service and repair. 22nd and Olive streets, St. Joseph (816) 233-7768,

DESIGN YOUR DOOR • Sales & Services • Free Estimates • Commercial • Residential



22nd & Olive, St. Joseph, MO

Heating and cooling

The heat is on Stay warm when it’s cold outside


n blistery winter days, keeping your home cozy and warm is the biggest priority for homeowners. With the cost of utilities rising with the use of electric furnaces, The Comfort Center in St. Joseph offers a couple of alternatives for staying warm this season that may also help cut the cost of your electric bill. Pellet stoves are an eco-friendly way to stay warm in your home this winter. The pellets are made from the sawdust of scrap lumber that is not used by cabinet companies. Along with being made from natural products, most pellet stoves are self-igniting, and have the capability to turn themselves on and off, controlled by an internal thermostat, making the addition a safer option for heating your home. Eric Garrison of The Comfort Center says it is best to service a pellet stove once a year. “We offer the necessary maintenance, but we also teach the owner the procedure and it only takes about 30 minutes,” he says. If stoves aren’t the kind of heat you are looking for, Dave Lawson, manager of Tom’s Heating and Cooling, recommends having your electric system serviced before you fire up for the wintery months. “Our biggest thing is maintenance,” he says. “We can come in and make sure everything is running fine and

ensure it is safe for winter use.” Another alternative to staying warm is an outdoor spa. Built above ground and able to be used year round, Garrison says the most popular style The Comfort Center offers is the five-person spa. With many customizable features, the spas are available with lights, built-in TVs or even hookups for an iPod. The Comfort Center has more than 20 different spas available, with many on display on the showroom floor. The Comfort Center The Comfort Center creates an atmosphere of year-round comfort in your own home offering pools, spas, fireplaces and portable heaters. With a more than 3,500-square-foot showroom, The Comfort Center offers a year-round display of pools, spas, fireplaces, chemicals and accessories. Their goal is to give you the best product with the best service in Northwest Missouri. 1804 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, Mo., (816) 279-1511 Tom’s Heating and Cooling The reason we were named favorite heating and cooling in the Reader’s Choice Awards is the service that we provide our customers. Our goal is to provide dependable service in hours, not days. We provide service, maintenance and replacements of furnace and air conditioning units. 12130 State Route V, Faucett, Mo., (816) 364-0600

Service in Hours, not Days! Service, Maintenance, & Replacement of Furnace and Air Conditioning

Tom’s Heating & Cooling Favorite Heating & Cooling


Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 15


Avoid a disaster Keep your home and car safe with these tips


iving in a region where winter isn’t always our best friend, keeping our homes safe through the harsh months of snow, sleet and ice is a must. Knowing how, however, isn’t always easy. American Family Insurance gives a few tips to ensure your home is kept as safe as possible this season.

KEEP PIPES FROM BURSTING O Fit exposed pipes with insulation sleeves or wrapping. The more insulation the better.

O Use caulking to seal cracks and holes in outside walls and foundations near water pipes. O Disconnect garden hoses and turn off the water supply to spigots. O Keep cabinet doors open during cold spells to allow warm air to circulate around pipes, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. O Allow a slow trickle of water to flow through faucets connected to pipes that run through an unheated or unprotected 16 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011

space. (If your house is going to be vacant during a cold spell, consider draining your water system.) PROTECT YOUR ROOF FROM ICE DAMS AT THE END OF THE SEASON O Keep your attic well-ventilated The cooler the attic, the less melting and refreezing on your roof.

O Keep your attic floor well-insulated to minimize the amount of heat rising through the attic from within your house. O If possible, eliminate recessed lighting near your roof. Heat generated from such lighting melts snow, which then contributes to ice dam buildup. CAR CARE Aside from keeping your home safe, American Family also recommends checking the safety of your vehicle’s tires. To make sure you’re riding on safe tires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers these guidelines and standards on tire inflation, tread and vehicle load limits.

O Check tire pressure regularly (at least once a month), including your spare. O Inspect tires for uneven wear patterns on the tread, cracks, foreign objects or other signs of wear or trauma. O Remove bits of glass and other foreign objects wedged in the tread.

Whether you own or rent, having insurance protection for your home, furniture, clothing and other personal possessions is important. American Family Insurance offers a full line of property and liability coverage for: Homeowners, Renters, Condominium Owners, Mobile/Manufactured Homeowners.

O Make sure your tire valves have valve caps. O Check tire pressure before going on a long trip. O Do not overload your vehicle. Check the tire information placard or owner’s manual for the maximum recommended load for the vehicle. American Family Insurance American Family offers all your protection under one roof — home, auto, life and health. Visit their website to contact an agent at

Call your local American Family Agent ©2011 American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries Home Office - Madison, WI 53783

003849190 10/11

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Interior design

The rooms of your dreams Interior designer can help bring your vision to life


very little girl dreams of the home she will live in as an adult. From the draperies to the paint colors and everything in between, the child inside each new homeowner comes to life to make the dreams a reality. With the help of a professional, the lifelong visions may not be out of reach. Amy Redman, owner of Redman Design Studios in Maysville, Mo., helps to bring these unique visions to life in her clients’ homes. Although each person has his or her sights set on a particular room design, Redman believes the first and most important aspect to keep in mind when redesigning a room is a budget. “To me, the first thing everyone needs to decide is what they are comfortable spending so you can be realistic in what their ideas are,” she says. “Everyone may want the most expensive things, but some people will blow their budget on one item in the room and then not have the money to finish.” To help make sure your budget gets you through the entire project, Redman says there are many things to do to transform a room using items you already may own. “We took a huge tapestry and wrapped a huge frame around it,” she says. “The tapestry cost little money, but looks like a huge piece of artwork.” Another idea to consider is not only trendy, but also eco-friendly. Redman suggests shopping at thrift stores for inexpensive decorations that may be another person’s junk. “If you see something that you can hang on the wall that you love, you aren’t losing much if you

don’t like it once you have it in place,” she says. Recycling old materials also can transform a room and give it a new, contemporary feel, which Redman says is becoming more common than traditional designs. “People have come to realize that they want to live in their home and not freak out when people don’t use a coaster,” she says. If you are looking for a quick change in a room for an inexpensive price, a new color may be what you need. Redman says the color of a room is what makes the biggest impact for little money. She suggests keeping a cohesive theme for all shared rooms, such as living areas and dining rooms, but stresses the importance of allowing your personality to show through in your bedrooms. Redman offers her help with bold changes in your home for what she feels are very reasonable prices. An hourly price is charged for an initial meeting with Redman giving a little advice and discussing budget. From there, prices are determined by time and depth of the project. Redman Design Studio Amy Redman established Redman Design after earning a design degree from Kansas State University and working in Denver for seven years as a project manager at an architecture firm. Whether she’s designing a polished downtown loft, a rambling country house, a weekend lake house or a commercial project, Amy serves the needs of each client with her down-to-earth elegance and sophisticatedyet-approachable design that is tailor-made for refined, relaxed living. 250 A E. Highway 6, Maysville, Mo., (816) 351-0938,

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Interior design

A good interior designer can easily save a homeowner more than the cost of fees.

Redman Design Studio Space Planning and Interior Design Amy Redman, ASID NCIDQ Certified 14 Years Experience 816-351-0938 • 19 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011


The center and soul of your home Kitchens are key, so consider all your choices


hether it’s for a holiday gathering, enjoying your morning cup of coffee or a dinner for two, your kitchen is often the main meeting room of your home. The comfort of your favorite foods has a nurturing effect on the soul, and revamping your kitchen to make it an enjoyable place to spend time is one of the most best things to do to bring your senses to life. The remodeling process, which includes everything right down to the kitchen sink, is a large task, but with the help of experts it can be done with ease. Stephen Howard, kitchen department manager at Eckard’s Home Improvement, ensures he and his staff are qualified for the job. “We can do all of the drawings and measurements,” he says. “We can redesign the entire kitchen, help out just a little bit or help you decide everything, right down to the kitchen cabinets.” With more than 150 styles and colors to choose from, Howard guarantees Eckard’s has something for everyone’s taste and style. Although cabinets are a key feature in a kitchen, and often the most permanent, Howard stresses that countertops are equally as important. “Your style of countertops are just as important as your cabinets, and your backsplash is just as important

as the countertops,” he says. “You want everything to tie in together.” The backsplash adds a bit of uniqueness to your kitchen décor. With glass, marble and mosaic among your options, it is important to find something that not only fits your personality but ties in well with your countertops. For example, if you choose a patterned countertop, it is best to pick a simple backsplash to even things out. Howard says there are a few trends in countertops that are popular these days. “Everyone is trying to go to a solid surface,” he says. “Granite and quartz are two big choices right now, and you need to have 100 percent acrylic under that.” The 100 percent acrylic is a necessity if you want to opt for a seamless look. “If you want something seamless, like your sink ‘melted’ into the countertop, you need this acrylic,” he says. With many options for a new countertop look, Howard suggests creating a budget, because he has seen cases where money is overspent on one area rather than the entire kitchen. “Sometimes, if you aren’t careful, more money can actually be spent on your countertop designs than your cabinets,” he says.

“For Fine Craftsmanship Since 1953” • Let us design your new dream kitchen • 58 years of experience Rauth is a name you can trust! A Division Of John Rauth Construction • Call for an appointment

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Eckard’s Home Improvement Eckard’s experienced staff of interior designers is available to help you with all your interior design needs. A full range of interior decorating services is offered, from conceptual ideas to professional installations for your customized kitchen or bathroom. Stop by and view Eckard’s professional kitchen and bath showroom and choose custom cabinets, countertops and flooring. The staff also will come to a customer’s home to suggest new solutions, no matter how small the job. Eckard’s has been a trusted name for more than 50 years and offers four locations to serve its customers. 2402 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 279-4522 or (800) 264-2794, 118 W. Main, Stanberry, Mo., (660) 783-2611 1301 N. 25th St., Bethany, Mo., (660) 425-6331 1127 S. Main, Carrollton, Mo., (660) 542-2600

John Rauth Construction Company John Rauth Construction Company has a proven reputation of fine craftsmanship. We are the oldest residential remodeling contractor in St. Joseph, started in 1953. In these tough economic times, it is important to use a wellestablished contractor like Rauth that has more than 57 years of local experience. 26th and Patee streets, St. Joseph, Mo., (816) 232-2225,

Imagine a kitchen or bath... where every detail revolves around you. A Trusted Name For Over 50 Years!


2402 N. Belt, St. Joseph, MO 816-279-4522 • 800-264-2794 21 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011


Ready for winter? There are still things to do in your yard before the snow falls With yard work almost a faint memory of summer, there are still plenty of things to do to keep your green thumb in check. As the grass turns from luscious green to a leafcovered haven, be sure you know how to prepare your yard for spring after a cold winter. gives a few tips to help make sure your lawn is the greenest on the block after the dreary, cold months have come and gone.

WATCH OUT FOR FALLING LEAVES With the advent of autumn, it’s inevitable that leaves will change color and fall to the ground. Once your trees lose their leaves, it’s important to mulch them or pick them up. Flat leaves, such as those of the maple tree, will lie on your lawn and smother grass. An easy way to dispose of leaves is to use your lawn mower to mulch them into the grass. This process can add valuable nutrients to your lawn. If there is simply way too much leaf litter, pick up the leaves and add them to your mulch pile or garden.

ents to store in its roots for a healthy start in the spring. If you cut your grass too low, it greatly slows down this process. If you cut the grass too short and cold weather comes early, your lawn may not be able to store enough energy for spring. The result is called winterkill.

FERTILIZATION IS IMPORTANT Fertilizer should be applied twice in the fall. The first application should be made two months before your lawn goes dormant for the winter to help it store energy. A lawn is considered dormant when it is no longer growing. This will vary by year and where you live. The second application should occur just before your lawn goes dormant. Use a slow release fertilizer, such as Milorganite 6-2-0, at this time. A slow-releasefertilizer will not leach into groundwater during the winter months. As a result, the lawn will utilize more nutrients instead of letting them go to waste.

Dr. Green Thumb Landscape Services LLC No job is too big or too small, Dr. Green Thumb does it all. We believe in quality without comTHE FINAL CUT Don’t put that mower away just yet. promise. We offer free estimates and services including tree trimming, lawn installation, lawn When your grass quits growing and maintenance, custom flower beds and gardens, the last fallen leaves need mulching, French drains, clean up, bush trimming, gutter it’s time to give your lawn one last cleaning, aeration, custom fertilizing and weed cut. Set your mower blades so they control and dirt work. cut the lawn relatively high. At this point in the year, grass takes in nutri- (816) 617-8484,



Keeping you moving Mobility products can allow you to stay home Everyone dreams of living out their elderly years in the comfort of their own home. Luckily, Randolph Seating & Mobility in St. Joseph helps to make this dream a reality. Striving to provide top-of-the-line specialized wheelchairs, bath safety and wheelchair lifts, to name a few, owner Kenton Randolph and his staff have been the local leading provider of mobility products since 1999. “Our business was built on a foundation of strong devotion and overwhelming dedication to our customers,� Randolph says. “We provide top-quality products, exceptional customer service and the largest selection of mobility solutions in the region. We stay on top of the latest rehab technology and education.� With a unique group of professionals, the Randolph staff has an extensive knowledge of products, helping customers choose the right mobility devices to meet their needs. Priding themselves on being the only local provider that has attained certification as an Assistive Technology Provider (ATP), Randolph is certified to make sure that physicians and customers alike are receiving the highest standard of knowledge in supplying the correct and appropriate mobility and seating devices. Randolph Seating & Mobility Randolph Seating & Mobility is the local leading provider of mobility products from specialized wheelchairs to basic ambulatory aids. The business showcases the largest selection of lift chairs, hospital beds, bath safety, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts/ramps, and complete respiratory solutions – at the most affordable prices – and accepts most major funding sources and health plans. 139 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 364-4357,

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Seating & Mobility

1%HOW‡+\9HH3OD]D‡6W-RVHSK02‡ or Toll Free 877.637.9988 23 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011

Imagine Wallpaper

Paint and wallpaper

1000’s of Styles, Designs & Textures for any imagination. A Trusted Name For Over 50 Years!


2402 N. Belt Hwy, St. Joseph, MO 816-279-4522 • 800-264-2784 M-F 8-6 • Sat 9-5 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011 24

Paint and wallpaper

Color it you Paint and wallpaper can make a space your own


splash of color can make just about anything stand out in a crowd, whether it is a brilliant red sports car, a bright blue sky or simply a breathtaking color of a room in your home. Eckard’s Home Improvement in St. Joseph offers an entire library of colors and wall coverings to choose from, including traditional, kitchen, bath and even something for the children in the family. Although some companies may not be equipped in house with what you are looking for, Cynthia Barber, an Eckard’s employee, says her company is one of the few stores offering in-stock wallpaper for great prices. One of the most popular wall coverings Eckard’s sells is paintable wallpaper. “They are very attractive and affordable,� Barber says. “It can hide a bad wall or paneling, and if you want a pattern or different color, you can paint it every year.� One perk that makes the paintable wallpaper such a hit is being hasslefree. With no stripping or priming necessary, the paintable wallpaper makes it simple to create a new look in your home without spending the extra cash on a new wall covering. Another trend Barber is seeing a lot of is a twist on a more antique look. “Embossed textures are very big right now,� she says. “Some papers that were used years ago are coming back in very soothing colors like deep reds and oranges.� If earthy tones aren’t your style, 25 Home Resource Guide Fall 2011

Barber says there are brighter options that are equally as popular right now. “Blues and browns go great together, and teals are very big,� she says. “Of course, traditional shades of gray, black and camels all together are still very popular.� Rodney Ware, owner of Ware’s Home Center, agrees that the everlasting neutral colors are still a hit. “You can’t go wrong with the grays, blacks and browns,� he says.

easonal SColor Ideas

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Eckard’s Home Improvement At Eckard’s, you will find the largest selection of wallpaper, wallpaper borders and murals. Find the right border and wallpaper dÊcor for any room. Make wallpaper projects quick and easy, and shop our selection of in-stock border and wallpaper, or look through our array of sample books and custom order your favorite. Our consultants are ready to assist you. 2402 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 279-4522 or (800) 264-2794, 118 W. Main, Stanberry, Mo., (660) 783-2611 1301 N. 25th St., Bethany, Mo., (660) 425-6331 1127 S. Main, Carrollton, Mo., (660) 542-2600 Store of Colors Store of Colors is Benjamin Moore paint dealer that also offers window treatments and wallpaper. 2327 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 232-0302, Ware’s Home Center Ours is a nice, locally owned store that is a great alternative to big-box stores. We carry supplies for painting and flooring and offer hardware, home goods and garden center items. 502 W. Market St., Savannah, Mo., (816) 324-3622,

FLOORS Cabinets Carpets p

Rental Center Hardware • Paint


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Home Center 816-324-3622 502 W. Market, Savannah, MO

Window treatments

They’ve got you covered Window treatments do more than dress up a room Eckard’s Home Improvement Find exactly the right window treatments for your home and lifestyle. Eckard’s has them in the styles you want and the sizes you need. We offer a wide range of exclusive window treatment options, including custom shades, blinds and drapery. Our consultants are ready to assist you. 2402 N. Belt Highway, St. Joseph, (816) 279-4522 or (800) 264-2794, 118 W. Main, Stanberry, Mo., (660) 783-2611 1301 N. 25th St., Bethany, Mo., (660) 425-6331 1127 S. Main, Carrollton, Mo., (660) 542-2600


ith colder weather settling in this fall, people are looking for ways to make their homes feel cozier in preparation for Mother Nature’s harsh winter elements. One way to warm things up in the colder months is the addition of new window treatments from Eckard’s Home Improvement. With designs ranging from pleated shades to wood blinds, Cynthia Barber, an Eckard’s employee, guarantees there is something for everyone who wishes to purchase new window treatments. “It’s endless, the different shapes, angles, colors — it’s almost mind-boggling,â€? she says. “There is something for every type of home dĂŠcor.â€? A positive effect of window treatments is the ease in which they can transform a room for little cost. With the many different styles to choose from, finding something suitable for your home is a breeze. Barber says that any new treatment can update a

room because nothing in the department looks like older styles. “It’s a good way to update things without spending too much or changing everything about the room,� she adds. In addition to the many styles to choose from in store, Eckard’s also offers installation of treatments in your home to minimize the hassle. One of the most popular styles Barber has seen is the 2-inch wood blinds, which are available in faux or real wood. The wood is able to take in a heavy amount of moisture and sun and is available in many different price ranges and for many rooms. If changing your home interior isn’t the goal you want to accomplish, Eckard’s also offers exterior treatments with varying styles of shutters. Whether you decide to revamp the interior or exterior of your home windows, all of Eckard’s custom window treatments are energy-efficient, helping to lower the cost of your electric bill as the frigid weather creeps in.

Custom Window Treatments A Trusted Name For Over 50 Years!


See Our Design Consultants BLINDS – SHADES – SHUTTERS – AND MORE

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